19 Benefits of Asking Questions

The Sales Heretic

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Intangible Benefits Aren’t

Engage Selling

Your ability to master this skill determines whether you’ll consistently be successful in today’s marketplace—yes, that much is … Read More » The post Intangible Benefits Aren’t first appeared on The Sales Leader.


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Beneath the Surface Benefits

Selling Energy

sales benefits sales success recession sellingFor most businesses, you might think that the primary driver for energy efficiency projects is saving money on the utility bill.

Three High-Impact Benefits of Email Marketing


It’s ubiquitous, low cost, reliable, and provides high-impact benefits. One of the greatest benefits of email is the fact that it suits every stage of the customer life cycle. Email is the OG digital marketing tool.

3 Mistakes Organizations Make While Developing ABM Programs

While B2B research suggests organizations are thriving through successful ABM programs, getting just one campaign off the ground is more difficult than it seems. From building an account universe to understanding to orchestrating sales and marketing alignment around touchpoint and messaging, there are a number of variables to consider before launching a program.

5 Ways Corporate Values Benefit Your Company

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Aaron McClung It’s become trendy in recent years to develop core values or corporate value statements and then share them with your constituencies, but to what end?

The Benefits of Critical Thinking When Engaging with Buyers


critical thinking in sales critical thinking skills the benefits of critical thinkingThis is what you can expect when you work to build your mental might and eradicate lazy thinking.

Going Beyond Features And Benefits…

MTD Sales Training

Features and benefits – as sales people you must master these with regards to your products and services. How many times have you been told in training courses that people don’t buy features, they only buy benefits? A long list of features will only confuse the prospect , as they have to do the work in converting the meaning of the feature to how it will benefit them. And remember, why should they convert the feature to a benefit?

The Benefits of Team Goals and Bonuses

Sales Manager Now

In this Sales Leadership Quick Tip video, I want to share the benefits of team goals and bonuses and why they will work for your sales team. Skills benefits of team goals Sales Leadership Sales management sales teams small business owner small business sales team team benefits team goals

32 Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group

The Sales Heretic

Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, salesperson, or executive, if you want to accelerate your success, one of the best actions you can take is to join a mastermind group. What exactly is a mastermind group?

Groups 219

The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity

Leveraging the latest industry research, this eBook highlights the impact of direct dial phone numbers on sales productivity with the goal of empowering reps to have more conversations with prospects, and consequently, schedule more meetings, increase opportunities, and close more business - fast.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

Sales Pop!

The post Benefits Of Influencer Marketing appeared first on SalesPOP! Digital Transformation with Influencer Marketing. Helping businesses get through a digital transformation of sales and marketing can be challenging.

The benefits of social proximity selling

Sales 2.0

In my last post I was talking about how you can greatly increase your prospecting odds by leveraging people you know for an introduction. In this post I am going to talk about how to greatly increase your prospecting odds without an introduction. This approach is all about “social proximity” as Jamie Shanks calls it. Consider this data.

Benefits of Circling Back

Selling Energy

One of the most important parts of the sales cycle remains overlooked. It’s imperative that you “circle back” to every one of your customers and ask them how it went. habits communication sales tips sales performance customer satisfaction

Feature/Benefit – Or – Feature/Price

The Pipeline

Every tribe has its myths, collective beliefs, and things they claim to believe, things they avoid or adhere to, for sales the concept of Feature/Benefit is a go to favourite. While some believe this mode of selling may be outdated, and have moved beyond, the essence of most sales conversations, for many, Feature/Benefit is still the staple of their approach. Benefits? There are a number of iterations of Feature/Benefit selling that are quite effective.

Forrester Research Report: How Sales and Marketing Intelligence Drive Improved Business Outcomes

In 2019, DiscoverOrg commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate sales and marketing intelligence practices in the B2B space. The primary takeaway? Forrester found only 1.2% of companies achieved a score indicating maturity in data management practices. However, organizations are fighting back - and winning.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

Selling Energy

benefits energy efficiency Selling PerformanceFor most businesses, you might think that the primary driver for energy efficiency projects is saving money on the utility bill.

What are the benefits of CRM?

MTD Sales Training

What is a CRM system and what are the benefits of having one? The benefits of CRM systems are manifold, and here we list some of them so you can be assured you’re going in the right direction for the long-term relationship you’re building for your company and your customers. What about some other benefits of a CRM system for you? As discussed above, the benefits of a CRM tool bring valuable information into one place. The post What are the benefits of CRM?

What Is CRM Automation And How It Benefits You?


The post What Is CRM Automation And How It Benefits You? Deploying CRM software in your organization clearly shows you are looking for growth. Manual methods of record-keeping, such as spreadsheets, cannot help in scaling your business.

The Biggest Benefit of Following Up

Go for No!

That’s the biggest benefit! It amazes us how few people these days do what they say they will do. Would you agree? Take follow up.

Salesforce Formulas for the Everyday Admin

Speaker: Steve Molis, Salesforce MVP

Steve Molis has put together a collection of universal formula tips and tricks, along with several of his personal favorites, so that you can get the benefit of a wealth of information without having to trawl through everybody else’s Salesforce problems.

Why Features & Benefits Don’t Work in Today’s World

MTD Sales Training

How many times have you heard that you shouldn’t just present features of your product, but you should also reiterate how those features benefit the prospect? Prospecting building the value business prospecting selling features and benefits It has been the staple diet of most. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Goals and Benefits of a Sales Assessment

Janek Performance Group

Benefits. Another key benefit of a sales assessment is that it will ensure every salesperson’s interaction with potential clients is consistent. The post Goals and Benefits of a Sales Assessment first appeared on Janek Performance Group.

P&L Benefits to Discuss with Prospects

Selling Energy

If you look at the full picture through the lens of business acumen, you’ll see how effective it can be to discuss the potential P&L benefits of your efficiency project with your prospects.

7 Benefits to Failing

A Sales Guy

In spite of its negative impact on our lives and it’s ability to keep us from doing new and different things, fear provides tremendous benefits. Capitalize on the benefits of failure, ’cause they turn into success. There are too many benefits to falling on your face. Personal Development benefits of failing failing in sales Failure keep failing why failure is good why sales should fail why you want to fail We all have this crazy fear of failing.

Product Sales Training – Transformed for Results

Effective product sales training delivers features, benefits, and sales focused content so reps become strategic advisors and develop unique solutions for informed buyers. On-demand cloud-based training is the preferred solution. Managers and sales reps confirm that in this whitepaper. Download the whitepaper today!

How Work From Home Benefits Small Businesses

Smooth Sale

Claire Silverberg provides today’s guest post, ‘How Work From Home Benefits Small Businesses.’. How Work From Home Benefits Small Businesses. Keep reading to learn more about how WFH benefits your small business and learn some effective teleworking strategies. WFH Benefits.

Understanding the benefits of 360-degree customer view


What are the benefits of creating a 360-degree customer view? Let’s discuss the benefits of using CRM for creating a 360-degree customer view. The post Understanding the benefits of 360-degree customer view appeared first on Salesmate.

Weekly Roundup: Hitting Holiday Quotas, Employee Benefits +More

The Center for Sales Strategy

- MOTIVATION -. People are influenced to change by people they trust.". Mike Bosworth. AROUND THE WEB -. > > How to Help Your Team Hit Quota During the Holiday Season – HubSpot. Break the cycle of pressure to hit quota by playing into the holiday season and spreading the cheer!

Quota 78

Sales Talk for CEOs: Benefits of Hiring a Sales Leader with Gary Goerke (S1:E9)

Alice Heiman

They talk about the many benefits of hiring an expert to train your company’s sales team and how the role of the CEO evolves as the company grows. The post Sales Talk for CEOs: Benefits of Hiring a Sales Leader with Gary Goerke (S1:E9) appeared first on Alice Heiman.

Leveraging Training to Go Beyond with Sales Enablement

Speaker: Matthew Hawk, VP of Instructional Design and Training Delivery, Synchrony

Whether you’re pitching a new training program, improving your onboarding process, or working to move a key metric, the trick is to optimize content creation and deployment for maximum results. In this webinar, Matthew Hawk, VP of Instructional Design & Training Delivery at Synchrony, will lay out a schematic for Sales Enablement, and demonstrate where training should fit in your overall strategy.

PODCAST 180: Talent Retention with Whole-Person Benefits Package

Sales Hacker

Powerful benefits that employers need to offer. The startup environment & powerful employee benefits [12:25]. The startup environment & powerful employee benefits [12:25]. Their benefit packages trend to the advantage of the employee.

Unusual Benefits by Facing Rejection

Go for No!

There are unusual benefits to becoming someone who faces rather than fears rejection. But there are huge benefits to facing rejection. One of things we know is that every “yes” you’ve ever gotten in your life required the courage to hear a no.

Rediscovering the Benefits of Internal Recruitment

The Center for Sales Strategy

In an increasingly tight talent market, organizations will rediscover the benefits of internal hiring and work to better understand how their employees want to learn and grow.” — 2020 Talent Magazine. “More than ever, future hires will come from within the company.

VIDEO SALES TIP: Your Customer Wants Outcomes, Not “Benefits”

The Sales Hunter

Sure, we’ve all heard that salespeople need to focus on “benefits,” not “features.” Check out the below video to see what I mean about outcomes rather than benefits: Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling Customer Service Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation benefits closing customer service outcomes sales techniques sales tip video sales tip

7 Marketing and Sales Strategies to Grow Your Revenue Fast

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Many companies have the core marketing and sales elements to take their revenue to the next level, but are still missing out on some key opportunities. Join Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners and writer of the recent book "The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook," to discover seven steps that you can immediately take to grow your company’s revenue quickly and consistently!

6 Benefits Of A Social Media Strategy For Your Go-To-Market Strategy


Key Benefits Of B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies For Your GTM Plan. Social media marketing offers benefits that impact key goals, such as:: Adding value to your GTM plan Developing and improving brand awareness Nurturing existing relationships and fostering new ones.

The Sales Management Benefit of Solving Core Issues

Sales Manager Now

I don’t want you to be the person everyone goes to… The post The Sales Management Benefit of Solving Core Issues appeared first on Sales Manager Now.

Learning the Benefits of Virtual Training

Integrity Solutions

Benefits of Virtual Training. For clients, flexibility of delivery is a benefit of virtual training delivery. Today, this is not only a benefit, but a necessity. So, virtual training has many benefits. Live training events have many, many obvious benefits as well.

Benefits of Online Sales Training

The Digital Sales Institute

The benefits of online sales training can be narrowed down to a number of key areas. In no small part to technology advancement, video solutions, streaming capabilities and course ware development the benefits of online sales training are compelling. Benefits of online sales training. One of the major benefits of online sales training is that the sales programs are focused on topics the learner has selected. Benefits of Online Sales Training.

Essential Guide to Sales Engagement – Overcome the Challenges of Remote Selling

Sales Engagement leverages process, tools, and training to align your efforts to your buyer’s journey and exceed their expectations. See how to equip sellers to effectively prospect, create meaningful connections and manage a sales cycle from beginning to closed-won! Download the guide today!