I’m Ashamed Of Our Government

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I’m ashamed of our government. It’s a horrible thing for anyone to express about their government–particularly when they are elected officials. But I’m sick and tired of the pettiness, bullying, taunting, selfish, and childish behaviors we see in our government. It’s not just the Executive Office, but also, of our senators, congress people, and many of the bureaucrats in all parts of the government.

WITCE Wednesdays – Government Mandates

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Knowing the mandates that govern your customers can make you a fantastic partner and trusted advisor. The EEOC and OSHA are two government agencies which regulate every business in the U.S. Dodd Frank was the government’s response to the 2007 financial crisis. Are you familiar with the government regulations and mandates affecting your clients? I’ve missed a couple of WITCE Wednesdays, my bad — sorry!

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14 Ways Buyers Want to Feel

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Whether you sell to businesses, governments or consumers, your buyers go through a variety of emotional states during the sales process. Sales business buyer consumers government objections product prospect service You’ve heard before that all buying is emotional.

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Small Business Gets a Tax Boost from the U.S. Government

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On the one hand, the government in the United States supports small business, and on the other they wanted us to comply with ridiculous reporting to bog us down. I’m not a political person—sometimes that’s to my advantage and sometimes not.

7 Steps to Gain the Market Share You Deserve (& Sometimes Don't!)


Similar to De Tocqueville’s famous comment, “People get the government they deserve,” I think companies get the market share they deserve based on their ability to market.

LinkedIn Acquires SlideShare

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I hope that LinkedIn allows SlideShare and the others to continue their innovative web tool development, rather than smothering them with the weight of corporate inspection and governance. LinkedIn announced the acquisition of the popular slide-sharing and hosting service SlideShare.

The Collision of Workplace Culture and Business Ethics

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A culture is the collective behaviors of all individuals be it a small business (workplace) to a local community government. Unfortunately, government cannot legislate morality as evidenced by prohibition. Small business owners work very hard to maximize their profit dollars.

Sales Tip: No One Gives a S**t About You.

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They give a s**t about government regulation. Please pay attention to this. Forward this to marketing. Forward this to your boss. Forward this to sales operations. Forward this to the people that create your pitch decks, presentations, and your powerpoints.

The 5 Immutable Laws of Selling

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Tweet Our world, along with the entire cosmos in which we reside, is governed by what we understand as the laws of physics. And just as there are laws governing this vast enterprise called the universe, there are also laws of selling.

The Most Overlooked Job in Sales Operations

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Click here to get your Guide to Sales Data Governance. Data without governance or stewardship will lead to bad decisions. Download the Guide to Sales Data Governance today. Recently, I''ve been working with a client to analyze their customer data.

Account Planning isn’t Enough — You Need an Account Cadence

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An account cadence or account governance plan is a series of ongoing prescheduled meetings with all of the stakeholder groups across all of the affected functional groups of BOTH companies. You have an important account you’ve been managing for years.

Plagiarism Avegner Testing Post

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Kenyan government and Western diplomatic sources said Al-Shabaab militants were holding about 30 hostages inside the shopping center. Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) — Fifty-nine dead. At least 175 injured. About 30 hostages still inside, as well as perhaps a dozen gunmen.

How Your Sales Leads May Be Starving Your SMB

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Without sales leads, sales revenue is not generated to pay the vendors, the employees, the overhead, the government and most importantly you, the SMB owner. Sales leads happen in all seasons.

What Happened to Permission Based Marketing?

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” My sense it is a feel good action for the person unsubscribing and possibly may meet some marketing association or government policies. Each day in my email inbox, I receive many unsolicited emails from SMBs and organizations that do not interest me. These entities obviously ignore permission based marketing and rely on buying lists from other unethical firms. When I first started developing my email lists over 10 years ago, I signed up with AWeber.

Compromise the Achilles’ Heel to Authentic Leadership

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This sacrifice is often witnessed in all aspects of our lives from family, school, church, business and government. Do you believe in compromise? How do you define compromise? For those in authentic leadership roles, this word may potentially become their Achilles’ Heel.

How Tesla Is Threatening An American Sales Tradition

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Would my channel exist without government regulations and laws? Most Americans don’t like negotiating over a price. However, one icon remains at the epicenter of haggling: the auto dealership. The activity is so painful that CarMax built a successful company skirting this tradition.

July is Sales Leadership Month

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Ok, it is not an act of government and it is only Acumen’s opinion, but let’s explore why I feel that way. July is Sales Leadership Month.

5 Key Issues with Sales Force Engagement & Motivation – It’s more than a Plan Design Issue


The topics discussed during the panel include plan design governance, strategic alignment/design methodology, global/uniform versus local/varied design, plan variance by geography, and sales compensation with works councils. Plan Design Governance.

The Buggy Whip Phenomenon of Leadership

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Where this type of leadership appears to be more prevalent is within the banking, healthcare, government and family owned businesses. Calling all those in leadership roles. Go grab your buggy whips.

There Is a Time for Giving

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With government budgets stretched thin in many instances (regardless of the reason) and many struggling here in this country to make ends meet, volunteers make up the short fall by scheduling a time for giving. Life is busy, in fat crazy busy for most people.

Top Technology Companies to Sell for in 2015

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  OpenGov   – OpenGov cloud technology enables governments to share financial data with elected officials and the public to improve communication and build trust.   I’ve had the privilege to work with and study hundreds of technology companies and their sales organizations.

10 Years of Competition: The Story and Future of RainKing and DiscoverOrg

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Over the last 10 years, RainKing has built innovative products and gathered unique datasets; for instance, deeper datasets for Europe and the federal government – areas our customers ask for. Yesterday, we announced to our employees and customers that DiscoverOrg has acquired RainKing.

You Do It Now – They Can Talk Later – Sales eXchange 201

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By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca. Last Wednesday May 15th, I had the opportunity to be on the Charles Adler show.

Independence Is Not Easy

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Those men and women who fought to free us from excessive taxation and other unacceptable government behaviors indeed had quite a struggle. Today here in the USA, we are celebrating our independence from England now the UK.

Girl Power—Men with Daughters Get It

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Making progress is tough when governments and businesses are dominated by men. How do you ensure the young women in your life get the equal opportunities they deserve? Gender equity is not just a girl thing. Women have important contributions to make and powerful perspectives to share.

Behavioral Economics Energizes Leadership

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An interesting article from Gallup respective to Singapore’s lagging workforce productivity in spite of significant investments by the government and businesses reveals how this new science of “behavioral economics” may improve Singapore’s results.

The 7 KPIs for Sales Managers Dashboard

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Research continues to show sales teams do not meet sales goals while margins shrink due to the dynamics of market forces as well as government compliance. Sales managers face increased responsibility and accountability.

Sales leaders – how they unknowingly hinder innovation – An STC Classic

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These changes are driven by global competition, technological changes, government regulations and the dynamics of an unstable economy. A Classic – ’63 Corvette. In a wide variety of industries, companies are experiencing transformational changes.

How to Organize Your Sales Force to Generate More Revenue

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Industry Vertical – reps are organized by specific industry types (government, pharmaceutical, tech, etc.). This post is focused on organizing sales talent to help you make the number. The cost of sales is increasing. Hiring ‘A’ player sales reps is expensive.

Improve Sales Communication with Images and Video

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Training materials used by the federal government cite studies indicating that the retention of information three days after a meeting is six times greater when information is presented by visual and oral means than when the information is presented by the spoken word alone.

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The Wearing What Hat Reality Drains Small Business Owners

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Then I attended a business to business networking event and an association meeting specific to family owned small businesses and governance (the process of transitioning the small business from one generation to the other).

How to Kill Social Selling at Your Company

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Without a policy to govern social media use, expect problems and inconsistencies. Social selling is a technique being adopted by many B2B sales organizations. This technique is an emerging best practice that helps Reps make their number.

Branding Goes Way Beyond Logos

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Not having a lot of confidence in government run entities, I was beyond surprised by the quality of the customer service. Overt the weekend I read another post, this one in a LinkedIn discussion group, about branding and visual images, a.k.a. logos.

How Does Your Customer Make Money?

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Understanding how our customers make money (even if our customers are government or not for profit) is critical for us in selling to them. Recently, I was in a discussion with a group of sales people. I posed the question, “How does your customer make money?”

How Big Data Can Help the Sales Leader

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A quick meeting with Sales Reps and Managers revealed the industry was in turmoil due to government regulations. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years, you’ve heard about “ Big Data ”. However, most Big Data examples concern large B2C companies.

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Pharma sales – it’s a different world

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Many governments are beginning to focus on prevention rather than treatment although they’re not yet invested very much in pre-emptive measures. Pharma sales. Pharma sales reps in the U.S.

Sale Quiz — Winning Strategies for Large Enterprises

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The rules governing enterprise sales today have changed…dramatically and you need to be prepared to think like a business person — not just a sales person. Selling at the enterprise level is different compared to other levels.

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Diplomacy

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This is no longer a talent reserved for government officials, but one every salesperson must have and demonstrate at a higher proficiency than probably ever before especially if he or she wants to increase sales.

The Greatest Barrier to Sales Success Is?

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It is probably something you haven’t considered before, so let me give you a hand: - Human nature is the instinctive behaviour that governs action concerned with the self and with self-interest. - Human relations are concerned with how we think and act in terms of others‘ interests. The buyer-seller situation, like any human contact, is an exercise in human relations – the interplay, cause and effect of behaviour by two or more people on each other.

To Discount Or Not?

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There are simple (but frequently forgotten) rules that govern discount decisions. There are simple (but frequently forgotten) rules that govern discount decisions. Issue Date: 2013-02-25. Author: Ramez Naguib. Teaser: Salespeople constantly push for discounting to reel in business. Salespeople constantly push for discounting to reel in business. read more