A New Sales Leadership Model

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Essentially this model is for leadership as well as sales leadership as it looks determine where the gaps exist between today’s results and tomorrow’s goals. What I developed is the 5 Star Sales Leadership Model™. Sales Process. Self-Leadership.

July is Sales Leadership Month

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July is Sales Leadership Month. As a sales leader you must always have a vision and action plans for a rolling six months, this is why July is the perfect month for anyone that has sales management responsibility—so why not name it Sales Leadership Month !

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Emotional Sales Leadership

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Emotional Sales Leadership. I was recently interviewed on a podcast based in Europe around the topic of the importance of emotional leadership. So what specifically can any leader do to create Emotional Leadership? HINT: Run an annual sales trip contest.

Sales Process in a New Sales Leadership Model

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Given over 97% of all businesses within the US are under 20 employees, many lack a simple sales process. By not having a process impacts the ability to determine where there are gaps limiting increase sales and ultimately the overall sales culture.

7 Critical Sales Leadership Challenges

Steven Rosen

That could crush your sales organization. Let’s face it, being a sales executive has become increasingly more difficult. Chances are next year’s sales objective is going up and your budget is being reduced.

Sales leadership programs – four common mistakes

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McKinsey reported an interesting research study on leadership training. Although it related to leadership programs across functions, we thought the finding would be particularly important for Senior VP’s of Sales and Sales Training Managers. 2015 Sales Momentum, LLC.

We Lead with Sales Leadership

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A month and a half later, I left my corporate job as Director of Education for a SaaS company and did contract work until launching Score More Sales in early 2002. B2B sales leadership

Are You Forgetting Sales Leadership Is Situational?

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How many times have we read or heard about leadership being situational? If any type of leadership is truly situational, it is sales leadership. Leadership is first about leading yourself or self-leadership. From your own leadership efforts you secure your desired results. Peter Drucker said “Leadership is all about results.” ” In sales, results do matter. Sales opportunity.

Sales Leadership, Bag Phone or Smart Phone?

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Funny thing about sales leadership is some past sales leaders sometimes fail to continue to be forward thinking as new ideas or technologies evolve. Now younger sales professionals may not remember the first mobile phones that were literally in a bag. Today we have all those smart phones and other smart devices that allow those in sales leadership to reach out and touch someone instantaneously.

Sales Leadership — Will Your Customers Even Value It?

The Sales Hunter

Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills leader sales leadershipWhen was the last time you did a deep dive to really determine why your customers choose to do business with you? We’d all like to think we have customers who are incredibly loyal to us because of how good we are, but is that really the case? When we have a customer agree […].

Sales Leadership is Not an Oxymoron

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Blog leadership leader sales leadershipLet me share with you my definition of a leader: A leader is one who helps others see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

Efficient Effectiveness: Sales Leadership

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Sales Management Thought Leadership: efficient effectiveness. What does this have to do with sales management? If your sales team needs sales training. To increase the sales culture of your team. To create a sales contest that drives revenue.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Assertive Part 28

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Part of the explanation could be these individuals had this sales leadership internal temperament of assertive. People with this sales leadership temperament of assertive due to their negative self esteem usually have some uncertainty and also fear change.

A CEO's Guide to the Differences in Sales Leadership Roles

Understanding the Sales Force

I was reviewing a sales leadership evaluation with my client, a CEO, who was a bit confused over how this was different from a sales management evaluation. He wondered, "Aren't sales managers and sales leaders the same?". Image Copyright 123RF Stock Photo.

Fog Lines and Guard Rails on the Sales Leadership Road

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Possibly you may be wondering what do fog lines and guard rails have to do with traveling the sales leadership road? For those in sales leadership, fog lines are part of your sales’ behaviors specifically your positive core values (business ethics).

Sales Leadership Trumps Sales Skills

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Consider for a moment what would happen if sales leadership was the learning objective (desired end result) in any sales training coaching program instead of the common sales skills? Increase sales? Are not sales skills a subset of sales leadership?

4 Reasons Not To Delegate Sales Leadership


The higher you go in a company, the more important it is that you take your role as a leader seriously, especially when that role is that of sales leader. A sales leader does not only heavily impact the results of the team, they influence the development of young sales leaders (the future talent of the organization), and ultimately the experience your clients have when they interact with your company. Problem is her old job is sales leadership.

Sales Leadership: Why Winners Win!

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Sales Leadership Thoughts: Why Winners Win! Salespeople must be trained on the emotional elements of success at the same level that they are trained in pure sales skills training. Need more sales management resources? Keynote Programs Sales Motivation

Sales Leadership and Sales Cultures Partners in SMB Sustainable Growth

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Probably for SMB, sales leadership and sales culture are more critical for sustainable growth than for larger firms. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, SMB fail to recognize the partnership between sales leadership and sales culture.

The Most Difficult Part of Sales Leadership

A Sales Guy

A new Real Deal of Sales is up. In this episode we talk to Sales Leaders about the difficulties of being, well you guessed it, sales managers. The sales managers we talked to were huge people, people. Watch the next episode of The Real Deal of Sales.

Sales Leadership Talent of Understanding Motivational Needs

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Understanding motivational needs or what some call the prospect’s motives is a necessary sales leadership talent. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Presuming your sales team consistently sets and achieve realistic personal goals may be one of your obstacles.

Importance of 1st Impressions from Sales Leadership Training Companies

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I saw a question this week in a sales community on LinkedIn. A member was looking for a referral for sales management training. What struck me hard was that he said he’d reached out to four companies who offer sales management training services. B2B sales leadershipThree days had gone by, and only one of the companies had reached out to him.

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Saying No

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Saying No is probably not found in any recognized sales leadership assessment or profile. The talent of saying No allows good sales people to focus on what they do well. After all, no is not a word any good salesperson wants to hear or is it?

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Diplomacy

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Being in any sales leadership role from the salesperson up to sales management and even beyond requires the talent of diplomacy. ” Think about how often in business, we as experienced sales people or business professionals find ourselves in emotionally charged situations.

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Sales Leadership and the People You Attract

The Sales Hunter

Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills executive sales leader briefing leader sales leadershipWhom do you attract? Earlier this week I was at the National Speakers Association Annual Conference — #Influence17. Each time I go I’m amazed at who I meet. From hallway discussions to the main sessions, it’s about connecting and learning from others. Walking to a session, a good friend stopped me and asked if I […].

Sales Leadership Is for the Lion Hearted

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Is your sales leadership team one of being “Lion Hearted Full” or “Lion Hearted Empty?” What I mean is do you and your sales people demonstrate both of these two words: Lion? ” Where is the heart in this sales process becomes a primary question?

The 4 Top Sales Leadership Articles to Boost Sales Today

Understanding the Sales Force

There have been at least 2 lists published of the sales books you should read on the beach this summer so we are not going there! Dave Kurlan sales process sales management sales leadership top articles on sales and selling

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Creativity

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Creativity within sales leadership is gaining traction. With potential customers more educated, top sales performers must have this creativity talent of being able to think on their feet so they can increase sales.

The Value of Sales Leadership

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Recently I’ve been working with a number of salespeople making sales calls that stretch across a wide range of industries, and one thing stands out — Sales Leadership. What makes the meaningful information so critical is the sales leader knows what to do with it.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Impressionable Part 24

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Salespeople with this sales leadership temperament of impressionable may fit that bill. From a sales leadership perspective, individuals with an impressionable temperament may become easily “involved in activities on an experimental or impulsive basis.”

Sales Leadership – Competitors or Industry Counterparts?

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Sales leadership in the 21st century is very much about you and your behaviors. How you view them and what you do speaks not only to your own values ( business ethics ), but more importantly to your own sales leadership, your self confidence and your self esteem.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Independent Part 15

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“To boldly go where no one has gone before” is a pretty good description of this sales leadership temperament identified as Independent. Have you ever met someone in sales or any other role who was a bit of a non-conformist?

Sales Leadership The Talent of Correcting Others

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Some might not appreciate how this sales leadership talent of correcting others fits within their role of selling. So what does this talent look like in sales and business through a behavioral perspective? As top sales performers, are not these other behaviors present?

Intentional The Energy Behind Sales Leadership

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Much is written about sales leadership. There are thousands of articles on building relationships, people skills, sales skills to the use of CRM. However, very little is written about this word “intentional” when it comes to sales leadership.

Sales Leadership Temperament Part 3

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Additionally those who have this sales leadership temperament may “see the world in terms of things and their comparative value, or as tasks to be completed. How these behaviors specifically translate to those in sales leadership roles might be bending the rules to get the sale.

Sales Leadership Talent of Empathetic Outlook

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Walking in the shoes of another person is a great description of this sales leadership talent identified as empathetic outlook. This sales leadership talent of empathetic outlook does involve being consciously aware of the impact of your actions on others.

5 Ways to Fill Your Sales Leadership Pool

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Global surveys continue to reveal a top concern of HR leaders - building Leadership. An excerpt: "Building global leadership is by far the most urgent [trend]: Fully 38 percent of all respondents rated it “urgent” Companies see the need for leadership at all levels, in all geographies, and across all functional areas.". Talent Management Human Resources Sales Leadership Sales Development Leadership Development

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Self Discipline

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Anthony Iannarino, discussed the talent of self discipline respective to sales leadership. Another reason for understanding this talent is because in sales you must know yourself first and define yourself. A recent posting by a colleague, S.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Discriminating Part 38

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If someone was hiring for a sales leadership role, this is one internal bias that may be a double edge sword. With the positive role awareness, those with this sales leadership temperament are “pretty comfortable with themselves in general.”

Sales Leadership — 10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Sales

The Sales Hunter

Blog leadership leader sales leader sales leadershipWe are all guilty of digging too deep into our job, essentially working in our business. As leaders we have to also take the time to work “on” our business by challenging what we do and why we do it. The last couple of months, I’ve been doing a lot of consulting working with multiple […].