Who’s Harvesting Your Lead Farm?

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They qualify raw leads, nurture lukewarm prospects into the hot category, and turn the developed leads over to the sales force for harvesting. Guest Post By Dan McDade, CEO & President, PointClear. The lead farm—it may not sound very sexy at first hearing, but its function and resources are critical success factors in overcoming challenges that prevent B2B sales and marketing groups from operating at peak efficiency and delivering full revenue potential.

How to Cultivate and Harvest Your Leads Effectively

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Issue Date: 2014-03-03. Author: Steve Hays. Teaser: Converting leads is an ongoing process. On average, it takes 10 touches to convert a prospect into a customer. But most sales reps stop reaching out after fewer than two contacts. That's lead waste, and it's preventable.

Ready – Set – Go Part I

The Pipeline

Tuesday we enter the “final half” of the sales year, the unofficial intermission that is summer comes to a figurative end, and harvest season is upon us. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

Your Inspirational Exchange Starts Each Day

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A glorious, gleaming, Harvest moon. Each day we have the opportunity to be inspired, motivated, energized by our surroundings. This inspirational exchange happens for some almost unconsciously. We see the snow clinging to the tree branches and the quietness of a winter day.

3 Key Ingredients for Cultivating Customer Loyalty

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When it comes to cultivating customer loyalty, sales professionals can only harvest what we sow. There is no action or effort of greater strategic importance than building a foundation upon which a productive, long-term customer relationship can thrive and grow.

Double Article Friday and the Death of All Selling Forever

Understanding the Sales Force

You still need the harvest to eat. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan You get more bang for your buck on Fridays! Especially this Friday when you get my powerful rant below, as well as two bonus articles!

60 Motivational Quotes to Ignite Your Sales Drive in 2018

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What you plant now, you will harvest later." -Og What you plant now, you will harvest later." - Og Mandino. Inspirational Sales Quotes: "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." Thomas Edison. Always do your best.

The Nimble Smart Contacts App Just Got Smarter – Introducing Prospector!

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You might also be excited to read about Nimble’s free integration with CircleBack that is also integrated into the Smart Contacts App with Prospector and is used to harvest additional contact information from that person’s email signature line.

Closed – Now What?

Jonathan Farrington

You have done a lot of the hard work already – you discovered the opportunity, qualified it, carried out all the usual foreplay activities and actions, so now harvest it, and achieve a proper return on your investment. The ink is barely dry on the contract; everyone is satisfied that they have a good deal – “win-win.” ” In fact, you have already mentally spent the commission, and now you are salivating at the thought of the next big kill.

A 10-Step Plan for Global Account-Based Sales Development

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Her highly rated recent book, Whale Hunting with Global Accounts , moves readers beyond the typical small and midsize business growth solution by providing powerful steps and tools to find, land, and harvest whale-sized accounts.

Think You Are Selling Consultatively? Let’s Find Out …

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If your competition really believe that and take their foot off the accelerator, what a wonderful time for you to increase your activity and harvest the market place?

The Prosperity of Labor Day

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You plant before you harvest. www.sxc.hu. Today is Labor Day. A day to rest from the prosperity of labor. Over two thousand years ago, Sophocles said: “Without labor nothing prospers.” ” He was right then and he is still right today. Many read this quotation from an external viewpoint, an ego driven one where those who labor should reap greater benefits than those who employ the workers including the entrepreneurs, the small business owners, the C Suite executives.

Beware of Hiring Your Competitor's Sales People


Before you harvest their crop, consider these five myths when hiring your competitor's sales people.Life would be grand if we could sprinkle a few seeds in the groWhen did the competition begin building a better sales organization than your company?

Does Your Company Excel at all THREE Selling Activities?

Jonathan Farrington

In their desperate pursuit and focus on generating new opportunities, 80% of organizations neglect their existing clients, despite the fact that there are so many incremental opportunities just waiting to be harvested. One of the most important aspects of selling, that we highlight at JFA , is the fact that there are actually three distinct activities that organizations should be focusing on – and they are all equally important.

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Persistence

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These individuals understand how to build mutually beneficial relationships, listen for their clients’ value perception and then continue to harvest sales referrals and new sales leads long after that first earned sale. Top sales performers have this sales leadership talent of persistence to probably the 10th if not higher power.

Sales Process is a Big Deal! (Part Two)


Phase Seven: Harvest: Delivery of Service or Product. (If you haven’t read it, see Sales Process is a Big Deal! Part One)). A sales process includes all the steps that are taken from the time a prospect indicates interest in a product or service to their acquisition of that product or service and beyond. Sales cycles differ based on various factors such as industry, sales or distribution channel and the nature of the product or service.

Do Your Best Sales Detective Work On Prospects


Are you looking through SlideShares and PDFs in a Google search to see if there are email contacts at the end of the presentation that you can harvest? Faster than you can say Benedict Cumberbatch three times fast: In sales, you’re only as valuable as the data you’re operating upon. You may dive as deep as the shallow end of the kiddie pool. The true sales hunters will dive 10,000 leagues deep below the ocean and know what their prospects had for breakfast that morning.

How Big Data Can Help the Sales Leader

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These companies are harvesting vast amounts of internet activity and point of sale data. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years, you’ve heard about “ Big Data ”. However, most Big Data examples concern large B2C companies.

Data 198

How to Handle Difficult Sales Calls Like a Pro

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Start by confirming the qualification criteria you or your BDR have harvested. We’ve all been on a sales call that goes from bad to worse in under five seconds. Is your prospect moments away from throwing a mouse at the screen share?

Reviewing Sales Activity From an Unique Perspective

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Is the salesperson harvesting from existing accounts? Sales activity for many salespeople and their managers comes back to sales results specific to “How many dollars did you bill this past month?”

Multiply your Content Marketing by 6X

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Harvest new video case studies and add them to website product pages. The demands for content creation on today’s marketing team can take the form of a raging beast. Marketing teams are fighting to keep up.

Social Selling - The New Door Opener

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Gleaning was a practice where farmers left some of their crops in the field post-harvest. A lot was written in 2012 regarding the change in buyer behavior. With that change came concern. Are sales reps being squeezed out of the equation?

Capitalists Do Care – Friday’s Editorial

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The initial goal is to have the harvest’s yield exceed what cost of seeds and fertilizer by three times. Capitalist do care contrary to what the mass media or many politicians and citizens may think. For example,did you now that J.Pierpont Morgan (JP Morgan) bailed out the New York Stock Exchange several times back in the early 1900s? Credit www.sxc.hu.

Surging into Q3 – Some Actions to Make it Better than Q2!

Jonathan Farrington

I can assure you that the best maintained fields are yielding the best harvests. Recently, I exposed the considerable “relationship-gap” that apparently exists between customer/client expectation, and what most selling companies believe is necessary to retain them. That statement sounds terribly arrogant doesn’t it? “ What most selling companies believe is necessary to retain them “… But isn’t that the point?

Welcome back – How Was Your Summer?

The Pipeline

In essence, harvest time! Then it’s time to act, much like farmers at harvest time, you need to focus on systematically brining in the crop, not meander aimlessly in your fields.

Sales Incentive Program Management as a Profit Center for CFO’s of Large Channel Members and Distributors

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Since the incentive payments have now grown to $25 million, the harvest by the reseller is now $6.25 Author: George Kriza, CEO, MTCPerformance For most large resellers or distributors, sales incentive programs for internal sales teams get little attention from top financial executives inside their organizations.

Ready Set Go – Part II

The Pipeline

Think of it as a variation to the above scenario, except in this instance we seed now, harvest in January. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

How Sales Operations Can Link Product Management to the Buyer

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It is in the best, long-term interest of Sales Operations to harvest these insights and inform Product Management. Tony Zambito recently wrote a compelling article about the need to inform the buyer.

Closed – Now What?

Jonathan Farrington

You have done a lot of the hard work already: You discovered the opportunity; qualified it; carried out all the usual foreplay activities and actions, so now harvest it, and achieve a proper return on your investment.

Powerful LinkedIn Networking!

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If I were one of those “list” people, there is a ton of good email harvesting in this note.]. I received a LinkedIn email from an individual, apparently one of my LinkedIn connections.

15 Unexpected Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

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Not hitting up open houses to harvest new leads? How to Get Real Estate Leads. Build Partnerships. Throw a Housewarming Party. Become a Restaurant Regular. Send a Handwritten Note. Advertise. Build Your Own Website. Develop a Niche. Use "Coming Soon" Signs. Head to an Open House.

On the Eve of Q3, Some Actions to Make it Better than Q2

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I can assure you that the best maintained fields are yielding the best harvests. Yesterday, I exposed the considerable “relationship-gap” that apparently exists between customer/client expectation, and what most selling companies believe is necessary to retain them. (If

Does Your Company Excel at all THREE Selling Activities?

Jonathan Farrington

One of the most important aspects of selling that we highlight at JFA , is the fact that there are actually three distinct activities that organizations should be focusing on, and they are all equally important.

Do You Know Where Your Best Practices Are?

Jonathan Farrington

When best practices are not harvested, a precious resource is lost. Linda Richardson.

Sales Managers: What are you Thankful For?

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because of our Thanksgiving holiday and while many other nations have similar events based upon similar justifications; i.e. thankful for successful harvests, it is always important for everyone to pause, at anytime, and consider what they are thankful for. Sales Managers: What Are You Thankful For? It’s a short week for many of us in the U.S.

The Lost Art of Selling

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The theory was that if we could create demand for our products and services through advertising and promotion, we merely needed to harvest the flood of incoming orders in our call centers or order desks.

3 Tips to Turn Noise Into Value


Just like listening to a conversation in a language you don’t know, without context, information is simply various data points – which means the silos of Big Data you’ve purchased or harvested, waiting to be leveraged by some brave salesperson or marketer, are just silos full of noise.

Salespeople have done more for progress than anyone imagines

The Science and Art of Selling

There was no demand for the Reaper , and McCormick preached his gospel of efficient harvesting for fourteen years before he sold his first hundred machines. Whenever a new commodity appears, we ridicule it, and oppose it, and refuse to buy it at any price.

The #1 Sales Tip: Everything Is a “Story” By Christina Hamlett

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some Mesopotamian farmers made the astonishing discovery that bread wasn’t the only thing they could make from harvested grain. One afternoon back in 10,000 B.C., Mixed with water and left around to ferment, the result was a blissful brew that instantly made them regret they’d have to wait until 1600 for the invention of a nice pizza to go with it. Credit www.sxc.hu. If what you just read was the opening paragraph in a newspaper article, you probably wouldn’t know where it was going.

What I Learned From Steve Jobs


Think of ice harvesters, ice factories, and refrigerator companies. Are you still harvesting ice during the winter from a frozen pond? Visionary, entrepreneur and leader, Guy Kawasaki is Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures , a founder of Alltop , and the author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.