Selling In A “Knowledge Based” Economy

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The days of product, even solution based differentiation are long passed. Ultimately, the differentiator is the knowledge and experience we bring–both in the selling process and as our customers implement and use our solutions. It’s the knowledge and experience sales teams (not just sales people) bring to customers that become the ultimate differentiator. So knowledge and experience become critical assets to our own success and growth.

How we reduced our chat response time from two hours to two minutes


When I looked closer at the rate and kinds of interactions that the Support team was having on a daily basis, the root of the problem became clear to me right away: We had too many people asking us questions, when the answers were readily available in our knowledge base. Ultimately, we decided to make the switch from Intercom—our former knowledge base and chat provider—to Zendesk , and went to work migrating all of our support content.

Our Behaviors Mirror Our Beliefs

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In the behavior model, this concept is captured in the term “Knowledge.” Knowledge is the sum total what we know to be true, as we perceive it (perceptions). Now, our behaviors as the other person perceives it, then become part of the other person’s knowledge base of us.

Why Sales Managers Need Street Smarts

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For this month’s guest post, I asked Dr. Tony Alessandra to clear up the definition of formal knowledge versus street smarts, and explain which is better for sales managers. In any pursuit in life there is a formal knowledge base and an informal knowledge base.

The ABC Approach to Increase Sales

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She also shared that one of my perceived competitors in Northwest Indiana does not come close in any way to my executive coaching, facilitation, knowledge of training and development, organizational development consulting and my business ethics.

Up Your Social Selling Game

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I’ll be breaking from the pack and talking about social learning and how you can use social to increase your knowledge base around your customers, your competitors, the industry, your business acumen, trends, your product and more.

How to Navigate the Jungle of Sales Tech: An Interview With Nancy Nardin

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She is well known in many sales circles for her role in developing a popular “sales tech landscape” graphic that organizes many of the current sales technologies graphically into categories based on their position in the sales process.

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Business Development Managers

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Successful BDMs ask those deeper questions, because they see them as the only inroad to increasing knowledge about their industry, their products and services and their clients. This generates a passion for learning and building knowledge. Most of your learning will take place on the job and outside of a training classroom, so look for chances to build your knowledge and keep an eye out for improving your learning every day. Increase Your Research Base.

Why the Sales Training Process Never Truly Ends


Mark Magnacca recommends a model based off of three core phases of learning: curriculum learning, reinforcement learning, and just-in-time learning. At some point in our careers, we all fall victim to the cheesy, outdated training video.

Certification Does Not Make for Ethical Leadership

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The premise is “certification” will improve the industry because of certain knowledge standards have been maintained. These industries are highly regulated and individuals are supposed to demonstrate a high level of knowledge, expertise along with ethical leadership.

Online sales training – it’s time for a second look

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They expect sales reps to be knowledgeable about their industry, company, and issues at a higher level of proficiency than ever before. Do knowledge-based product training and sales fundamentals online. Online Sales Training.

Sales Operations Demystified: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Do It Right

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Optimization of Sales Tools, Knowledge Base and other Assets. In the guide, Matt described the different stages — based on annual recurring revenue (ARR) — at which companies should hire its sales ops people. Content and knowledge base management.

Selling Real Estate - The Door Opener Sales Syndrome

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Having sold industrial pipe, valves and fittings, my product knowledge base was extensive. Not many industries or organizations devote their time and dollars to determining what problems exist. The National Association of Realtors did just that. Their Danger Report released over a year ago revealed the number one problem with those selling real estate is their overall incompetence.

X-Factor Compensation Leaders: How to Be Incredible at Incentive Planning (Infoblox)


team seven years ago, and I now manage a global program with over 350 payees [and] am working towards my CSCP certification to expand my knowledge base.”. Sales compensation is an important part of a successful company.

7 Skills Sales Directors Will Need In 2025

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The aptitude and capability to tap into this global knowledge base will give the future sales director the chance to expand their business quicker than ever. It’s no secret that everything in the working environment is evolving. The biggest shifts that are happening in work are being driven by Artificial Intelligence, Globalisation and robotics.

3 Steps to Effectively Move Beyond ‘Sales Coaching’

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Because this method is experience-based instead of program-based, sales reps get a better understanding of “This is how we sell.” And leaders can more efficiently manage individual development by tooling the knowledge-based behaviors and focusing more on those processes that require complex assimilation. Author: Rick Cheatham Most leaders believe that strong salespeople are born sellers.

Leverage sales expertise – advice from Dr. Oz

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A vast majority of the top sales managers identify the pockets of specialty knowledge residing inside their sales team. Some of the knowledge may be solution-specific based upon what the sales reps sell. Collectively, every sales team has an enormous resident knowledge base.

What Career Paths Do You Offer Your Sales People?

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Every time we do this, we lose all that we have invested in developing them, we lose all that knowledge of what it takes to be successful selling our products/solutions, or what it takes to be successful engaging our customers.

The Evolution of CRM (And Where it’s Going) in the Future

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They are cloud-based, AI-driven, and accessible from mobile phones. Provide a universal and always synced and updated knowledge base for the sales organization. A sales CRM is a foundational tool for modern sales organizations.

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Welcome back – How Was Your Summer?

The Pipeline

To get to that, again leverage your knowledge based on past deals, wins, losses and draws , and base your discovery questions and topics on that.

Creating Compelling Sales Stories


They can do this by: Presenting material that accounts for the customer’s existing knowledge base. According to research from International Data Corporatio n, 75% of CFOs and CIOs at global organizations say that they have trouble using data to make decisions.

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The 3 Types of Content All Good ABM Strategies Need

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If your content marketing and account based marketing content aren’t doing the above, you don’t have lead generating content; you have a lot of documents. Good disruptive content adds information to their current knowledge base. Have you noticed? Most content sucks.

3 Steps to Effectively Move Beyond ‘Sales Coaching’

Sales and Marketing Management

Because this method is experience-based instead of program-based, sales reps get a better understanding of “This is how we sell.” And leaders can more efficiently manage individual development by tooling the knowledge-based behaviors and focusing more on those processes that require complex assimilation. Author: Rick Cheatham Most leaders believe that strong salespeople are born sellers.

How Many Customer Support Reps Do You Need? These 4 Stats Will Tell You Everything.

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Keep in mind that rep working time comes with “shrinkage”–hours lost to meetings, breaks, training, knowledge-base writing, etc. For years, our hiring strategy for the HubSpot customer support team was simple.

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How Sugar Addresses your Biggest Customer Service Challenges


Dynamic workflows route cases to the appropriate agents based on issue priority, team capacity, and agent expertise to optimize efficiency and resolve issues faster. Empower customers and business partners with self-service tools including a knowledge base to seek advice or find solutions to issues. Companies like Amazon and Zappos are lauded for providing outstanding customer service. That has raised the bar for what customers expect from every brand they interact with.

4 Trends Putting the “Value” Back in Value-Added Resellers

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That’s because the nature of these traditional VAR services is project-based. But what if you didn’t have to replace your entire client base? connecting the pre-sale and post-sale experience, building customer support and chat experiences, designing the customer knowledge base, etc.).

Forget ABC–The Most Successful Salespeople Focus on ABL (Always Be Learning)


And, since they truly believe they are more capable than they actually are, they are less likely to proactively seek out new knowledge to learn more about sales or to otherwise invest in their professional development. Give Sales People an Objective Measure of Their Capabilities and Knowledge. Use tests and assessments to provide under skilled and overconfident sales reps an objective measure of their capabilities and knowledge.

The 33 Best Slack Integrations and Apps for Sales & Marketing Productivity

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Make real time decisions based on data-driven insight, but in crisp, simple language everyone comprehends. Need to brush up on product knowledge? Access the latest relevant content on your team’s knowledge base. Slack. Everybody wants a little.

Sales training and national sales meetings – an odd couple – An STC Classic

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It is particularly effective for conducting any type of knowledge based learning such as: product, marketplace, and technical training. A Classic – ’63 Corvette.

Knowledge, Awareness and the End Game

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Most of us have the knowledge to do our jobs well. We trust our knowledge and that’s the problem. Knowledge relies on everything going as planned. Knowledge can get us out of trouble, but it takes longer. Awareness takes knowledge to the next level. Awareness doesn’t let us get comfortable with our knowledge. Awareness adds new information to the knowledge base we already have. You DON’T have all the knowledge.

Not Everyone’s A Customer Or A Prospect!

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One would never guess that is common knowledge based on emails and phone calls I receive. It might seem obvious to everyone reading the title of this post. Of course we know that not everyone is a prospect or a potential customer. I reflect on the emails and calls, astounded, thinking, “Why do they possibly think I might be interested in a conversation or that I could even be a prospect for their solutions?”

36 Apps Every Sales Rep Needs on Their Phone in 2018

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Calculate this along with a slew of other profit-based metrics with Profit Story. Knowledge-Based Apps for Salespeople. The Best Mobile Sales Apps for Salespeople. Slack. LinkedIn. Twitter. 30/30. Profit Story. HubSpot Sales. CamCard. Keynote. Close the Sale. Mobile CRM app.

Why All the Wasted Time in Small Business Sales Webinars?

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“If you found this information helpful and need more in depth knowledge about one or more than one of the key learning objectives from today’s presentation, the last slide has information for registering for future webinars.”

Sales training and national sales meetings – an odd couple

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It is particularly effective for conducting any type of knowledge based learning such as: product, marketplace, and technical training. Sales training and. national sales meetings. Over the years we have attended a number of our clients’ national sales meetings. Great events!

What I learned at Dreamforce 2011


With Chatter Service, customers will be able to ask their question once in a familiar social feed, and have the answer come to them in an instant--whether it's from the knowledge base, the community of experts or a service agent.

How Lessonly & Zendesk Prepare Reps for an Omnichannel World


Zendesk and Lessonly work in tandem to provide both meaningful training and a vibrant knowledge base—when the agent needs it most. Pro Tip: Both Zendesk’s Knowledge Capture app or Lessonly’s search capabilities provide ways to discover training gaps. We’ve all heard it before: Truly world-class customer service organizations meet consumers where, how, and when they want to be met.

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Sales odd couple – compensation and strategy

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Although perhaps less has been written on sales compensation, a substantial body of knowledge exists – a particularly comprehensive and insightful treatment is Compensating New Sales Roles by Colletti and Fiss. Sales Compensation + Sales Strategy.

The Simple Test That Reveals Whether Prospects Will Actually Buy

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Here’s where I went wrong: While I believe his desire to change was 100% sincere, I incorrectly assumed that he could act on it based on his word alone. Custom recommendation based on what I've already learned about their sales process].

Increase Sales with the Best Live Chat Tools out There [Top 10 List]

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Chatbots will never be as personable as a human-based chat operator, but they can at least keep your chat working 24/7. They’re divided into categories based on their strengths to help you narrow down your options. Target Customer: Website-based businesses.

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Why Hustle Isn’t What’s Most Important

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Knowledge: Take note people, not many of you are going to like what I say here, but the truth hurts. Few of you hustle in the knowledge department. Knowledge is the most important and dominant trait of the successful. You have to expand your knowledge base daily.