Differentiation, Dissimilarity, Disruption

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What Salesforce.com was selling in competition to Oracle/Siebel, wasn’t really a competitive CRM system, it was selling a different way of viewing the implementation/installation/support problem. Recently, I was being interviewed on value creation and differentiation.

This weeks best content – Jan 19 thru 24, 2014

Brian Vellmure

Salesforce’s ascent and Siebel’s demise has long been characterized as a classic Silicon Valley tale of the little guy triumphing over th… Fortune Editors. Hello and a happy Friday to you. Please find the best articles from the past week.

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CRM: 15 Years Later, now a friend

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales force automation (SFA) systems hit the market in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until Siebel’s release in the mid-90s that they gained a foothold in the enterprise. SFA/CRM 15 Years Later: Now It’s Every Rep’s Best Friend. This week, I thought you might like to read someone else’s article and my comments regarding the article. My comments are first.

Getting CRM to Deliver for Salespeople

Dave Stein's Blog

I was with a sales training firm called OnTarget when we were acquired by Siebel. A significant factor contributing to sales performance improvement is the employment of technology that will enable more effective and more efficient selling.

Behind the Cloud – Part 7 – The Global Playbook

The Sales Insider

Started with telesales again and recruited from Microsoft, Oracle, and Siebel in Bangalore, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. Whenever I read a great book, I summarize it so I can learn better and recall it later. I have been asked to make some of my “Ken’s Notes” available. Here is part 7 of ”Behind the Cloud” by Marc Benioff, the founder of salesforce.com. Scroll to the bottom for links to the other Parts – Ken Krogue.