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Drones, geofences and wireless charging stations

Sales and Marketing Management

Issue Date: 2015-07-01. Author: Staff. Teaser: Meeting planners are seeing their role influenced more and more by technology, not just for the meeting itself, but in researching and booking venues, how planners interact onsite, and how they communicate following the meeting.

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Personalized Office Giveaways: Adding a Personal Touch to Employee Gifts


Another tech accessory your employees may find useful is wireless keyboards. These wireless peripherals offer flexibility and comfort while typing, allowing your employees to work efficiently from various locations. When looking for wireless keyboards, select those that have sleek and compact designs.

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Plantronics UC Toolkit, Wireless Voice Office Assessment Tool

The ROI Guy

Plantronics, the leading makers of audio communication solutions such as corded and wireless Bluetooth and DECT headsets was fielding many inquiries from customers who needed help configuring the best wireless headset solutions to support enterprise Unified Communication (UC) installations.

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No One To Call? B t

The Pipeline

Which brings the next retort, “How can I call them, I don’t have the wireless number?” The answer is anyone that is in your target group that will be buying from their new base of operation, their basement. Get used to it kids). True, but that does not have to be the end of the effort.

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You Get What You Plan For

The Pipeline

No disrespect, but there is not much difference between a wireless sale and a copier sale. If you’ve successfully sold to one CDC firm, you know the core elements needed to engage the next. Once you nail that, go further. For me it is style of selling. The deliverable is very different, but the sale itself, no disrespect, but….

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The 14 Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2018

Hubspot Sales

But get the right one and it will have just the right wireless range, the perfect amount of padding, and crystal-clear audio quality for successful calls every time -- in the audio department, anyway. Wireless range: 98 feet. Wireless range: 328 feet. Wireless range: 98 feet. Wireless range: 150 feet. Jabra Steel.

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Why Technology Is Ruining Our Mental Health

No More Cold Calling

Or, they’re walking with their wireless earbuds in, talking so loudly that everyone can hear. We’ve become so addicted to our phones, that we can’t function without them. Accidents happen because we’re texting while driving. Walk down any street in any city, and everyone’s looking down at their phones.

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