How To Conduct A Killer Follow-Up


A proper follow-up can make or break a sale. Without proper follow-up, many sales die. An effective follow-up takes planning and tenacity. […]. The post How To Conduct A Killer Follow-Up appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

Engage the Prospect via Your Follow-Up

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We’ve all had that issue, and the typical way salespeople handle this is by thinking if they just send a great follow-up note immediately after the meeting, everything will be […]. Blog Closing a Sale Customer Service Prospecting customer follow-up prospect prospectingHow many times have you had a sales call that you walk away from feeling great then turn into the customer going silent on you?

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Sustainable Sales Success - Tip #11 Follow-Up

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Simply speaking without follow-up, sales success will not happen. What is even worse, is the lack of follow-up by salespeople. Hubspot shared these two damning sales prospecting or sales statistics: 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up.

Customer Follow-up Improves With Automation

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Why is customer follow-up important? One key to doing this effectively is to offer sincere, timely follow-up customer service. Smart business people spend a great deal of time, work and effort on effective customer follow-up, and this is why automation can help.

Speed Sells and the Art of the Follow-Up

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Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting follow-up prospect prospecting sales prospecting saleswings selling skillsA few months back, I had a specific problem in my business and I needed help.

Sales reps – don’t forget to follow-up!

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Sales reps much follow up! But, in the buyer’s eyes, following up is one of the fundamentals for building trust and establishing a business relationship that separates those top sales reps from the others. Following up is key.

Creating Follow-up Activities in Pipeliner CRM


You can auto-create a follow-up activity on your closed sales tasks right in your Pipeliner account. Actively following up your prospects is one of the most important part of the overall sales process.

The Immense Importance of Follow-Up

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The host, Ken Coleman first briefly chatted with InfusionSoft CEO & Co-Founder, Clate Mask , asking why he believes follow-up is so critical to the sales process. So, where might follow-through come into play?

Sales Prospecting: The Art of Following Up

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Finding new customers is the bane of most salespeople, yet too many times, the reason it is so difficult is salespeople give up too easily. Really, I should say it’s not that salespeople give up too easily — it’s that they just don’t follow-up.

How Do I Follow Up with a Prospect?

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What’s the best way to follow up with a prospect? For starters, begin the next conversation (regardless of what form it might be — email, phone, etc.) by repeating or asking about something the prospect shared with you the last time you talked. When we start the next conversation by restating what the prospect shared […]. Blog Prospecting prospect prospecting

When Prospects Go Silent – 4 Tips For Follow-Up Campaigns That Work!


Here’s a scary fact: Sales professionals spend over 40% of their productive time in following up with their prospects. The post When Prospects Go Silent – 4 Tips For Follow-Up Campaigns That Work! While the most popular media have been email and phone call, hit rates are just not as high as they should be. Tim Wackel and I recently presented a webinar, “When Prospects Go Silent – Creating [.]

The (Almost) Ultimate Guide To Follow Up

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Follow-Up is vital. Yet so many people invest tons of time and energy into going out to events, meeting new people, then doing practicially no follow-up at all to build the relationship from there. Follow-up is crazy effective. Preparation for Follow-Up.

Using Follow Up Effectively

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Do you attempt to follow up with prospective buyers because they haven’t contacted you when you thought they should? Use your follow up contact to help them figure out how to resolve any of these issues that might cause them to be stuck.

How often do you follow up?

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I’m often asked, “How often do you follow up with a potential client?” ” Or, “How much do you follow up on a lead?” The post How often do you follow up?

Why Follow Up in Selling is Critical

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For whatever reason, you don’t follow-up like you should. You want to follow-up, but some time elapses, and then in the back of your mind you fear that it won’t be a positive interaction so you get busy and forget. Gain More from a Conference Through Follow Up.

Inside Scoop on Lead Follow Up Strategies

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Inside Scoop on Lead Follow Up Strategies. Ken: This is a guest blog with wonderful insights from a detailed study on Lead Follow Up Strategies by Accounting Software. Would some people be turned off by the quick follow up? What is the best day to follow-up?

8 Ways to Motivate Salespeople to Follow Up Inquiries


Corporate growth, good and bad, can be traced to sales lead follow-up i. Marketers keep thinking it is common sense for sales representatives to follow up all inquiries given to them. So we are left with motivating them to do the obvious and not give up.

What Is Your LinkedIn Follow-up Process?

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This feature provides another LinkedIn follow-up opportunity. To be successful at LinkedIn follow-up, marketing follow-up or new sales leads follow-up requires a process that is consistently employed.

Follow Up Strategy to Grow Sales

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” Craig concurred, and here is one SINGLE simple sales strategy that can give you HUGE new visibility, so eloquently presented by Craig: When your prospect or your customer moves to another company: Follow your contact to their new position – don’t wait for them to reach out to you.

The Trade Show Follow Up Process


The post The Trade Show Follow Up Process appeared first on Salesfusion. Events Sales CRM

Never De-Value the Importance of Post Sale Follow Up

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Agree up-front how future problems will be handled. General Account Management Customer Focus Post Sales Follow-Up New customers have a tendency to evolve through three phases once they decide to buy from you. Initially they feel very excited about their decision before going through a learning curve where they may struggle with blending in your products/services.

Guide to Autoresponders Part 3: Follow-Up and Confirmation Emails

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In this final post, we examine follow-up emails and the automatic lift you get from incorporating them into your campaigns. We also show you a few examples of Survey and Feedback emails so you can set up a two-way line of communication with your customers. Follow-Up Emails.

The Secret of Effective Follow-Up

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This weeks 5 Minute Marketing Tip is all about follow-up: something very many people struggle with. This week’s tip, I am going to share the secret of effective follow up, something so many people really struggle with. They’ll end up avoiding you.

8 Dos and Don’ts of Networking Follow up

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Here are eight actionable dos and don’ts for following up with someone in a professional way after you’ve connected: DO : Send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn in a timely manor by including a personal note on where you met him or her and something you may have discussed. DO : Follow up via email to business cards you collected and personalize the messages. DO : Try to follow up in a timely fashion, usually within a few days to a week of the event.

Sales calls – follow-up matters – 5 best practices

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So let’s take a look at a systematic approach for getting the post call follow-up right. Effective follow-up starts in the call itself. The good news about follow-up is it is primarily about discipline not skill – so you can get better at it right away.

The Subtle Art of Follow-up

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Since it is clearly much easier to sell customers who have already bought from you, it is always in your best interest to master the critical elements of the subtle art of follow-up. Five Critical Elements of Follow-Up.

3 Ways for Better Follow Up in Sales

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Recently we posted about a study that showed the power and necessity of follow up in building relationships with buyers who ultimately do business with you. Here are three ways to follow up better and gain more opportunities: Look at Data.

Not Enough Time to Follow Up With Prospects?

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As I dig into the Top 10 reasons prospecting plans don’t work, I think #3 on my list is the one that drives me nuts the most: Not having the time to follow up and follow through. (Be Be sure to check out #1 and #2) Not having the time to follow up and follow […].

Sales Hacks and How to Improve Your Lead Follow Up Conversions

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I have previously written about how important it is to quickly and consistently follow up on inbound leads.

How You Create the Need to Follow Up

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The need to follow up is driven by the failure to gain the commitment to take next steps with your prospective client. Leaving a meeting without having another meeting scheduled is how you create the need to follow up.

A Plan to Follow Up – Episode 68

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Kevin asks what a good follow up plan looks like after making a cold call. The post A Plan to Follow Up – Episode 68 appeared first on The Sales Blog. The answer is one of value creation. Video

New Automatic Follow-Up Emails + More New Features

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Follow-Up Emails. We often recommend sending follow-up emails to your nonresponders (the people who don’t open your email). When you launch or schedule your email, you’ll have the option to schedule a follow-up email.

Inside Sales Power Tip 111 – Follow Up

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One big contributing factor to your sales success is in your follow-up. There are three points to consider when thinking about following up with prospects, buyers, and with leads: A. Most sellers do not follow-up enough. How many times you follow-up.

Does Your Sales Team Know How to Follow-Up on a Lead?


Today we will discuss why it’s vital for marketing to develop a training guide for sales so all are on the same page as far as understanding what constitutes a lead in your organization, and what’s the best way to follow up on one. Starts the clock on follow-up.

The Importance of Following Up

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Let me ask you this: If you just met with a really hot prospect, how long would you wait before you followed up? Now, how long do you think it took for them to follow up with us? Did we get a follow up email? Did we get a follow up phone call?

The Connection Between Gas Prices and Sales Lead Follow Up

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When you filled up your tank for $5, that extra 13.5 As a matter of fact, yesterday I received a pretty cool infographic from Cypress North, who teamed up with And less than 1% of companies get their salespeople to follow up in the first 5 minutes?

How to Use Follow-Up Emails to Get More Opens [VIDEO]

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The power resides in the practice of sending follow-up emails. Do you just chalk it up to bad luck or inopportune timing? There are many things that contribute to your email not being opened, but follow-up emails provide a second chance.

3 Steps for Effective Sales Lead Follow Up (none are the Hail Mary)


Following the prayer, the quarterback threw a quick pass over the middle to score. The ways sales executives follow up on leads is a little like trying to win games with the Hail Mary. They simply don’t know how to follow-up a lead. Don’t give up too soon.

One Thing To NEVER Do When Following Up On Literature

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There are statements and questions most sales people ask when following up on literature that create obstacles and hamper the sales process. Avoid this all-too-common mistake when following up on sales literature, and you will set more appointments and close more sales!

Grant Cardone’s 7 Simple Tips to Improve Sales Follow-up

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Inside Sales Virtual Summit grant cardone sales acceleration summit Sales Follow-upWhat does it take to become a master of sales and transform your sales team into top performers?