This Simple Strategy Will Sell Your ROI and Value Proposition Every Time

Understanding the Sales Force

Most salespeople can calculate ROI and explain it to their prospects, but many of them find it equally difficult to articulate that same ROI after they have been presented with a price objection.

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Transition to a Scientific ROI on Marketing Campaigns

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Proving a marketing budget ROI is a priority as marketing leaders guide your teams to shift from art to science. The goal of today’s article is to make marketing scientific.

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This Simple Strategy Will Sell Your ROI and Value Proposition Every Time

Understanding the Sales Force

Most salespeople can calculate ROI and explain it to their prospects but many of them find it equally difficult to articulate that same ROI after they have been presented with a price objection.

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How to Begin the ROI Conversation

No More Cold Calling

You have to prove it—not by talking about benefits or features, but by justifying ROI. They don’t wait for their customers to ask about ROI. They translate expected business results into ROI at the beginning of their sales cycles. . Ensure that you can justify your ROI.

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Evolving Beyond Rudimentary ROI


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Sales Tips: Tread Carefully with ROI Calculators

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Tread Carefully with ROI Calculators. However, I have some concerns about existing "ROI tools" and how they are used by salespeople in the sales process. Salespeople hand the ROI tools to their prospects and ask them to fill it out.

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6 Steps to Improve ROI of your Mortgage Email Marketing


In fact, it might surprise you that email marketing, when done right, has the highest ROI for your marketing dollar. For every $1 spent, the average ROI is $38 and is far superior to paid search, social, radio, and TV, according to’s “State of Marketing Technology.”

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The Pipeline

Everyone is familiar with ROI – Return On Investment, sales people love to talk about, buyers (and their CFO’s), love to hear about it, and even more, love to achieve and validate a return on their investment. Buyers now expect, no demand, ROI with teeth.

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Can Social Media ROI Be Measured?


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What’s The ROI Of Stupidity?

Partners in Excellence

My friend, Gary Hart , stirred the pot a little by posing the question, “Is there an ROI in developing critical thinking skills?” So Gary raises as very provocative and thoughtful question, “Is there an ROI on critical thinking?” ” But to me the more important question is, “Is there an ROI on stupidity—or even mediocrity?” I wrote, How Can We Deliver Insights Without Critical Thinking Skills?

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The ROI of a Customer


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How to Turn Your Website into an ROI Machine


The post How to Turn Your Website into an ROI Machine appeared first on Salesfusion. Website Tracking

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How to Double Your Marketing & Sales ROI


In the same way that forensic units use state-of-the-art techniques to solve criminal cold cases, companies can use “business forensic techniques” to get to the bottom of their very own sales cold cases. In other words, every company with a pulse has mounds of cold cases in the form of lightly-worked and unworked leads. In an optimized salesforce, certain forensic practices that identify and deal with these unworked leads should become standard. What are the top 3 “cold case” forensic techniques?

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Increase Your Sales Enablement ROI with Video

Sales and Marketing

Issue Date: 2015-03-09. Author: Eric Burns. Teaser: In the face of self-educated buyers, increasing quotas and lengthening sales cycles, it’s no surprise that organizations are looking for ways to better arm their reps.

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Great Leadership Is Positive ROI – Part 2

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For years, the positive ROI (results) generated from business professionals from front line to the C-Suite who had been coached were the selling points for expanding this combined talent management and organizational development solution.

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Salesfusion’s Marketing Automation Platform Drives Awareness and ROI for Education Technology Provider


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Cut Your Training Budget In Half – Double Your ROI

The Pipeline

From a training standpoint, I always tell people that the Top tier will pay for the training, they will come with an open mind, take things on and then put things into practice and drive sales and ROI on the training. By Tibor Shanto – .

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Practice The Connection Bridge to Leadership and Sales Training ROI

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The lack of practice is part of the reason for the dismal leadership and sales training ROI. Sales Training coaching forward thinking leadership and sales training sales culture talent development training ROIPractice makes perfect or so we are told.

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How to Realize Greater ROI from the Millennials on your Team

Sales and Marketing

Sales professionals, sales managers and marketers must keep pace with the changing sales environment by tapping the true ROI of their millennial sales team. Issue Date: 2015-06-29. Author: Dustin Grosse, COO of ClearSlide.

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Social media ROI sucks! (Or, you can prove anything if you send out a survey)


is heavily weighted toward channels with more or less obvious ROI attached to them (email, search). By Christopher Hosford, editor-in-chief, HosfordGroup LLC. Social media marketing is now precariously ensconced as a more-or-less mainstream marketing channel.

How to Make B2B Data an ROI Catalyst

Sales and Marketing

Issue Date: 2016-07-22. Author: Hila Nir. Teaser: Believe it or not, your current customer data is actually the secret source of future growth. Organizations constantly claim to be “customer-first”; now you have a chance to put that aspiration toward your organization’s growth.

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LOI – A More Effective ROI – Sales eXecution 315

The Pipeline

The challenge with Return On Investment or ROI calculations and calculators is that they are only truly effective with a small segment of buyers. Even if the numbers were half accurate, still a great ROI; yet there were no lines around the block looking to buy the product.

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How B2B Marketing Leaders Can Transform Click Data into ROI Insights

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Marketing leaders who want a personalized executive briefing on transforming click metrics to ROI insights through web analytics. Most companies are only getting a fraction of the value that is possible from Web Analytics. It’s likely that your team is snow-blinded by click metrics.

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“What Type Of ROI Are You Looking For?”

Partners in Excellence

One of the things the author suggests is posing the question, “What type of ROI are you looking for?” We absolutely have to understand how the customer will justify the investments they make in a solution and their expectations of return, but we don’t get this by asking for the expected ROI. ROI may be an element of the justification, but it’s never the only element. I’ve been involved in a number of deals in which the ROI was not great.

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Great Leadership Is Positive ROI – Part 1

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Given last fall Manpower released a survey indicating 83% of all those surveyed (900 workers) were seeking new positions in 2014 as they were unsatisfied and only 5% were satisfied with their current employers, this does suggest those leaders are not generating a positive ROI (emotions).

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What’s Your ROI on Sales Development #BBSradio #podcast

The Pipeline

By Tibor Shanto – . A lot of time and money invested in the development of sales professionals, but often the result and the returns fall short of expectations. The easy thing is to fault the sales people, the training program, or both.

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Why It’s Time to Rethink the ROI of Your Sales Training

Sales and Marketing

Author: David M. Williams Time, Money and Effort. Today’s sales leaders agree on today’s top sales training challenges: it’s too expensive, there’s not enough time, and there’s a lack of engagement. Add to this the fact that when surveyed, the majority of sales leaders question the effectiveness of their current sales training programs. Yet, organizations continue to invest considerable amounts of time, money, and effort toward training their sales teams. .

The Pipeline ? 25% Increase in Sales Training ROI ? Sales.

The Pipeline

25% Increase in Sales Training ROI – Sales eXchange – 115. Some aspects of sales training are easy to measure others not so, but it is a fair question when I am asked what they can expect from an ROI standpoint. For Sales >>> What's the ROI on your sales team?

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How Finding the Common Revenue Thread Simplifies Executive Decision Making

Smart Selling Tools

What was our ROI on that new tech investment? ROI and total value of the customer can be calculated because all the metrics and information is available. Oh, year-end analysis. How I love thee and hate thee. Let me count the ways….

Enable Your Sellers to Enable Your Buyers @petermollins

Smart Selling Tools

Traditionally, this involves ROI calculators and the like. Your prospects want to succeed as much as you do. And they want to boost their companies — and hopefully their own careers — in the process.

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Without ROI, Your Sale is DOA

No More Cold Calling

You may have the coolest product on the market, but if you can’t justify ROI for your solution, sophisticated buyers won’t care one bit about your innovative functionality and exciting new features. How to Measure ROI. A Referral ROI Example. So what ROI can your clients expect?

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve your Sales ROI


Though the technology is relatively new, it’s already been shown to drive better ROI from your existing sales technologies. The post 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve your Sales ROI appeared first on Sales Engine. Voice controlled digital assistants may not sound that exciting, but if you’re in sales, sales management or in any position responsible for revenue, they should be.

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Data-Agnostic? See How Data Quality Affects ROI in This A/B Test

DiscoverOrg Sales

If you consider various levels of quality—cars with lots of speed and no torque, or kitchen appliances with cheap motors—it’s easy to agree that quality affects user experience, good or bad, in a big way.

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Capturing the Yeti: Calculating and Optimizing the ROI of Your Sales Incentive Plan


Much like the elusive yeti, the identification of Return On Investment (ROI) for a sales incentive plan is believed to exist by enthusiasts from the sales compensation design team, but met with much skepticism by others, namely the Finance department. So how do you prove the existence of ROI in your sales incentive plan proposal? So how do you measure the mysterious ROI of a sales incentive plan? With this type of pay mix, the ROI is driven by cost control.

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How To Maximize Your ROI At An Exhibition

MTD Sales Training

How To Maximize Your ROI At An Exhibition. Think about how you are going to measure success or ROI?

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Need, a Word to Be Banished from Your Content Marketing and Sales Conversations

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Sales Communication content marketing content marketing ROI emotional intelligence marketing and sales Sales TrainingJust this morning in my news feed, I read a content marketing and sales headline “These are the skills you need to have.”

What Percent of Leads Should Sales Close?


Lead Nurturing Cost Per Lead Marketing ROI Close RateThe answer to this question is a lot more complicated than it looks. There are many factors that impact the percent of leads that should be closed by sales. This blog will take you through five factors that impact lead close rate and a calculation you can use to determine the minimum close rates your product or solution requires. The five main factors in lead close rate are: Market definition. Lead definition. Lead cost.

European Sales and Marketing Consultancy Streamlines Processes and Tracks ROI with Salesfusion


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Follow the Money: The Primary Responsibility for CMOs


Since the 2007 recession there have many articles, white papers, e-books, blog entries and traditional books written on Marketing ROI (see the bibliography at the end). James Lenskold’s book Marketing ROI will give you the simple formulas. Marketing ROI Sales & Marketing Management

CPQ Solutions – Looking Beyond ROI

Cincom Smart Selling

Last week we took a look at specific things that could be measured to establish data points for an ROI analysis of CPQ software. The post CPQ Solutions – Looking Beyond ROI appeared first on Cincom Blog. This week we’re going to look beyond the numbers at some of the less-tangible, but nonetheless real advantages to implementing CPQ solutions. CPQ Solutions and Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is important to almost any business.