United Airlines Uses Customer Service This Way to Impact Sales

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Yesterday, I was returning from New Orleans on an airline I had previously decided never to use again.

Do Prospects Lie to Your Salespeople Like the Airlines Do?

Understanding the Sales Force

Do the airlines and the FAA seriously expect us to believe that when there is no WiFi on the plane our devices will interfere with navigation but when there is WiFi on the plane the devices won't interfere? After all, these lies continues to work for them, much as the lies the airlines use continue to get us to power down our devices.

All Airlines are the Same, Except for Their People

Jeffrey Gitomer

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10 Great Examples - Customer Service as a Powerful Sales Tool

Understanding the Sales Force

Dave Kurlan customer service Apple Dell Verizon profesional speaking lufthansa united airlinesLast week, during my travels to Poland and back, I experienced how companies are using customer service as sales tools.

Perception Is All That Matters for Your Sales

The Sales Heretic

Every business speaker, blogger, podcaster, columnist, and comedian owes a huge debt of gratitude to United Airlines. Sales Airlines business communication crisis customer negotiating perception policies service social media speaker training United video

Time to Move Beyond Increase Sales to a Highly Engaged Sales Culture

Increase Sales

A survey from Clutch (a B2B research company) targeted 1,000 US consumers and asked them to respond to one of these three questions regarding United Airlines recent negative PR incident: More likely to purchase a United Airlines ticket. Less likely to purchase a United Airlines ticket. The result was 53% of the respondents will not buy from United Airlines. So much emphasis is placed on the goal to increase sales.

The Bait and Switch

A Sales Guy

Business Performance Customer Service bait and switch Sales Sales Advice United AirlinesAs far as I know, the “bait and switch” is against the law in all 50 states, so how United gets away with it is beyond me. The bait and switch is when a company advertises a particular product at a particular price, then when the customer shows up to buy, they don’t have the product at that price. The price is now more expensive OR it’s a cheaper product at the same price.

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Guilt by Association — It’s Not the Way to Lead

The Sales Hunter

It seems everyone is talking about the unfortunate situation United Airlines had recently. I’m tired of hearing about it and I’m more tired of hearing how people are bashing every United employee they can find. I spend a lot of time in airports and here’s what I see: Thousands of United employees going to work […]. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills executive sales leader briefing leader sales leader sales leadership

Are You The Captain Wing-It of Your Small Business?

Increase Sales

Welcome aboard Fly High Airlines flight number 135 heading for sunny Bermuda…or are we flight number 351 en route to the Bahamas? So sit back, relax and enjoy the flight…and again, thank you for flying Fly High Airlines…your sometimes on-time, on-course, on-purpose airline. Do you schedule time with yourself to work ON your small business instead of working IN your business?

Captain Denny Flanagan And His Birthday Wish

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

When United Airlines pilot Captain Denny Flanagan, the subject of my Wow Factor Sends Customer Satisfaction Sky High post, read it and responded, he also revealed that it was his birthday, and that he had the following wish to share with all of our readers. United Airlines. More Free Stuff | Email Us | Get Started Now! Sales Training & Management Workshops | 302-478-4443. About Us. The Company. Our Training Approach. Paul Cherry. Patrick Connor News & Events.

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Air Travel for Business: Where Carriers Get it Wrong

The Sales Leader

Having racked up over 225,000 miles over two major airlines last year you could say that my most used office space is seat 3D. Like many professional sellers, I travel all the time.

Get Personal – Southwest

No More Cold Calling

I love Southwest Airlines. I actually believe that this big airline cares about me. Every year I receive a birthday card from Southwest Airlines. You’d be surprised how a small thing, like a birthday card, can make a difference in a business relationship.

Tone Deaf Executive Leadership Ignores What Customers Value

Increase Sales

The recent Tweet war between Delta Airlines and Ann Coulter reveals that Delta leadership does not know what their customers value. The tone deafness demonstrated by Delta Airlines executive leadership also reveals the total lack of emotional intelligence. Once again corporate executive leadership demonstrates how truly tone deaf it really is. Hint for those in leadership roles – It is not the money. When customer pay for something, they expect what they pay for.

Do You Suffer From “Nomophobia”?

No More Cold Calling

I’m quoting from Spirit, the magazine of my favorite airline, Southwest. Being without your treasured workhorse device can leave superconnected sales pros feeling lost, anxious, and debilitated. There’s a term for that. Nomophobia”.

Guest Post: Travel Price Forecast 2013

Jonathan Farrington

This is due to a new carbon tax implemented by the Australian government which airlines are passing on to customers. India’s airline market is undergoing some difficult times, with local carriers finding it difficult to maintain operations in the face of unprofitability and other issues.

Travel 166

The ROI of Reducing Business Risk Through Sales Training


United Airlines lost $770 million in market cap because of poor training that led to newsworthy incidents which eroded brand equity. In a previous post, The Hidden ROI of Sales Training , I described certain ROI as being “hidden” much of the time.

ROI 52

8 Things Technology Will Never Replace

No More Cold Calling

Do you remember the 2001 Southwest Airlines “Some Things Are Just Better in Person” campaign? Southwest Airlines isn’t perfect (no business is). Digital communication only takes us so far. Generation Y loves technology. They’ve grown up immersed in text messages and emails.

Day 2 Twitter Recap-Sales and Marketing 2.0 Conference-Part 1

Fill the Funnel

After my trip home to Seattle late last night, I came to the realization that the airline industry needs to embrace Airlines 2.0! I will be posting much more information and thoughts about the conference later on tonight, after I get the mess, luggage, laptop etc., sorted out.

Does Anyone Have an In-Person Conversation Anymore?

No More Cold Calling

Do you remember the Southwest Airlines’ “Some Things Are Just Better In Person” campaign (2001)? Southwest Airlines isn’t perfect (no airline is). Technology connects us to the outside world, but what about connecting to the world right in front of us? Take a look around you.

Who Said Referrals Were Six Degrees of Separation?

No More Cold Calling

Here’s why, according to Southwest Airlines’ Spirit magazine (Sept. New data suggests that there are fewer than five degrees of separation—your referral network just got turbocharged.

United Could Have Avoided Dragging Passenger Off Plane

A Sales Guy

Look sometimes “rules” and “regulations” blind us to the most obvious and simple solution and this was the case for United Airlines this weekend. Typically, airlines ask for volunteers and offer some small stipend to passengers to volunteer.

Keys to Improved Sales Performance - Part 4 of 4

Understanding the Sales Force

United Airlines Uses Customer Service This Way to Impact Sales. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan This is the third in a four-part series that will run this week. See Part 1 here. See Part 2 here. See Part 3 here.

Do prospects lie? How does the answer impact sales success?

Anthony Cole Training

Do the airlines and the FAA seriously expect us to believe that our devices will interfere with navigation when there's no WiFi on the plane, but when there is WiFi on the plane, then the devices won't interfere?

Have You Recognized Your Company’s “Moments of Truth?”

Jonathan Farrington

Recognizing all the moments of truth in your company will allow you to address weaker areas easily – for example, Jan Carlzon of SAS identified almost 1000 moments for customers using his airline.

Merry Christmas from Fill the Funnel

Fill the Funnel

I find myself smiling when I see the parking lots full, stores clearing out their inventory and even the airlines packed to capacity. I am wrapping up a hectic week before the Christmas weekend as I am sure many of you are.

Funnel 130

Top Kurlan Articles on Sales Coaching

Understanding the Sales Force

Do Prospects Lie to Your Salespeople Like the Airlines Do? Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan There are probably topics which I've written about more often than coaching salespeople, but none that are more important nor have greater impact than coaching salespeople.

Unintentional Selling - Selling Customers on Defecting

Understanding the Sales Force

United Airlines. Delta Airlines (Frank wrote this one). Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I've hit on this topic several times before when I ranted about: US Airways. National Car Rental. National Car Rental a second time. There were more.

Hits and Misses from Road

The Sales Leader

Porter Airlines yummy snacks and wine for the flight home. Porter Airlines same day flight changes at the airport for no cost. Porter Airlines restrictive carry on baggage policies. Traveling is great way to observe the best and the worst in sales and customer service. Here are a very highlights (and low lights) from May. Hits: Air Canada Super Elite Concierge Service. I never have to wait in line to check in and they can always get me on an earlier flight for no cost.

Have You Spoken With Your E-Quaintance Lately?

No More Cold Calling

I love Southwest Airlines and I love reading Spirit Magazine. Real-world sales may start online, but the real connection and success happens offline, in the real world. Join me.

Do We Really Need Women in Sales?

Jonathan Farrington

It is very similar in many other professions where women have had to work hard to establish not only their rights but also their credibility: For example, when I was growing up doctors were men; airline pilots were men; train drivers, lorry drivers, and soldiers were all men.

Create Value by Providing Choice


For example, people will pay more for airline tickets that can be rescheduled without penalty. From 1915 through 1975 it was the largest grocery store chain in the United States. Today you probably never heard of it. It was called A&P. Only a few A&P stores remain open today. One mistake in particular accelerated their rapid decline: they underestimated the importance of choice. They made a management decision to primarily stock stores with A&P brand products.

Stop The Sales Leadership World, I Need To Get Off!

Bernadette McClelland

We’ve seen United Airlines as front page news a while back because a staff member dragged a man screaming from his seat.

After Inbound 14 - Anatomy of a Hybrid Sales & Marketing Role

Understanding the Sales Force

If you needed to hire an airline employee would it be a pilot, flight attendant or a hybrid? Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan. Last week, when speaking on the Inbound Stage at Inbound14, my topic was Hiring for the Inbound Sales Role.

How the Power of Three Develops a People First High Performance Culture

Increase Sales

This attitude has been demonstrated by companies such as Southwest Airlines among others. People (employees) are what make any organization run and are responsible for business growth.

Contact Should Mean Contact

Sales and Marketing

I got a phone call this morning from one of our oldest customers,” says the executive in a 2010 commercial for an airline. “He The executive proceeds to hand out airline tickets to his entire team and says, “We’re going to set out for a little face-to-face chat with every customer we have.”. Author: Paul Nolan “Game changer” is a term you hear often when people talk about how technology has changed their industry.

One Thing Missing from The New Way of Selling - Part 2

Understanding the Sales Force

When commercial airlines made flying affordable enough for everyone, it didn''t eliminate buses, trains and cars.

Life Enrichment: Passion

Your Sales Management Guru

The ability to impact an audience and light a spark that ignites change in individual’s lives continues to excite me-it’s a passion that allows me to put up the with stress of airline schedules and hotel nights. Life Enrichment: Passion.

Sales Tips: Don't Scare Buyers into Making "No Decision"

Customer Centric Selling

First they lure you in and make you feel beholding to them by giving what are theoretically free trips, meals, airline tickets, etc. Sales Tips: Don't Scare Buyers into Making "No Decision". By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®.

Double Article Friday - How New Salespeople Struggle

Understanding the Sales Force

We are talking about a driver with 42 years experience driving in the snow and a commercial airline pilot with probably 30 years experience flying in the elements. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Today you''ll receive multiple articles and a bonus video too!

The Essence of Effective Leadership

Jonathan Farrington

Last week, I led a leadership workshop for a group of senior executives, employed by one of the world’s largest airlines: During an open session on the second day, I was asked by one of the delegates - who is responsible for coaching the next wave of leaders - if I could encapsulate all of my advice in a few short paragraphs, what would I say?