5 Secrets to Driving Salesforce Adoption

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Salesforce is the dominant CRM solution, bar none. It’s a plugin for Gmail and Outlook that automatically updates Salesforce as you work. And it brings Salesforce customer intelligence and key CRM features into the inbox where you work.

Why is Everyone Talking About Integration? Introducing Enhancements to Our CRM Application – Salesforce® Edition

DiscoverOrg Sales

Having just released exciting new enhancements to DiscoverOrg’s (dare I say it) integration with Salesforce, I’ve gained an even greater appreciation for just how critical integration is at every stage of the pipeline generating process. With that in mind, I’d like to highlight some of the magic we’ve added in the latest edition of the DiscoverOrg CRM Application – Salesforce® Edition. DATASHEET] See more details about DiscoverOrg’s CRM Application – Salesforce® Edition.

Free eBook on 2015 Salesforce Sales Summit Key Takeaways

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Salesforce has recently made available a FREE eBook with key takeaways from the sales summit. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills dreamforce eBook sales summit salesforceI took part in the Sales Summit at Dreamforce 2015, and it was amazing!

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The Diminishing Salesforce

Quota Factory

The post The Diminishing Salesforce appeared first on QuotaFactory. There is turnover in sales, it’s no surprise to any sales management team that they will likely lose all of their sales reps, and more likely at the peaks of their careers within an organization.

Salesforce Interview: How to Make Top Salespeople Great Managers

Keith Rosen

In this Salesforce Quotable interview, learn why salespeople need to evolve and coach customers; as well as their peers and boss, to accelerate growth, revenue, market dominance and scalability.

Salesforce Podcast – When to Fire Your Top Salesperson

Keith Rosen

Listen to this Q & A interview I did with Salesforce based on one of my most popular articles and you decide. . ?. Would you consider firing a top performer?

Salesforce Announce European & North American Social Success Dream Teams

Jonathan Farrington

Message just in from Salesforce …. General Ian Brodie Michael Neray Salesforce Social Success Dream Teams Top 10 Sales Articles Top Sales Article of the MonthHi Jonathan , Congratulations!

C-Suite Selling Perfected: How Salesforce is Winning More Mega-Deals


Salesforce is a company I follow very closely. Back in 2016, Salesforce reported “an all-time high in the number of large transactions,” including a net-new nine-figure deal, a nine-figure renewal, and more than 600 (600!) That is why Salesforce is winning more mega-deals.

Salesforce Blog: Great Resource for You

The Sales Hunter

And be sure to follow Salesforce on Twitter ! In keeping with my commitment to give you as many opportunities as possible to strengthen your selling skills, today I’m highlighting the blog on Salesforce.com.

Making Salesforce Work for SDRs

The Bridge Group

Do your SDRs often remark about how much they love using Salesforce? I’ve asked dozens of SDRs to describe the experience of doing their jobs inside Salesforce. For all the attention and buzz the SDR role has received, the way companies support sales development in Salesforce hasn’t advanced much in the last 10 years. I interviewed 34 sales executives, SDR leaders, marketers, operations pros, and Salesforce admins for this book.

Upgrading Your Salesforce - Improve Success of New Sales People

Anthony Cole Training

Upgrading the sales force is the responsibility of every sales manager, sales leader and sales executive. Upgrading the sales force , in my opinion, simply means this: developing and building a team that is better this year than they were last year.

3 Critical Factors to Building a Sales Strategy for a Large Salesforce

Sales Benchmark Index

Article Sales Strategy

Growing Sales and the Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich

Anthony Cole Training

pareto principle sales performance coaching sales productivity salesforce evalutation

Why Dreamforce Matters: Even if you don’t use Salesforce CRM

Smart Selling Tools

Why Dreamforce Matters: Even if you don’t use Salesforce CRM. Salesforce, the company behind Dreamforce, bills the event as “The Cloud Computing Industry Event of the Year” and this is undeniably true. Marketo works within or without Salesforce CRM.

Sales and Sales Management Scorecards – How Can They Drive Sales Growth? Pt.1

Anthony Cole Training

sales performance coaching predictable sales growth how to hit goals in sales salesforce evaluationSCORECARDS DO NOT DRIVE SALES GROWTH.

Age of Salesforce: Trends and Insights from Top Marketers

Sales and Marketing

Teaser: Salesforce users can upgrade themselves with the latest marketing initiatives in the digital age. The future of the marketing can be easily connected with the Salesforce. Salesforce users can upgrade themselves with the latest marketing initiatives in the digital age.

Sales Tech Simplified: How to Turn Relationships Into Revenues with @ModelN

Smart Selling Tools

Model N solutions are very tightly integrated with Salesforce solutions and other Salesforce-native applications. In this series, we ask tech executives to describe the why and how of their solution. We call it Sales Tech Simplified.

The Four Most Important Skills For Sales Operations Professionals


You may have read all of this and wondered about Excel or Salesforce experience. Unless interviewing for a very technical role, like a Salesforce Developer, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on hard skills. Guest blog by Joe Rodden, Sales Systems Manager at Catalant Technologies.

How Confident Are You With Your Sales Process?

The Sales Hunter

Professional Selling Skills prospect sales prospect sales prospecting sales skills salesforce social mediaSuccess in sales is not measured by activity. It’s measured by results.

Incredible Leadership Insights to Drive Incredible Success

The Sales Hunter

I’ll be talking about the right techniques in the webcast I’m doing for Salesforce’s Series Pass! Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales leader sales leadership salesforce

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Sales Training Article: How to Right-Size Your Salesforce

Customer Centric Selling

10 Questions Every Manager/Leader Needs to Ask Themselves Regarding Sales and Customers

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10, @ 11 AM PST, for a Salesforce webinar High-Profit Selling: How Leaders Impact Their Teams’ Success. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation leader manager sales leader sales leadership sales manager sales motivation salesforce

10 Ways Management Can Improve How It Work With Sales

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Blog leadership manager sales leader sales leadership sales management sales tips salesforceToo many times Management winds up getting in the way of Sales and winds up either damaging a customer relationship, or worse yet, damaging the sales force, making them less effective.

High-Profit Selling: How Leaders Impact Their Teams’ Success

The Sales Hunter

A few weeks ago, I sat down in the Salesforce studios in San Francisco for a one-one-one conversation with Tim Clarke from Salesforce on the subject of leadership. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills sales leader sales leadership salesforceYou can watch the 40-minute conversation by going to this page. Once you enter your information, you’ll be redirected to the video. I shared several key […].

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Why Leadership in Sales is So Important

The Sales Hunter

So when Salesforce asked me to do a one-on-one video interview with them on leadership, of course I said yes! Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation Sales Training leader leadership sales leader sales leadership salesforceYou know I talk a lot about sales leadership.

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Eliminate data entry by your sales team


You’ve probably heard the expression, “If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.” I’d like to take that a step further and say, “If it’s not a required field in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.” If you’re a Salesforce admin, be prepared to shield your sales team from the bombardment of requests for additional fields. Every phone call made, event scheduled, and quote sent can be captured in Salesforce. Guest blog by Mike George, Business Systems Analyst at Toast, Inc.

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Is Management Hurting or Helping Sales?

The Sales Hunter

Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills leader sales leadership salesforce webinarThere’s still time to register for a webcast I am doing today, Dec. 10, at 11 AM PST.

Sales Ops Takeaways from Dreamforce 2017


Every single session or keynote that I attended pushed the power of Salesforce’s new(ish) UI experience: Lightning. Salesforce is becoming a one-stop shop for Lead to Cash. Articles CRM dreamforce 2017 sales data sales intelligence sales operations salesforce

Grow Your Knowledge. Grow Your Value.

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Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation leader sales leader sales leadership sales motivation salesforceWhere are you gaining the critical insights you need to help you be a better salesperson and a better leader?

7 Big Sales Questions You Need Answered to Have a Great 2016

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Blog Closing a Sale Cold-Calling Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation Cirrus Insight sales goals sales skills salesforce The TAS Group Velocity Want to get 2016 off to a fabulous start? Below are 7 big sales questions you need answered: 1.

The Sales Ops End of Year Checklist


If you’re like me and responsible for Salesforce and other systems functionality I’d highly recommend you block off the last two weeks or so of every quarter as a no-deploy zone. Articles operations sales analytics sales intelligence Sales Ops sales systems salesforce

Should Salespeople Be Empowered to Make Decisions?

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Blog Closing a Sale Cold-Calling Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills dreamforce empowerment sales empowerment sales motivation sales skills salesforce salespeopleThink about this question for a bit.

Dreamforce Day 3: Is Too Much Information Too Much?

The Sales Hunter

I found myself today following the mass into the main room to hear Marc Benihoff, CEO of Salesforce, and thus the host of the event. Blog Consultative Selling Customer Service Professional Selling Skills dreamforce salesforce

CRM for CEOs: Are You Looking at the Right Data?

Sales Result

vp of sales ceo sales goals sales success leadership tailored approach salesforce.com sales funnel sales vp salesforce CRM

CRM 82

Predictive Sales Analytics: The New Normal?

Smart Selling Tools

Even Salesforce got into the market when they introduced their Wave analytics platform last year. At the time, it was pitched as a platform for large companies to build custom apps that would take data from various sources (not just Salesforce CRM).

5 Critical “HOW TOs” to Increase Sales Results for Sales Leaders

The Sales Hunter

Blog Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation dreamforce prospecting sales skills salesforceIt’s time to cut to the chase and do what needs to be done if we’re going to get sales to where we know they can be. Few organizations come close to getting all of the sales possible. Breakdowns occur for any number of reasons. Cut through everything, and it almost always comes down to […].

Dreamforce Sales Summit 2016

The Sales Leader

Join me in San Francisco on October 4th … Read More » The Sales Leader compensation dreamforce sales summit 16 salesforce Salesforce.comI’m so excited to be presenting at the upcoming Dreamforce.

Raising the Bar: DiscoverOrg Q1 Recap

DiscoverOrg Sales

Our DiscoverOrg CRM Application – Salesforce® Edition went through a significant upgrade as well, making it Lightning-compatible and lightning-fast. They say “change is the only constant” and that couldn’t be more true than at DiscoverOrg.

Dreamforce 2015 / Sales Summit on Sept. 15

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Blog Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation dreamforce sales motivation salesforceDreamforce 2015 is coming up in a few weeks and I’m pleased to speaking at it and the Sales Summit event on Tuesday, September 15.

Sales ops offer tips for onboarding new technology vendors


Articles operations Sales Ops sales technology sales tools salesforce systemsGuest blog by Joe Rodden, Sales Systems Manager at Catalant Technologies.