Selling In A “Knowledge Based” Economy

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The days of product, even solution based differentiation are long passed. Ultimately, the differentiator is the knowledge and experience we bring–both in the selling process and as our customers implement and use our solutions. It’s the knowledge and experience sales teams (not just sales people) bring to customers that become the ultimate differentiator. So knowledge and experience become critical assets to our own success and growth.

Why Sales Managers Need Street Smarts

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For this month’s guest post, I asked Dr. Tony Alessandra to clear up the definition of formal knowledge versus street smarts, and explain which is better for sales managers. In any pursuit in life there is a formal knowledge base and an informal knowledge base.

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Our Behaviors Mirror Our Beliefs

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In the behavior model, this concept is captured in the term “Knowledge.” Knowledge is the sum total what we know to be true, as we perceive it (perceptions). Now, our behaviors as the other person perceives it, then become part of the other person’s knowledge base of us.

Certification Does Not Make for Ethical Leadership

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The premise is “certification” will improve the industry because of certain knowledge standards have been maintained. These industries are highly regulated and individuals are supposed to demonstrate a high level of knowledge, expertise along with ethical leadership.

The ABC Approach to Increase Sales

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She also shared that one of my perceived competitors in Northwest Indiana does not come close in any way to my executive coaching, facilitation, knowledge of training and development, organizational development consulting and my business ethics.

The 30+ Most Desirable Sales Skills & Traits You MUST Develop To Become An Unstoppable Rep

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Product Knowledge. Inadequate product knowledge is unacceptable in the world of selling. Deep and extensive product knowledge is a prerequisite to high sales performance. Strong Knowledge of Common Business Software & Sales Enablement Solutions. Policy Knowledge.

Knowledge Is Power

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Knowledge is power—this has been acknowledged for years. They have self educated and have “knowledge” of their requirements and the ability of the solution to meet their needs. But there are huge gaps in critical knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Online sales training – it’s time for a second look

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They expect sales reps to be knowledgeable about their industry, company, and issues at a higher level of proficiency than ever before. Do knowledge-based product training and sales fundamentals online. Online Sales Training.

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The Simple Test That Reveals Whether Prospects Will Actually Buy

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Here’s where I went wrong: While I believe his desire to change was 100% sincere, I incorrectly assumed that he could act on it based on his word alone. Custom recommendation based on what I've already learned about their sales process].

Leverage sales expertise – advice from Dr. Oz

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A vast majority of the top sales managers identify the pockets of specialty knowledge residing inside their sales team. Some of the knowledge may be solution-specific based upon what the sales reps sell. Collectively, every sales team has an enormous resident knowledge base.

Sales training and national sales meetings – an odd couple – An STC Classic

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It is particularly effective for conducting any type of knowledge based learning such as: product, marketplace, and technical training. A Classic – ’63 Corvette.

The 3 Types of Content All Good ABM Strategies Need

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If your content marketing and account based marketing content aren’t doing the above, you don’t have lead generating content; you have a lot of documents. Good disruptive content adds information to their current knowledge base. Have you noticed? Most content sucks.

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Why It’s a Must to be a Renaissance (sales) Man

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a man/woman knowledgeable or proficient in more than one field. The have wide, deep, robust knowledge in a myriad of fields and interests. Renaissance sales people leverage their broad intellectual knowledge to solve problems, dissect complex challenges and create opportunities.

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Why Hustle Isn’t What’s Most Important

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Knowledge: Take note people, not many of you are going to like what I say here, but the truth hurts. Few of you hustle in the knowledge department. Knowledge is the most important and dominant trait of the successful. You have to expand your knowledge base daily.

Sales People, We Have A PR Problem

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Related Posts: Selling In A “Knowledge Based” Economy It’s Never JUST A Sales Problem! Sales people, we have a PR problem, … it’s Real,…… and we probably deserve it, … and we need to do something about it.

All Your Help Is Killing Me!!

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To be successful engaging our customers and prospects, we have to be knowledgeable about them, their businesses, their markets, industries, their customers, and competition. Over the past years, sales people have become a prime target for “help.”

Up Your Social Selling Game

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I’ll be breaking from the pack and talking about social learning and how you can use social to increase your knowledge base around your customers, your competitors, the industry, your business acumen, trends, your product and more.

The Quick, Smart & Actionable Guide To Building Your Sales Process

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Skim through your organization’s knowledge base to understand different customer engagement scenarios and how real salespeople actually solved pain points, handled complaints, closed deals, and generated repeat business. . Based on a number of factors, your team should set an ideal customer profile and screen prospects based on this benchmark.

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Please Stop the Ongoing Insanity in Bank Sales Training

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Training is for the initial new information or knowledge. Development takes that knowledge to that next level of application and further strengthens it. Assess for talents, learning styles and knowledge base to build What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) and deliver positive ROI.

What Every Great Sales Person Must Have in 2014

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In your effort to deliver a high-quality blog, you obtain tremendous amounts of knowledge about your space, the industry, your products, your solutions, the competition, etc. When you document your knowledge and become a thought leader, demand for you, your knowledge and reach grows.

Top Performers: Obsessive Learning And Relentless Execution

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They know that their power lies in their knowledge (and their ability to apply that in the situation, but I’ll come to that in a moment). They use their daily experience to build on their knowledge base, refining their approach to learning and building their knowledge, and re-applying it. It’s part of their “system” for obsessively learning and collecting knowledge they can apply in achieving their goals.

8 Must Read Books to Become a Bad Ass Sales Person

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You need to expand you knowledge base. Becoming a bad ass sales person requires a complex understanding of core and peripheral sales knowledge. Success is not static. Growing, getting better and honing your craft is critical.

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30 Ways to use Value Selling


Knowledge Base – educate your customers so they can find their own valuable answers. FAQs – allow your prospects and customers to serve themselves whilst demonstrating your knowledge and expertise through your FAQ page or guide.

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Selling Real Estate - The Door Opener Sales Syndrome

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Having sold industrial pipe, valves and fittings, my product knowledge base was extensive. Not many industries or organizations devote their time and dollars to determining what problems exist. The National Association of Realtors did just that. Their Danger Report released over a year ago revealed the number one problem with those selling real estate is their overall incompetence.

Why All the Wasted Time in Small Business Sales Webinars?

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“If you found this information helpful and need more in depth knowledge about one or more than one of the key learning objectives from today’s presentation, the last slide has information for registering for future webinars.”

Who Cares About “Outstanding Customer Service Experience?”

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It ended up being a very simple fix, but I had spent time on the vendor’s web site searching their “knowledge base,” called the support center–agreed to a $99 fee, got into all sorts of queues, described my problem to all sorts of people, and when I got to the final person, re-described my problem a final time, it took us a few minutes to solve. Sometimes, I think we get customer service wrong. We try to create outstanding experiences.

Attrition Is A Leadership Problem

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They believe they are being treated as commodities, they see the company has no respect for individuals or don’t see the company valuing the knowledge/experience of its people as a differentiator. Some time ago, I wrote, A Frightening Look At The “Cost Of Selling.”

10,000 Hours in Sales

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That requires getting coaching, reading regularly, trying new approaches, extending your knowledge base and more. I was riding the lift today in my teaching blues when a visitor from NY asked how long I had been skiing. During the conversation the concept of 10,000 hours came up.

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Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Are Top Salespeople Born or Made?

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  My last article on the " Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople" was based on personality tests administered to 1,000 top business-to-business salespeople. His answer would be based on previous experiences with similar circumstances. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog.

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What I learned at Dreamforce 2011


With Chatter Service, customers will be able to ask their question once in a familiar social feed, and have the answer come to them in an instant--whether it's from the knowledge base, the community of experts or a service agent.

It’s time to academically legitimatize Sales

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The recruits would have a better sense that they are making the right career choice hence reduced turnover and they would have a better knowledge base right out of the gate. College Students and Sales. It’s time for an informal poll of all those 2011 college graduates out there.

Looking For Ideas In All The Wrong Places

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We restrict ourselves to the familiar, to the known, to our experience base. If you live in a box/product solution world, look at services, subscriptions, knowledge based industries. Top performers–whether they are individual contributors, managers, or executives are always looking for new ideas. They are driven for improvement and innovation. But too often, our efforts are stymied. It’s hard to improve or innovate.

3 Steps to Effectively Move Beyond ‘Sales Coaching’

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Because this method is experience-based instead of program-based, sales reps get a better understanding of “This is how we sell.” And leaders can more efficiently manage individual development by tooling the knowledge-based behaviors and focusing more on those processes that require complex assimilation. Author: Rick Cheatham Most leaders believe that strong salespeople are born sellers.

The Two Things the Head of Sales Must Do in Q4 [Hey SVP, VP Sales Don't Screw This Up]

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With a clear understanding of what the sales team will be responsible for in 2013 and the knowledge of the current environment the gap should be clear. Does the team have the right knowledge base? The 4th quarter is the most critical quarter for sales. S**t, I’d argue it’s the most critical quarter for business in general. The 4th quarter is the last chance to make the number and ensure success.

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Medical device sales – the book of knowledge is expanding

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Book of Knowledge. He talked about a Book of Knowledge that sales reps needed to learn. According to Tim, this Book of Knowledge had “chapters” on clinical information, industry information, competitive information and sales skills that medical device sales reps would need to succeed.

Up Your Social Selling Game

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I’ll be breaking from the pack and talking about social learning and how you can use social to increase your knowledge base around your customers, your competitors, the industry, your business acumen, trends, your product and more.

Sales Leads-An Effective New Source

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Zendesk is well established as a web-based customer support system with ticket management, business rules and more. Assign the opportunities to the correct person on your team based on experience, specialization, geography, and other factors? By moving these activities into Zendesk, you have the ability to include this activity in your Community forum, specifically under the Q&A section, and you are building your knowledge base for other customers to learn from.

Sales odd couple – compensation and strategy

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Although perhaps less has been written on sales compensation, a substantial body of knowledge exists – a particularly comprehensive and insightful treatment is Compensating New Sales Roles by Colletti and Fiss. Sales Compensation + Sales Strategy.

Welcome back – How Was Your Summer?

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To get to that, again leverage your knowledge based on past deals, wins, losses and draws , and base your discovery questions and topics on that.

Knowledge, Awareness and the End Game

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Most of us have the knowledge to do our jobs well. We trust our knowledge and that’s the problem. Knowledge relies on everything going as planned. Knowledge can get us out of trouble, but it takes longer. Awareness takes knowledge to the next level. Awareness doesn’t let us get comfortable with our knowledge. Awareness adds new information to the knowledge base we already have. You DON’T have all the knowledge.