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Aurea Software Revives InsideSales Brand, Retires XANT

the ”Netflix of business software,” today announced a major branding update that will return the recently acquired XANT to its widely recognized and respected original name: InsideSales. InsideSales is now a critical pillar in Aurea’s future of commerce solutions portfolio, helping to create B2C-like buying experiences for B2B transactions.

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InsideSales Rebrands to XANT

As CEO of XANT, formerly known as InsideSales, Harrington announced the rebrand and new direction of the company, with a new leadership team at the helm. Founded in 2004, InsideSales has had a solid base in Utah. These changes will continue to improve upon the legacy left by InsideSales. Originally posted on Silicon Slopes.


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Utah tech unicorn InsideSales announces rebrand

LEHI — Utah tech unicorn InsideSales announced a rebranding Monday, with the sales optimization platform moving forward under the Xant — short for cognizant — moniker. His core idea for the data engine at the heart of InsideSales, he said, came from the work he did on his senior thesis as a philosophy major. ”I Art Raymond.

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Utah company InsideSales announces rebrand, new CEO

InsideSales announced a corporate rebrand to XANT Monday morning, as well as a new CEO and CMO, following months where several new executives have been hired. Chris Harrington, who first joined InsideSales in October 2018, is now the CEO of the Provo-based software company, and Matt Langie is the new CMO. Carly Porter. Daily Herald.

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Is AI impacting Inside Sales Rep Revenue? Mike Plante of InsideSales Says it Is.


In our open dialogue with InsideSales’ CMO Mike Plante we explore ways that inside sales rep productivity (code word for revenue) is shifting for the better. Sales managers must acknowledge that AI is going to make its way into the ways in which sales people work, prospect, and sell. The host is Jim Obermayer.

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How to Execute a High Performance SDR Team

SBI Growth

Our guest today is Gabe Larson, the VP of InsideSales Labs for Gabe provides a behind-the-scenes look at building and operating one of the best sales development rep teams that we’ve ever had the benefit of examining. has.

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Accelerate Your Lead Response Time And Turn Inbound Leads into Opportunities


InsideSales says that you’re 100x more likely to actually speak with them if you engage within 5 minutes of them indicating interest. Lead response time can make or break your sale. Need proof? Consider the data: According to HBR , if you don’t respond in 5 mins, the probability of establishing contact decreases by a whopping 400%.