Developing and Using a Talent Bank Will Improve Sales Performance

The Center for Sales Strategy

I move out underperforming sellers often because I keep a talent bank of qualified prospects. sales performance talent bank sales talentTake this five-question quiz to set the foundation for this blog post—simply answer agree or disagree.

Wasted Sales Opportunities – How One Bank Blew Theirs

The Pipeline

One of the big Canadian banks, we’ll call them the Green bank, has a current radio ad that I believe holds a great lesson for sales people. In the ad, a customer of a competing bank, is complaining to a competing bank manager that all he got for switching to the bank was a toaster, “I already have a toaster; and it doesn’t even toast bagels. Sadly for Green, I already have a tablet, a 10”, and a mediocre Blue bank, only a few shades darker than Green.


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Artesian Solutions and Baringa Partners COVID-19 Relationship Banking Exclusive

Artesian Solutions

Leading lenders agree it will take 1-2 years to establish a stable “New Normal” and digital investment will be key to successful relationship banking in the post COVID-19 age. Respondents agreed that the current crisis has provided a jolt into the next phase of banking’s digital future.

"Gone Fishing" for Sales Prospects

Anthony Cole Training

hiring salespeople Sales Management Training hire better salespeople consultative selling increase sales leads, sales effectiveness training banking sales training consultative sales coaching sales training courses online sales training hire better people insurance sales training train the trainerI’m sure the majority of people have heard the Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”.

Increasing Sales in 2020 | Ask Your Prospects Better Questions

Anthony Cole Training

In this blog, we discuss why prospects object when it comes down to buying time, and why we can't always blame the prospects in these situations.

Make the Business-to-People Sale

Anthony Cole Training

Most Sales Managers would agree that completing prospecting activities and hitting sales goals are critical to success.

4 Steps to Create Loyal Client Advocates

Anthony Cole Training

In today's blog, we discuss how your organization can go above and beyond to create loyal client advocates for your business.

How to Move Forward and Increase Sales During Uncertain Times

Anthony Cole Training

In this blog post, we pray for the health and safety of those at risk or sick during this time in human history.

Prospecting and The 10 Rules You Need to Follow

The Sales Hunter

You don’t just think about prospecting. Prospecting is something you do, and you do it daily. Watch this video : 10 Rules of Prospecting, to learn more! 1.The number of deals you have to close directly reflects the amount of time you spend prospecting. The prospects you close with next month and next quarter are the people you prospect with right now. Always have a dedicated time to prospect each day and each week.

Metro Bank Signs 3 Year Agreement for Artesian Solutions’ New Risk & Compliance Hub

Artesian Solutions

LONDON, England, June 25, 2019 – Metro Bank, the revolution in British Banking, has signed a three year deal with Artesian Solutions that will help catapult the fast growing UK based software company – better known for its sales engagement technology, into a new segment – technology-driven compliance and KYC management. Find out more about the release of ARCH , a RegTech Game-Changer for Commercial Banking, Insurance Companies and Regulated Industries.

28 Sales Traits to Identify When Hiring Better Salespeople

Anthony Cole Training

In this blog post, we ask the question, "Are you looking to hire better salespeople or are you looking to hire salespeople that will simply replace your former employees?".

How to Sell in Any Market

Anthony Cole Training

However, you can choose to develop strategies and utilize virtual technologies to get in front of your prospects and clients. There is always something going on in the market that makes selling difficult.

Distributed compliance is the key to banks increasing CDD and KYC challenges

Artesian Solutions

The banking sector is well-versed in digital disruption. It also has many years of experience in utilising the potential for automation to deliver new efficiencies and banks and financial service institutions have become active adopters of digitisation. Retail banking is now incredibly technology-driven thanks to automated decisions, the adoption of mobile channels, internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Go retro for important prospects

Sales 2.0

I tried multiple times to meet a technology executive at a Wall Street bank. Buy yourself 50 of these cards and when you’ve got an important prospect through a handwritten note into your prospecting mix. Do you use business letters or handwritten notes in your prospecting? Nurturing Prospecting 900, 300, 0. The first number is the number of emails I get as a marketing manager each quarter from sales people.

Social prospecting cheat sheet #1

Sales 2.0

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on this blog you will know that I think relationships determine if you will get a meeting with your prospect. These people could work at companies that are vendors, partners, investors, advisors, agencies or banks to your target company. Gary, Do you know John Prospect, SVP Tax Audit at Prospect Company for real? He thought you might be able to point him in the right direction at Prospect Company. Prospecting

Advanced onboarding – Why banking and financial services must change its approach

Artesian Solutions

The impact of regulation and KYC adherence on customer onboarding in banking. This is especially an issue in the banking and financial services sector, where thanks to increased regulation and KYC requirements, customer experience is suffering. As a result it takes an average of 32 days to onboard a new customer, and thanks to the departmental nature of banking operations, each customer goes through around 8 different interactions during the customer onboarding process.

What is Distributed Compliance and why do banks and financial services need it?

Artesian Solutions

According to McKinsey, the risk function within banking and financial services will have a dramatically different role by 2025. The detection, assessment and mitigation of risk must become part of the daily job of all bank employees and not only those in risk functions. Banks have invested heavily in data solutions and teams of compliance analysts to interpret data. From a customer’s perspective, this disjointed process can be frustrating and damaging to a bank’s reputation.

Sales Pipeline Dried Up? The #1 Way to Land Top Prospects Now

No More Cold Calling

Granted, it will be more difficult to find new prospects or even to get clients to take (virtual) meetings. Neel Kashkari , president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota, was instrumental in the 2008 bank bailout. Think of it as prospecting for gold.

100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

DiscoverOrg Sales

You might recognize the most-prospected-to companies of 2018, according to DiscoverOrg’s database, as household names – but that’s not why savvy sales and marketing professionals have been pitching to them. Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the most-prospected-to industries. Top 10 Most-Prospected-to Industries of 2018. Banking. The top three most-prospected-to industries are all in the financial sector. Bank of America. Banking.

3 Things That Will Increase Sales in 2020 and Beyond

Anthony Cole Training

However, they don’t challenge the notion of the importance of making prospecting their "A" priority every week. The most successful salespeople are always challenging and adapting their personal sales process to be more effective.

Go retro for important prospects

Sales 2.0

I tried multiple times to meet a technology executive at a Wall Street bank. Buy yourself 50 of these cards and when you’ve got an important prospect through a handwritten note into your prospecting mix. Do you use business letters or handwritten notes in your prospecting? Nurturing Prospecting900, 300, 0. The first number is the number of emails I get as a marketing manager each quarter from sales people.

Using Old School Sales Tools in New Ways

Anthony Cole Training

Let's face it; with the influx of social media, apps, and online distractions, it is actually harder to reach a prospect than ever before. In this blog post, we discuss the idea of using older (yet effective) techniques to find success in the chaos of today's selling landscape.

Tools 177

AI in Marketing: How and Why Your Peers Are Leveraging It

SBI Growth

Remember ‘big data’ and ‘advanced analytics’? These trends gradually evolved over the past decade as more and more businesses jumped on the bandwagon; ultimately paving the way for the next truly revolutionary tool in marketing: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read on to.

The Closer | Sales Engagement Walks Into a Bank

INDUSTRY NEWS Sales engagement walks Into a bank Financial advisors are salespeople too. Data entry is an awesome job Most sales reps would rather cold call a prospect list sent to them randomly from BestSalesList@?????????.ru.con Subscribe.

20 Clutch Sales Prospecting Tools for 2022


There’s no shortage of paid and free sales prospecting tools on the market these days, all touting time-saving features. But who of today’s busy sales professionals has the time to vet hundreds of lead generation and sales prospecting tools, let alone road test them to find the best fit?

Tools 91

Don’t Interrogate Your Prospect, Use This Approach…

MTD Sales Training

The next time you’re with a prospect or customer and you want to find information, try this subtle but powerful approach. It would sound like this: Prospect “We really need to improve our cash-flow over the next few months, as we want to expand”. Prospect “Well, we have to improve the financial gearing of the company, so we’re making decisions in the short-term that will increase our bank balance”.

Knowing the Customer’s Timeline to Buy – How Can I Tell If I Have Qualified Prospects?

The Sales Hunter

A prospect who was never inclined to make a decision in the first place; their intention was purely to gain more information. Many times, a prospect begins the process thinking they’re going to make a decision; but due to other factors, their thinking changes yet they remain engaged with the salesperson. Often, your prospect won’t freely give you the information you need right away. Move the prospect into a different sales or marketing pipeline.

How Prospecting is Like Online Dating: 5 Mistakes Online Daters Can Teach Salespeople

DiscoverOrg Sales

We’re convinced that prospecting is a lot like online dating, the mistakes online daters make provide great illustrations to help get more leads, sales, or fill open requisitions. The parallels to prospecting are uncanny. That’s why accurate intelligence on your prospects, for business or *ahem* pleasure, is key – it gives you insight into who’s currently the best match, how to actually get ahold of them, and some common interests as a starting point to the relationship.

How to Improve Your Broken Prospecting Sequence

Anthony Iannarino

I had politely responded to one of the first emails, explaining that my company wasn’t a good prospect for him and that we have other priorities right now, only to open my inbox two days later to the very same email. Some Rules for Prospecting Sequences. Sales prospecting

A Plan for Prioritizing Your Prospecting by Importance

Anthony Iannarino

Prospecting is difficult when you don’t have a well-developed plan. In Eat Their Lunch , you will find a framework for a prospecting sequence for professionally pursuing your dream clients, gaining the commitment for time, and helping them explore change. Prospects.

Artesian Solutions Announces New Functionality for Advanced Prospecting

Artesian Solutions

Mortgages and Charges data added to Prospector to help banks identify and target more opportunities. For several years Artesian has provided this information for individual companies, but this is the first time this data has been indexed in our Prospecting service.

3 Things You MUST Know About SUCCESSFUL Prospecting

The Sales Hunter

If you want to succeed in sales, you must have a prospecting plan — and actually use it! Here are 3 things you must know about successful prospecting: 1. If you can’t prospect, you can’t sell. Well here’s the deal — if you put little or no effort into prospecting or if you think it’s not part of your job, then you really are nothing more than an order taker. Successful prospecting demands that you be proactive.

Account Based Prospecting: Build a Machine for Prospecting

Lead Fuze

I’m going to share with you a system for account based prospecting that will get real results. Need Help Automating Your Sales Prospecting Process? A company in the Financial Services or Banking industry. What Are Account Based Prospecting Strategies?

Leads 52

Call Me the %&#$ Back

The Sales Heretic

Part of that effort included contacting a variety of businesses: the moving company, the title company, utilities, banks, two phone companies, and more. Sales business buyer customer phone profits prospect revenues stressI recently helped my 82-year-old aunt move from Maryland to Texas.

The Power of Educating Prospects on Your Buying Process

John Barrows

What is your prospects buying process? Your prospects, and vendors don’t want that either. We’ve all had that experience where a prospect will tell you they should know something by the end of the day, or week. Your prospects want to be informed.

The Prospecting Problem: Balancing Inbound and Outbound Sales Strategies

Sales Hacker

Many companies wrongly think they have to either build an inbound prospecting strategy or an outbound one. Prospecting is something every sales organization needs to master. Most sales prospecting falls into two broad approaches — Inbound and outbound sales.

The Exact Time To Drop The ‘F-Bomb’ With Your Prospects

MTD Sales Training

During my career in the finance industry, I had many occasions to discuss opportunities with prospects that centred around their investments, pensions, banking circumstances and the like. We’d have maybe spoken a lot about how the prospect had got to this situation and detailed how he felt about the whole thing. Yes, you’re probably right, and I often did get exasperated by the prospect’s procrastinating and dallying about the situation he was in.

Exact 120

Pitch Your Product in Two Sentences

Mr. Inside Sales

Remember, this is an “elevator pitch” designed to inform and grab interest in a prospect during the time you’re in an elevator together (or during that crucial 20 seconds you’ve got on the phone). Your customers (and your bank account) will thank you for it! Less is more.

Find Leads on Twitter: Connect With More Prospects

Lead Fuze

Yes, Twitter can be a powerful lead prospecting tool. Here’s how I use find leads on Twitter, connect with prospects and convert them into customers. Need Help Automating Your Sales Prospecting Process? A company in the Financial Services or Banking industry.

How To Set Sales Appointments With Busy Prospects

Lead Fuze

3 Ultra Creative Strategies to Get Face Time with Your Toughest Prospects. Need Help Automating Your Sales Prospecting Process? A company in the Financial Services or Banking industry. Invite your prospect to meet you on a routine errand.

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