A New Sales Leadership Model

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Essentially this model is for leadership as well as sales leadership as it looks determine where the gaps exist between today’s results and tomorrow’s goals. What I developed is the 5 Star Sales Leadership Model™. Sales Process. Self-Leadership.

Stop The Sales Leadership World, I Need To Get Off!

Bernadette McClelland

And that command and control leadership still clearly exists. Whilst artificial intelligence and high tech are on the rise, what is happening to leadership based on emotional intelligence and high touch? Some of you need to stop the sales leadership world and jump off completely.

Sales Leadership and Motivation Best Practices

Bernadette McClelland

Sales Leadership and Motivation Best Practices I was reminded the other day of a dilemma occurring more and more on the sales floor when it comes to motivating a salesperson to do the tasks that their role demands of them […]. Sales Strategies Sales Sales Managers

7 Critical Sales Leadership Challenges

Steven Rosen

That could crush your sales organization. Let’s face it, being a sales executive has become increasingly more difficult. Chances are next year’s sales objective is going up and your budget is being reduced.

The Best Learning Methodologies for Developing Elite Sales Leaders

Speaker: Steven Rosen MBA, Author, Executive Coach, Speaker and Top 50 Sales Influencer

It is well recognised that the frontline sales managers are the key to driving performance in sales organizations. If you had to choose between investing in sales manager training vs sales rep training what would you do? Why traditional sales leadership training fails.

Sales Leadership Temperament Part 2

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Last week, a new sales leadership series was started focusing on our temperaments such as being “pessimistic.” Having also a negative bias in practical thinking or the tasks dimension may result in the person in that sales leadership role of being “outside the group.”

Sales Leadership Temperament of Consultant Part 18

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Consultative sales is considered by some the only way to sell in today’s marketplace. Respective to sales leadership, the Innermetrix Attribute Index has one external temperament clearly defined as consultant.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Sensitive Part 34

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In sales leadership, there is also an internal temperament identified as sensitive. Additionally, for those in sales leadership roles there exists considerable internal confidence with regards to their abilities.

Are You Forgetting Sales Leadership Is Situational?

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How many times have we read or heard about leadership being situational? If any type of leadership is truly situational, it is sales leadership. Leadership is first about leading yourself or self-leadership. From your own leadership efforts you secure your desired results. Peter Drucker said “Leadership is all about results.” ” In sales, results do matter. Sales opportunity.

Sales Leadership Temperament Part 3

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Additionally those who have this sales leadership temperament may “see the world in terms of things and their comparative value, or as tasks to be completed. How these behaviors specifically translate to those in sales leadership roles might be bending the rules to get the sale.

Sales Leadership Talent of Flexibility

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If Jack of Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick fame was a salesperson, it could be said Jack demonstrated this sales leadership talent of flexibility. For some in SMB, the sales leadership talent of flexibility probably has never been considered.

The Fatal Sales Leadership Presumption within LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the best channels for discovering leaders especially if your decision makers are in sales leadership roles. ” There does continue to be this fatal sales leadership presumption by many LinkedIn Members.

Sales Leadership Talent of Initiative

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“Taking the bull by the horns” is a simple explanation of this very needed sales leadership talent of initiative. Initiative is one of those universal leadership skills that SMB firms to even the Global Fortune 500 firms want and are desperately seeking.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Elevated Part 33

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Having delivered hundreds of Innermetrix Attribute Indexes to small business professionals and top sales performers, this sales leadership temperament of elevated is not one I have come across.

The 12 Days of Increase Sales Leadership Questions - Day 7

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Many believe to increase sales leadership begins with sales training, learning more stuff to improve existing known weaknesses, but in actuality the foundation for sales success lies within the strengths of each salesperson, not their weaknesses, This leads to question number 7: If people succeed because of their strengths, then do you know with absolute crystal clarity what are your strengths? This explains the diversity within any sales team.

The 12 Days of Increase Sales Leadership Questions - Day 12

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Today’s question regarding how to increase sales leadership results is a very personal and simple one: Do you truly love yourself? What I know to be true after executive coaching and sales coaching hundreds of individuals, many do not love or even like themselves. To increase sales leadership results begins within each and every individual.

Sales Leadership Talent of Sense of Belonging

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Being a part of a team or a member of a group is a compelling motivating force and can also be viewed as a sales leadership talent. When team members are excluded, this motivating force weakens and sales performance usually suffers.

Sales Leadership, Bag Phone or Smart Phone?

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Funny thing about sales leadership is some past sales leaders sometimes fail to continue to be forward thinking as new ideas or technologies evolve. Now younger sales professionals may not remember the first mobile phones that were literally in a bag. Today we have all those smart phones and other smart devices that allow those in sales leadership to reach out and touch someone instantaneously.

The 12 Days of Increase Sales Leadership Questions - Day 6

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Now another simple increase sales leadership question: What is keeping you from changing that one behavior which would improve your results? Again, these 12 days of questions to increase sales leadership revolve around each individual. The choice is always up to each of us and our own personal desire to increase sales leadership. Sales Leadership false evidence appearing real increase sales increase sales leadership sales leadership status quo

Sales Leadership Temperament of Flexible Part 39

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This sales leadership temperament of flexible is another one I have yet to encounter. Having a neutral role awareness suggests, those with this sales leadership temperament are good at what they do. (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index).

Sales Leadership Talent of Proactive Thinking

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Proactive thinking for some as a sales leadership talent is the equivalent of out of the box thinking. Yet compartmentalizing this talent with this definition is limiting its impact on leadership and sales results.

Sales Leadership Talent of Self Direction

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For those in sales leadership role, they too must be accurate in their actions while striving always to be better. More importantly, this sales leadership talent showcases the “passion” of the salesperson’s endeavors.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Independent Part 15

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“To boldly go where no one has gone before” is a pretty good description of this sales leadership temperament identified as Independent. Have you ever met someone in sales or any other role who was a bit of a non-conformist?

Sales Leadership Temperament of Virtuoso Part 20

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If selling is an art, then being a virtuoso would potentially reflect the highest sales leadership mindset. Would you like one of these individuals to be in your sales team if not one of your top sales performers?

Sales Leadership Temperament of Dedicated Part 31

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As much as small business owners to sales managers would like to have their team demonstrating this sales leadership temperament of being dedicated, we know that is not reality. Curious about your sales leadership talents and temperaments?

Sales Leadership is a Lifestyle

The Sales Hunter

Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills leader sales leader sales leadershipEarlier this week, I was sitting in a strategic planning meeting with a client. It’s one of those days where the conversation is simply amazing. Five of us in the room and each one contributing ideas, sharing insights and collectively developing better outcomes. Reason I’m sharing this with you is I’ve been writing up my […].

Sales Leadership Talent of Sensitivity to Others

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Believe it or not, sensitivity to others is also necessary for those sales leadership roles. ” The application of this sales leadership talent is through the decision making process.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Industrious Part 26

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In sales, hard workers who are industrious are always valued. These individuals including those in sales leadership roles have: Negative Self-Esteem. Sales people having this internal temperament strongly identify with their primary social and work role.

Sales leadership programs – four common mistakes

Sales Training Connection

McKinsey reported an interesting research study on leadership training. Although it related to leadership programs across functions, we thought the finding would be particularly important for Senior VP’s of Sales and Sales Training Managers. 2015 Sales Momentum, LLC.

Sales Leadership Is Self Leadership

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For those who make a living selling something to someone, sales leadership is essential. How you lead yourself first and foremost, that being self leadership, will determine your ability to increase sales. Self leadership is necessary for any professional role.

Sales Leadership The Talent of Leading Others

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What is interesting is how some really good to top sales performers fail to appreciate this talent sales leadership talent of leading others. Dan Pink in his book, To Sell Is Human , talks about sales as being movement.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Discriminating Part 38

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If someone was hiring for a sales leadership role, this is one internal bias that may be a double edge sword. With the positive role awareness, those with this sales leadership temperament are “pretty comfortable with themselves in general.”

Sales Leadership Temperament of Objector Part 19

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In the seven years I have been administering the Innermetrix Attribute Index for those in sales leadership roles, I have yet to discover a salesperson with this external temperament of Objector. Human beings are unique and how they approach sales is also unique.

Sales Leadership Talent of Self Improvement

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This week I am attending a professional development conference sponsored by Resource Associates Corporation which will expose me to new ideas regarding self improvement, sales leadership, customer service, continuous business improvement and personal development.

Sales Leadership Talent of Conceptual Thinking

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Top sales performers today must think beyond the immediate and into the future to differentiate themselves from all those other gray suits who want the quick sale.

Sales Leadership Talent of Material Possessions

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With the malls overflowing with parked cars and elbow to elbow shoppers especially today, Christmas Eve, as shoppers foray into finding those last minute gifts, this sales leadership talent of material possessions appears to be quite evident.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Directed Part 22

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This internal sales leadership temperament, directed, might be a good one to have. ” Additionally this sales leadership temperament may also create an overvalue of self-organization. An example would be follow the sales process (rules) without any deviation.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Dependent Part 37

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So far after conducting hundreds of Innermetrix Attribute Index profile assessments, I have yet to encounter this internal temperament for those in any sales leadership roles. ” In sales this capacity to be easily influenced is not a good trait.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Expressive Part 36

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Being your own person is a good sales leadership trait. Having the negative role awareness and positive self direction, those with this sales leadership temperament of expressive “are also very driven to follow” their “own sense of direction.”

Sales Leadership Temperament of Negative Part 21

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Some of these talent management temperaments complement those in sales leaders roles while others probably should be avoided. Today begins understanding the 20 internal sales leadership temperaments with the first one being Negative.