Using B2B Social Selling to Generate Better Leads

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Social selling flips the switch on traditional cold calls and takes a customer-centric approach, which is exactly what businesses need to do to stand out from their ever-increasing competition.

Three Simple Steps to Start Social Selling

The Center for Sales Strategy

Social media gives salespeople opportunities they just didn't have several years ago — even three years ago! Here are three simple steps to get started with social selling. Social Media social selling


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Social Selling Tips for Success

RAIN Group

Once upon a time, there was a notion that social media was unnecessary for selling; it was a novelty and not a staple. At the time, some believed that enterprise-level decision makers couldn’t be reached on social platforms. Social Selling

What Are the Best Social Selling Techniques?

The Center for Sales Strategy

Successful social selling can lead to significant growth for your business. In fact, the right tactics can do more than sell products, but provide a foundation of credibility and confidence that will bolster your brand as a whole. social selling

The #1 Reason Why Sales Coaching is Critical to Your 2022 Sales Success

Speaker: Tim Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Leadership Associates

Join Tim Hughes, Author of Social Selling – Influencing Buyers and Changemakers and Co-Founder/CEO of Digital Leadership Associates, as he details how investing in sales coaching will teach your team how to navigate social media and therefore create greater sales success.

4 Reasons Social Selling Is So Effective

The Center for Sales Strategy

Social selling is on its way to equaling (and possibly overtaking) conventional selling in the near future. One study stated that with more than 3 billion people using social media worldwide in 2021, the customer base is right where social salespeople want them.

Social Selling Suicide!

The Pipeline

I know you may think I have the title wrong, but I mean it, it seems social selling is dying and just stinking out the neighborhood. The exchange below speaks for itself, demonstrates the folly automation, insincerity, the humor that exists in social selling, and sadly in this example, someone simply executing a playbook they had been handed, they paid for, so they’re going to use it. The post Social Selling Suicide! By Tibor Shanto.

New Social Selling Case Study

SBI Growth

Here is a new social selling case study we wrote for you. Case Studies Social Selling Referrals

48 Shocking Social Selling Statistics


There’s no way around it: Social media has drastically changed the way modern companies do business. But, what do you really know about social selling? Today, we provide you with a little more insight into the world of social selling. We put together the following list of social selling statistics in hopes that sales reps everywhere would take this information and apply it to their current social selling practices.

How To Social Sell Across These Different Platforms

The Center for Sales Strategy

Social selling is the process of leveraging your social network to sell products or services. In fact, 78% of social sellers outsell competitors who don't use social media. It’s important to understand how each platform works before trying to sell on it.

How Sales Enablement is Supporting Social Selling in 2022

Speaker: Brynne Tillman CEO | LinkedIn Whisperer at Social Sales Link

In this 1-hour session, Brynne Tillman from Social Sales Link will teach you why Sales Enablement teams should own Social Selling

Why Social Selling is NOT Social Selling

The Sales Hunter

I’m tired of people saying how social selling is the only way to develop prospects. Does social selling work as a way to develop prospects? Yes, but developing a prospect is not the same thing as selling to the prospect. Here is my issue… Social selling works as a way to create relationships, develop […]. Blog Consultative Selling Networking Professional Selling Skills networking prospect prospecting social media social networking

How Does Social Selling Fit Into the Sales Process?

The Center for Sales Strategy

While cold outreach on social media is a popular technique in our modern world, it's not exactly the most productive, nor the most fruitful. Social selling is a modern approach to marketing that's built around existing relationships, and as such, it works much better.

The Importance of B2B Social Selling


B2C selling has dominated social media for the last 10+ years. Customers do their research, ask questions, and even address customer service issues on social channels. B2B social selling is an important and viable channel for B2B marketers and sales professionals.

Top 10 Social Selling Tools


Social selling is a sales technique that leverages social networking sites to identify prospects, build relationships, and ideally, close more deals. Social selling is more than just a hot trend, it’s an essential part of the modern sales process. Consider these statistics ( source ): 78% of salespeople using social media outperform their peers. Social selling generates 38% more new opportunities than traditional sellers.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

How to Find, Engage, and Convert Your Ideal Prospects on the World's Largest Professional Social Network

Everything You Need To Know About Social Selling

The Center for Sales Strategy

Social selling can help. This sales method focuses on relationship building through social media. Social selling doesn't involve spamming your way in front of people. Social selling ensures they remember you fondly and become warm leads.

The Secret to Social Selling Success

SBI Growth

Social Selling Prospecting Sales Rep Resources You just heard that your largest opportunity signed a multi-year deal with your competitor. That deal should’ve been yours. It was the difference between making your number or missing it. And you missed it.

New eBook: The Power of Social Selling

SBI Growth

Here is a new eBook we wrote for you, called “ The Power of Social Selling ” You can download a free copy here. This eBook was written for sales leaders who are early on with their social selling implementation. If your implementation of social selling is advanced, don’t waste your time on this. Social Selling Prospecting Social network Social Prospecting

eBook 218

Social Selling Applicability by Industry

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The potential impact of Social Selling varies greatly by industry. Social Selling will be highly disruptive to some industries. If you are in an industry where social selling has high applicability, peddle faster. Social selling is a zero sum game. If you are in an industry where social selling has low applicability, ignore it. Use them to quickly determine if social selling is applicable to your industry.

Successful Social Selling Best Practices Guide

This best practices guide focuses on helping you organize, harness and capitalize on the information, buying signals and qualified prospects identifying themselves to you online every single day

How I Work It – Social Selling with Tom Pick

Adaptive Business Services

welcome to “How I Work It – Social Selling”. There is a lot of confusion, particularly with B2B, regarding how to implement social selling. Tom takes the mystery out of social selling by consistently demonstrating key elements including … Authenticity.

6 Important Social Selling Mistakes to Avoid


Social selling has quickly become one of the most popular and effective selling tactics. As social media platforms grew in popularity, businesses began to recognize how essential social media is to the sales process. Consider these statistics ( source ): 78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers. Social sellers generate 38% more new opportunities than traditional sellers. Social Selling: The B2B LinkedIn Strategy.

How Can Marketing Benefit from Social Selling?

SBI Growth

The answer lies in social selling. Social Selling CMO Resources CMO Social Prospecting A marketing leader has many marketing activities to choose from. How do you know which are the most effective at reaching new customers? Do they respond to your emails? Probably not. We’ve noticed a consistent decline in response rates. So what’s a marketer to do? Which tactic can you deploy to give you the greatest chance for success?

10 Best Practices for Social Selling


If you haven’t already, it’s time to double down on social selling. LinkedIn today has 660 million users and it’s rapidly catching up to Instagram, which is one of the biggest social networks in the world. 10 Best Practices for Social Selling on LinkedIn. #1

Digital Revenue Leaders: How to Make Sales & Marketing Integration Your 2020 Strategy

Speaker: Jamie Shanks, CEO, Sales for Life

You know the saying – Marketing is from Mars, Sales is from Venus. Each team oversees an important part of the revenue process, yet collaboration between the two is often minimal. But revenue expert Jamie Shanks knows that, if you can successfully align your sales and marketing teams, you'll find that the cooperation between the two quickly becomes a key differentiator for your company.

The Rise of Social Selling

SBI Growth

Your sales team needs the ability to sell this way. Using Social Selling to Get in Deals Early. Today’s post focuses on bullet #2: Social Selling. Sign up for our research tour and get a free tool: 5 Traits of Social Sellers. The tool will help you identify, hire and develop social sellers in your organization. What is Social Selling? Social selling is a modern prospecting methodology that fills your funnel with opportunities.

Social Selling Success Stories

Score More Sales

Many who work for companies – especially mid-sized ones selling to other businesses – get stuck in doing the same old things year after year to build sales. Last week, a list on Forbes contained my name as one of the top 30 social selling influencers in the world. LinkedIn is certainly a social selling tool and Koka the perfect representative of how adding insight to help potential buyers builds your brand.

Social Selling for Task Focused Introverts

Adaptive Business Services

Social selling for introverts? While I am actually an ambivert, my preferred style is that of an introvert who is most often task vs. socially oriented. Still, I embrace the tenets of social selling. The good news is that introverts can excel at social selling.

Social Selling is Just … Selling: A Contemporary Guide

DiscoverOrg Sales

The average American will spend up to 50 minutes browsing through social media today. More important: Those 303 hours of social browsing are sales opportunities for you. Social selling is when sales professionals use their social network to communicate with prospects and develop relationships to solve problems and achieve sales goals. Social media isn’t for everyone. Social selling is more than just making pragmatic connections on LinkedIn.

Treat yourself to some social selling

Sales 2.0

I wanted to boil down cold calling vs. social selling data so we could do a somewhat fair comparison. Social selling: 3 hours to get an appointment. So obviously my axe to grind is that I think social selling is the way to go when prospecting as it’s almost 4 (3.66) times more efficient/faster. Social prospecting relies on leveraging your network. As you build your network to help your employer sell more you will actually be helping yourself.

Definition of Social Selling

The Digital Sales Institute

The definition of social selling is the process of engaging a defined audience, nurturing relationships and extending social reach via the social networks as part of the sales strategy. In essence, social selling is training salespeople to leverage the benefits of social media for one-to-one personalized communication with customers, influencers and prospects. Social Selling Definition. The Definition of Social Selling!

Top Social Selling Tools

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Be sure to listen to the great “10 Ways to Utilize Social Selling in 2013″ webinar that Linkedin and DocuSign hosted today if you missed it. (if Check out our Social ROI calculator. Subscribe to the award-winning blog and the “Sales Ideas In A Minute ” newsletter for sales strategies, tactics, and tips in selling.

Surprising Social Selling Secret Drives Sales Revenue

Understanding the Sales Force

Today I learned that an article I wrote back in November of 2013, Increase in Social Selling Yields No Increase in KPI''s , was named Top Sales Article of the Month for October 2014 by Top Sales World. One of the things we studied is the impact of Social Selling. sales competencies Dave Kurlan Inbound Marketing sales effectiveness study social selling

Social Selling on LinkedIn

The Digital Sales Institute

Social selling on LinkedIn has become a vital cog in the sales process and as a means to interact with people for the purpose of building credibility. Social selling as overtaken many of the older methods of interacting with business audiences because while they can still deliver results, activities such cold calling and unsolicited emails are not as powerful as they once were. Social selling on LinkedIn. The 6C’s To Social Selling on LinkedIn.

You call it “social selling” - but is it really?


What is social selling, really? The term has been around a while but if you Google the definition, you will get a different answer on every site that pops up. Sales Terminology

Social Selling Training Course

The Digital Sales Institute

What are the benefits of undertaking a social selling training course and what can a salesperson expect to learn? The impact of social selling on the sales process is something salespeople and especially sales management can struggle with. Any business in the B2B (and increasingly in the B2C space) can leverage social selling to drive increased customer or prospect engagement. Social selling plan. The Social Selling Training Course.

5 Ways to Jump Start Social Selling

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Ellen Barton, Marketing Programs Manager at InsideView Social selling can be a powerful means of reaching out to prospects and building brand loyalty, but pulling off social selling success isn't as simple as jumping on a social network and posting about brand products and offers. To effectively jump-start social selling, key stakeholders and sales staff will need to do more than just be present online.

Social Selling Best Practices

LeadIQ B2B Sales Prospecting

Social selling is a leading strategy for helping sales teams achieve goals with content and social interactions that provide valuable information

4 Advanced Social Selling Tips for B2B Pros


B2B marketers are catching up with the B2C space in using social media to drive revenue. They more and more understand that listening to the customer voice across digital channels, including social media and reviews sites, should be a key part of their success. Social selling tip No.