Jake Heugly of Zions Bank and Rob Jeppsen Webinar


Jake Heugly and Rob Jeppsen talk about how they transformed the sales team and sales process at Zions Bank. webinar jake heugly rob transform zions bank

Wasted Sales Opportunities – How One Bank Blew Theirs

The Pipeline

One of the big Canadian banks, we’ll call them the Green bank, has a current radio ad that I believe holds a great lesson for sales people. Sadly for Green, I already have a tablet, a 10”, and a mediocre Blue bank, only a few shades darker than Green.

Is There a Best Sales Strategy for Banks?

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With financial institutions being on almost every corner from the downtowns to the suburbs, one begins to wonder what is the best sales strategy for banks, if there is just one? For years local banks did not have to sell their banking services because they were the only game in town.

A Simple Sales Management Strategy For Banks

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Banks are interesting businesses to observe. After several visits to the bank I presumed the existing manager with whom I had a relationship had been replaced and there was a new one. What appears to be a narrow focus is the problem with many bank branch managers.

How to Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with Video

For Banking Industry Sales Managers – How to Lead

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The US banking industry especially within the commercial side has dramatically changed because of compliance and the economy. Today banks appear to be as common as convenience and fuel stores, fast food chains and drug stores. There is a bank of every corner or it seems that way.

4 Paid Advertising Tactics That Won't Break the Bank

Leading Results Rambings

Read this blog if: You’ve spent a lot of money on Google Ads with little success. You’re constantly promoting yourself on social media but get little engagement. You think advertising is expensive and offers low ROI. advertising

Distributed compliance is the key to banks increasing CDD and KYC challenges

Artesian Solutions

The banking sector is well-versed in digital disruption. It also has many years of experience in utilising the potential for automation to deliver new efficiencies and banks and financial service institutions have become active adopters of digitisation.

Orchestrating a World Class Customer Experience

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Joining us on SBI TV is Doris Raimundi, SVP of Consumer Banking Sales and Support for US Bank. In today’s show, Doris details how to orchestrate a world class customer experience. Why this topic? The customer experience trend is sweeping.

Banking on a Consultative Selling Process to Meet Organic Growth Goals

Anthony Cole Training

5 Reasons Consultative Selling Skills/Techniques Inhibit Organic Sales Growth. organic sales growth consultative selling selling techniques that don't work

Please Stop the Ongoing Insanity in Bank Sales Training

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During lunch a Vice President of a regional bank asked me this very pointed question: Why doesn’t sales training for banks stick? ” This statement in and by itself doesn’t mean the learning experience will be sustainable or in the words of this bank VP “stick.”

Northern Bank (New England) Ups 24-month CD To 2.25% APY

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Banks. Banking Essentials. 40 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Bank. What Do You Need to Open a Bank Account? Difference Between Banks and Credit Unions. Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Bank Account Interest. Bank Reviews. Bank Health Ratings. Banking Calculators. Offers & Promotions Northern Bank Bank Information Page | Receive Alerts for this Bank. Bank Overview. 2.25% APY 24-Month CD Northern Bank.

Taking a New Product to Market

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Joining us on hbspt.cta.load(23541, '39dd4f48-b0ca-486a-9fa5-4e1fb27489aa', {}); is Christopher Bray, the Senior Vice President and GM for Cylance, a provider of artificial intelligence and real threat prevention. Christopher has launched products across multiple organizations, and is a top revenue.

Perfect Your Market Entry Strategy

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Joining us on hbspt.cta.load(23541, '39dd4f48-b0ca-486a-9fa5-4e1fb27489aa', {}); is Walt Megura, the Vice President of Emerging Industry Segments and Channels for Ericcson, one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, with about 40% of.

What to Do to Enter a New Market

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Joining us on hbspt.cta.load(23541, '39dd4f48-b0ca-486a-9fa5-4e1fb27489aa', {}); is Walt Megura, the Vice President of Emerging Industry Segments and Channels for Ericcson, one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, with about 40% of.

What is Distributed Compliance and why do banks and financial services need it?

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According to McKinsey, the risk function within banking and financial services will have a dramatically different role by 2025. The detection, assessment and mitigation of risk must become part of the daily job of all bank employees and not only those in risk functions.

Advanced onboarding – Why banking and financial services must change its approach

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The impact of regulation and KYC adherence on customer onboarding in banking. This is especially an issue in the banking and financial services sector, where thanks to increased regulation and KYC requirements, customer experience is suffering.

How You Can Align Marketing and Sales in an ABM World

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Joining us on the is Mike Volpe, the Chief Marketing Officer for Cybereason, the world’s most powerful cybersecurity analytics platforms. Often called the “godfather of inbound marketing” for his work in taking inbound marketing from an idea to a movement.

Leveraging Enterprise Sales Expertise to Accelerate out of the Start-Up Phase

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Joining us on the hbspt.cta.load(23541, '4e7a7e0e-dade-48a6-952f-c74186299010', {}); is Ryan Mang, Chief Revenue Officer for Axial. Axial is a private network that connects members through an online platform, intimate events, curated introductions, and the most sophisticated deal-oriented matching engine in.

How Better Storytelling Generates More Revenue

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Joining us on SBI TV is Jim O’Gara. And Jim is the CEO of StoryDimensions. StoryDimensions is a sales enablement technology company that captures, develops, and delivers real customer insights and stories that B2B sales professionals can use to establish.

6 Creative Recruiting Ideas to Help Keep Your Talent Bank Full

The Center for Sales Strategy

Unfortunately, most wait until they are in need, when in reality, consistent searching and recruiting to keep their talent banks full would not only prepare them for the future, but also save them money and time when the time comes to fill a position on their team. Managers often reach out to us looking for creative ways to recruit people to their companies.

Maximizing Throughput in the Indirect Sales Channel

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Joining us on SBI TV is Joe Vitalone, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Razberi Technologies, and the top expert at developing and executing a sales strategy at scale through channel partners. Razberi Technologies offers a reliable, secure, and network-friendly.

Unlocking the Secrets of Revenue Attribution

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Joining us on is Sarah Kennedy Ellis, the Chief Marketing Officer for Marketo, the leading marketing automation software provider. Below is a timestamped summary of the show segments and the topics covered. If you’d prefer to listen to the podcast.

Creating Interlock Between Sales and Marketing

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Joining us on the SBI Podcast is Stephen Thomas, SVP of Global Sales for Armor Cloud Security. Armor is a hybrid cloud security service that integrates advanced analytics, global threat intelligence, and continuous response capabilities into a single platform that bolsters.

Resolving the Customer Success Tension

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Dave Moore is the SVP of Sales for Businessolver a leading provider of benefits administration, technology, and services. In a phrase, they help organizations manage their healthcare spend as it relates to employee benefits. Tune in to hear more from Dave on the.

Transforming a Cloud Solution Provider by Being a Sales-Driven CEO

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Joining us on  is Ryan Tognazzini, Chief Executive Officer for iGrafx, an enterprise class business operations and modeling software that allow it’s users to capture, communicate, improve and optimize every aspect of their business processes.

Your Professional Network Is Money in the Bank, Invest It Well

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This expansion is very much like interest earned on your savings account in your bank or your IRA. He truly understands his professional network in money in the bank earning daily interest and he continues to invest it well. People buy from people they know and trust.

How to Implement and Utilize an ABM Program to Maximize Potential

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Joining us on the SBI Podcast is Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder of Terminus. Sangram is one of the 21 B2B influencers to watch by the B2B News Network. And many in the audience know Sangram as the founder.

Streamlining success within banking: how connected planning boosts sales teams


“Know your customer” has long been the mantra of sales people across the globe, and it has never been more important. As Anaplan’s Chief Revenue Officer, I know how important it is to understand customer intentions. Accurate sales forecasts, cross-departmental communication, and credible data all are crucial for knowing what customers think, want, and need.With. read more ?. Sales connected planning Financial Times Forecasting survey

AI in Marketing: How and Why Your Peers Are Leveraging It

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Remember ‘big data’ and ‘advanced analytics’? These trends gradually evolved over the past decade as more and more businesses jumped on the bandwagon; ultimately paving the way for the next truly revolutionary tool in marketing: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read on to.

Reconstructing a Marketing Organization from Start to Finish

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Joining us on the is Andrea Brody, the Chief Marketing Officer for Bravo Solution, which has sinced merged with JAGGAER to create the world’s largest independent spend management company. Andrea is one of the top B2B revenue generating marketers.

The Intersection of Big Data, Customer Experience (CX), and Digital Transformation

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Joining us on the is Mark Lister, he is the Chief Digital Officer for Ness, a digital engineering company that designs and builds digital platforms and software that helps organizations engage customers, differentiate their brands, and drive revenue growth.

Forging the Path for Customer Operations

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Scott Asher most recently led Customer Operations for RentPath, a leading digital marketplace connecting millions of consumers with apartments, condos, and houses for rent through their massive network and websites. Scott spent 6 years in the emerging role of VP of Customer.

Who are the Smartest People in Your Organization?

Babette Ten Haken

Collaboration And Convergence Human Capital & Industrial IoT Workforce banking business growth communication customer experience customer service employee experience healthcare Industry 4.0 The smartest people in your organization have compelling stories to share.

Why are You telling only Half Your Professional Story?

Babette Ten Haken

Customer Experience, Success, Loyalty, Retention Human Capital & Industrial IoT Workforce Professional Development banking communication customer service finance healthcare human resources Industry 4.0 You know you are telling only half your professional story.

What We Can Learn From Bank Of America And Netflix

Sales Tips & Techniques

Companies like Bank of America and Netflix have made mistakes during the past year, as they haven't adjusted well to the recession, and made errors in determining the sentiment of their customer base. Read full story → Sales Management

The Story of Why You Prefer working in Departmental Silos

Babette Ten Haken

Well, isn’t the answer to the question obvious? Working in departmental silos is very, very comfortable. And comforting. And the story you tell is very predictable.

Why The Stories You really need to Know are Uncomfortable

Babette Ten Haken

The stories you really need to know are not necessarily the stories you want to hear, are they? Because the stories you really need to know make you feel uncomfortable. After all, the stories you prefer to hear validate and justify the way you currently serve your existing client base.

SME 105

Are Your Employees invested in Your Company Story?

Babette Ten Haken

Customer Experience, Success, Loyalty, Retention Human Capital & Industrial IoT Workforce banking business growth communication customer experience customer service employee experience healthcare human resources Industry 4.0

How an Inclusive Storytelling Culture retains Customers

Babette Ten Haken

IoT professional development keynote speaker professional speaker sales storytelling culture storytelling for left brain thinkers Storytelling for STEM professionals technology women in accounting women in banking women in engineering women in law