Sales Leadership Requires Being Authentic and Transparent

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Leadership is not merely talk. Real leadership is actions and that is why I firmly believe that actions carry more weight than words. Copyright 2019, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog. You can’t just run and hide.

Sales Leadership Lessons from OutBound

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Many of you reading this blog post are aware of one of the largest sales event that I have the honor to co-host each year called OutBound. Both good and bad leadership has a compound effect in impacting others. Copyright 2019, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.”

Sales Leadership and the Questions You Ask

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Sales leadership is about the customer seeing you differently than every other salesperson. Sales is about taking the customer to a different level. Sales is about challenging thinking and challenging norms. Copyright 2019, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.”

Am I Productive or Just Busy? Sales Leadership Lessons

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I see salespeople and sales leaders spending countless hours updating reports and building out spreadsheets. These same people are quick to say that they just don’t have time to prospect or meet with customers because they’re busy. Will this grow sales or increase profits?

Is Your Ego Keeping You From Listening / Sales Leadership Lessons

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Sales and leadership is about connecting with people, and this means listening to people. Sadly, I see the results of a big ego play out in sales with a high degree of churn among customers and fewer referrals. Check out this 40-second video: What is sales?

The Value of Sales Leadership

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Recently I’ve been working with a number of salespeople making sales calls that stretch across a wide range of industries, and one thing stands out — Sales Leadership. This is true when working with an existing customer and when courting a prospect.

Sales Leadership: What Will You Learn Today?

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Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Development Training Sales Motivation learn learning listen listening outbound prospecting sales leaderEarlier this week I was talking to a person who was asking me what I do for a job. He was intrigued by the fact I spend the bulk of my time speaking at major conferences around the U.S. and the world. He was deeply interested in how I felt I could be knowledgeable enough […].

The Sales Leadership "Right Stuff"

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There’s no education program you can sign up for—or diploma you can achieve—that gives you a direct transfer of the skills needed to perform at an elite … Read More » Sales Leadership Sales Strategies article closing Colleen Francis Engage Selling objection handling presentation skills Prospecting Sales Leader sales leadership excellence Sales Presentations sales trainer sales training sales training programs selling strategies speaker

Sales Leadership – 12 Questions You Need to Ask

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Instead of only seeing yourself as a salesperson, you’re now seeing yourself as a sales leader. It’s easy to consider yourself a sales leader when you’re making your numbers, but are you really a sales leader? Below are 12 questions you need to ask yourself to determine if you’re a sales leader or merely a salesperson: 1. Do you own your sales quotas and business plans? Most likely, you need to develop a plan, or at least, that’s what sales leaders do.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Leadership

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The definition of leadership is complex and widely contended: ask a different expert and you’ll get a different answer. Let’s just say for our purposes that leadership means guiding others to get results. Don’t worry, this Ultimate Guide to Sales Leadership will help you digest it all.

High Profit Prospecting: The Critical Role of Sales Leadership in Prospecting

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It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room with regard to prospecting. For too long every excuse in the world has been used as to why prospecting is so difficult. The elephant in the room is the environment created by the leadership of the organization.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Leadership

Anthony Iannarino

The definition of leadership is complex and widely contended: ask a different expert and you’ll get a different answer. Let’s just say for our purposes that leadership means guiding others to get results. Don’t worry, this Ultimate Guide to Sales Leadership will help you digest it all.

Secrets To Sales Leadership And Long-Term Sales Success with Kyle Porter, Episode #98


Sales leadership is a key piece of organizational success – it can determine the outcomes of a sales team more powerfully than anything else. Want to learn powerful secrets to #SalesLeadership that fuels long-term #sales success? How Sales Leaders Build Great Teams.

SAP 102

What Last Week Taught Me About The Corruption of Sales Leadership

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Firstly, I saw the heading: Incentive trips binned for top FX sales people. As someone who is part of the Xerox sales alumni here in Australia, I know the intense feeling of pride, success and camaraderie that winning any incentive trip gives you, having partaken in quite a few.

Sales Leadership Talent of Initiative

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“Taking the bull by the horns” is a simple explanation of this very needed sales leadership talent of initiative. Initiative is one of those universal leadership skills that SMB firms to even the Global Fortune 500 firms want and are desperately seeking.

The Fatal Sales Leadership Presumption within LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the best channels for discovering leaders especially if your decision makers are in sales leadership roles. ” There does continue to be this fatal sales leadership presumption by many LinkedIn Members.

One Quick Tip to Demonstrate Sales Leadership

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So you want to be recognized by how you demonstrate sales leadership? Yet, sometimes you still feel you are one of the many instead of one of the few in how you demonstrate sales leadership.

Sales Leadership and Sales Motivation: Are You Building A Firm Foundation?

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When we are seen as showing a high degree of sales leadership with our customers, we have the ability to not only help them succeed, but also to achieve a higher level of profit for ourselves. These two traits, sales leadership and sales motivation, compliment each other.

Sales Leadership Is About Human Leadership!

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There are thousands of books and articles about selling and how to be a great sales leader–either individually as a sales person or organizationally. We miss, sales leadership is really about human leadership.

Sales Leadership Talent of Conceptual Thinking

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Top sales performers today must think beyond the immediate and into the future to differentiate themselves from all those other gray suits who want the quick sale.

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Saying No

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Saying No is probably not found in any recognized sales leadership assessment or profile. The talent of saying No allows good sales people to focus on what they do well. Not all prospects are the best customers.

Sales Leadership The Talent of Correcting Others

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Some might not appreciate how this sales leadership talent of correcting others fits within their role of selling. So what does this talent look like in sales and business through a behavioral perspective? As top sales performers, are not these other behaviors present?

Sales Leadership Trumps Sales Skills

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Consider for a moment what would happen if sales leadership was the learning objective (desired end result) in any sales training coaching program instead of the common sales skills? Increase sales? Are not sales skills a subset of sales leadership?

What Are You Selling and Do Your Prospects Care?

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The company the salesperson sells for offers a wide range of services their target prospect […]. A salesperson contacted me saying he was not having any success developing new customers.

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Human Awareness

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” For those engaged in selling, this sales leadership talent of human awareness extends beyond the potential customer (sales prospect) to other employees in the organization. The end being “increase sales.”

Sales Leadership Talent of Understanding Motivational Needs

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Understanding motivational needs or what some call the prospect’s motives is a necessary sales leadership talent. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Presuming your sales team consistently sets and achieve realistic personal goals may be one of your obstacles.

6 Reasons Your Managers Need Sales Leadership Coaching


We know that sales coaching is an important part of sales management. Studies have found that effective sales coaching programs can improve sales reps’ performance by up to 20%. years ( data from Bridge Group Sales Development 2018 Metrics and Compensation Report ).

Who Is Your Best Prospect?

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Because I wanted to focus on a specific question, I glossed over the question I am sure many had as I set out a scenario, specifically when we ask sellers: “Who is your best prospect?”. The post Who Is Your Best Prospect? appeared first on Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

Year-End Sales Leadership: 4 Things You Need to Do

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New customers and prospects create their own set of opporutnities. Last thing you want to do is close a sale, only to find out the new customer’s Accounting Department won’t process anything until after the new year starts. Be a sales leader in Q4.

Is Prospecting an Activity or a Lifestyle?

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Each week I receive phone calls and emails from salespeople and sales managers who say they aren’t hitting their sales goals. You will never hit your sales goals if you don’t have enough in your pipeline to close, and […]. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Prospecting executive sales leader briefing prospect prospecting sales leadership sales prospecting

Sales Leadership – Competitors or Industry Counterparts?

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Sales leadership in the 21st century is very much about you and your behaviors. Do you bring then up in the conversation with a potential customer, potential client or prospect? Do you fear your competitors? Do you speak ill of them?

Sales Leadership: 9 Things the CEO MUST Know When Making a Sales Call with a Salesperson

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If you are a CEO or senior manager and you are planning to go on a sales call with someone on your sales staff, here are 9 things you must know: 1. It’s not every day a salesperson has the CEO in their car and on a sales call with them. ” Sales Motivation Blog.

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: It’s Time to Empty the Prospecting Pipeline

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When was the last time you had your team wipe out everything in their sales pipeline? When it comes to sales pipelines, it means we as salespeople […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting executive sales leader briefing executive sales leadership briefing prospect prospecting sales prospectingYou’re thinking I’m crazy, but give my strategy a read before passing judgement.

Intentional The Energy Behind Sales Leadership

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Much is written about sales leadership. There are thousands of articles on building relationships, people skills, sales skills to the use of CRM. However, very little is written about this word “intentional” when it comes to sales leadership.

What is Sales Leadership? | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

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Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. Sales Articles. Sales Motivation. Phone Sales Tips. Sales Development. Sales Call Best Practices. Retail Sales Trends. What is Sales Leadership? I’ve always said that those who demonstrate leadership will succeed in their sales career. Leadership in sales is just the opposite.

Sales Process in a New Sales Leadership Model

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Given over 97% of all businesses within the US are under 20 employees, many lack a simple sales process. By not having a process impacts the ability to determine where there are gaps limiting increase sales and ultimately the overall sales culture.

Does Sales Leadership Want to Miss Quota?

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As sales leaders our job is to help our teams make the number. And, without knowing these 5 things, sales leaders won’t make their number. Going into each quarter it is imperative you know what your sales people or direct reports are going to be focused on and why.

Quota 104

5 Characteristics of Top Sales Leadership


Strong sales leadership builds, nurtures and inspires. The business world has always had its share of both—but there are few areas where it matters more than in sales. A bad sales manager can adversely affect the backbone of any organization—sales revenue, employee morale and motivation, and customer relationships. As Harvard Business Review reports, an ineffective sales leader can cause lasting—and sometimes irreparable—damage to their company.

Sales Leadership Observations about Pipeline and Terminations

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan The Pipeline, The Funnel and the Inaccurate Forecast - It gets a bit scary when people who are experts in one thing write about another. Jeff suggests that the sales funnel is a thing of the past but his examples, and therefore reasons, are way off base. He seems confused about what the sales pipeline or funnel is supposed to do for us. Many sales leaders are confused about the pipeline.

The Value of Being Personal in Sales Leadership w/ LinkedIn’s Alyssa Merwin {Hey Salespeople Podcast}


Have you checked out the Hey Sale speople podcast is hosted by SalesLoft’s VP of Sales Strategy and self-proclaimed sales nerd, Jeremy Donovan? Episode two is with Alyssa Merwin, VP of Sales Solutions, North America @ LinkedIn. That translates to sales, too.