Drones, geofences and wireless charging stations

Sales and Marketing Management

Issue Date: 2015-07-01. Author: Staff. Teaser: Meeting planners are seeing their role influenced more and more by technology, not just for the meeting itself, but in researching and booking venues, how planners interact onsite, and how they communicate following the meeting. Following extensive research among its membership, the International Association of Conference Centres (IACC), a global association that serves the meetings industry, released its top meeting tech trends for 2015.

Gabb Wireless Decreases Agent Ramp Time by 80% with Online Training and Coaching


“Lessonly has been an all-in-one partner for our learning experience, and that’s been really valuable for our company. Now, we’re able to provide our agents with a really robust training experience.”. Case Studies


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Plantronics UC Toolkit, Wireless Voice Office Assessment Tool

The ROI Guy

Plantronics, the leading makers of audio communication solutions such as corded and wireless Bluetooth and DECT headsets was fielding many inquiries from customers who needed help configuring the best wireless headset solutions to support enterprise Unified Communication (UC) installations. One area that is often overlooked during a UC audio device deployment is the impact of introducing wireless devices, such as headsets, in to the office environment.

Are the Terms “Total Solution” and “Unique” Relevant Today?

Jonathan Farrington

PS: If you are a regular visitor here, you will know that I have become totally exasperated with the quality and service of wireless providers, ISP’s etc. At last a company that is not only technically competent, but also very “customer-aware” You should see their wireless solutions for yourself – HERE. General Global Consultancy JFA Jonathan Farrington & Associates Lan2Lan Top Sales Magazine Wireless SolutionsSimple answer?

How to End the Sales & Marketing Argument

Understanding the Sales Force

Kids argue with their parents and everyone argues with their cable company and wireless phone providers. Republicans and Democrats argue all the time. Fans of long-time rival sports teams argue too, regardless of whether the rivalry is at the high school, college or pro level. Players argue with umpires, referees and judges. So why is it so hard to understand why marketing argues with sales? Dave Kurlan marketing leads lead follow up sales follow up

?? Earning Passive Income With 5G Towers


Thus, today’s guest in Expert Insight Interview is Wally Wright, and he explains the benefits of investing in the newest global wireless standard. Many people maybe haven’t heard that 5G towers are a great source of passive income.

No One To Call? B t

The Pipeline

Which brings the next retort, “How can I call them, I don’t have the wireless number?” By Tibor Shanto. The tremors just keep on coming and people keep trying to adjust to the daily change. I understand the initial shock of facing a canyon of empty towers; every one has gone home.

Why Technology Is Ruining Our Mental Health

No More Cold Calling

Or, they’re walking with their wireless earbuds in, talking so loudly that everyone can hear. Do you really need to sleep with your phone? Call or text me anytime. You won’t disturb me. My phone and smartwatch are turned off when I’m sleeping. They’re nowhere near me. They’re in the kitchen charging. There’s nothing so urgent in my business that my sleep needs to be disturbed. We still have a landline, just in case our kids or grandkids need to reach us.

You Get What You Plan For

Tibor Shanto

No disrespect, but there is not much difference between a wireless sale and a copier sale. By Tibor Shanto. Last week I started these two parts look at planning for a successful sales year.

We're bringing magic to cold calling with a brand new feature. (and an exciting giveaway)


One Jabra Evolve 75 Wireless Headset ($300 value). More conversation. More action. Above all else, these are the cornerstones of a successful sales organization. It’s simple, really. If you’re not starting (and continually advancing) your sales conversations, then you’re not moving deals closer to the finish line. Over time, more leads will go cold, your pipeline dries up and the business suffers as a result.

The Top 8 Requirements for Becoming a Great Salesperson

Understanding the Sales Force

Wireless remote controls? If you're young enough, some of the questions in the first few paragraphs won't apply because you haven't experienced the world without the innovations mentioned below. Don't let that prevent you from reading this because after the milestones, we'll get to the good selling stuff. For those of you who are my age or older, do you remember the first time you saw color TV? For me it was the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the early 1960's.

TSE 063: Success Story-How Calendar Invite Helped Jason Tripp Gain More Clients!

Sales Evangelist

Jason Tripp is a business-to-business sales professional working for Verizon Wireless. Jason Tripp is a business-to-business sales professional working for Verizon Wireless. So I wanted to start something new on the show. We have many listeners who are applying the things that we are sharing and are finding success. On today’s episode we share Jason’s success story.

Cavemen Would Have Been Great Salespeople

No More Cold Calling

We haven’t rewired ourselves just because the world has gone wireless. We haven’t rewired ourselves just because the world has gone wireless. What can we learn from our ancestors about connecting with prospects and clients? A 27-year-old told me, “There’s nothing like meeting face to face.” I was stunned, because we’ve all heard that Millennials are tethered to their devices.

Three Trends That Will Change The Way You Serve Customers

Sales Gravy

When we do have a moment to spare, we are plugged into wireless devices; effectively insulating ourselves from our iToday’s customers are too busy at work, in traffic, running errands, working out, and chauffeuring kids to pay attention to service.

Lie To Me Like Everyone Else Does

The Pipeline

We have all had the opportunity to be screwed by a provider, I am not saying wireless, but as an example. What’s funny about the whole thing, is many companies, for example wireless, will do this to “how can I help – I apologize and see why you feel that way”; then do nothing, you bring up your next point, and they go right back to “yes, I can see that – I apologize and see why you feel that way”, and keep it going for a long time without resolution, until you drop the F-Bomb.

Why Technology Is Ruining Our Mental Health

No More Cold Calling

Or, they’re walking with their wireless earbuds in, talking so loudly that everyone can hear. Do you really need to sleep with your phone? Call or text me anytime. You won’t disturb me. My phone and smartwatch are turned off when I’m sleeping. They’re nowhere near me. They’re in the kitchen charging. There’s nothing so urgent in my business that my sleep needs to be disturbed. We still have a landline, just in case our kids or grandkids need to reach us.

Priceless, The First Customer Service Experience

Increase Sales

I did my research and discovered Data-Max Wireless. Then the service technicians also demonstrated outstanding professionalism from being on time and making recommendations for a better wireless router. In relocating from NW Indiana to NW Arizona, we have had to outreach to several businesses. Once again I realized how truly priceless the first customer service experience really is. Credit www.pixabay.com. Must Have Internet. My business depends on the Internet.

The Easiest Person To Lie To Is Yourself

The Pipeline

There are many other lies, one of my favourites is the wireless rep who had to drive a battery across town right at the time he was scheduled to prospect. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca . I hear a lot of talk in sales about lying, not so much about how they may lie to win business, but in broader terms. We have all heard the use of “buyers are liars”, or its popular cousin “sellers are liars”.

How to Keep a Small Business Safe from Cybercrime (video)


Scott Schober is a CEO of a wireless threat detection company, cybersecurity and wireless technology expert, speaker, and the author. How do you cyber secure your small business?

What’s Your Time Worth

The Pipeline

I have seen wireless salespeople drive a battery across town to avoid prospecting. By Tibor Shanto. Ask most salespeople what their time is worth, or if they value their time, and they respond in the affirmative. But as is often the case, the observable behaviour says something different. Not only do they seem to not worry about how they use time, but many also seem to go out of their way to waste it. I’ve started asking salespeople “What’s your time worth?”

Unintentional Selling - Selling Customers on Defecting

Understanding the Sales Force

Today, Verizon Wireless gets the brunt of my wrath! I found a wireless network (that wouldn't be the case in the Turkey airport), got Skype working, called Verizon and was told that my phone will not work in London, Istanbul or Amsterdam. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I've hit on this topic several times before when I ranted about: US Airways. United Airlines. Delta Airlines (Frank wrote this one). National Car Rental. National Car Rental a second time.

Don’t Make It Sound So Negative

The Pipeline

Have you tried calling your wireless provider to work through an issue? By Tibor Shanto. Commodity, the word is like Kryptonite for salespeople, say it out loud, and you can see their social status and sales erode. Somehow over the years, the word has come to be something negative in sales. The implication becomes that it is low value, easy to undercut on price, delivers few loyal customers, and generally undesired.

Daniel Graff-Radford Joins Allbound as Chief Executive Officer


In addition to his tenure at OnSolve leading the company’s strategy, Graff-Radford has served as Vice President at PGi leading their innovation lab and eventually product management of their fastest growing web solutions; and Vice President and General Manager at Omnilink Systems where he also helped build the initial business plan, and it’s eventual sale to Numerex, now Sierra Wireless (SWIR). It’s no secret that Allbound has built a team that’s unlike any other in the SaaS space.

The Insidiousness of the Guitar Industry

Adaptive Business Services

I have cases, stands, wall hangers, headphones, wireless systems, tuners, straps, picks, lessons, and gizmos coming out the a-hole. Several years ago now, I decided that I needed a hobby. I had played around with guitars a few times growing up but I never really learned to play.

10 Must-Have Inside Sales Technologies

Hubspot Sales

Wireless Headsets. Wireless headsets are a must — reps can multitask, log calls, take notes, and bring others on the line all while chatting with prospects. There are many options when it comes to the wireless headsets , including some with Bluetooth functionality.

Midsize Business Optimistic

Score More Sales

If those predictions are not enough, here are a couple more interesting ones for 2015: Fortune Magazine predicts that wireless charging of your mobile devices will become a reality in 2015 – led by Starbucks creating 200 cordless charging spots in the Bay Area and manufacturer Intel making new charging products coming out next year. Midsize business owners (and their c-level execs) are optimistic and have put dollars into their 2015 budgets to invest in: Technology (85%).

Top 10 Tips for Drama-Free Virtual Sales Meetings


Use a direct-wired internet connection versus wireless. Virtual selling is a new way to sell—and it’s so much more than simply moving your meetings online. Some of you may think, “The best way to sell is face-to-face” or “Technology creates a barrier between me and a buyer.”

Has the Death of Selling Finally Arrived?

Understanding the Sales Force

If you are selling something in great demand (iPhone 5), really inexpensive (monthly subscription of $20 or less), significantly lower-priced than your competition (by 20% or more), or that people must have (wireless service), then you can easily replace salespeople with marketers. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Well you would think so.

Inside Sales: Listen Up!

No More Cold Calling

We’re onto your tricks of calling from your cell phone so “wireless caller” appears. A new ebook from InsideSales.com tells how to turn cold calls into hot leads with referral selling. You really can stop cold calling. Well, you could —if only your manager would let you. If only you weren’t graded on the number of dials you made or restricted from spending too much time on the phone with a prospect. I know that happens, because you’ve told me about it.

What Is Captive Product Pricing?

Hubspot Sales

A cell phone is the core product, while a wireless plan is a captive product. A cell phone can’t become a cell phone without a wireless plan. Imagine owning an Xbox without games, or a film camera with no film. Unless you’re a collector, it doesn’t really make sense.

Film 71

An Empty Wagon – Sales eXchange 194

The Pipeline

Picture yourself as the person getting the calls, dozens of calls every week, from the copier rep, the wireless rep, the IT integrator rep, the office supply rep, the transportation rep, the sales training rep, and the oodles of other reps. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca. Wyoming Roundup.

NAICS Code Directory for Sales and Marketing Teams


334220 Radio & Television Broadcasting & Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing. 5173 Wired & Wireless Telecommunications Carriers. For B2B sales and marketing teams, having a 360-degree view of customers and prospects is key.

No One Wants Your Cold Calls

No More Cold Calling

We’re onto their tricks of calling from cell phones so “wireless caller” appears. When you get referrals, you get meetings with one call. I’ve heard it takes at least seven to 10 touches for sales teams who cold call and cold email prospects to connect with decision-makers. They research their targets (sometimes), identify trigger events, and create a compelling message (or so they think). But even after all that effort, many never get a foot in the door.

Webcams are a necessity for virtual sales professionals

The Pipeline

We may now live in a digital culture with all sorts of wireless gadgets, but nothing has replaced good, old-fashioned salesmanship. The Pipeline Guest Post – By Wayne Turmel. It’s not your father’s world of sales any more. The simple days of calling a client and doing a deal over coffee are long gone. Now, clients can screen calls, send our emails to spam and reject our sales pitches without ever having to look us in the eyes. Is this actually the death of salesmen? Not really.

On Being Productive….

Engage Selling

Leave your office, turn off your cell phone, shut off wireless. It’s amazing what 5 hours of uninterrupted time with no Internet or phone can do to your productivity: 42 emails sent. 300 emails filed / deleted moved. 2 Sales Quizzes written. 2 video scripts written. 1 proposal sent. Client project finished. Platinum and Gold November Sales letter written.

Does Swag Work as a Sales Tool? (Here’s What the Data Says)

Sales Hacker

a Qi wireless charger. They knew, for instance, that people are more likely to keep a wireless charger than a mousepad. . It’s a healthy question and one that has strong opinions on both sides… . Does swag work? Promotional products (AKA swag, tchotchkes, freebies, branded merchandise, you name it) have been around for some time. In fact, they date all the way back to George Washington’s campaign in 1789. .

What Tech Spending Trends in 2017 Predict for 2018

DiscoverOrg Sales

Along with Data Security, Identity and Access Management, Data Centers, Wireless and Automation initiatives, Collaboration, and Unified Communications are the areas expected to be invested in most in the upcoming months. While we don’t have a crystal ball to see what changes the new year will bring, we have something just as good: Data. And lots of it.

Trends 161

The Pipeline ? Beware The Mixed Message ? Sales eXchange ? 138

The Pipeline

For example, one of the large wireless carriers here in Canada is part of a larger media company, or conglomerate, they own TV outlets and magazines. Close to 85 pages of wasted paper, given that my average wireless statement being about 4 pages, that is the equivalent of 20 months worth of statements that I am not getting in order to benefit the planet, (not their coffers). In this case it will have an impact on my view when it comes to renewing my wireless agreement.

Earning Passive Income With 5G Towers (video)


Wally Wright is General Manager of Spectrum Link, a wireless internet service provider. Do you like the idea of getting passive income every month? In this Expert Insight Interview, Wally Wright discusses earning passive income from 5G Towers.

How Sales Operations Can Link Product Management to the Buyer

SBI Growth

The late 90’s were the gold rush of the wireless communications industry. Tony Zambito recently wrote a compelling article about the need to inform the buyer. Informing is about knowing how to provide valuable insights to the right people at the right time,” he said. What if the buyer isn’t buying from your company, even if they are informed? What if Marketing has actively informed the market with a sound content marketing strategy?