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Lead Generation campaigns for the Chemical and Manufacturing Industry are not easy. ABITEC is a world leader in the development of lipids and specialty ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and specialty chemical industries.

How Software Leaders Pragmatically Prepare for 2021

SBI Growth

The software industry has experienced more disruption in the last 6 months than in the previous 10 years. With an increased need for online purchasing, content management, payment processing, and more, leading software CEOs have navigated changes in demand drivers.


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How a Business Services CEO Seizes Market Opportunities

SBI Growth

One such company is CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. Over the last 6 months, there have only been an elite few known as “Accelerators” — those companies that have thrived in a recessionary environment.

Discovery resistance in complex B2B sales


He was selling highly complex software as a service application to chemical, drug, and oil companies. At the peak of my Solution Selling business, in the mid-90s, I was speaking to one of our clients. He was the VP of Sales of an enterprise B2B salesforce of 200 reps, and he was frustrated.

What Was The REAL Story That Connected Total Strangers?

Bernadette McClelland

Stories release a chemical called ‘ oxytocin ’ – the bonding drug and BAM! What was the last story that connected you with a stranger? How do you know you connected? I love the meaning that Donna Pisacano Brown gave to connection. She wrote, .

Weekly Roundup: Employee Appreciation Day, Remote Work Obstacles + More

The Center for Sales Strategy

In particular, employee recognition has been proven to boost oxytocin levels—that’s the chemical our bodies create when we bond socially! >>> - MOTIVATION -. Earn your leadership every day.". Michael Jordan. AROUND THE WEB -. >

How to get better at reading emotions in sales

Markempa - Inside Sales

In order to get better at reading emotions, we need to overcome the chemicals in our own brains. Things can get emotional in sales especially B2B where the stakes are high. You’re trying to meet your quota, and figure out the new normal with COVID-19. It’s no wonder we’re all a little on edge.

NAICS Code Directory for Sales and Marketing Teams


3251 Basic Chemical Manufacturing. 325180 Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing. 325194 Cyclic Crude, Intermediate, & Gum & Wood Chemical Manufacturing. 325199 All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing.

The Transformative Power of Getting Stuff Done (video)


This Expert Insight Interview discusses: How the different neuro-chemicals contribute to our sense of well-being. The primary reason for this is that four neuro-chemicals are in charge of making us feel good and opening up our memory and learning centers.

How to Overcome 3 Common Sales Objections

Sales Gravy

When I began selling chemicals for a large company I thought I was a good closer, with the premises of finding out what the customer wants and fulfilling their needs. Sales Professionals need leverage in handling objections. My cold call territo

The Power of Stories and Sales Leadership

Women Sales Pros

We are wired for stories because they activate chemicals in our brains. This type of feel-good story activates the oxytocin chemical in the brain. This chemical makes us more empathetic. We’ve all heard the phrase that “knowledge is power.” But that phrase needs more: “Knowledge is power–when it is applied.” We don’t lack for information in a world with too much of it. What I see happening is the inability to apply the information.

Five Skills to Help New Sales Managers Succeed

Miller Heiman Group

In this guest blog post from one of our inaugural Miller Heiman Group Icons , Kevin Lewis, Global Sales Excellence Leader at Milliken Chemical and an authority on developing sales managers, recommends five ways to get new sales managers off to a great start.

How to Navigate Pricing In a Pandemic

Sales and Marketing Management

I’ve been talking to leaders in industries far and wide, from manufacturing, distribution, chemicals processing, tech, pharma and more. Author: Gabriel Smith, chief evangelist at Pricefx Scrap the notion that you can keep business as usual.

Taking Customer Service from Cost Center to Profit Center

Sales and Marketing Management

retail, restaurants, medical devices, chemicals), I consistently find that what creates loyalty is the absence of perceived risk. Author: John Larson How many times has one of your customers approached you with an issue or a problem? For instance, “I purchased this product from you and it does not work.” Or, “I thought this product had feature X, but I found out it doesn’t and I want to return it.” Or possibly, “You told me my order would arrive on Wednesday and it came on Friday.”.

The Key to Connecting in Virtual Meetings

Julie Hanson

One element that helps people connect in a meaningful way is actually a chemical called Oxytocin, not surprisingly known as the love hormone. The Key to Connecting in Virtual Meetings is (literally) in Your Hands.

Make Your Sales Force Your Loyalty Program

Sales and Marketing Management

In our research across a broad spectrum of business-to-business companies, including medical devices, chemicals, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, heavy earth-moving equipment and banking, we consistently find the most important factor that builds a strong, loyalty-based relationship between a customer and a company is superb account management by their sales representative.

The Future of Sales: What will the World Look Like for Sales Teams After the Quarantine? with Hang Black, Episode #147


She holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, plus three patents in semiconductor manufacturing. 2:30] Hang’s story: from Chemical Engineer to Head of Global Sales Enablement. [4:43] Subscribe to Modern Selling on the App of Your Choice!

Move the Deal Episode 11: Sales Management Strategies that Work with Kevin Lewis

Miller Heiman Group

In the latest episode of Move the Deal , host Greg Moore talks with Kevin Lewis, Global Sales Excellence Leader Kevin Lewis at Milliken Chemical. As a sales leader at Milliken, a leading manufacturer of plastics additives, colorants, silicones and chemical intermediates, Lewis supports sales managers and sellers around the world by helping them succeed through training, improved processes and coaching.

Introducing the Miller Heiman Group Icons

Miller Heiman Group

Kevin Lewis , Milliken Chemical. Miller Heiman Group is thrilled to announce its inaugural class of the MHG Icons, bringing together outstanding client facilitators as trusted ambassadors and advocates of our sales and service methodology and skills programs. For more than 40 years, Miller Heiman Group has embedded sales and service leaders within customer organizations, providing on-the-ground support and expert instruction for tens of thousands of alumni.

The Trade War means a Battle for Your Business: The 4 steps you must take now

Alice Heiman

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), machine and electronics, metals, agriculture, textiles, footwear, transportation, chemicals, plastics, and wood could all be early casualties. No heavy artillery ? N o bullets flying ? I t doesn’t sound like mu ch of a war. B ut , this could mean life or death for your business. When global giants like the US, China, and the EU clash , companies get caught in the crossfire. .

Market Expansion: Three Approaches for Companies Looking to Grow


It already has a foothold in the industrial manufacturing and chemical processing industries. You may have seen the TV ads that show the United States largely enveloped in pink. The color illustrates the phone coverage for T-Mobile, which acquired rival Sprint in April.

Spam Sparks the Human Curiosity Gene

Increase Sales

For when our human curiosity gene is satisfied, we receive a rush of emotions based upon the chemical interactions within our brains. The reason so many SPAM emails are opened is because they spark the human curiosity gene. Somewhere in our genetic make-up we have been hot wired to be curious. We love to explore; to investigate; to turn over the leaf or rock looking for something.

How to Increase Profit Margin: 5 Strategies for Any Business


Chemical (Basic): -0.72%. Chemical (Diversified) : 6.43%. Chemical (Specialty): 2.21%. Businesses exist to make money. That's not a particularly shocking or controversial statement, but it still bears repeating.

Industry news: @ZuantApp Quantifies ROI for Event Marketers Worldwide; Kicks Off 2020 with Record Client Growth


Zuant has added 36 new clients since January 2019, 10 of which joined in January 2020, including 3M (six divisions), Dow Chemical, Honeywell, Sleep Number (two divisions), Uber, Verizon (three divisions) and others.

The Sales Suite: Dealing with Ever-Evolving Complexity

Sales Pop!

Let’s say we were looking to deal with a number of different chemical compounds: oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. We are creating a new category in the sales technology industry: the Sales Suite.

Tips & Tricks to Make Money From Home

Sales Pop!

If you use any chemicals in the process, you might want to consider remodeling a little, e.g., garage floor epoxy paint offers excellent protection against stains, spills, and chemical damage. Many people dream about working and making money from home.

What is Your Company’s DNA?

Sales and Marketing Management

Not chemical, biological DNA, of course, but what I call corporate DNA. Author: Andy Cunningham Who are you as a company? And why do you matter? Two simple questions and quite possibly the two most important ones that business leaders face today. The answers, however, are anything but simple.

The Hidden Truth About Father of Chemistry

Customer Centric Selling

He was among the very first true chemical scientists. He performed a few of the very first truly quantitative chemical experiments. Those long-lasting scribbles are in fact chemical compounds representing the important elements which make up whiskey. Definitions of Father of Chemistry. This isn’t something which I did alone, or despite a few of individuals. For more information visit the site.


HeavyHitter Sales

It turns out your innate nature to help people is really the result of a chemical reaction. During the first four years of your life, 90 percent of your brain’s growth and development occurred. Your mind evolved as it interacted with the world around you and recorded strange and exciting new experiences. Now, it has been accumulating these experiences for decades.

The Surprise Addiction that is Killing Your Sales Focus

Hyper-Connected Selling

The Brain Chemicals that Drive Us. It’s one of the chemicals that helps us encode positive feedback when we engage in proper stimulus. These days, there’s an ever-growing list of addictions that can derail your sales career. There are the old standbys like alcohol and cocaine. There are the new ones like online pornography or opiates. Even the addiction to work that seemed like a boon in the past is now a clear path to wrecked health and relationships.

A Verbal Painting is Worth A 1,000 Words

The Pipeline

The Limbic (Emotional brain) system creates chemical messages that connect information to memory, the retention of which is significantly increased when that information is presented in an emotionally charged context.” By Tibor Shanto - . We have all the expression above, but it really rings home in sales, especially for successful sales people.

Don’t Give Up On The Obvious

The How and Why to Sell to Friends

After trying a myriad of ideas involving sophisticated chemicals, ultrasonic weapons, and a substantial budget to battle thousands of pigeons, the actual solution that worked beautifully cost less than $25. I always get a kick out of watching my wife go about looking for lost items.

A Modern Selling Tip: Learn to Sell the Way You Buy, with David Priemer, Episode #150


in Chemistry and Atmospheric Science from York University and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. Modern buyers are more difficult to engage with than ever before because of a myriad of factors. Thankfully, science is here to help.

Transactional Versus Complex Selling

Partners in Excellence

For example, you can’t get any more commoditized than selling commodities like basic chemicals, oil, water, etc. For example, I have a very large client that sells basic chemicals. We glibly toss around phrases like “We have a transactional selling process,” or, “Ours is a complex selling process.” ” Often, there is some preening around those making the latter statement, thinking “Real sales people do complex deals!”

Sales middle managers – what motivates them the most?

Sales Training Connection

The results are part of Insigniam’s 2014 Middle Management Survey, which is based on responses from 200 managers in Global 1000 companies from several industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy, manufacturing, and biotech. Sales Middle Managers. Middle managers are the key to implementing C-Suite strategic initiatives.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Productivity?

Smooth Sale

These two chemicals can organically keep you more energized, focused, and motivated to excel continuously. Photo by Geralt via Pixabay. Attract the Right Job Or Clientele: Are You Ready to Enhance Your Productivity?

22 Sales Buzzwords You Love to Hate – and How to Use Them the Right Way

Sales Hacker

We’re over talking about it, says Mandy Sullivan , CSR Supervisor at GFS Chemicals. “At “We’re looking for a strategic rockstar sales rep who knows how to leverage and optimize our customers’ digital transformation to really move the needle!”.

Overlearning: Help your learners lock in learning (and make sure they don’t forget it completely)

Selling Essentials RapidLearning Center

The control group was found to have more of a chemical called glutamate active in their brains. Overlearning, however, seemed to gradually decrease the amount of glutamate and increase the amount of GABA, a chemical that helps stabilize the brain. .

Engagement Experience fuels Customer Experience

One Millimeter Mindset

Like a chemical equation, is the desired reaction balanced and controlled? The quality of engagement experience is essential for fueling ongoing, high-quality customer experiences. First, the act of engaging customers encourages both customers and sellers to exchange energy with one another. Or, is the quality of the engagement forceful and overwhelming? Either way, engagement experiences bias current and future customers, for better or for worse.

Win Together—Core Principles

Sales Pop!

An example is a company that was knowingly poisoning a community’s water for years with chemicals. In wrapping up this series on Win Together, let’s explore its core principles. Peace. Needless to say, the world has changed drastically, especially in the last 50 years.