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Cold calling math

Sales 2.0

Today’s post is going to include a few numbers. I’ve actually gone a step further than I’ve gone before in this post and boiled everything down to time, which is the “ultimate currency” for us humans.

Handling & Overcoming Common Objections in Phone Cold Call Prospecting

Inside Sales Training

Avoid Rejection While Prospecting with this One Technique. By Mike Brooks, [link]. Discover sales training with best tips, rebuttal techniques and responses on how to go about handling and overcoming most common objections in phone cold call prospecting.

16 Ways to Deal with Frustration

The Sales Heretic

The road to success isn’t straight, level, or smooth. There are bumps and potholes. Hills and curves. Dead-ends and detours. And as a result, we all get frustrated from time to time.

Confirming and Controlling Meetings (Specific Technique)

John Barrows

Nothing is more frustrating than prospecting all day long to find that needle-in-the-haystack potential client who finally agrees to schedule a meeting with you only to have them never show up.

Moving the Sales Performance Bell Curve

A blueprint for turning average performers into top reps.

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Selling Outputs Not Inputs

The Pipeline

By Tibor Shanto. I was talking with a rep from an IT reseller last week, who was facing what she felt was an insurmountable challenge. She was facing a renewal for a product with one of her clients where the product being resold had gone up in price by some 300%. I’m not talking about Martin Shkreli type increases; to be fair to the manufacturer the product was solid, clients loved, but being innovators, they just hadn’t got around to reviewing the pricing since its release years ago.

Why Productivity Tools Make You Less Productive … and Less Creative

No More Cold Calling

Even in the age of artificial intelligence, common sense still matters. Technology addiction is running rampant. We spend more time looking at screens than talking to the people who matter.

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Almost Too Late, These CEOs Learned their Pricing Problem was Really a Packaging Problem

Sales Benchmark Index

Taking the above conclusion at face value, it forces a hard choice – drop the price and hurt margin, or maintain the price and sacrifice sales. Rock, meet Hard Place. That sort of choice can stymie decision-making, causing you to.

Margin 141

3 Ways to Increase Wallet Share with Existing Accounts

Sales and Marketing

Author: David Stott “Upsell current clients” has always been one of the mantras of the sales industry. After all, selling more to the base creates value beyond the obvious revenue gains.

What Is Sales Enablement and Why Should I Care?

Sales enablement is not really a new concept; it has been around for over 10 years. However, understanding the full application of sales enablement is a very different thing.

How to Find a Deal That Will Close This Month

Smart Selling Tools

For many sales and marketing teams, discovering an in-month deal requires a whole lot of luck. But we know in B2B, luck isn’t a scalable tactic. Traditional demand generation methods just aren’t cutting it anymore.

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Sales Pipeline Data Shows That Most Late Stage Opportunities Just Aren't

Understanding the Sales Force

If you happened to read the article about most salespeople being fired or arrested if they worked in accounting then this is the sequel - Arrested 2! Dave Kurlan sales pipeline omg sales data

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5 ways to optimize your SaaS sales process

If you want to beat the competition, you don’t necessarily have to be bigger or stronger. But you do have to be faster. Optimization is every SaaS company’s secret weapon. But where do you start? Fine-tuning your SaaS sales machine is all about getting the most out of the resources you have today.

The Top 5 Lessons Learned While Adopting New Technology to Support Customer Success

Sales Benchmark Index

Unique to Customer Success technology adoption is the relative immaturity of both Customer Success organizations and technology compared to other business functions. This combination can cause complete misses and perhaps even worse misses that appear salvageable only to limp along.

The Best Learning Methodologies for Developing Elite Sales Leaders

Speaker: Steven Rosen MBA, Author, Executive Coach, Speaker and Top 50 Sales Influencer

It is well recognised that the frontline sales managers are the key to driving performance in sales organizations. If you had to choose between investing in sales manager training vs sales rep training what would you do?

34 Sales Email Subject Lines That Get Prospects to Open, Read, and Respond

Hubspot Sales

Email Subject Lines for Sales. Hoping to help". "We We have [insert fact] in common.". Idea for [topic the prospect cares about]". "10 10 mins -- [date]?". "Do Do not open this email". "3 3 weekend ideas for you". HBO Go password?".

Sales Tech Game Changers: @InsideView – How to Identify New Market Opportunities

Smart Selling Tools

In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers. This week I interview Joe Andrews, VP of Product & Solution Marketing for InsideView. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Overcoming Sales Objections: Start With This Question


One simple question will help you with overcoming sales objections and change the way you handle them. You’ll be far more effective if you use this simple technique. sales strategies sales questions

5 Secrets to Running More Productive Weekly Sales Meetings

Sales Hacker

Sales meetings are an integral part of every business, regardless of maturity, industry, or goal. They’re key to keeping team members on the same page and working towards the same goal as a singular unit.

Your Next Sales Coach is a Machine

Speaker: Matt McDarby & Dan Smaida, Managing Directors, Specialized Sales Systems

World-class sales managers have long used creative means to solve for time and distance. In this webinar, you’ll learn how modern sales managers are using new technology plus old-school sales management to develop their people without burning out.

What Is the Best Way to Reconcile Client Specifics with Standard Pricing Tiers?

Sales Benchmark Index

We often hear from clients that pricing differences across their client base are crippling their ability to scale and truly operationalize their business. It starts with a one-off that a client asks for.

The 30 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

Hubspot Sales

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts. Open a new tab: hold Command and press T. Close the current tab: hold Command and press W. Reopen last tab closed: hold Command and Shift, then press T. View next tab: hold Command and Option, then press the right arrow key.

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SalesTech Video Review: @BigTinCan

Smart Selling Tools

BigTinCan is an AI-Powered Sales Enablement Automation solution. BigTinCan Hub helps with On-boarding and Learning, Collaboration and Closing, so you can resolve the quota quagmire and drive record-breaking revenue. Visit BigTinCan.

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15 Quick Solution Selling Tips to Close More Sales

Marc Wayshak

Solution selling in today’s market is the single best way to close more sales. Check out these 15 quick solution selling tips to beat your goals this year. The post 15 Quick Solution Selling Tips to Close More Sales appeared first on Sales Speaker Marc Wayshak. Blog solution selling

Maximizing Sales Training ROI with eLearning

Speaker: Ray Makela, CEO Sales Readiness Group

Companies spend about $20 billion a year on various forms of sales training. Still, many sales leaders report low ROIs from their sales training initiatives. So how can you ensure that your investment in sales training is producing excellent results? Join us for this complimentary webinar as Ray Makela, CEO at the Sales Readiness Group, discusses five essential factors to achieve sustainable success from your sales training investment, and how to leverage eLearning to maximize results.

Can a Multigenerational Workforce be a Collaboration Sandbox?

Babette Ten Haken

The multigenerational workforce is a workplace reality. Unless, of course, you are a workplace hermit. And, let’s face it. The composition of any workforce impacts the dynamics of the workplace, for better or for worse.

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The 5 Best Practices for Improving Partner Marketing

Sales Benchmark Index

CMOs are constantly balancing expectations to enable organic revenue growth, capture market and/or wallet share, and provide the foundational platform to ensure successful entry into new markets. This makes for a highly complex environment that requires a very technical approach.

The Ideal Length of a Sales Email, Based on 40 Million Emails

Hubspot Sales

According to TOPO, prospects open less than 24% of sales emails. That means three out of four emails you’ve agonized over and sent to buyers in the past month were likely not worth writing at all. Salespeople today rely on email more and more in their prospecting efforts.

10 Gifs That Anyone In Sales Will Appreciate

The Center for Sales Strategy

Sales can be fun. Sales can be stressful. Sales can be rewarding. Sales can be life-changing.

Found - The Best Sales Learning Methodologies

Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff, Baker Communcations, Inc

Finding the right learning approach for each topic you have to deliver to your learners can seem like a “problem of endless choices.” In this webinar, corporate learning expert, Joe DiDonato, shares how his teams solved these problems, as well as how new educational technology (EdTech) is changing the sales landscape for all of us. He will also tell you what he shared with the Venture Capitalist community on how to pick which EdTech technologies will likely succeed based on educational research. Joe is an engaging storyteller that uses easy-to-understand language, who promises to share what methods succeeded and which methods failed over his long career.

How to Strengthen Your Partner Program with Content Creation


Content is a proven sales and retention tool, but there are three significant challenges to using content in your partner program. Creating quality content that helps partners and customers make decisions. Making sure content is seen by the right people at the right time.

Professional Momentum requires a Balanced Start

Babette Ten Haken

Your professional momentum is like a seesaw. A teeter totter. One day, you are motivated and energized. Then, the next day, you are overwhelmed by all the stuff on your tactical To-Do list. When professional momentum is not always front and center, you never seem to have professional balance.

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How to Get Your Portfolio Company Executive Team to Buy in to Your Growth Expectations

Sales Benchmark Index

Once an investment in a new portfolio company is live, the PE operating partner is riding high. They have just successfully convinced the investment committee about the merits of this deal. They have also briefed the LP advisory committee about.

Is Cold Calling Dead? 17 New Prospecting Strategies Salespeople Should Use

Hubspot Sales

Is Cold Calling Dead? Not really. Cold calling is a traditional sales technique that involves calling people with whom you have no existing relationship. It's still part of the modern salesperson's workflow, but there are better ways to conduct this outreach.

The 7 Things You Need to Know for Effective Sales Forecasting

Find out why waiting for perfection is costing you money.