Update to Facebook Promotions

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Facebook announced today that they updated their Page Terms allowing businesses to run promotions directly on Page Timelines not just in apps as before. According to the Facebook for Business blog , you can now: Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post.

How to Compel & Not Repel Customers on Facebook [Infographic]

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How do you get more Facebook Likes? What are major Facebook no-nos you should seriously avoid? Ask no longer because we’ve put together an infographic addressing what you should or shouldn’t do as a business on Facebook. © How do you garner more engagement?

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Why Sales Teams Are Moving to Facebook Groups – Away From LinkedIn

Fill the Funnel

I was always a big fan of LinkedIn Groups but Facebook Groups have changed my mind. The post Why Sales Teams Are Moving to Facebook Groups – Away From LinkedIn appeared first on Fill the Funnel. Internet Prospecting Marketing Social Web Web Tools Facebook Groups LinkedIn groupsI’ve written about their benefits over a dozen times here on Fill the Funnel.

How to Effectively Use Facebook Ads + Email

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On the last day of Social Media Marketing World , Facebook continues to be one of the most popular trending topics of discussion. A common theme amongst speakers at the conference in response to Facebook backlash: Don’t build on rented land.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks

What Facebook’s New Pages Layout Means for Your Business

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Facebook is at it again. “People love word-of-mouth reviews, and if they see a friend of theirs raving about your place on Facebook, they may be more likely to give it a try.” Image courtesy of Facebook. Image courtesy of Facebook. Image courtesy of Facebook.

A Guide to Advertising on Facebook

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When it comes to social media, small businesses lean heavily on Facebook. More than a billion people worldwide log into Facebook every day; 20 percent of all U.S. internet page views happen on Facebook ; and more than 40 million small businesses maintain active Facebook business pages to share photos, videos, and news about their products and services. One way companies can break through that noise and reach more customers is to invest in Facebook Ads.

5 Facebook No-Nos That Turn off Your Customers

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Businesses need to go where their customers are, and the majority of customers are on Facebook,” says Hancock, who manages social media for companies all over California. ?. A positive message on Facebook is better than free advertising,” Hancock notes.

A Definitive Guide to Using Facebook Insights for Your Business

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Facebook has multiple metrics and analytics to help you with your marketing efforts. For example, Facebook Page Insights provides information about the content you share on your Facebook Page. Now, Facebook is rolling out its Audience Insights tool. Facebook Page Insights.

How to Connect and Use Facebook with Pipeliner CRM


Facebook is a great social network to augment the conversation in another environment to deepen and strengthen relationships with your prospects and customers. Here’s how you can use Facebook [.]

Facebook Announces New Detailed Video Metrics

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As more businesses use video to showcase their company, products and services on Facebook, it’s becoming critical to measure video performance. Facebook is happy to oblige by providing more advanced metrics for all paid and organic videos uploaded directly to Facebook Pages.

3 Things You Can’t Do on Facebook Anymore

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Facebook is always making updates to its site. Since no one has time to read Facebook’s blog every day or scour through updates and guidelines, we’ve put together a list of three Facebook changes that every small business owner should know. Facebook bans like-gating.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Create a Facebook Ad

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And Facebook is no different. Facebook started supporting advertising soon after it launched in February, 2004. What are you trying to accomplish with your Facebook ad? There are several advertising options you can choose from when creating an ad on the Facebook platform.

Facebook or Twitter – Which is Better for Your Small Business?

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So what about the top social media networks, Facebook and Twitter? In the Facebook camp, take a look at businesses such as Talking Finger , Earthegy and Chocolate for Breakfast for inspiration. Choose Facebook if: You have a little budget that can be put towards promoting your posts.

Facebook Releases Smart Content Tools & Improves Analytics

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Facebook just introduced a new set of “publisher” tools that could help get your content in front of the right people. Facebook is making that easier by allowing Facebook page owners to share a post with targeted group of followers within their fan base.

5 Unconventional Ways to Create Videos That Engage Facebook Fans

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Your Facebook audience has a craving. According to recent statistics , the number of videos showing up in Facebook News Feeds has shot up by 360% this year compared to last. Facebook videos can provide a big boost to your brand. Pro: Boost your Facebook engagement.

Facebook Boosted Posts: 3 Ways to Target Your Audience

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You may have noticed that getting organic engagement (unpaid) via your Facebook page isn’t as easy as it used to be. When Facebook made their latest algorithm change , they did so with the intention of encouraging businesses to boost or pay for posts to gain more visibility.

What Facebook’s Crackdown on ‘Overly Promotional’ Page Posts Means for Your Business

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Just when you thought your social media strategy was set, Facebook goes and makes changes. At the beginning of the year, Facebook will crackdown on any brand that posts “overly promotional” Page posts. The change is meant to raise the bar on Facebook content.

How to Set up a Facebook Page for Your Business

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It doesn’t have to be an intimidating process to set up Facebook Business Page. In this short video, we walk you through the basic Facebook Page set up so you’ll be up and running in minutes. Social Media business Facebook Facebook Page Small Business

Convert Facebook Likes into Sales with These 4 Simple Steps

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Small business blogs are filled with advice on how to get more “Likes” and engagement on your Facebook Page. Use your Facebook page to develop relationships with your customers and make it easy for them to find links back to the content you create on your blog and website.

What Does Facebook’s News Feed Updates Mean for You?

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In an effort to the find the right mix of content for people’s News Feed, Facebook announced three updates. While many brands and marketers have become immune to Facebook’s frequent algorithm updates, it’s still a good idea to understand them. Facebook prohibited multiple posts from the same source from appearing in the News Feed. Facebook users “don’t enjoy seeing stories about their friends liking or commenting on a post.”

Guest Article: “How to Quickly Build LinkedIn and Facebook Connections,” by Kelly McCormick

Sales and Management Blog

How to Quickly Build LinkedIn and Facebook Connections. Facebook sends out an equally generic request. Uncategorized facebook kelly mccormick linkedin sales selling social media social selling by Kelly McCormick. There is an art to making connections in the virtual business world. As the term implies, ‘Social Networking’ is about building relationships. And the best place to start the process is at the ‘invitation’ stage.

Facebook Rolls Out Reviews for Places

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While we were all looking the other way, Facebook quietly introduced reviews to Facebook Pages for Places with very little fanfare. We saw the new review buttons on many Facebook Pages for Places recently and thought we’d give you a peek under the hood.

Capitalize on Video: Facebook’s New Emphasis

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Are you getting your video fix on Facebook? Facebook is responding by putting a greater emphasis on videos. Facebook just announced that it will “monitor more video interactions.” Upload your videos directly to Facebook. Social Media Facebook videos

7 Key Steps to Facebook Growth

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If your social media plan includes the goal of reaching more people with content marketing, maximizing your Facebook presence can be a good tactic. million ikes, and the Renaissance Festival performer Twig the Fairy , whose Facebook page was born in March 2009, has since hit 260,000 likes.

Facebook Introduces “Buy” Button – What It Means for Your Biz

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Facebook is trying to take the e-commerce bull by the horns by introducing and testing its new “buy” button. With the release, Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is determining whether it can help businesses drive sales. And without ever leaving Facebook.

4 Ways to Attract Holiday Shoppers on Facebook

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To capitalize on the holiday shopping season, start by sprucing up your Facebook page, says social media strategist Joan Barrett. “A well-crafted holiday promotion on Facebook has a lot of potential,” she says. Use Facebook to promote holiday content.

Have You Gotten Your Facebook Privacy Checkup?

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Facebook and privacy are two entities that don’t always play nice. More recently , a user accused Facebook of purposely making the privacy settings hard to understand and change. The Privacy Checkup feature is Facebook’s attempt to right that ship.

How to Create a Call-to-Action on Your Facebook Page [VIDEO]

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Facebook has launched a new way to engage with your page community. Shop Now – If you want to get people from your Facebook page to your e-commerce website then this button fits the bill.

Facebook Launches Product Ads

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Showcasing your products on Facebook just got easier. What makes these ads different than other Facebook ads? This new advertising option has been in the testing phases for months, but with solid feedback, Facebook has decided to roll out Product Ads for everyone.

Facebook Introduces New Search Feature – Should Google Be Worried?

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Facebook is making changes once again. But unlike other changes they’ve made recently , this one will be much more welcome by Facebook’s 1.3 Facebook introduced an improvement to their search functionality that will now allow customers to search their past posts.

“Your Details Are Safe With Us” – If You Register With Facebook or HubSpot, Apparently Not!

Jonathan Farrington

“I am xxxxx xxxxx from Facebook” I am tempted to reveal this cowboy’s name, but I know who he is; he knows who he is and I am extremely hopeful that by the time they reach the end of this post, the people at Facebook and HubSpot are going to want to know his name. ” “Facebook” he repeated, rather impatiently “We are a social media site” Well that was a revelation, at last I discovered who Facebook are!

Facebook Rolls out Ad Format Improvements

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In an effort to make Facebook ads more engaging and appealing, the company announced early last week they’ve rolled out a larger ad format. Image courtesy of Facebook. You can also Like Facebook’s Marketing page to keep up-to-date on changes. ©

Facebook’s Changing Algorithm: How to Make it Work for You

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Earlier this month, Facebook execs penned a blog post describing changes to the social media giant’s news feed algorithm. Ideally, tweaks to Facebook’s algorithm will improve user’s experience with its news feed, so that content viewed is relevant and trustworthy.

Full-Screen Facebook Ads a Game Changer?

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Facebook is stepping up its advertising game! Hall writes, “Facebook is reportedly working on full-screen autoplay video ads it will supposedly roll out no later than this summer. as it’s a tell-tale sign of Facebook looking to leverage its overall size for revenue dollars.

Facebook Introduces Embedded Posts

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Have you ever wanted to post a Facebook status update, picture, video or conversation in its entirety to a blog post or a website? Facebook, the social media giant, just announced they’re now rolling out embeddable posts.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck: Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads

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Or would placing a Facebook ad get you closer to your goals? Dan Golden, chief search artist and president of Chicago-based digital marketing firm Be Found Online , believes it’s important for all businesses to have a presence on both Facebook and Google.

While Your Competitors Are Sleeping Or Closed For a Holiday

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For over a year now, Facebook ads have been the highest performing, best return on […]. Customer Acquisition Overview Internet Prospecting Marketing Sales Video Web Tools facebook facebook ads vidizi

Could You Live Without Facebook for 99 Days?

The 1to1 Media Blog

Facebook has forever changed the way Internet users interact with one another. customerexperience customerloyalty customersatisfaction facebook socialmedia

How Not to be Boring On Facebook (Your Fans Will Thank You)

Direct Sales Classroom

If you've been looking for ways to spruce up your facebook page, read on!] [.]. Direct Sales Guest posts Marketing Ideas facebook Kelly Paull social mediaGuest Post: Kelly Paull [Editor's note: Kelly is our new tech guru in the classroom! Kelly has a wealth of valuable info about online marketing and using technology in your direct sales business. We're excited to share her first post today.