Customers Leave People Not Businesses

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You make the extra effort to show appreciation to your loyal customers. A True Customer Loyalty Story. An entrepreneur recently shared his customer experience about how one restaurant manager destroyed his customer loyalty. He was by all accounts a valued, loyal customer.

Customer Awareness and Customer Care

Mukesh Gupta

A recent post by Bernadette Jiwa made me think about the difference between Customer Support, Customer Satisfaction and customer awareness/care. A small subset of this are customer who are vocal because they care and want the business or the product to get better.

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Artificial Intelligence: Replacing Sales and Customer Service?


Today we are seeing an increasing amount of news and commentary about the necessity for artificial intelligence (AI) to intervene in or perhaps even replace live human interaction in areas such as sales and customer service.

The Vital Importance of Customer Advocacy


The post The Vital Importance of Customer Advocacy appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. For Sales Pros customer-centric customers sales professionals

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks

Customers Expect Better and Better Customer Experience

Babette Ten Haken

Customers expect better and better customer experience (CX) the longer they choose to do business with you, courtesy of the Internet of Things (IoT). Customers anticipate that products, equipment and service will not only remain as good as the first day they were deployed.

Disrupt Customers by Disrupting Yourself First

Babette Ten Haken

When we disrupt customers, what do we seek to accomplish from our intentions and actions? Somehow, somewhere, serving the Voice of the Customer’s Needs gets lost in our professional training, doesn’t it? When we disrupt customers, let’s do it on their terms.

Customer Follow-up Improves With Automation

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Why is customer follow-up important? It’s not enough to get your customer to buy. One key to doing this effectively is to offer sincere, timely follow-up customer service. This is a quick and simple note letting the customer know that you appreciate their service.

Explaining Customer Loyalty and IIoT Customer Retention

Babette Ten Haken

Explaining customer loyalty and customer retention for the IIoT ecosystem seems like comparing apples and oranges. How would IIoT customer loyalty programs differ/compare with traditional B2C customer loyalty programs? Customers may love you and be extremely loyal to you.

3 ways sales leaders can “dazzle” customers


Satisfying your customers isn’t good enough in today’s competitive markets. This shouldn’t be an issue in sales, which is generally viewed as a “people place,” but I have seen far too many salespeople driven to flog products and assuage their egos rather than put the sensitive wants and desires of their customers first. Customers can’t be delighted if a salesperson is driven to push a product solution down their throats.

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Introducing Custom Opportunity Forms


The post Introducing Custom Opportunity Forms appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. A CRM solution is only as good as its flexibility.

Knowing Your Customer When Face-to-Face Interaction is Obsolete


An age-old business maxim is to “know your customer,” and entrepreneurs, executives and sales agents have lived by this wisdom for centuries. This small and traditional customer service tactic isn’t just unique to the restaurant industry, it’s true across every industry.

Prioritize Your Customer’s Decision Performance


A salesperson only gets a sale if his/her customer first decides that salesperson will be getting that sale. Salespeople must remember that there’s another conversation going on while they’re talking to customers. The customer’s internal conversation is the more important of the two.

How to Find Your Ideal Customer Profile


For many business owners and professionals, utilizing customer relationship management software (or CRM, for short) is an essential part of marketing and building customer databases. We’ve come up with a few ways to help people find ideal customer profiles. Who is your customer?

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Introducing Custom Auto Number Fields


The post Introducing Custom Auto Number Fields appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. We believe that CRM Software must be easily and rapidly customizable to your company’s specific needs.

Always Remember Customer Service Is SALES!

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How many times do those in B2B or even B2C industries fail to understand customer service is sales. A new report just released by Astound Commerce through secret shoppers recognized seven retailers who excel in customer service through: Must have website. Overall customer service.

Retaining existing IIoT Customers? No worries, right?

Babette Ten Haken

Are you concerned about retaining existing IIoT customers? If you are puzzled about how to make your customer retention strategy more effective, I invite you to join me on June 14 for my BrightTALK webinar on why customer retention is both an art form as well as a strategy.

Priceless, The First Customer Service Experience

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Once again I realized how truly priceless the first customer service experience really is. He only reaffirmed my first customer service experience with the Repair Department at Attwoods. And these expenditures have all been fostered by that priceless first customer service experience.

Build a Championship Customer Success Team

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Post Sale Customer Abandonment impacts Customer Retention

Babette Ten Haken

What is your rate of post sale customer abandonment? How well does your organization “stay close to your customer”? Often, sellers leave customer retention, and customer experience, up to everyone else in their organization: the “non-sales” people.

When It Comes to Results, Focus on Your Customer


Equally frustrating are the salespeople that are so focused on their numbers they turn customers and prospects off. The post When It Comes to Results, Focus on Your Customer appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. For Sales Pros customers sales leaders salespeople

Bad Customer Service Should Not Be a Sales Objection

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Bad customer service should not be one of them. Yet when that sales objection is something beyond their control such as customer service, delivery by another vendor to invoicing, earning the sale becomes even more difficult. Real Time Bad Customer Service. Recent events on social media have shown the impact of real time customer experience. A colleague, Carole Mahoney said “ The customer experience is just a viral tweet away.”

Outstanding Salespeople are “Customer Secret Addicts”


How does it get tagged as remarkable and indispensable by their customers? The post Outstanding Salespeople are “Customer Secret Addicts” appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. The challenge in a world where virtually everyone has their basic needs satisfied is determining how an organization can stand out and be noticed. Today people are looking beyond their basic needs and are looking for opportunities to feed their individual wants and […].

Know This One Thing to Help Your Customers Buy


The neuroscience and decision making of customers we know popularised by books like ‘Chimp Paradox’, ‘the brain audit’ and Cialdini book ‘Influence’. The post Know This One Thing to Help Your Customers Buy appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

How do you connect Customer Lifecycle to Customer Success?

Babette Ten Haken

Customer lifecycle describes the developmental stages of customer passage with your organization. Customers evaluate, buy, use and develop/maintain a degree of loyalty to your products or services. Customer lifecycle is the foundation of customer relationship management (CRM).

Three Things to Help Your Sales Team Have Insightful Customer Conversations


“I know I need to be unique and different when talking to customers; but I don’t know how?”. SiriusDecisions reports that 71 percent of sales leaders say it is the salesperson’s inability to articulate value to the customer that separates high performers from low performers.

Quit Chasing Every Customer!

The Sales Hunter

Their reasoning is they want to attract customers who are now attracted to the ultra low fare airlines like Spirit. United Airlines announced last week a new cheap fare that does not allow ticket holders to carry on any luggage.

Would Customers Pay for Your Sales Calls?


The post Would Customers Pay for Your Sales Calls? When I speak to audiences of sales professionals and ask, “How many of you sell value versus price?” everyone raises their hand. But my next question “So how do you do that?” is frequently followed by an uncomfortable silence.

What Does It Mean To “Really Add” Customer Value?


The experts are telling us that in today’s economic environment if you want to keep and build your customer base then you need to learn to add value. The post What Does It Mean To “Really Add” Customer Value? Entrepreneurs customersValue is your differentiator, value is what will make you standout from your competition. So what does that mean to “really” add value? Isn’t it enough that […].

What Do You Know About Your Customer’s Customer?

The Sales Hunter

Do you know who your customers sell to? You might say they don’t have customers, but stop and ask yourself, “Why are they buying from me?” ” Everyone serves someone, and who they serve is their customer. Blog Customer Service Sales Motivation customer service prospectingA few years ago I was in China talking to the owner of a manufacturing facility, and I […].

Most Effective Way To Get Your Message To Customers

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The post Most Effective Way To Get Your Message To Customers appeared first on Fill the Funnel. The most effective lead generation method right now incorporates video. In order to stand out, viewers want to see a high-quality, jaw-dropping video and say WOW!

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Is your Company Pro-Active or Re-active with its Largest Customers?


How can this be when your largest customers are providing the lion’s share of revenue for your company? Putting your company at risk with a disproportionate amount of revenue tied up with a small number of customers without a pro-active account management structure to retain those customers.

Customer Fade-away and Lost Sales Opportunities

Babette Ten Haken

Customer Fade-away happens. Customers you really didn’t pay much attention to gradually ride off into the sales sunset. Until you and I decided to take a look at that customer base of yours. Customer fade-away represents not only lost initial sales opportunities.

A Customer Love Affair drives Engagement and Retention

Babette Ten Haken

A customer love affair isn’t an invitation to engage in dubious behavior. I trust I didn’t get your hopes up… Rather, when customers fall in love with you they become more engaged and collaborative. Learn how to leverage customer success for customer retention. .

7 must-have expectations met to start growing customers for life


There isn’t a company on the planet that doesn’t want their customers to say yes more often: yes to higher prices, yes to more purchasing, yes to the greatness of your service and yes to the results of those services. This is certainly how you start growing customers.

How to Uncover Your Customer and Prospects Trust Criteria


We can mistake good will and sales opportunity for strong enough trust to win over a customer or prospect. These behaviours alone do not help us get past the walls of past experience and the unknown evidence and expectations our customers look for to feel safe.

Why a Customer-First Approach Is Essential for Company Growth


A customer-first approach is essential for company growth, and sales reps that put the customer’s needs first are rewarded with loyal customers, industry credibility, respect and referral business. The Sales Incentive for Prioritizing Customer Needs.

Why your tired Customers are challenging to Retain

Babette Ten Haken

Did you ever think that you serve a lot of tired customers? Most importantly, either you or your customers have decision fatigue, innovation is impeded. Start thinking about your tired customers context. Ultimately, tired customers are really tired of their status quo.

Lies Do Not Inspire Customer Loyalty

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When will customer service people from wait staff to store clerks to everyone else in between realize lies do not inspire customer service loyalty. Lies build distrust and turn existing loyal customers into finding other solution providers.

The Customer Retention Workforce is Proactive, not Reactive

Babette Ten Haken

What happens when a proactively engaged customer retention workforce is hired to catalyze the engagement of their customers? Creating a customer retention workforce is a solid investment in the growth, expansion and sustainability of your organization.