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A Means to an End

The Pipeline

By Tibor Shanto. One of the most stressful moments for most salespeople comes at the point when they have to decide whether or not to go around someone they have been dealing with to that point, be they client or prospect.

Do you want to be a miner?

Sales 2.0

What do you want to be when you grow up? Sales has come a long way in the last decade when we started playing around with the concept of “social selling” and deploying “sales 2.0” technologies.

The Wrong Salespeople are Hired 77% of the Time

Understanding the Sales Force

94% of sales managers are optimistic about their salespeople. That's a very surprising statistic for a couple of reasons: 50% or more of their salespeople won't hit their quotas this year and haven't since at least 2008.

Quota 196

Building A B2B Sales Force That Works

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Anand Srinivasan The typical B2B sales process goes through four distinct stages. It begins with Discovery, and then moves into Diagnosis and Design before it ends with Delivery. Among these four steps, Diagnosis and Design is where a lot of organizations falter.

B2B 246

Moving the Sales Performance Bell Curve

A blueprint for turning average performers into top reps.

How to Implement and Utilize an ABM Program to Maximize Potential

Sales Benchmark Index

Joining us on the SBI Podcast is Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder of Terminus. Sangram is one of the 21 B2B influencers to watch by the B2B News Network. And many in the audience know Sangram as the founder.

The Getting Introduced Methodology

Anthony Cole Training

From our 5 Keys to Coaching series: sales advice sales skill sales growth and inspiration effective sales coaching

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Sales Tech Game Changers: @Timetrade – How to Improve Engagement & Speed Business Cycles

Smart Selling Tools

In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers. This week I interview Lauren Mead , CMO of Timetrade.

Keeping Your Company’s Brand Consistent and Accurate When It Counts

Sales Benchmark Index

What is your company’s Brand Image? If we asked everyone in marketing would we get the same answer? What kind of answers would we get from the sales team? Most importantly, what answer would we get from your customer? These.

Just Because Buying Is “Chaotic,” Doesn’t Mean It’s What Customers Want!

Partners in Excellence

As we increasingly understand the “Chaotic Buying Journey,” as illustrated by the great work done by my friends at Gartner; marketing and sales people are struggling with, “How do we respond?”

Why Managers Can’t Develop Sales Champions and Improve Performance

Keith Rosen

What’s the evidence of developing someone’s mindset or skill set? A behavioral change? Well if you haven’t seen one, then it’s a safe bet that you like most managers don’t truly know how to develop their team. Throwing an article or course at them isn’t the answer.

In the Race to Win More Customers, Sales Needs Digital Transformation

Salesforce users were surveyed about the forces shaping today's workplace. Discover the results and why investments in digital transformation and automation are pushing sales teams ahead.

Deal Breakers: Training Your Reps on When to Walk Away from a Bad Deal

Sales Hacker

The post Deal Breakers: Training Your Reps on When to Walk Away from a Bad Deal appeared first on Sales Hacker. Marquee Outreach Partner Sales Process Webinars

More Accurate Sales Capacity Plans Require a Data-Driven Approach


Let’s face it—companies periodically miss their sales targets. Sometimes, companies miss their targets for “macro” or environmental reasons —like a shift in the marketplace that fundamentally reduces customer demand, or a new competitor that unexpectedly enters the market.

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A 5-Step Campaign Recap Template to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

The Center for Sales Strategy

You sold the campaign. You executed the campaign. Now get the credit you deserve! Creating a successful digital campaign designed to deliver desired business results takes time and expertise… not to mention a great deal of work!

How to Navigate a Career Change in Enterprise Sales


It’s a great time to be in enterprise sales. Many industries—including SaaS products, cybersecurity, and healthcare—are poised for growth. Companies in these industries will thus need skilled salespeople to work on enterprise sales.

Successful Social Selling Best Practices Guide

This best practices guide focuses on helping you organize, harness and capitalize on the information, buying signals and qualified prospects identifying themselves to you online every single day.

PODCAST 33: How to Grow and Scale a Company in the Digital Age w/ Ilir Sela

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast , we interview Ilir Sela , the Founder and CEO of Slice, one of the fastest growing companies focused on the small business space in the US. . Slice helps pizzerias compete with Big Pizza and transforms the way they manage their business.

Sales pipeline management: let’s stop confusing progress with probability


Sales forecasting is hard. For proof, you need look no further than the 2018 CSO Insights Sales Performance study, which reported that on average a little over 46% of all forecasted sales deals actually resulted in a win (never mind the timing). Sales Process Sales Analytics

It’s OK to Say You Are Sorry

The Center for Sales Strategy

In fact, it’s better than OK. The reality is, in the course of any business relationship, something is going to go wrong at some time and it’s smart to get out front of it and to be very transparent.

Why Collaborative Storytelling is Profitable Storytelling

Babette Ten Haken

We instinctively know that collaborative storytelling is profitable. Except, we don’t have time to discover valuable client stories. Or, tell these stories, compellingly, while acquiring or retaining customers.

SME 67

How to Successfully Coach Your Sales Team to Drive Efficiency

Speaker: Steve Benson, Founder and CEO, Badger Maps

A great sales team starts with a manager who’s a great coach. To stay competitive in today’s market, you need to implement a formal coaching approach that is aligned with your buyer’s journey and internal processes to drive results. Fortunately, Steve Benson is here to help you become that great coach.

How to Exercise Your Sales Authority Correctly

Jeff Shore

By Jeff Shore. ?In In his seminal masterpiece, Influence – the Psychology of Persuasion , Dr. Robert Cialdini offers six key principles of influence. Among the Big Six: the principle of authority.

SalesTech Video Review: @TerrAlign

Smart Selling Tools

TerrAlign is a Sales Territory Optimization solution that can result in 5-10% more account visits with the same head count while reducing travel costs at the same time. The ultimate goal is to make sure that every rep has a well balanced and viable work load with the lowest over-head.

Video 65

20 CRM Myths That Hinder Organizations from Achieving Sales Greatness

Accent Technologies

Salespeople who use CRMs effectively achieve better results. Major benefits include gaining more leads, closing more deals and increasing client satisfaction. Even so, CRMs are underutilized.

CRM 63

So, You Want to be a Sales Development Rep?

Quota Factory

Thinking about being a sales development rep? Have we got the eBook for you! At QuotaFactory, we've been in the SDR community since 2002, while many of you were still in middle school!

eBook 59

7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

Companies are increasingly implementing technology to bring efficiency to their workforce. Data accessibility aside, teams continuously struggle with manual processes for document generation. Learn why automating your documents is key to sales success.

Scaling “Authentic Conversations”

Partners in Excellence

I just received one of those emails. I’m on a distribution list, I’ve been invited to hear a webinar on “How do you scale authentic communications.” ” Among the topics they will be covering are: “how to automate meaningful and timely follow up,” and “how much time is too much time spent on personalizing emails………” (Interestingly, the only personalization in this email was my name.

The 18 Best Sales Job Boards for Hiring Top Talent


With budgets opening up for the new year, January and February are often the busiest months of the recruitment cycle

Sales 58

Introducing Zendesk Practice: Realistic Training for Customer Service Teams


Customer service continues to be a differentiator for companies—no matter the industry. That’s why we’ve partnered with Zendesk to help teams like Ibotta , Thrive Market , and Headspace create better customer experiences and revolutionize their customer success. .

5 Best Practices For Running Successful President’s Club


A President’s Club (PC) is synonymous with success. A sales representative who has achieved a President’s Club Title highlights their success and achievements regardless of their industry.

The Best Learning Methodologies for Developing Elite Sales Leaders

Speaker: Steven Rosen MBA, Author, Executive Coach, Speaker and Top 50 Sales Influencer

It is well recognised that the frontline sales managers are the key to driving performance in sales organizations. If you had to choose between investing in sales manager training vs sales rep training what would you do?

What’s the Real Payback?

Selling Energy

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has experienced one of my efficiency-focused professional selling or financial analysis workshops that I recommend migrating the conversation away from Simple Payback Period (SPP) when discussing the merits of a proposed expense-reducing capital project.

Discover the Decision-Makers Before Making a Deal

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

Who else is involved? We’ve all been there. You have a great relationship and rapport with your customer contact. But this contact is not the person making the final decision on whether the company accepts your deal or offer.

River Hours


I’ve spent a lot of my life on the river, trying to catch fish. Honestly, there have been plenty of days I don’t succeed. Some days are worse than others.


Sales Training Courses For Beginners

The Digital Sales Institute

Sales training courses for beginners is normally focused on all the general selling skills a new salesperson will need to acquire over a relatively short time period.

Togetherness: Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Speaker: Jeff Davis, Founder, jd2 Consulting Group

Jeff Davis is here to help you think differently about how Sales and Marketing should interact. With increased scrutiny for marketing to prove ROI on their activities and it becoming increasingly hard for B2B salespeople to even get in front of customers, the old way of doing business is no longer an option. This webinar will use evidence-based research and empirical knowledge to propose real-world strategies that work.