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How to Increase Hotel Sales and Revenue with Upselling


If executed effectively, upselling can significantly boost hotel sales and revenue. However, upselling in hotels can work best when you know what the customer is interested in and what they see as valuable. This will make their hotel stay relaxing and enjoyable. You should consider upgrades that provide such tangible benefits.

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How Sleep Tourism Could Wake Up The Hotel Industry

Grant Cardone

Conventional hotels have been at odds with Airbnb since the industry disruptors broke out onto the scene. Now, hotel chains are coming up with new ways to bring travelers back into their rooms. Just ask yourself when was the last […] The post How Sleep Tourism Could Wake Up The Hotel Industry appeared first on GCTV.

Tourism 101

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Salespeople Make This Mistake - The Dumb Question I Was Asked in a Hotel Restaurant

Understanding the Sales Force

I pulled up to the entrance of the Doubletree Hotel, greeted Chris, and we walked into the hotel restaurant. As we approached the table, a well-meaning server asked, are you an Honors member? I said, "yes.".

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Hot Lessons from Hotel Lobbies

Sales and Marketing Management

Teaser: Sales and marketing professionals who want to personalize interactions with each of their buyer personas would do well to hang around the concierge desk at an upscale hotel for a while. read more

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Artificial Intelligence: when to rely on it for your hotel decisions

Connext Digital

10 Reasons Why Every Hotel Needs a Hotel Chatbot Targeted campaigns use this data to attract potential customers by anticipating their preferences and presenting something they’re guaranteed to want – AI will be able to do this with even more irresistible precision and sophistication.

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Hotel Hell Episode Helps Explain Coachable vs. Trainable in Sales

Score More Sales

What a vivid lesson given by the owner of the Inn that Chef Gordon Ramsey visited on his show, Hotel Hell. This episode is called “Lakeview Hotel” and you can watch via the FOX website here.

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FDR and Sir Isaac Newton on Why Salespeople Fail

Understanding the Sales Force

There we were, in the dark, in the middle of a hotel parking lot, at 3:45 AM. The hotel fire alarm went off and we didn't want to ignore the warning that was so loud my wife and I couldn't hear each other speak. Why was every other guest in the hotel parking lot with us? Well, what if the hotel was on fire?

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