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The Future of Banking –  Promises and Threats

Mukesh Gupta

One of the industries that seems to be on the cusp of going through a similar upheaval seems to be the banking industry. Banks in most economies pays a simple interest (and in some countries, charge a fee to safeguard the money for the party) on the money that it holds for the parties.

Is There a Best Sales Strategy for Banks?

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With financial institutions being on almost every corner from the downtowns to the suburbs, one begins to wonder what is the best sales strategy for banks, if there is just one? For years local banks did not have to sell their banking services because they were the only game in town.

For Banking Industry Sales Managers – How to Lead

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The US banking industry especially within the commercial side has dramatically changed because of compliance and the economy. Today banks appear to be as common as convenience and fuel stores, fast food chains and drug stores. There is a bank of every corner or it seems that way.

A Good Example of Innovation in Retail Banking – Alpha Bank

Mukesh Gupta

If there was an industry that needed to come up with innovative solutions, it was the Retail banking industry. I cant even remember when was the last time that this industry actually came up with an innovative offering from the start of the internet banking era.

Please Stop the Ongoing Insanity in Bank Sales Training

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During lunch a Vice President of a regional bank asked me this very pointed question: Why doesn’t sales training for banks stick? ” This statement in and by itself doesn’t mean the learning experience will be sustainable or in the words of this bank VP “stick.”

An Example of True Customer Centricity – When Banking is No Longer Just About Banking

Mukesh Gupta

Fifth Third Bank and NextJob came together to address a challenge faced by most retail banks – Mortgage defaults. ” Mortgage defaults can eat up a banks profits very quickly, hence most banks look inwards and start putting in place stricter controls on loan disbursement to reduce the risk of default. The ingenuity of the solution is that the bank can still continue to sell mortgages and at the same time worry a bit less on the risk of defaults.

Your Professional Network Is Money in the Bank, Invest It Well

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This expansion is very much like interest earned on your savings account in your bank or your IRA. He truly understands his professional network in money in the bank earning daily interest and he continues to invest it well. People buy from people they know and trust.

Idea for a disruptive biz-model innovation for banks

Mukesh Gupta

“ The first bank to figure out the answer to this question has the potential to truly disrupt the banking industry from a cash management perspective. Can they not be used to function as a teller for the bank? The bank instead of charging a fee for the use of the card machine, can instead pay the business a nominal amount and convert them into cash dispenser. Business Model Ideas Innovation Banking Business model innovation retail

Crowd Funding Platforms and Banks

Mukesh Gupta

What surprises me is the fact that banking institutions have not led the way and adopted this model so far but look at these as competition or threat. If I were leading a digital channel for a banking institution, I would have already launched my own version of the crowd-funding platform. As a bank, I already have access to. The bank could either use the “Wisdom of crowds” to decide which projects get funded and which don’t.

How Customer Loyalty Can Be Destroyed by One Simple Action

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His financial institution, a national and well known bank, stopped taking in loose coins. Then he can bring it back to the bank. Even though he was not told this directly, this specific banking service was no longer profitable. The end result was within 30 days he changed banks. Don’t tell a customer you can no longer provide a free banking service and then sell a product charging a fee for the same service. Much is written about customer loyalty.

What The Banks Do NOT Want You To Know!

Tony Durso

This bank note pays off loans such as mortgages, autos, student. A little known secret that is processed to pay off debts and mortgages in as little as 14 days is the Little Promissory Note, LPN.

Wasted Sales Opportunities – How One Bank Blew Theirs

The Pipeline

One of the big Canadian banks, we’ll call them the Green bank, has a current radio ad that I believe holds a great lesson for sales people. Sadly for Green, I already have a tablet, a 10”, and a mediocre Blue bank, only a few shades darker than Green.

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How To Make A Difference Without Robbing Banks.

Dan Waldschmidt

For instance, if you need more money right now you can make a difference in your financial situation by robbing a bank. No matter what job you’re tasked to do or what goals you hope to achieve, “making a difference” is the only metric that needs to be measured. If what you’re doing isn’t “making a difference” then it is a waste of your time and you should stop doing it.

Jingle Your Way to the Bank with Email Marketing

Inside Campaigner

As a business owner and email marketer holiday festive feelings are replaced with the stress of building highly successful email marketing campaigns and hopes of bringing in the dough during the holiday season.

How to transform your life (and your bank account) with what you already know


Yesterday I arrived in Nashville for what promises to be the best INFO-Summit GKIC has ever held. I know, I know. You’ve heard that before. But the reason why I say it with such confidence is I’ve never seen so many big hitters from the information marketing world in one place before. Picture bumping elbows with Rich Schefren, Alex Mandossian, Ali Brown, Dave VanHoose, Yanik Silver, Dave Dee and Vince Palko.

Inside Campaigner: Campaigner Helps East Bank Club Get into.

Inside Campaigner

Campaigner Helps East Bank Club Get into Shape with its Customers. Campaigner Helps East Bank Club Get into Shape with its Customers. East Bank Club is an exercise, recreation and dining facility in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood. After researching email marketing solution providers, East Bank Club selected Campaigner to deliver personalized email messages to its members. Campaigner Helps East Bank Club Get into Shape wit.

Leveraging Tablets for Banking Needs

The 1to1 Media Blog

With different devices available, today''s customers are interacting with the brands they do business with in a multitude of ways. Further, devices are no longer used solely for a single purpose, but are many times having multiple uses.

Hey Mr. Banker Why Are You So Consumed About Your Business Competitors?

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Business growth for banks is very difficult given most local, regional or national banks have the same solutions. Yet in banking there appears to be a lot of business competitors as there is a different bank on almost every main intersection.

How to transform your life (and your bank account) with what you already know


Yesterday I arrived in Nashville for what promises to be the best INFO-Summit GKIC has ever held. I know, I know. You’ve heard that before. But the reason why I say it with such confidence is I’ve never seen so many big hitters from the information marketing world in one place before. Picture bumping elbows with Rich Schefren, Alex Mandossian, Ali Brown, Dave VanHoose, Yanik Silver, Dave Dee and Vince Palko.

What Really Counts: The Trophy On The Mantle Or The Millions In The Bank


At least the infomercial industry’s annual awards dinner I attended was honest. Shows nominated were successful. At the Emmys, Julia Louise-Dreyfuss won an acting award for a truly abysmal sitcom that was cancelled almost immediately upon airing. Other cancelled shows won various honors. At the Oscars, movies the public hated won awards; movies the public loved were snubbed.

Non-Profits That are Doin’ it (Social Media) & Doin’ it & Doin’ it Well

Vertical Response

The San Francisco and Marin Food Bank has found success on Facebook doing just this. Social media marketing may seem challenging for any business, even non-profits.

Selling for the Banking Industry

Sharon Drew Morgan

Banks sell very similar products. Of course each bank has its own special sauce, but overall, the products are similar-enough to lull prospective buyers into believing that it doesn’t matter which bank they buy from, or which solution they choose.

People – to – People banking services by CivilisedMoney

Mukesh Gupta

As they say – “It’s banking with people, not banks.” ” The concept is very similar to the age old concept of a co-operative bank or a chit fund operated in India. Remain a banking service provider: They need to be very careful about how they position themselves. They need to ensure that they continue to function like a bank, offer services like a bank and think like bankers, all within their definition of the business.

Artificial Intelligence: Replacing Sales and Customer Service?


” A simple example would be an elderly man coming to a bank over the weekend, needing cash. He’s been a good customer of the bank for 20 years–they know him very well. Whereas if he came in during banking hours, he wouldn’t even need an ATM card.

Sprint to the Finish — It’s That Time of Year…


A shaky banking industry. Roller-coaster days on Wall Street. Budgets unknown. Purchasing decisions delayed. With that economic domino effect affecting us all as the year begins to wind down, ending on a high note will be more challenging than ever. We’ve been offering the following advice to our clients and their sales teams: Keep it [.] The post Sprint to the Finish — It’s That Time of Year… appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Sales Effectiveness

Why is It So #%&@ Hard to Solve the Sales Growth Problem? – The 5 Constraints to Growing Sales – Part I

Anthony Cole Training

It’s still something that we get asked about when we present at the Community Bank CEO Network and other venues. I’ve written on this subject, talked about it at workshops/keynotes and presented it to our clients in our Sales Managed Environment ® Certification program for over 20 years.

Taming Workflow Processes: Xerox’s Productive Innovations

The Productivity Pro

It offers the perfect case study for productive innovation, especially given the May 19 announcement of the taming of fifteen difficult processes affecting workers in the fields of higher education, manufacturing, and retail banking. Banking.

The Next Wave in Customer Centricity: Customers as Shareholders?

The 1to1 Media Blog

Clarke-Walker mentioned that Tandem Bank founder Ricky Knox is inviting consumers to become "co-founders" in this U.K. challenger' bank and receive a share in the bank and early access to new products in exchange for sharing their feedback on the customer experience.

Is it an Expense or an Investment?

Anthony Cole Training

I just returned from the 2016 Bank Insurance and Securities Association annual convention. As always, it is a great event where competitors come together to discuss processes and strategies to deal with the challenges of growing financial institution-owned investment (broker) programs.

Customer engagement in a digital era

Mukesh Gupta

There have been reports that the overall customer engagement at banks for customers using one of the digital channels like Online banking, mobile banking, etc. These are just some pointers for banks to think about how much do they know about their customers & if they provide or create opportunities for engagement. If they do not want to engage, the banks have an even more serious task at their hands. Customer delight Customer Engagement Banking Digital

Increasing Consumer Prices: Proceed with Care - Think customers.

The 1to1 Media Blog

Business leaders dont have to look very far to see consumer outrage at companies like Netflix and Bank of America for inadvisably boosting prices and adding new fees. Bank of America , consumer pricing , Jane Biddle , Netflix , Vistar Technologies , We can notify you via email of any additional comments to this post by entering your email below. --> Comments. 1to1 Magazine. Issues. Weekly Digest. Meet the Editors. 1to1 Awards. Customer Champions. Advertise. Content Channels.

3 Important Ways Account-Based Sales Teams Can Stay Relevant

No More Cold Calling

My client, a community bank president, stays in touch with his peers, many of whom are competitors. Another bank might be in a position to better serve one of his clients. And ultimately, this bank president is looking for opportunities to buy other community banks in adjoining markets.

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EP85. Demi Karpouzos: 3 Simple Steps to Build a Profitable Business

Tony Durso

She works with entrepreneurs who want nothing more than a full client roster, a spacious schedule, and a cushy bank account—but they consistently let fears, doubts and insecurities stop them from putting themselves in the spotlight and making that money.–Demi

Will You Be a Casualty of the Sales Coaching or Business Coaching Stampede?

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From local Small Business Development Centers to recently unemployed executives, there continues to be a plethora of “coaches” ready to solve their clients’ problems and fill their own bank accounts.

A Tale of Kick Butt Service - Igniting Sales Transformation

Igniting Sales Transformation

Digging back into my memory banks, I think it was when I was still with Microsoft and Tony’s company, LinkExchange was acquired for a hefty sum. Igniting Sales Transformation. The New Handshake Book. Services. Resources. Presentations. Interviews. About. Executive Team. Contact.

“Are You a Customer?” Is a Dangerous Question

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This past week I drove through my bank’s outside drive through teller lane to quickly deposit several checks. ” Why do you think the deposit ticket has your bank’s name printed on it along with my account number?

What is Buying Facilitation®? What sales problem does it solve?

Sharon Drew Morgan

Let me lead you through one simple case study from a group of small business bankers I trained for one of the 3 major US banks. My name is John and I’m a small business banker from X bank. those who weren’t happy with their current bank, or 2. We’ve got a bank, thank you.

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Onboarding: One Key to Successful Hiring

Anthony Cole Training

We specialize in financial services, banking and insurance. In January, we launched Hire Better Salespeople. It is the recruiting business solution to help companies profile, attract, screen, evaluate, hire and on –board “A” sales talent.

The Fallacy of Making Appointments

Sharon Drew Morgan

One day my new hire Anna called to tell me she made an appointment for us to meet with senior folks in a local bank. Oh, I don’t know, maybe we can talk about the sort of results banks might get from sales training? I’m John Smith and a small business banker at W bank.

Another Way to Support the Vancouver Food Bank for #blogathon 09

Social Media and Sales Strategy

My friend Trevor Wallace decided to not do a cash donation and donate food directly at a Vancouver Food Bank collection box. To Donate the the Vancouver Food Bank Click here or the image below. Blogathon 2009 for Vancouver Food Bank.