Maximize Your “B Player” Sales Talent

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Secrets for Keeping Top Sales Talent

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Don’t Wait for the “Right” Sales Talent. Develop It.

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Article Corporate Strategy Sales Strategy "A-Player" a-player talent develop sales talent talent development

How a CEO Retains Top Sales Talent

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Is the competition taking your sales talent? How do I structure a winning sales organization?" The competition can beat you on two dimensions: superior solutions and better talent. The best solutions attract the best talent.

Secrets for Keeping Top Sales Talent

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A sales force will never be made up of 100% ''A'' player talent. Losing top Sales Reps is bad enough – losing top Sales Managers can kill your future. This post discusses reasons why top Reps and Managers are leaving your sales force.

Great Sales Talent is Only a Few Clicks Away

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Sales and HR leaders face a common challenge – sourcing top sales talent. This post answers the question, “How do I consistently find top sales talent ?" It will turbocharge your sales recruiting program by leveraging ‘social listening.’ Why Start with Sales?

Maximize Your "B Player" Sales Talent in 2013

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By now, HR and Sales leaders have solidified their common 2013 goals. A comprehensive talent management plan is essential. Topgrading is a proven method for continuous talent improvement. For more details on how to grade talent, refer to Topgrading for Sales.)

Why the CEO is Frustrated with Executive Sales Talent

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How to Get The Most Out Of Your Sales Talent

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In all professions, talent is a key element to success. Put the most talented team on the field and you’ll often win. The majority of your “A” sales players are talented. Territory Design Sales Performance Management Talent Management Compensation

Are You Any Good at Evaluating Sales Talent?

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Well, are you? There''s talent, and then there''s the ability to utilize one''s talent and most sports talent evaluators are no better at this then most sales managers. So you can evaluate talent.

Achieve a 5-10x Impact with A-Player Sales Talent

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Sales Strategy Video a-player talent people strategy talent development talent methodology talent strategyOn this week’s SBI Insider Video Podcast we discuss the topic of developing an A-Player profile for revenue producing roles.

4 Steps to Break the February Sales Talent Exit

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Top sales performers are heading for the exits. Now is the time for HR and Sales leaders to break the cycle. In either case, it’s exit time for the best sales talent. Learn what customers value from the sales support team. Share the information with the sales force.

Chief Differentiators for Topgraded Sales Talent

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Hiring Sales Talent: A Tool to Help CEOs Get It Right the First Time

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Effective growth CEOs can balance working on short-term sales tactics and long-term business strategies. A theme emerged around how much time to spend “in” sales tactics. If you act as the de-facto VP of sales, you’re working in the business. Sales people are great talkers.

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Hiring and Keeping Top Sales Talent

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Looking for great sales talent? Working to keep the great talent you have put together? A panel of sales hiring and retention experts spoke yesterday at the AA-ISP Boston Chapter event. (If Devon McDonald, Director Sales & Marketing Support, OpenView Venture Partners.

Why Your Top Sales Talent Fails at the Big Meeting

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Thru the Candidate’s Eyes - Attracting Sales Talent

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For HR leaders, a recent Harvard Business Review blog post provides a stark reminder of the difficult challenge of supporting Sales leaders in recruiting top talent. HR can help the Sales leader to improve recruiting results and play a vital role in making the sales number in 2013. HR and Sales leaders often fail in the execution of convincing the top talent to make the career move. Making the sales number in 2013 depends on upgrading your sales talent.

Why Evaluate Potential Sales Talent? - A Great New Case Study

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They were evaluated with OMG''s sales person assessment, and assembled into 5 teams, all selling the exact same product. This team tied for first place in most sales made. Just as important, they were able to neutralize the effect of good versus bad sales management and coaching.

What is Your Sales Team's Motivation?

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developing sales talent Motivational getting consistent sales performance predictable sales growthQUESTIONS THAT COMPANIES NEED TO ANSWER.

3 Ways to Move ‘B’ players to ‘A’ players in Less than 3 Months

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The Truth Behind Why Your Best Sales Reps Leave

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To Fill Your Open Sales Talent Positions, Think of Recruiting Like Prospecting

The Center for Sales Strategy

I was on the phone with a client the other day who was really struggling with many open seats across his sales teams. I asked how full the talent bank was and he said, "running on empty."

How HR Stops the Exit of Top Sales Talent Now and for the Future

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As if the looming year end wasn’t pressure enough for a sales leader trying to meet sales quota, will the loss of top sales reps pile on? The HR Leader can take some concrete steps to stop the exit of sales reps and therefore the loss of revenue. Immediate Help for Sales.

4 Signs You Have an ‘A’ Player in the Interview

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Are You Attractive to Top Sales Talent?

Sell More and Work Less

That’s my advice for any business owner or sales leader about to embark on a new phase of recruiting. Sales Coaching motivating employees optimizing sales Pipeline Management recruiting sales sales quota sales recruitment selling The Sales Leader

5 Classic Mistakes in New Hire Sales Training

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Can Your Sales Talent Execute Like Olympic Athletes?

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How to Retain Your Top Performers

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Three Ways Sales Management Can Move ‘C’ Players to ‘A ‘Players

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Article Sales Strategy "A-Player" c player people plan sales sales coaching sales talent sales training talent managementDid you know that with the right coaching that 15% of you ‘C’ turn out to be your best ‘A’ players?

3 Reasons ‘C’ Players Must Go

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Why Do Sales People Leave Companies? - Management

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sales talent acquisition sales performance coaching responsibilities of sales managerMANAGEMENT RESPONSIBLE FOR A $450 BILLION PROBLEM.

Sales Leaders Don’t Invest Enough Time Hunting for Talent

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What ‘A’ Players Want From You

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As a VP of Sales, you pride yourself on taking care of your best. SBI’s annual research survey received insights from over 2,200 ‘A’ Player Sales Reps. Article Corporate Strategy Sales Strategy "A-Player" keep a players retain a players sales talent talent strategy

3 Legacy Recruiting Tactics CEOs Should Eliminate Now

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Top Tips To Retain Your Best Millennial Sales Talent – Part 1

Sell More and Work Less

You are not alone, many of our client confide to me that they are lost when it comes to retaining young talent. Today is part one of three, where I will outline the top tips for keeping your millennial talent in place, and accelerating sales. Do Millennials confuse you?

Assessing Why Performers Perform and Non-Performers Fail – The Impact on Revenue, Profit and the Ability to Grow

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pareto principle close more sales assessing sales talent 80/20 Principle effective sales management consistent sales resultsIT STARTS WITH UNDERSTANDING PERFORMANCE.

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Seven Essentials for Building Your Dream Team

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You Don’t Need the Best Sales Talent to Win

A Sales Guy

As I kicked this around my head I kept being reminded of all the amazingly talented teams that fell on their face and failed. Labeled the “Dream Team” at the beginning of the season because of all the talent it had, they didn’t even make the playoffs.

The Sales Training Coaching Reality Is Bad Sales Talents Top Good Talents

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Many of the sales training coaching programs focus on bad sales talents or sales skills (what people do not do well) instead of good talents (what people do well). They may even abandoned their natural sales skills because of this focus on bad sales talents.

What's Missing from the Report That Says Sales Training Doesn't Make Reps Better?

Understanding the Sales Force

The report claimed that salespeople don't improve their skills as a result of sales training. Dave Kurlan sales force evaluation sales training sales talent sales assessmentsI could not believe my eyes when I read this report.