Marketing Goes Way Beyond Paid Advertising

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Back in the Mad Men days, marketing was just paid advertising. Pay big bucks for some high price advertising firm to get you recognized and you will achieve success. You no longer have to pay big bucks for paid advertising to attract attention.

Why Sales Leaders Hate Your Advertising Agency

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Sales leaders perceive advertising agencies with the trifecta of doom; Expensive, Eccentric, and Frivolous. Why is it that most B2B sales leaders hate advertising agencies? They are irked when advertising agencies take too much credit for growth.

The Super Bowl: How Advertising is Changing

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NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl have rolled back around, and they bring with them one of the greatest advertising displays of the year. The Super Bowl has always been known for being one of the most expensive advertising opportunities. Guest Post – Megan Totka.

B2B Programmatic Advertising for Beginners


As with nearly every other aspect of business— automation, predictive learning, and artificial intelligence have drastically changed the advertising landscape. Programmatic advertising. What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

Marketing Is Not What You Think It Is

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Many people believe that marketing and advertising are the same thing. Sales advertising customer marketing service trainingOr if not, that marketing consists of the promotion you do to drive sales. But the reality is very different.

Search, Geofencing, and Programmatic Advertising – Oh My!

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Do you want to put an ad in front of your competitors’ customers while they’re still at your competitors’ place? Then we can keep advertising to them after they leave – it’s called geofenced programmatic advertising. advertisingPsst … psst … hey you … yes, YOU!

Advertising Brings Awareness, Testimonials Bring Customers | Sales Tips

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6 Compelling Reasons Your Business Must Try In-App Advertising

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Mobile advertising is leading the digital advertising industry right now and it’s not slowing down any time soon. Advertising on mobile apps has far more reach than desktop ads as mobile users consume more digital minutes compared with desktop users.

UX Isn’t Enough – Why an Integrated CX Strategy Will Help Drive Growth

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There are quite a few buzzwords in the customer sphere. Two of the big ones relate to experiences – user and customer. Although User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (EX) are unique, they must work together for your organization to.

Full-Funnel Marketing: Is it Advertising or Marketing? The Challenge of Creating Awareness in a Noisy World.

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Is it advertising that’s needed to create customers or is it marketing? Does it matter? Matt Heinz and his team at Heinz Marketing have put together a great book on the subject, and you can get an electronic copy of Full Funnel Marketing for free!

6 Types of Mobile Advertising (When and How to Use Them)

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As marketers, you have the responsibility to understand current customer preferences to better market your business’ products and services, and that includes where or what they are mostly spending their time on. Banner Advertisement. Native Advertisement. Video Advertisement.

Getting to Street Price, the Hardest Task in Pricing

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When you sell entirely through indirect channels you are blind to the street price and how your products or service is valued by the end customer. You’re Blind and You Have a Problem.

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K-Mart's advertising vs marketing

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Related Stories K-Mart’s advertising vs marketing Five Ways to Use Testimonials to Generate Leads Using Your Customer’s Language – Real Tales of Caution. strategy Customer Service

K-Mart’s advertising vs marketing

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The total customer experience is part of marketing. They treated the customer right. They had customer centric priorities, They often engaged in banter with customers about the foods, new, old and current. Think through your customer’s entire buying process.

Mission: Possible – Simplify Paid Search Advertising with Salesfusion


Simply put , paid search advertising, also known as PPC (Pay Per Click), is the ability to deliver targeted advertisements using a bidding process to people who are searching for products or services like yours. Rather than think of paid search advertising as “advertising spend,” think of it as a fundamental element of your lead generation efforts. Awesome news, then: the value of paid search advertising is indispensable.

How an Inclusive Storytelling Culture retains Customers

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Yet, most organizations and associations lump storytelling under the advertising and promotional umbrella. And, often, these activities are outsourced to folks who are not as invested as you are in retaining not only your customers, but also your employees.

Create a 19,900% Advertising Bump in 67 Seconds

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It doesn’t matter who your clients and customers are – they are all people. I don’t think we did anything memorable as customers; so I don’t think this was a special letter just for me.

Here’s Why Your Mobile Ads Aren’t Converting

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With the everyday noise online and advertisers fighting for peoples’ attention, mobile display ads now need to use creative tactics and novel methods to reach their campaign goals. If you’ve gotten a potential customer to click on your ad, you’ve already won half the battle.

How to Develop and Deliver the Best Campaign Recap

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As a seller, have you ever heard this from a customer? selling digital advertising sales performance sales process“Wow, this is the best campaign recap I’ve ever received!” The odds of getting this type of feedback are low.

The Economic Collision of Customer Service and Social Media

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The customer has evolved from being King or Queen to being an Internet socially connected King or Queen. No longer must he or she hang on for minutes to speak to your customer service department.

Lessons Learned from Second Life: Advertising 2.0

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With a custom designed "avatar," you can look, behave and speak any way you want. Virtual worlds give participants an opportunity to be whoever they want, wish or hope to be. It's your "second life," after all. Brands, however, don't have that lu

I cut our Facebook spend from $20,000 to zero and nothing tragic happened


First, successful digital strategies depend on a blended, multi-channel approach to engaging, capturing, nurturing, and converting potential users to customers. The Adwords program was an effective driver of customer acquisition. Really, for any advertisers.

Customer Loyalty So You Have It?

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Creating satisfied customers was the goal. With the click of a mouse thanks to the dramatic impact of ever changing technology, your satisfied customer can leave and become easily satisfied by your competitor. Continue the same practices, policies, and procedures through archaic customer service training? Customer loyalty is truly about your bottom line. Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can have a 25% to 100% in profits?

Why Exit Interviews provide a Customer Experience Reality Check

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However, conducting them is one of the best ways to gauge the validity of customer experience (CX) survey results. However, what happens when customer experience survey results indicate positive results. customer experience survey was a sufficient barometer of customer sentiment.

Being the Best Isn’t Enough Anymore

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And your customers love you. advertising SEO website Social mediaImagine you’re in the restaurant business. Whether it’s been years or you’re new to the game, you know you’re the best at what you do. Your food is the best. Your service is the best. Your presentation is the best.

Using Social Media to “Prep” Customers for a Sale

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But how exactly should you use social media to entice your customers to make a purchase? Promote Specific Events – Company events can draw a good deal of attention from customers. This can be really helpful for other customers who have not yet bought from you.

6 Ways To Make Sure Your Customers Get The Message

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Yet, as you walk down the hall – you have this feeling of hoping that customers will get your message. A far cry from the days of worrying what went into print advertising! I’ll send an SOS to the world. I’ll send an SOS to the world. I hope that someone gets my. Message in a bottle.

Why CMOs Need to Resist the Onslaught of the Trivial

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Your job description probably reads something like “generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing for the entire organization, using market research, pricing, product marketing, communications, advertising and public relations.”

Know Thy Customer

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Business customization isn’t just for the big sales guys. The more you personalize your customer’s experience, the better. Focus on Your Existing Customer. The focus is on existing customers. What are you doing for your loyal customers?

3 Ways Customer Data Can Increase Workplace Efficiency

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Author: Judi Hand Contact center employees have one aim: using the information at their disposal to solve a customer’s problem. Companies provide these workers with data, contact history, service history, and so on to help them answer whatever questions the customer asks. But companies focus so much on the relationship between customers and data that they often ignore how smart data practices affect employees. Listening to Employees Like Customers.

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3 Ways Customer Data Can Increase Workplace Efficiency

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Judi Hand Contact center employees have one aim: using the information at their disposal to solve a customer’s problem. Companies provide these workers with data, contact history, service history, and so on to help them answer whatever questions the customer asks. But companies focus so much on the relationship between customers and data that they often ignore how smart data practices affect employees. Listening to Employees Like Customers.

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The 4 kinds of promises you should never make to customers


A study by Accenture found that over 60% of companies who broke promises to consumers were serial offenders: Does this mean you should stop making promises to customers? And as a sales rep, you already know that long-term customers are the bread and butter of your company’s profitability.

5 places your inbound funnel is bringing in bad customers

You have an ideal customer. Too many startups and SMBs see a customer at their door with a fistful of cash and suddenly forget all the work they’ve put into defining their ideal customer. And in many cases, they’re the exact type of customer you want to turn away.

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The Pipeline ? When the customer can't be consoled, console the.

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When the customer can’t be consoled, console the employee. “I can hear the frustration in your voice,” said Sarah, to an upset customer. On each issue the customer raised, Sarah acknowledged how he felt and offered feedback to illustrate she understood his concerns.

Customer Success

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Here’s the big fact: 98% of all dissatisfied customers were not dissatisfied because of a quality problem with the product or service purchased. Note that I said the customers “perception of how they were treated” – not how they were treated. It means that in some, maybe many of those cases, the employees involved actually treated the customers fairly, courteously and tried to do the best they could. Remember, to the customer you are your company.

Building Customer Relationships With Your Prospects On Social Media


More and more brands try to figure out why customers prefer to do business with and purchase items from one company or store rather than the other. After all, each and every one of us is a customer from time to time. The price, customer service, or maybe… something else?

Ideal Customer Profile: Firmographics


In my last post Ideal Customer Profile: Mining Your Customers , I showed how your existing customers are a great place to start to discover your ICP. This built on the previous post Ideal Customer Profile – Part 1: Introduction , where I introduced the concept of the Ideal Customer Profile. The attributes of your Ideal Customer Profile can be separated into the three categories: Firmographics: Who should you call?

How to Cultivate Customers into Clientele

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It is a proven fact that when a customer comes into a business and asks specifically for a particular salesperson, the closing percentage is 60% or higher than a person who is drawn in through advertising and general awareness. Prospects, customer

Is Your Sales Customer Experience Twice As Good?

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I was driving by a gas station and they were advertising 2-12 packs of cola for $7. I don’t remember how old I was. I couldn’t have been more than 9 or so, but I remember I asked my dad for a quarter to buy some candy. He gave me the quarter.

The Sales Email Template That Won 16 New B2B Customers

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What's the difference between the sales email no one opens and responds to and the one that generates dozens of new customers?Is In about a month of working together, I created a single sales email template that got them more than 16 new customers. Outcome: 16 new customers.

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