How to use influencer marketing to improve your sales


Are you using social media influencers to help improve your sales? As one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing of the past couple of years, influencer marketing is booming right now. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to use influencer marketing to improve your sales.

Influencer Marketing for Salespeople

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Influencer marketing for salespeople. Influencer marketing means using company leaders, thought leaders, experts, big names, and other well-known people in your industry to promote your business to their audience. Influencer marketing helps you build trust and authority.

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Who Are the Real Influencers

The Sales Blog

Influence is not popularity. Some people are very well known, and they are called influencers, but saying something doesn’t make it so. Influence is not a matter of money , either. There are people who have both fame and money who are called influencers by some.

3 Proven Ways to Find, Reach and Engage Multiple Influencers and Decision Makers


Do the decision makers and influencers want to talk to you? The importance of identifying and understanding the roles of all the players, uncovering the real decision makers and influencers, and engaging with them strategically cannot be […].

Where to Find Influencers In Your Industry

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Where to find influencers? That is always the first question I hear in my influencer marketing training program, and the main hurdle keeping people from getting started. Use hashtag searches to find influencers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Influencing – That Essential Management Skill

Jonathan Farrington

Most managers have a natural style of influence which they prefer to use whenever possible. However, there are at least eight identifiable styles of influence – not including aggression, manipulation or force! You win the day by being submissive, by not overtly influencing.

Do You Know Who You Are Selling? 6 Ways to Find Decision Makers and Influencers


6 Ways to Find Decision Makers and Influencers appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. If you have never been somewhere before, and you are going to venture there then you need to get directions from someone you know, check out a map, or rely on a GPS.

Seven Communication Tips for Conducting Influencer Interviews

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Here are the previous 4 posts in the Interviewing Influencers Series: Influencer Marketing for Salespeople. Where to Find Influencers in Your Industry. Six Things That Can Totally Wreck Your Influencer Interview. Influencer Marketing Marketing Influencer

17 Sales Tips from Influence ‘17

The Sales Heretic

So of course I was in Orlando last week for NSA’s annual convention, known as Influence 2017. Sales business convention customer influence keynote NSA professional prospect service speaker stories trainer trust video

6 Quick Ways To Improve Your Influencing Skills

MTD Sales Training

Many of our delegates on our sales workshops want to improve or increase their influencing skills because they want to impress potential buyers into buying from them. Communication Skills how to influence potential clients improve sales influence This is natural, because we want. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

How to Qualify an Influencer

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Usually the person standing in the way of the final decision maker is an influencer – someone who might weigh in on the decision but who doesn’t have the final authority to make the ultimate decision. How much influence (or input) do you have on the final decision?”.

How Social Media Influences Market Reach

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Since Pipeliner CRM is a European based firm, I expanded my influence into markets that I was not directly reaching. . This sharing of good to great content allows all of us to expand our influence and therefore market reach.

Decision Makers vs. Influencers

Sharon Drew Morgan

decision makers for each sale, and ‘unknown’ influencers. Yet there is no difference between ‘decision makers’ and ‘influencers’. If you want to move and your daughter is in her last year of high school, is she a decision maker or an influencer? I’ve heard there are 5.7

Nelson Mandela – The Ultimate Influencer

Bob Burg's Blog

What I would like to discuss in this post is how it turns out that he is the embodiment of the Five Key Principles of Ultimate Influence in Adversaries into Allies. Influence Adversaries into Allies Apartheid Nelson Mandela Tata Ultimate Influence

Social Selling Keynote “The Exponential Influencer” by Shane Gibson

Social Media and Sales Strategy

Social Selling Keynote Video “The Exponential Influencer” “The Exponential Influencer” Seminar Slides: The Exponential influencer #smmastery from Shane Gibson.

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5 Ways to Connect With People To Have Greater Influence

Steven Rosen

The art of influencing people and getting them to understand and agree with your way of thinking can be a powerful tool in business. But to become a true influence on people, you need first to create a special connection with them – a deep level of rapport.

Salespeople must lead through influence – 5 tips

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Selling through influence. This team selling trend presents a new challenge for salespeople: leading sales teams though influence. Selling through influence isn’t an easy thing for salespeople to do because: 1. Influencing requires unfiltered listening to others.

Pressure Situations, Influence and Leadership

Bob Burg's Blog

Your response to pressure situations is directly proportional to your ability to problem-solve; to live in the solution; to influence and to lead. Influence Success lead mentor proteges Zig Ziglar

5 Ways to Connect With People To Have Greater Influence

Steven Rosen

The art of influencing people and getting them to understand and agree with your way of thinking can be a powerful tool in business. But to become a true influence on people, you need first to create a special connection with them – a deep level of rapport.

How Technology is Influencing New Purchase Mortgage Strategies


Lenders need to consider the influence of each touch point on the purchase journey. The post How Technology is Influencing New Purchase Mortgage Strategies appeared first on Velocify: High Performance Sales.

Competencies That Influence Sales Success

Anthony Cole Training

Sales Success is influenced by many factors. All of these do have influence but I believe that the influence has to do with 1) How easy is it to engage a prospect or 2) How hard is it to engage the prospect.

The Rope of Leadership and Influence

Bob Burg's Blog

That’s why true influencers don’t push.”. I thank him for caring enough to want to use influence for good. First, a powerful influencer does not pull hard; they pull gently. And, that’s what great leaders; what great influencers do. Influence Success leaders persuasion

Numbers Don’t Equal Influence

Igniting Sales Transformation

Numbers on their own do not drive ROI – Return on Influence, Impact and Investment. Collecting numbers is not the same as developing the interpersonal relationships that lead to the influence you need to be a successful seller. A seller’s most important asset is her network.

Listening Biases: How Influencers Unwittingly Restrict Possibilities

Sharon Drew Morgan

Here are some ideas to help you create conversations that avoid restriction: Shift your goal as an influencer to facilitating the route to change. And yes, all influencers, sellers, leaders, negotiators, and coaches are guilty of this.).

The 2014 Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers Announced

Jonathan Farrington

In 2012 we decided to discover find who really were the sales and marketing experts, gurus, commentators, authors and spokespeople who genuinely influence the way we think, sell and market our companies/products/solutions, We used the services of a small team of professional researchers and the criteria we used to benchmark each individual’s impact within the sales space was: Social media presence – Twitter/ Facebook/ Klout score/LinkedIn authority.

How to Run Profitable B2B Influencer Engagement Programs #Podcast

Social Media and Sales Strategy

Today’s podcast ( download here ) is focused on why Influencer Engagement programs are vital and how to run one effectively in the B2B sales and marketing space. 75% cited influencer engagement as an effective in lead generation.

9 Factors That Influence Your Sales Results

The Sales Hunter

Here are 9 factors that influence your sales results… Your competitor The industry you sell in Outside factors – economy / legal / etc. Time Your customer Your customer’s customer Your customer’s competitors The products / services you sell You Take a look at the list and ask yourself which of the nine items […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales motivation sales skills salespeople

Understanding Power And Influence

Partners in Excellence

One of the core issues in understanding and influencing our customers’ buying processes is to make sure we are working with the right people, doing the right things at the right time. We must identify how power and influence is exercised in the decision making process.

Just How Powerful an Influencer Are You?

Bob Burg's Blog

I define Influence as the ability to move a person(s) to a desired action, usually within the context of a specific goal. I just created a self-assessment tool , the Ultimate Influence™ Assessment, that you are invited to take.

Campaigner Partners with AddShoppers to Provide Leading Influencer Marketing Solution

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Campaigner is pleased to announce that we are now partnering with AddShoppers, the world ’ s leading on-site influencer marketing platform! AddShoppers uncovers a powerful source of revenue growth that isn't revealed by traditional marketing tools: Influencer Marketing.

Sales Influencers 2013 Predictions

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B2B content kings Openview Labs first came out with a list of Top Sales Influencers for 2012, which was an honor to be listed on. The piece – 2013 Make or Break Predictions from the Top Sales Influencers Online was just released yesterday.

Customer Experience Management – How to Interpret Its Influence


For most people, work is a dominant presence in their lives and, therefore, business relationships matter and have a great influence in the overall quality of people’s’ lives. The post Customer Experience Management – How to Interpret Its Influence appeared first on SalesPOP! Customer experience (CE) and its management (customer experience management CEM) is a highly volatile and subjective concept that is extremely difficult to define, let alone monitor and measure.

Social Selling: Influencing Buyers and Changemakers with Tim Hughes

Igniting Sales Transformation

About Tim: Tim is a transformational leader, best-selling author and top 10 Social Media influencer. His book “Social Selling – Influencing Buyers and Changemakers” is a bestseller.

Want to Influence? Don’t Deny Human Nature

Bob Burg's Blog

What I believe is the biggie of them all was eloquently summed up by Dale Carnegie in his classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People : “Ultimately, people do things for their reasons; not our reasons.”

In search of: A meaningful measure of Influence ? Value Creator.

Brian Vellmure

You are here: Home / All Posts / In search of: A meaningful measure of Influence. In search of: A meaningful measure of Influence. Influence. INFLUENCE: THE DEFINITION. But is that influence? From our good friend, Webster, Influence is: 1. March 9, 2012.

George Orwell’s Negative Influence on Sales Language

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Like Orwell’s world of 1984 , some view the world of sales as an arena where words are not simply powerful in influencing thought and behavior; they are the creators of thought and behavior. There is a difference between the legitimate use of persuasive influence and the intent to deviously manipulation. . Our words can influence, they cannot create the reality we want. The coincidence of timing: My friend Dan Waldschmidt published a post yesterday on why words matter.

Be a Person of Influence

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Influence. If you want to be your dream client’s trusted advisor , you want to influence them. This is why you count them among the few that influenced you. Persuasion is something a little less than influence. To be sure, someone with influence may have to use persuasion. It’s likely that they were someone with influence. But maybe not someone with so much influence that you would unquestioningly follow their lead. Be a Person of Influence.

One More Competency That Influences Sales Success

Anthony Cole Training

On the 11th of January this year I posted an article: The Competencies that Influence Sales. Today I read an article from Entrepreneur Magazine and decided that I needed to add one more competency to the list: Timeliness.

Checklist for Influencers: questions for sellers, coaches, leaders, change agents.

Sharon Drew Morgan

Most of you are really good at what you do: as influencers, sellers, coaches, change agents, or leaders, your intuition, excellent skills, and history of success guide your ability to facilitate change for your clients.

Power, Politics, and Benchmarking Influence Strategy in 2013

Sales Benchmark Index

Operations leaders often have a disproportionate amount of influence over Sales functions. Data is the most effective way to influence strategy, especially against political headwinds. 2 - Get the data you need to minimize the influence of power and politics on the conversation.