Filming Fireworks from Within (using a drone)

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Beautiful and a cathartic experience for me. What about you? Did you like it? Click To Tweet. Misc Uncategorized beautiful Fireworks Perspectives

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7 Lessons in Leadership, Diversity And a Culture of Learning from an Animated Short Film

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The Top 10 Sales Movies That You MUST Watch

MTD Sales Training

We’re big film fans in the office and any new sales person (or member of staff come to that) that starts with MTD, I always grill them as to the movies they’ve seen about sales! Sales Stories sales films sales movies top sales films top sales movies Have you watched. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Leadership Lessons from An Oscar Award Winning Animated Short Film

Mukesh Gupta

I came across this oscar award winning animated short film and fell in love with it. The Sand Castle by Co Hoedeman , National Film Board of Canada. The post Leadership Lessons from An Oscar Award Winning Animated Short Film appeared first on Musings of A Salesman.

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Changing the World needs us to change the way it works…

Mukesh Gupta

Ideas AIME Changing the world Cogs Education Mentoring Short film Transforming educationOne of the things that almost every entrepreneur does, whether they start out thinking about doing it or not, is that they change the world that they are a part of.

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Is Surge Pricing Coming of Age?      

Mukesh Gupta

What has changed is that Toronto International Film Festival did a similar thing – they announced a 2 to 7 USD surcharge on their 49 USD tickets for movies that were the most popular one’s. Surge Pricing is Coming of Age.

If 46% of Sales Reps Don’t Reach Quota, What Are the 54% Doing Right?


Can a film be seen without any understanding of its context? Editor’s Note: Our guest contribution today is by Peter Gracey, CEO of QuotaFactory, AG Salesworks’ sister company. We are excited about QuotaFactory’s focus on sales accelerationtechniques. Yes — but that context will significantly change your impression of the story. For example, knowing that [.] The post If 46% of Sales Reps Don’t Reach Quota, What Are the 54% Doing Right?

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A Sales Lesson from The Wolf of Wall Street

Julie Hansen's Sales Blog

Scorsese’s excess-packed The Wolf of Wall Street joins a long line of films (Wall Street, Boiler Room, Glengarry Glen Ross) that cast the sales profession in it’s most negative light.

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How Executives Fail to Understand the Reasons for Poor Sales and Revenue Performance

Understanding the Sales Force

You might say that after reading an awesome book, waiting for months and years in anticipation of the movie version, only to be extremely disappointed when the much hyped film failed to live up to what you remembered feeling when turning the pages. "That wasn't what I expected!".

What can Business Model Innovation projects learn from Film making

Mukesh Gupta

They use the analogy of making a film to a business model innovation project. The advantage of considering your business model innovation project as producing a film helps the project in the following ways: Makes the entire process more fun and exciting. As with producing a film, you need a team of people with a diverse sets of skills to come together and work to move a vision to the realm of reality and continuously work together to achieve the vision.

Marketing and Old Cameras: An Exercise in Composition


Anyway, when it came in the mail I wanted to quickly load it with film and shoot something. Given the camera’s age and limitations, I opted for a roll of slow (100-ISO) black-and-white film and waited for a sunny day. Recently I bought an antique camera on eBay.

How To Guarantee Your Audience Will Sit Up And Take Notice

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Once in a while, I come across a film or video that makes an impression on me and I say to myself that I have to let as many people as possible see it. This particular short film amused and intrigued. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Sales Stories gaining attentiveness from your team how to grab the attention of the audience

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For the Sales Force, it’s All About the Sales Leads


A very popular movie amongst salespeople is the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross, a tightly dramatic examination of several veteran salespeople struggling to keep their jobs. One chord is struck with any salesperson who’s ever seen this film: It’s all about the sales leads.

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Are you the Beatty or Dunaway of Your Sales Team?

Score More Sales

People wait all night – all year – to hear those final awards for best actor, actress, and film. The 2017 Academy awards were nearly over when a huge mistake was made in announcing the last award – for Best Picture. This year, actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway had the honor of announcing the big Best Picture winner. Many loyal Score More Sales blog readers are in their 20’s and 30’s - you may have no idea who those old folks were.

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Can You Find Real Meaning in Life Through Sales?


Even with all the lawyer jokes aside, there are still many hero portrayals of lawyers in films and TV–but not so with salespeople.

Sales Force vs. CRM Software Solution


It could be the title of a really bad horror movie, but oftentimes the reality is even worse than a Hollywood b-film. Who is a CRM software solution for, really? Who is it that actually creates customer relationships in the first place? That’s right, it’s the sales force.

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Jim Steele and David Rudnitsky Explain Moneyball for Sales

The Sales Insider

You might be familiar with the popular Hollywood film Moneyball. Moneyball was inspired by the 2002 Oakland A’s baseball team, which, despite a smaller budget, was able to outperform much wealthier teams.

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My Favorite 'John Wayne' Thoughts for Marketers and Salespeople


Yep, you can hear John Wayne say this in the still popular film Stagecoach (1939) when he played the Ringo Kid. Wayne played Tom Doniphon in the 1962 film The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. I’m sure each of you has your favorite John Wayne movie quote.

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3 Root Causes of a Scary, Silent Sales Department


It’s not that I’m expecting the crazy frantic activity you’d see in films such as Wolf of Wall Street , Boiler Room , and The Pursuit of Happiness. It never takes me long to diagnose problems. I make it a point because it all comes down to “time is money.”

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What’s the Biggest and Greenest Technology Event Happening This Week?

The Sales Insider

While thousands of music aficionados, film buffs and techno-geeks have descended upon Austin, Texas, a forward-thinking, high-growth technology company in Utah has been quietly plotting the world’s largest virtual event for sales and marketing professionals.

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As the Head Coach - Practice for Sales Success - It's Your Job

Anthony Cole Training

Here is a typical week for a football team prior to performance: Sunday - review game films from previous day - about 2 hours. Monday - 30 minutes of class time wiht a position coach, 2 hours of on-field practice, 30 minutes of film review.

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You’re Always Busy!?

Sharon Drew Morgan

Or when you’d call excited about a film (Are you still going to the movies?), Dear Friends: Lately, everyone I know is complaining about how busy they are. It’s really beginning to annoy me.

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What Keep us from Living Upto Our Potential and How to Overcome It?

Mukesh Gupta

They created a short film where they recruited 67 people who have never jumped into a swimming pool from a height of 10m (by paying them an equivalent of 30 USD) and filmed these participants while they decided to jump or not and their actual jump.

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How Does Sales Training Turn One into a Sales Virtuoso?


A friend of mine recently send me a link to an unbelievable YouTube video of a duet between world-renowned virtuoso cellist Tina Guo and blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa. It’s a performance of Bonamassa’s song “Woke Up Dreaming” and it will knock your socks off.

Account Based Selling Teams Should Never Pitch

No More Cold Calling

They analyze the opposition, watch films of their games, assess the strengths and weaknesses of each player, and devise a winning strategy. “A man leaves home and turns left three times, only to return home facing two men wearing masks. Who are those two men?”.

Marketing to a Generation Which Hates Ads


The underground art culture, which includes graffiti, was further popularized by anonymous artist Banksy’s film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Periscope-The World As We Know It Just Changed

Fill the Funnel

The ability to save the video feeds to your camera roll or let them expire in 24 hours Cost: Free Viewers of your feed can share their comments directly with you live, in real-time as you are filming.

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Periscope-The World As We Know It Just Changed

Fill the Funnel

The ability to save the video feeds to your camera roll or let them expire in 24 hours Cost: Free Viewers of your feed can share their comments directly with you live, in real-time as you are filming.

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Are You practicing Wagon Circling Customer Retention Strategy?

Babette Ten Haken

Wagon circling is a staple of Western cowboy films. The settlers’ wagon train heads westward into the unknown. They come under attack by outlaws. Circle the wagons!” is the cry. Sometimes, the settlers collaborate effectively.

Will Artificial Creativity Trump Human Creativity?

Mukesh Gupta

Earlier, AI had written the screenplay for a short film (though it doesnt make too much sense, for now). You can watch the film below: It is already known that many media sources, including Yahoo, have been using AI to write articles for their websites.

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Tom Hanks, Credibility and Sales

Performance Sales and Training

Describe a film as a “ Tom Hanks movie ” and everyone knows what to expect: A highly likable, regular guy who gets caught in extraordinary circumstances but rises to the top due to his true good character. He shows up on the set prepared to make each film the absolute best possible.

Film 27

Dimensions of Trade: The Dimension of Endless Possibility


Certainly there are country-local films in France or India, but at the same time in those countries people are watching Star Wars and Mission: Impossible. Like any endeavor, trade has evolved through time, and has passed through stages.

4 Secrets to the One-Call Meeting: Your Powerful Referral Program

No More Cold Calling

Even if you haven’t seen the film, you can probably guess what happens. Is your team tired of cold calling? Some people say it takes seven to 12 touches for sales reps to reach their prospects? Is that how you want your team spending their time?

Professional Sports Putting Profits Before People

Steven Rosen

The most recent film Concussion shamed the NFL. Leadership Lessons from the Elite. Like many of you, I follow professional sports but I am in no way a sport fanatic.

[TEMPLATE] How to Start a Conversation Using the “Foot-in-the-Door” Email

DiscoverOrg Sales

FYI, here’s the details on Japan’s spam laws: Reason #2) We were filming a cold email course in Tokyo. Here’s how to start a conversation (and book a meeting) with almost any prospect in your database or CRM using the “Foot-in-the-Door” email. This simple, 5-step cold email technique works especially well for sales development reps who regularly email: CEOs. Marketing VPs. Industry influencers. HR directors. Elon Musk. Your favorite podcast host.

April Edition of Top Sales Magazine Published

Jonathan Farrington

Finally, my “JF Uncut” column is taken over by my Italian cousin, the well-known Italian film director, Jonatelli Farringtonioni this month, who shares all the news from around the sales space. …. Our bumper April magazine is now published, and ready for your enjoyment.

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Create Your Own Unique Sales Role

Julie Hansen's Sales Blog

During the filming of My Left Foot, Daniel Day-Lewis, who played a severely handicapped character, refused to break character off-screen, insisting that he be lifted in and out of his wheelchair and wheeling himself around the set in order to gain insight into his character’s life.

Film 10

Five Ways to Serenity: How to Dial Down Work Stress and Boost Your Performance

The Productivity Pro

A “running” joke in the cult classic film Monty Python and the Holy Grail is Brave Sir Robin’s method of dealing with danger: “Run away!” “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”–Sydney ”–Sydney J.

Film 99

Planet of the Apes, Trust and Sales

Increase Sales

And unless you had heard this small tidbit of human behavior that Charlton Heston observed during the filming of the original film and the sequel, you might believe I am reaching for some bananas. Possibly you are wondering about this title of Planet of the Apes, Trust and Sales?

Manage Like the Godfather

No More Cold Calling

How many times have you seen The Godfather films? A sure sign of a really great film is that it’s filled with lines you know by heart and lessons you can apply in your life. Sales managers can take a few lessons from Don Corleone’s leadership style.

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