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Why Your MarTech Stack is not Delivering the Expected ROI, and What to Do About It.

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The ROI of ROI

No More Cold Calling

Guest blogger, Michael Nick, explains where (and how) to use ROI in your sales process. I was impressed with his commitment to salespeople and how he helps them learn to justify ROI to clients. In this month’s guest blog, Michael breaks the ROI process into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

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The Pipeline

Everyone is familiar with ROI – Return On Investment, sales people love to talk about, buyers (and their CFO’s), love to hear about it, and even more, love to achieve and validate a return on their investment. Buyers now expect, no demand, ROI with teeth.

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The Modern Essentials for Sales Onboarding Effectiveness

Speaker: Mike Kunkle, Vice President, Sales Transformation Services, Fast Lane Digital

Modern learning methods reflect how today’s workforce prefers to interact with the world, and are driving greater ROI. Want to step up, separate yourself from the pack, and maximize your company’s ROI of onboarding?

Practice The Connection Bridge to Leadership and Sales Training ROI

Increase Sales

The lack of practice is part of the reason for the dismal leadership and sales training ROI. Sales Training coaching forward thinking leadership and sales training sales culture talent development training ROIPractice makes perfect or so we are told.

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Great Leadership Is Positive ROI – Part 2

Increase Sales

For years, the positive ROI (results) generated from business professionals from front line to the C-Suite who had been coached were the selling points for expanding this combined talent management and organizational development solution.

How to Make B2B Data an ROI Catalyst

Sales and Marketing

Issue Date: 2016-07-22. Author: Hila Nir. Teaser: Believe it or not, your current customer data is actually the secret source of future growth. Organizations constantly claim to be “customer-first”; now you have a chance to put that aspiration toward your organization’s growth.

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Great Leadership Is Positive ROI – Part 1

Increase Sales

Given last fall Manpower released a survey indicating 83% of all those surveyed (900 workers) were seeking new positions in 2014 as they were unsatisfied and only 5% were satisfied with their current employers, this does suggest those leaders are not generating a positive ROI (emotions).

Maximizing Sales Training ROI with eLearning

Speaker: Ray Makela, CEO Sales Readiness Group

Still, many sales leaders report low ROIs from their sales training initiatives. Companies spend about $20 billion a year on various forms of sales training. So how can you ensure that your investment in sales training is producing excellent results.

LOI – A More Effective ROI – Sales eXecution 315

The Pipeline

The challenge with Return On Investment or ROI calculations and calculators is that they are only truly effective with a small segment of buyers. Even if the numbers were half accurate, still a great ROI; yet there were no lines around the block looking to buy the product.

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This Simple Strategy Will Sell Your ROI and Value Proposition Every Time

Understanding the Sales Force

Most salespeople can calculate ROI and explain it to their prospects but many of them find it equally difficult to articulate that same ROI after they have been presented with a price objection.

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The Big ROI of Better Sales Onboarding


Showing onboarding graphically highlights numerous opportunities for ROI. Seventh in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training technology. The previous posts on sales training ROI explained the four basic sources of return on investment that sales training investments deliver.

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Essential Tools for Tracking the ROI of Social Selling


They need hard numbers that capture the ROI of social selling at the corporate level, but also how to take it down to the level of individual performance for sales professionals. Show, don't tell. In business, that translates as, “Where are the metrics?”

Measuring Your Sales Kickoff ROI


For instance you may find that your SKO didn’t produce a positive ROI overall, but several of your sales reps did. The biggest mistake sales leaders make when measuring sales kickoff ROI is forgetting to start early. The post Measuring Your Sales Kickoff ROI appeared first on LearnCore.

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Cut Your Training Budget In Half – Double Your ROI

The Pipeline

From a training standpoint, I always tell people that the Top tier will pay for the training, they will come with an open mind, take things on and then put things into practice and drive sales and ROI on the training. By Tibor Shanto – .

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Why ROI / TCO Spreadsheets Don’t Work

The ROI Guy

Many organizations like yours have developed spreadsheet-based ROI / TCO tools to help financially justify solutions to frugal buyers. These spreadsheet-based ROI / TCO tools are meeting a great need, to help you deliver formal business case justification to financially-focused buyers that now demand bottom-line proof on almost all deals. Here are some key questions you should consider about your current ROI / TCO spreadsheets: 1.

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Increase Your Sales Enablement ROI with Video

Sales and Marketing

Issue Date: 2015-03-09. Author: Eric Burns. Teaser: In the face of self-educated buyers, increasing quotas and lengthening sales cycles, it’s no surprise that organizations are looking for ways to better arm their reps.

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The Hidden ROI of Sales Training


Second in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training. Measuring ROI lets you separate what works from what doesn’t, prove your team’s impact, and be a more effective champion for initiatives and resources. Most efforts to measure ROI focus too narrowly.

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The Five Pillars to Business Value / ROI Selling Success

The ROI Guy

A business value / ROI sales tool can be a fantastic foundation to business value selling success, but to elevate to greatness, you need more. Your business value / ROI sales tools should be simple, easy and fun to use, all while providing credible analyses and results.

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Myths Debunked: A Fresh Look at Sales Training ROI


The post Myths Debunked: A Fresh Look at Sales Training ROI appeared first on MindTickle. While reliable and useful at times, age-old (supposed) sales training best practices can turn into myths and urban legends. In fact, they can even become your sales training program’s roadblocks.

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The ROI of Call Coaching In Sales

Calculating the ROI of call coaching for your sales team seems hard to pin down at first. Where you might go wrong in your attempt to calculate ROI is by trying to tie it nebulous outcomes that have too many root causes like close rate increases, sales cycle length decreases, etc.

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The State of Sales Training ROI


First in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training. At last June’s Sales Success Summit, our customer conference, attendees chose ROI as the topic they most wanted us to cover. The State of Sales Training ROI. Training & Certification ROI Sales Learning

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How to Begin the ROI Conversation

No More Cold Calling

You have to prove it—not by talking about benefits or features, but by justifying ROI. They don’t wait for their customers to ask about ROI. They translate expected business results into ROI at the beginning of their sales cycles. . Ensure that you can justify your ROI.

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5 Metrics to Optimize Inbound Sales ROI


The post 5 Metrics to Optimize Inbound Sales ROI appeared first on RingDNA Inside Sales Software & Enterprise Telephony for Salesforce. One of the best parts of modern-day marketing is the massive amount of data that is available to us. This data provides complete visibility into the performance of marketing campaigns, especially those that capture inbound […].

3 Reasons for Low ROI from a Trade Show (with ways to improve)

DiscoverOrg Sales

It’s not that trade shows aren’t effective at bringing in revenue – it’s that companies aren’t optimizing for a positive ROI: Problem #1: You Don’t Know Who is Attending. One of the most popular avenues to generate leads is trade shows.

Without ROI, Your Sale is DOA

No More Cold Calling

You may have the coolest product on the market, but if you can’t justify ROI for your solution, sophisticated buyers won’t care one bit about your innovative functionality and exciting new features. How to Measure ROI. A Referral ROI Example. So what ROI can your clients expect?

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How To Create Massive ROI

The Sales Leader

Sales Coaching ROI The Sales LeaderDon’t hire an external sales trainer! Use the experts inside your own team instead. In this podcast I discuss how to create a special project team of internal trainers that will accelerate your results and improve implementation.

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Measuring ROI / TCO Sales Tool Success

The ROI Guy

You’ve launched your interactive ROI / TCO Tool to your sales team. Step #3 Measuring Business Outcomes Finally, as the Tool adoption accelerates, it’s time to validate the positive impact the ROI / TCO Tool is having on sales success, to prove and improve outcomes. With this in hand, you can run Salesforce reports for specific time periods to understand where ROI / TCO analyses have been leveraged, the: 1. And your ROI / TCO Selling program and tool are no exception.

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Measuring Channel Marketing ROI is Easier With the Right Tools

Sales and Marketing

The answer lies in adopting three key actions when assessing the ROI of your marketing efforts. The answer lies in adopting three key actions when assessing the ROI of your marketing efforts. Issue Date: 2016-02-29. Author: Mike Reilly.

Evolving Beyond Rudimentary ROI


The post Evolving Beyond Rudimentary ROI appeared first on Salesfusion. Blog Series

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Data-Agnostic? See How Data Quality Affects ROI in This A/B Test

DiscoverOrg Sales

If you consider various levels of quality—cars with lots of speed and no torque, or kitchen appliances with cheap motors—it’s easy to agree that quality affects user experience, good or bad, in a big way.

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Customer Meetings Offer a Strong ROI


Why Lessons Learned Customer Meetings Always Offer a Strong ROI. The post Customer Meetings Offer a Strong ROI appeared first on SalesPOP! Your Return on Investment for Retrospectives. Retrospectives, sometimes called a win/loss analysis, are powerful for the following reasons: Done correctly, you can uncover the real buying criteria and decision process. Since the sale is behind you, but still fresh in everyone’s mind, it’s a perfect time to validate Win Themes.

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Design Your Sales Training for ROI


A survey of Fortune 500 executives by The ROI Institute and the Association for Talent Development (ATD) found a yawning chasm between the outcomes that training programs typically measure and what CEOs want them to measure. The post Design Your Sales Training for ROI appeared first on Allego.

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The Importance of Getting ROI Selling Right

The ROI Guy

If you think your clients are more ROI focused, and that your ability to deliver financial justification can assure greater success, new research proves you right. In fact, the demand for ROI calculations has increased more than 50% over the past five years.

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Get 3X B2B Marketing ROI by Nurturing Leads


There are three executives within the company who should be proponents: Marketing leaders interested in delivering strong marketing ROI and making a measurable contribution to revenue. Lead nurture can triple the return on most marketing campaigns. By nurturing leads until they’re ready to turn over to sales, an organization can eliminate wasted marketing spend and increase sales results. Successful lead generation—inbound and outbound—requires nurturing.

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Gartner: Get your ROI / TCO Calculators Right, or Not at All

The ROI Guy

Your prospects need assistance in tallying Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI), which is why most vendors work hard to develop calculators for their websites and sales teams. He indicates that a quick search of online ROI / TCO calculators reveals that most are “fake”.

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The ROI of a Customer


The post The ROI of a Customer appeared first on Salesfusion. Customer Interaction

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How to Realize Greater ROI from the Millennials on your Team

Sales and Marketing

Sales professionals, sales managers and marketers must keep pace with the changing sales environment by tapping the true ROI of their millennial sales team. Issue Date: 2015-06-29. Author: Dustin Grosse, COO of ClearSlide.

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The Pipeline ? 25% Increase in Sales Training ROI ? Sales.

The Pipeline

25% Increase in Sales Training ROI – Sales eXchange – 115. Some aspects of sales training are easy to measure others not so, but it is a fair question when I am asked what they can expect from an ROI standpoint. For Sales >>> What's the ROI on your sales team?

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