Automotive: The Profile of a Top Sales Person

Tom Hopkins

The post Automotive: The Profile of a Top Sales Person appeared first on How to Selling Skills. Related posts: The Buyer Interview in Automotive Sales. Activity Breeds Productivity in Automotive Sales.

The Buyer Interview in Automotive Sales

Tom Hopkins

Related posts: Activity Breeds Productivity in Automotive Sales. Automotive Selling Skills auto sales automotive sales car sales making people comfortable Qualifying sales skills selling skills

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Professional Selling – Automotive

Tom Hopkins

Many automotive salespeople who haven’t yet reached the professional stage think professional selling is exactly the opposite of what it really is. The post Professional Selling – Automotive appeared first on How to Selling Skills. Related posts: Automotive: The Profile of a Top Sales Person. The Buyer Interview in Automotive Sales. Activity Breeds Productivity in Automotive Sales.

Activity Breeds Productivity in Automotive Sales

Tom Hopkins

Automotive activity chart auto sales automotive sales car sales productivity selling carsWhat are you going to do today that will lead to more sales? If you have a list of business-building activities to complete, wonderful! If you do not, let me show you one that has worked for others for many years. Early in my sales career, I identified activities I could do during non-client times [.] Related posts: Activity Breeds Productivity in Network Marketing.

Body Language Buying Signs

Tom Hopkins

Automotive automotive body language presentation skills selling cars vehicle salesWhen it comes to recognizing body language clues from prospective clients, you must be like a detective. You ask questions relating to their situations, their needs, their likes and dislikes.

First Impressions Are A Two Way Street In Automotive Sales


It’s common knowledge: automotive salespeople don’t provide the same caliber of serviEvery employee at a dealership must begin to treat every guest as a buyer. Otherwise, your people will continue to stop sales and your customers will go elsewhere.

Arouse Emotions in Auto Sales

Tom Hopkins

Automotive auto sales automotive sales client contact Presentation/Demonstration sales closing sales skills selling skillsWhat is the emotional process that leads to the purchase of a new vehicle? It begins with a new development in the buyer’s self-image.

Believing in Yourself as a Sales Professional

Tom Hopkins

Related posts: Professional Selling – Automotive. Believing in yourself is the first step to success in sales. A lack of self-confidence will be evident to others and cause them to hesitate doing business with you. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being “outstanding”), how strongly do you believe in your abilities as a sales professional? I’m going to […]. The post Believing in Yourself as a Sales Professional appeared first on How to Selling Skills.

How Tesla Is Threatening An American Sales Tradition

Sales Benchmark Index

If Tesla can outlast the political opposition , it may revolutionize the automotive sales channel. Most Americans don’t like negotiating over a price. However, one icon remains at the epicenter of haggling: the auto dealership.

PowerViews with Dan Waldschmidt: Changing the Conversation


However, Henry Ford declared bankruptcy five times before redefining the automotive business and, along the way, modern manufacturing. Joining me today is Dan Waldschmidt, founder of Waldschmidt Partners International.

Decision-Making in Sales

Tom Hopkins

The Buyer Interview in Automotive Sales. Decision-making in sales situations is not drastically unlike making decisions in life in general. Before you can help a potential client make a decision about owning your product or service, you must have certain knowledge.

“I’ve Never Ever Sold A Computer Or Piece Of Software”

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The ability of a tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry to keep a $107 million a year contract with a key customer. Many of you know that I spent much of my career in IBM, starting as a sales person moving into the management ranks. Over that period of time, I think either the teams I led or I collected billions in revenue from the computers and software we shipped to our customers. In spite of those billions in revenue, I never sold a computer or software system.

Insights on Outbound Conference in Atlanta


I have been featured in major publications including featured by Automotive News, Advertising Age and for my unique social media marketing and self-promotion efforts.” On April 13, 2017, I attended the #OutBound conference in Atlanta, GA. Remarkably, despite the road destruction in downtown Atlanta, everyone got there on time – about 400 attendees. The event was held at the Hotel Intercontinental in Buckhead and Cirrus Insight did a great job as a sponsor.

Exceptional Leadership Achieves Sustainable Results

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Back during the automotive bailout by the US Federal government, Ford was the only domestic vehicle manufacturer to turn down that very tempting offer. Leadership is what separates the exceptional organizations from those just barely holding on within the marketplace. Exceptional leadership looks ahead of the future business flow and makes calculated guesses based on the leader’s knowledge of the industry, the marketplace and most importantly the organization.

The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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Automotive sales easily gets one of the worst reputations in sales. Another channel aimed at automotive salespeople is Sean T. In 2013, American companies alone spent $164.2

The Exploited and Expensive Myths of Motivation – Friday’s Editorial

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In the book Change or Die , the author shared a story about an automotive plant in California. Motivation of others continues to be an exploited and expensive myth.

Moving Into Our “Discomfort Zones”

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Organizations that don’t change, join the ranks of most of the US steel industry, much of the automotive industry, dozens of high tech corporate carcasses, and countless other examples. As sales people, we get frustrated with customers that are slow, reluctant, resistant to change. We want them to embrace change, moving forward; because moving forward presents us an opportunity to sell. But turn the mirror on ourselves, and we are as reluctant as everyone else to change.

What You Must Do for BETTER Sales Prospecting

The Sales Hunter

So, one week you may focus on the health care industry and the next week you may focus on the automotive industry. Do you struggle with prospecting by phone? For many salespeople, having to make prospecting telephone calls is one of the most difficult parts of their job.

Putting Yourself In Your Customers’ Shoes

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If you deal with aeronautical engineers, you will talk about aerodynamics, but the same concept in automotive body design is expressed by flow lines. As sales people, we need to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. Organizationally, we need to understand their business, markets, industry, key strategies/drivers, key challenges, how things get done within the company, and more.

Product Configurator System: Tool, Solution or Integrated System?

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They make appliances, jet engines, automotive systems, aerospace systems and just about anything else you can think of and manage the parts, assemblies, subassemblies, pricing, availability, internal and external sources, the back-up supplier networks, the product queue and the financial reporting requirements for all of it. Sales configurator software, and more specifically, product configurator software, comes in a wide range of varieties, formats and sophistication.

Channel Visibility Reveals Unique Sales Workflows in Multi-Channel Organizations

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Your customers include basic warehousing and fulfillment centers, major automotive manufacturing facilities and everything in between. Distributing product through multiple channels means accommodating multiple sets of needs, competence levels and knowledge. Each channel is unique to some degree, and that means each channel has unique requirements as well. Discerning the nature of those requirements requires visibility into the individual sales channels.

Rethinking Account And Opportunity Prioritization

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Likewise manufacturing could be process, discrete, consumer products, electronica components, automotive, aerospace, basic materials, technology, medical devices, and on and on and on. I’ve written quite a bit about the importance of defining our “sweet spots.”

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Decision-Making For Businesses


Stand-outs are in the health, financial services and automotive sectors. The automotive industry, on the other hand, has developed several AI applications, from vehicle design to marketing and sales decision-making support.

Breaking Down the Buyer’s Journey for SMB Marketers


In this scenario, we’ll put ourselves in the shoes of Mitch, who is an operations manager for an automotive manufacturer. If you feel like discussions about the buyer’s journey have suddenly popped up all over the place, you’re not imagining it.

Are We Speaking The Customer’s Language?

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A very simple example–many years ago, I managed an organization whose key customer segments were automotive and aerospace design engineers. Automotive engineers tended to talk about “flow lines,” aerospace engineers tended to talk about “aerodynamics.” Recently I was in China in a series of meetings with CEO’s of Chinese companies. The meetings were great, but we each struggled to maximize their impact.

People Don’t Buy from People They Don’t Like

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From his days with the Southwestern Company, to the real estate and automotive businesses, he’s done it all. At its core, selling is communication and persuasion. To accomplish this, we must be likeable people.

Experiencing What Our Customers Experience

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I was heavily involved in the automotive industry at one point in my career. I’d meet with the top executives of some of the US automotive manufacturers. Too often, there’s a huge disconnect between our organizations and our customers.

Close Sales with Leading Questions

Tom Hopkins

The Buyer Interview in Automotive Sales. Leading questions are questions that help you steer the conversation to the information that helps you determine if your product is right for your client — these questions guide and convince.

Channel Management Strategies: Using CPQ to Improve Customer Experience

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Atlas has recently been awarded an exclusive distributorship for its engine-part business because the partner is the number-one supplier of engine parts to the automotive sector. Every company wants to grow. Growth is imperative. Companies achieve growth through increased sales. This can be done by selling to new customers or by selling new products. For companies using a direct selling model, that may mean new marketing messages and additional sales training.

HELP!!! – This Poor Sales Person Can’t Sell!

A Sales Guy

The product that I am selling/marketing is a software product for Automotive, Aerospace, Networking and educational sectors. It’s not uncommon for me to get emails requesting help from sales people or sales leaders. But, I got one this morning and I felt terrible for this person. They are dying on the vine and are desperate to break the sales code and start selling before they give up entirely. You can feel this person’s frustration and agony. They are clearly not happy.

Podcast Interview

Tom Hopkins

The Buyer Interview in Automotive Sales. I did a podcast interview with Rod Khleif of Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing. Rod has graciously agreed to allow me to post the link to the interview here. I hope you enjoy listening in.

Podcast Interview on Sales Chalk Talk

Tom Hopkins

The Buyer Interview in Automotive Sales. Hugh Liddle, THE Sales Wizard, and co-host Jim Hamlin interview a huge variety of special guests who share Ideas about sales, marketing, business and success that will help you create more sales and more income for you and your company.

Buying Is A High Risk Job!

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Take a look at the battery supply problems for Fisker Automotive.

Sandvik Sales Team Members Awarded Sales Association Certification

The Sales Association

These include the world''s major automotive, aerospace and energy industries. On May 16th, 2014, 19 members of the Sandvik Coromant sales departments from eight countries and nine different time zones were awarded Consultative Sales Certification™ (CSC) in a virtual graduation ceremony.

Tips for Communicating Effectively with Sales Teams

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a distributor of products and services to the MRO and automotive marketplaces. Author: Matt Brown, Senior Vice President of Sales, Lawson Products Salespeople are often described as extroverted with good social and communication skills. They are entrepreneurial, self-motivated, curious and persistent. Typically dispersed across territories far and wide, and always on the go, face-to-face communication is often overridden by email, voicemail and text.

Top 10 Kurlan Articles on Sales Process:

Understanding the Sales Force

What Automotive Technology Teaches us about Sales Process. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan. I write often about sales process. After all, one can't accurately predict outcomes to sales calls, meetings and cycles without a formal, structured sales process to follow.

Building Your Sweet Spot

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For example, if our core market has been providing manufacturing equipment to automotive manufacturers, we might be able to grow into industrial equipment suppliers. In my post, Focus On Your Sweet Spot , I spoke of the importance of developing a rich profile of your ideal customer and focusing viciously on qualifying opportunities within the sweet spot. It’s a fundamental to sales success. Too often, we have a poorly defined sweet spot or none at all.

Adding Value–Selling To The Professional Buyer

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Chris is a senior buyer in the automotive industry. Somehow, we think selling to Buying (Procurement and Sourcing) professionals than selling to “end users” or functional departments. Most of the time we look upon the experience with dread. We do everything we can to avoid or go around them. We try to get the end users to override them. We believe their function is solely to hammer us for price.

Top Kurlan Articles on Sales Process:

Understanding the Sales Force

What Automotive Technology Teaches us about Sales Process. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I write often about sales process. After all, one can't accurately predict outcomes of sales calls, meetings and cycles without a formal, structured sales process to follow. I present my Top Articles on Sales Process: Baseball's Huge Impact on Sales Performance. Sales Process - Top 10 Reasons Why Sales are Lost. Best Way to Sell and/or Manage a Sales Force?

Sales Lessons Learned From Selling in a Recession By Kelley Robertson

Sales Training Advice

I spoke to one person who doubled his income—and he works in automotive sales! The past year was definitely interesting. Some sales professionals prospered while others suffered. Yet, another well-established person experienced a decline of more than fifty percent in their sales. There are several key sales lessons that can be learned from selling in a recession. These will help you succeed in the upcoming year.