Physics and Your Closing Ratio

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Every sales manager I’ve ever talked with has agreed on one thing: The single biggest challenge salespeople have is closing the deal. There are two reasons closing is such a big problem. Sales close closing fear manager overcoming objections physics presentation prospect psychology

Best Ways & Techniques How to Improve & Increase Closing Sales Process

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Close More Sales Using More Assumptive Questions. Learn the best ways on how to increase, improve and boost your sales process performance with more effective tips, techniques strategies and ideas including top closing lines and assumptive questions.

The Perfect Close – Book Review

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Which brings us to in The Perfect Close: The Secret to Closing Sales , by James Muir. Don’t let the title fool you, this is not a book full of closing tricks like the Ben Franklin Close or The Columbo Close. That is you opportunity with James and The Perfect Close.

Eliminate Delayed Closings Once and for All

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Why might an opportunity not close when it was forecast to? Technically, there are seven possibilities: Closes as forecast and you win. Closes when forecast and you lose. A short delay that you will close. A short delay that someone else will close.

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world

Open Your Mind to Close More Sales

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The single biggest obstacle to closing the sale isn’t your price, your competition or your prospect. Specifically, it’s your subconscious beliefs and fears about closing. Negative beliefs about sales in general, and closing [.].

Closing Is Easy

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One of the most common things I hear from sellers is “Get me in front of the right guy, and I can close them”. Closing opportunities that were initiated by the buyer themselves is cute, but is it enough? The post Closing Is Easy appeared first on Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

The Lost Art of Closing

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Not one to rest on laurels, Anthony is about to release his next epic, The Lost Art Of Closing. Based on the feedback from the initial book, this is sure to stir discussion and a buzz, and more importantly, help you close more deals.

Closed Ended Questions Are Not to Be Ignored

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Salespeople are discouraged from asking closed ended questions as this type of questioning fails to provide additional fact finding information. ” Immediately I heard from several attendees “that is a close ended question.”

Want to close more sales.listen more!

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Want to close more sales.listen more! ClosingHow many of you ever had a course in listening skills? How to listen lessons were never offered as part of any formal education. It's amazing. the skills we need the most are never taught in school.

Close More Sales with AWATL

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closing sales clarifying sales agreements letters to prospects prospect communication AWATLA guest post by Jack Kasel, Sales Development Expert, Anthony Cole Training Group.

Sales Excellence: How to Close Anything and Everything in Any Vertical

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Closing is awfully important. Nothing happens until the business gets closed. But most people don't know the real truth about closing. Countless books, tapes, videos and podcasts have been devoted to closing techniques.

5 Steps to Improve Your Close Rate

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Do you know how your close rate compares to the competition? It’s time to improve your close rate so you can dominate your industry. The post 5 Steps to Improve Your Close Rate appeared first on Sales Speaker Marc Wayshak. Blog Close more sales

The Greatest Closing Question Ever

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So I leaned in, looked at both of them and asked the greatest closing question ever. So I leaned in, looked at both of them and asked the greatest closing question ever. Issue Date: 2016-10-31. Author: Peter R.

17 Easy Closing Sales Tips

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Want to learn some easy closing sales tips that can actually increase your sales? The post 17 Easy Closing Sales Tips appeared first on Sales Speaker Marc Wayshak. Blog closing salesCheck out this video to learn the 17 strategies that will turbocharge your selling approach.

Always Have This Close Handy…

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I’m going to give you the right rebuttal to this and give you a real life example of how I used this – and what I learned – just this week while I was closing a prospect on one of my training programs. When I say this is the type of close to always have handy, I mean it.

How to Increase Your Closing Percentage

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Now consider what that really means: It means that out of ten closes you attempt, eight are not going to buy! Now think about all the time and energy you spend trying to close a lead that is never going to buy anyway. Let me ask you a question: Do all of your leads end up buying?

Closing and Negotiating Challenges - Symptoms of Another Selling Problem

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Dave Kurlan Consultative Selling close more sales negotiating objective management group selling value Richardson OMG AssessmentImage Copyright Shironosov. I recently learned that one of OMG's clients in Europe purchased two goldfish.

Closing by Using Micro-Commitments

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Blog Closing a Sale Professional Selling Skills Prospecting closes closing a sale closing strategies prospecting sales strategiesOne of the best ways to keep a sale moving forward is by using the micro-commitment strategy. The approach is simple to use and very effective for those who are dealing with a customer who is hard to engage and hard to move forward. The micro-commitment strategy is built around finding ways to gain the […].

What’s Your Buyer’s Closing Ratio

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While many know some of their metrics and conversion rates, few take time to explore and understand their prospects’ closing average or ratio. All is good till the last scene, curtains close without a deal. By Tibor Shanto – .

Buyer 222

Discovered - Data Reveals the Second Biggest Obstacle to Closing More Sales

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Dave Kurlan Consultative Selling sales excellence listening and questioning closing more sales OMG AssessmentWhichever way you turn, wherever you look, and whatever you listen to there is data.

Data 183

5 Best Sales Closing Techniques

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Salespeople are always asking me for the closing techniques that work the best. Pick a Date Close […]. Blog Closing a Sale Professional Selling Skills closing a sale closing techniques sales closing

You’re Closing It Wrong: How to Close Deals Better

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Closing is one of the hottest sales topics. about “How to Close Better and More” with myself and fellow sales experts, Lisa Magnuson and John Flannery. What is Closing, Exactly? Closing is much more about provoking, testing and confirming along the sales continuum.

10 Ways to Close a Sale Faster

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Blog Closing a Sale Professional Selling Skills closing closing techniques sales closes sales techniquesThe average salesperson has two or three ways with which they feel comfortable to ask for the order.

Two Questions to Close a Sale

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You’ll be surprised by what your prospects will reveal and how much easier it is to close sales. I was having breakfast with a client in Denver before a training program I was giving, and we were talking about the importance of asking questions and listening.

How to Find a Deal That Will Close This Month

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By prioritizing your sales and marketing teams’ time, effort and budget with FIRE data, you can ensure your go-to-market (GTM) team is putting most of their energy into engaging with accounts you have the best change of closing.

Data 123

10 Tips to Close the Sale Now

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Blog Closing a Sale Professional Selling Skills close closing sales closing the sale negotiate price pricing sales close sales negotiation Give the customer two options. Doing this allows them to feel in control. Many people don’t want to be sold.

Lessons from the NFL on How to Close More Business

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Here are two things you can do starting today to increase your closing ratio and make more money: 1. Keep a record of the reasons your prospects don’t close and then concentrate on qualifying for these issues up front with all future prospects. Ask for bigger orders on every close.

ABC = Always Be Closing Collaborating

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The ‘ABC: Always be Closing’ mantra has been drilled into the minds of sales teams. In Glengarry Glen Ross , Blake passionately proclaimed: more closing equals higher commission, and if you can’t close, “hit the bricks, pal!” .

Don’t Propose. Close.

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Closed deals. ClosingI don’t care how many proposals you have out. Truth be told you probably don’t really care either. What you care about is how much money you are going to put in your bank account this month, this quarter and this year. Proposals are not going to get you there.

10 Ways to Close Deals Faster Without Cutting Your Price

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We all want to close deals faster. Too many times the way salespeople close a deal faster is by cutting the price, thinking a lower price will create a faster decision. Blog Closing a Sale Professional Selling Skills closes closing sales closes

G2- Two Requirements to Close the Sales Opportunity Gap

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There is a sales production target out there – somewhere. It’s different for every person and every organization but it’s out there. And for every person and every organization there is the actual sales production result that is being achieved today. That is the Sales Opportunity Gap.

The Human Desire to Control the Sales Closing Question

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So you reached the end of the sales conversation and now, drum roll, comes the ultimate sales closing question. With today’s buyer’s being far more education,, possibly the tried and true closing question requires a little adjustment?

19 Sales Tips For Closing The Sale

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Many salespeople fear the ‘close’ of the sale, as they think it might be putting too much pressure on the decision-maker. 2) Don’t think of the close as a close; think of it as a gaining-commitment step in the process. Rather than thinking of closing a sale, think of it as furthering the relationship. 6) Recognise that closing is part of the sales process , rather than an individual step. Sales Tips sale closing tips tips for closing the sale

10 Ways to Close Faster for More Sales in 2016

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Here are 10 ways to close faster for more sales in 2016: 1. Blog Closing a Sale Professional Selling Skills closes closing closing techniques sales closing sales motivation sales process sales skills

Sales tip – closing

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For the inaugural post we’ve selected the age-old topic – Closing. In B2B selling, Closing is about obtaining a commitment from the customer that moves the sales cycle. You don’t just “close for the order,” you close on every call. Sales Tips.

Earning the Right to Close

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Issue Date: 2016-09-12. Author: Frank Visgatis, President/COO, CustomerCentric Selling®. Teaser: A seller earns the right to ask for the business if and when a buyer has all they need to make a buying decision.

The Perfect Close

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The Perfect Close. -A The quality of new sales related books coming out is amazing and The Perfect Close by James Muir is another high quality book to add to your library. James then takes the reader through the tactics that must be executed to build to The Perfect Close.

Why Closing is Never a Problem in Account Based Selling

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You’d be surprised how often I hear, “My account based selling team can’t close.”. Closing is never the problem. Closing is the easy part of account based sales development. That’s how the phrase “ABC”—always be closing—became a sales mantra.

The Top 5 Phrases That Will Close The Deal With Your Prospect

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We had an enquiry last month from a sales manager who asked us to work with his sales team for half-a-day on closing techniques. He said his team was good at relationship-building but when it came to the close, they needed help. One of my training consultants said to him that the problem couldn’t be solved in just half-a-day with some closing tricks, tips and techniques. If you have done everything right before getting to the close, it really should be straightforward.