I’m Ashamed Of Our Government

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I’m ashamed of our government. It’s a horrible thing for anyone to express about their government–particularly when they are elected officials. But I’m sick and tired of the pettiness, bullying, taunting, selfish, and childish behaviors we see in our government. It’s not just the Executive Office, but also, of our senators, congress people, and many of the bureaucrats in all parts of the government.

Small Business Gets a Tax Boost from the U.S. Government

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On the one hand, the government in the United States supports small business, and on the other they wanted us to comply with ridiculous reporting to bog us down. I’m not a political person—sometimes that’s to my advantage and sometimes not.

WITCE Wednesdays – Government Mandates

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Knowing the mandates that govern your customers can make you a fantastic partner and trusted advisor. The EEOC and OSHA are two government agencies which regulate every business in the U.S. Dodd Frank was the government’s response to the 2007 financial crisis. Are you familiar with the government regulations and mandates affecting your clients? I’ve missed a couple of WITCE Wednesdays, my bad — sorry!

All Companies Who Interact With European Citizens Must Check Architecture For Compliance With New Data Rules

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Big Data CTO Cyber Security Government NewsThe European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. This is not just important for firms that operate in Europe, but any firm that interacts with European citizens. Any company that holds data on EU citizens must comply. The new rules were approved […].

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14 Ways Buyers Want to Feel

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Whether you sell to businesses, governments or consumers, your buyers go through a variety of emotional states during the sales process. Sales business buyer consumers government objections product prospect service You’ve heard before that all buying is emotional.

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Email Open Rates By Industry: See How You Stack Up

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Arts & Entertainment, Construction, Human Resources, Legal & Government, and Real Estate have the highest open rates. Legal and Government: 44%. What is the average email open rate for legal and government companies?

How Your Sales Leads May Be Starving Your SMB

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Without sales leads, sales revenue is not generated to pay the vendors, the employees, the overhead, the government and most importantly you, the SMB owner. Sales leads happen in all seasons.

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SiriusDecisions Summit 2014


While the US Government experimented with this concept as early as the 1910s, it was not until 1955. Last week I attended the SiriusDecisions Summit in Orlando. This was my third summit and I have enjoyed them all.

Words of Thanksgiving From the Past To Be Remembered

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In observance of Thanksgiving here in the United States, here is the speech delivered by President George Washington on October 3, 1789 in New York City.

7 Steps to Gain the Market Share You Deserve (& Sometimes Don't!)


Similar to De Tocqueville’s famous comment, “People get the government they deserve,” I think companies get the market share they deserve based on their ability to market.

Would You Like to be Selling Guns Right Now?

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If we have to put the blame somewhere, let's put it on our dysfunctional, bought and paid for, corrupt government and the media that amplifies the outrage, and let's fix it.

Forms Follow Function

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Yes, it was an event designed to improve the experience of filling out government forms. government to coordinate innovation across city agencies. government. government agencies to identify forms that could use a redesign. Successful Formula D.C.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 3]


Number of State and Local Government Community Hospitals. Number of Federal Government Hospitals. A few years ago the Federal Government count of 213 would have been a non-starter for ABM.

The Collision of Workplace Culture and Business Ethics

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A culture is the collective behaviors of all individuals be it a small business (workplace) to a local community government. Unfortunately, government cannot legislate morality as evidenced by prohibition. Small business owners work very hard to maximize their profit dollars.

Why Go Along to Get Along Isn't Effective Leadership

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Lately I have witnessed a lot of “go along to get along” behaviors by local government leaders especially. Regardless of organization, many in leadership roles embrace the “go along to get along” philosophy. The problem with this belief is it demonstrates a lack of effective leadership. Effective is doing the right thing. In doing the right thing, leaders must first know what the right thing is.

3 Notable Women CIOs Transforming their IT Departments

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A little bit about Serena: Serena has been a business and information technology leader for more than 25 years across corporate, non-profit, and government sectors. Creating an IT Governance strategy.

To Discount Or Not?

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There are simple (but frequently forgotten) rules that govern discount decisions. There are simple (but frequently forgotten) rules that govern discount decisions. Issue Date: 2013-02-25. Author: Ramez Naguib. Teaser: Salespeople constantly push for discounting to reel in business. Salespeople constantly push for discounting to reel in business. read more

What is Money Worth to You, Your Customer and Congress?

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government, along with most other governments, has been struggling with the issue of not enough revenue to cover the expenses. To Congress and their perspective of looking at the big picture, that amount is enough to keep the government going for only about 2 hours.

How Market Research Can Improve Sales


Any company that wants to remain competitive in today´s market, which is characterized by a globalized economic world should be governed by customer demand, the market itself, and and organizations own capacity to respond and adapt to these requireme

Who We Serve. Why it Matters.


Here’s a sampling: Multiple civic platforms designed for various government entities. I spend a lot of time on the phone every day, talking to sales and marketing leaders—including prospects. I’m often asked what kind of companies PointClear serves. The short answer is we work with B2B technology, healthcare, financial services and business services organizations, as well as manufacturers.

9 Amazing Sales Memes To Celebrate the End of 2017

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9) The gift to the government. The end of 2017 is mere days away. This year, like most years, has been a roller coaster of emotions. You'e experienced the awesome high from closing deals and the horrendous lows of missing quota and working with tough customers. The beauty of it all?

A Few Thoughts on Facebook, Data Protection and CRM


And though more government regulation is likely coming, this heightened focus on data protection and privacy is a more than just a compliance issue. Perhaps you’ve been in the camp of believing that the tech industry’s heightened focus on data privacy and GDPR is a little overblown? If so, I understand. At times, GDPR compliance has seemed like a major inconvenience and nothing more. It’s easy to fall into that mindset until something significant happens.

10 Years of Competition: The Story and Future of RainKing and DiscoverOrg

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Over the last 10 years, RainKing has built innovative products and gathered unique datasets; for instance, deeper datasets for Europe and the federal government – areas our customers ask for. Yesterday, we announced to our employees and customers that DiscoverOrg has acquired RainKing.

Consensus Style Leadership Is Leading from Behind

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Sometimes business leaders or those in government and even in families must lead first, must make those tough choices, those hard decisions even though they know their actions will upset someone if not many. Margaret Thatcher is quoted as saying “Consensus is the absence of leadership.”

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How to Setup Your Sales Process to Get More Sales


But in cases such as government contracts, it might be entirely normal to get from lead to closing the deal many years down the line. What is the Sales Pipeline?

Your Sales Appointment Scheduling Process is Hijacking Productivity

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It governs both a critical handoff and overall conversion rates. For a long time, I thought of scheduling sales appointments, whether it was for demos or discovery calls , as just a feature. Improving this process was the last thing on my mind.

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Compromise the Achilles’ Heel to Authentic Leadership

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This sacrifice is often witnessed in all aspects of our lives from family, school, church, business and government. Do you believe in compromise? How do you define compromise? For those in authentic leadership roles, this word may potentially become their Achilles’ Heel.

Don’t Hit the Wrong Button…Why the User Interface Matters


Granted, government technology has a reputation for being decades behind what users are used to outside of work. As I’m sure you have heard by now, an emergency alert notification sent out over the weekend claiming a “ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii” was a false alarm. Pushing the “wrong button” was the explanation provided in an official timeline for that false warning. In truth, it’s a bit more complicated than simply pushing the wrong button.

Guest Post: Travel Price Forecast 2013

Jonathan Farrington

This is due to a new carbon tax implemented by the Australian government which airlines are passing on to customers. In addition, fuel prices are heavily regulated by the government, which produces a higher cost to the carriers that inevitably ends up getting passed through to customers.

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What Happened to Permission Based Marketing?

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” My sense it is a feel good action for the person unsubscribing and possibly may meet some marketing association or government policies. Each day in my email inbox, I receive many unsolicited emails from SMBs and organizations that do not interest me. These entities obviously ignore permission based marketing and rely on buying lists from other unethical firms. When I first started developing my email lists over 10 years ago, I signed up with AWeber.

Managed Attrition: A Dilemma

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This morning on CBC Ottawa radio it was reported that more people want to leave their government jobs than are being asked to. And, in many cases there is no overlap between those who want to leave and those that have been given notice to leave. Observations from the real World

Why Your Professional Expiration Date is Out of Sync and What to Do

Babette Ten Haken

Because they have different KPIs (key performance indicators) governing their professional expiration date. Everyone has a professional expiration date. That date marks the distance between the start and end of your tenure with an organization.

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Sale Quiz — Winning Strategies for Large Enterprises

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The rules governing enterprise sales today have changed…dramatically and you need to be prepared to think like a business person — not just a sales person. Selling at the enterprise level is different compared to other levels.

Sale Quiz — Winning Strategies for Large Enterprises

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The rules governing enterprise sales today have changed.dramatically and you need to be prepared to think like a business person -- not just a sales person. Selling at the enterprise level is different compared to other levels. Take the sales quiz and see what that entails! Video Sales Quiz

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

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In the US there has been a lot of talk about the Government shut down, worldwide economic troubles and car bombs…I thought you might enjoy this thought provoking story…Ken. The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs.

Why Motivation Isn’t Enough

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In fact,” he continued, “What you are going to learn is that it is actually easy to increase your effectiveness in any area of your life if you just understand the laws governing behavior and performance.

The Most Overlooked Job in Sales Operations

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Click here to get your Guide to Sales Data Governance. Data without governance or stewardship will lead to bad decisions. Download the Guide to Sales Data Governance today. Recently, I''ve been working with a client to analyze their customer data.

The 4th Industrial Revolution Will be Televised


When pressed on what should be done about that, both said that retraining employees to do new jobs will fall on both the government and employers (Google recently announced a $1 billion retraining program). “AI is one of the most important things that humanity is working on. It’s more profound than, I don’t know, electricity or fire,”. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. Prometheus, Ben Franklin… Google???

How To Structure Your Sales Organization For Maximum Efficiency

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In the example below, you will notice the specialization of Government vs. Commercial. In this blueprint, we provide insights on how to structure your sales organization.

What do B2B Buyers Want (and Why Don’t They Like Salespeople)?

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More conservative, static, and process-oriented industries such as Government, Consulting, and Healthcare have the lowest risk tolerance averages. The number of factors at play in purchasing decisions are too numerous to count – ranging from pricing, to product features, to reputation of the vendor, to the sales experience and so forth.n

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