Build a Bold, Data Infused Sales Strategy for 2013

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Remember, to Build a “World Class” sales strategy infused in data for 2013, perform the following over the next two months: Research the Market. “Freedom lies in being Bold” – Robert Frost Are you consistently bringing bold sales strategy ideas to the VP of Sales?

USE CASE: Machine Learning infused sales solution for Telia


Vainu has initiated a collaboration with Telia to develop a new B2B-sales solution enabling Telia to prioritize the most fruitful accounts according to available data. The innovation involves machine learning and the use of both Telia internal data and Vainu company database. Sales AI Press Release

Are You Suffering from Marketing Malaise?

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Think how you can infuse some of that energy into your own marketing actions. Marketing can become quite routine, almost boring especially for small business owners.

Are Your Efforts to Know All Complicating Your Sales Success?

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And those folks of years gone by did not have all the knowledge (sales training) that today’s sales professionals have access to and infuse into their professional roles.

Leadership Begins First and Foremost within Each of Us

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Years ago I became associated with a company, Resource Associates Corporation , that infused self-leadership into each developmental curriculum. Yesterday I received some course catalogs from a well known university advocating a plethora of leadership courses.

The Key To Unlocking a Sustainable Goal Setting Process

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So why not infuse those driving emotions into the goal setting process? Human being are by their very nature goal setting creatures. If not, we would not be where we are today. The ongoing issue is sustainability with any goal setting process. What is missing is 99.9%

Sales Simplicity or Sales Sophistication, What Really Works?

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Maybe the better question to be answered is what sales leadership talents do I know to be true and how may I infuse these sales leadership talents into successfully executing either the sales simplicity or sales sophistication selling philosophy.

3 Cold Email Mistakes That Ruin Sales Conversations


If you’d like to learn more about how to infuse specific, alluring benefits into your cold email templates, you might want to check out our new Cold Email Crash Course. . Reaching out to leads via cold email can be intimidating at first.

A Coach Is an Emotionally Intelligent Contrarian

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However by infusing the capacity of emotional intelligence into this role, the client or charge does not feel devalued for his or her beliefs or behaviors. The very essence of any small business coach, sales coach, executive coach or athletic coach is to be a contrarian.

Deliver Empathetic Energy Not a Passionate Sales Pitch

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When salespeople infuse emotional intelligence into their sales conversation, they now are delivering empathetic energy. Sometimes in sales, people confuse energy with passion. What ends up happening is the passion sounds like a sales pitch. Empathy is a measurable talent and can be further developed through emotional intelligence as well as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Low energy does not sell. Misplaced high energy also does not sell.

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Freedom Is Intrinsic to Our Motivation

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Choice is infused within freedom. Have you ever considered freedom to be intrinsic to motivation? Many times we think of freedom in different terms such as the freedom to walk the streets, the freedom of free speech, etc.

3 Powerful Tips For Incoming Calls

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Now, that usually goes with the XJR infusion system…do you use the XJR infusion system at your company?”.

Are Your Sales Presentations About You or About Your Customer?

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The seller uses his or her past experience, company experience and then infuses some of his or her fact finding into the new sales presentation.

Priceless, The First Customer Service Experience

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So far we have infused thousands of dollars into the local small business economy. In relocating from NW Indiana to NW Arizona, we have had to outreach to several businesses. Once again I realized how truly priceless the first customer service experience really is. Credit

Inside Sales Power Tip 107 – Humor

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Ways You Can Infuse Humor in Your Day. When you have a true inside sales job you are either working with a quota to get a certain number of quality tasks accomplished each day. number of meetings or demos set up with qualified buyers.

In Sales Training Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear to Tread – Part 1

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Sales professionals are required to infuse best marketing practices into their selling endeavors. How many times do sales people in their effort to showcase their latest sales training end up tripping over their own two feet or rushing in without predetermined thought?

Marketing Conversations Come Before Sales Conversations

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In the past marketing was almost considered a hit and run approach, long term engagement or marketing conversations was infused into the selling phase of the sales process. To achieve business growth begins by attracting attention and building relationships.

Why Are You Fighting Chaos As Part of Business Growth?

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Imagine what would happen if we infused acceptance of chaos into our business growth; learned to work with it and better yet anticipate it? How many times because of our conditioning, our beliefs, we fight chaos as we experience business growth or even work to increase sales?

Workplace Wellness Can Deliver a Healthy ROI

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In essence, workplace wellness ‘that works’ is essential for building a high-performing team, good for the bottom line and good for people,” says Laura Putnam, founder and CEO of Motion Infusion, a workplace wellness consulting firm, and the author of “Workplace Wellness That Works.”.

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Trends in Selling with Allen Mueller, Miller Heiman Group

Igniting Sales Transformation

Mueller’s ability to lay out a strategic plan, infused with data analytics, has enabled her to achieve a consistent record of sustained growth and overachievement during her career.

Assess Your Sales Performance with the Sales Performance Meter Diagnostic

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You can also use your results to determine the optimal areas for investment in sales transformation: perhaps you’ll want to develop a new sales talent strategy , request sales coaching training for managers or implement a data-infused sales analytics platform that enables you to isolate the behaviors driving the success of your top salespeople.

Are your prospecting calls a long run off a short pier?

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In no way do I want to douse your enthusiasm, but I do want to infuse a bit of reality into how prospecting unfolds these days. By Tibor Shanto – .

What’s Better, Sales Skills or Sales Attitude?

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Indirectly, probably I do know of one training and development publishing firm, Resource Associates Corporation , that has infused the SDT into its curriculum without calling it SDT.

If You’re Not Scraping Data, You’re Losing Revenue

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Greg McBeth is the head of revenue at , the first AI-infused discovery engine that identifies relevant, personalized opportunities for people and companies Author: Greg McBeth Any sales leader would love to wave a wand and instantly find good-fit companies with interested buyers.

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When will Sales catch up with Marketing?

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Sales Process infused with Buyer Insights – Allows a sales team to sell the way the customer wants to buy. The sales field is suffering. Customers are suffering. Sales forces lack buyer-centered tools for success. When will Sales catch up with Marketing?

It’s A Fact! – Sales eXecution 254

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At least he had sense enough to make predictions that he did not have to be around to answer for, and with enough vagueness that allowed the reader to infuse their own bias and allow everyone a level of deniability when it came to accuracy. By Tibor Shanto -

CMO: Enable Reps with the Right Content at the Right Time

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It is simply is not infused with deep domain knowledge. Sales reps want solid materials to support them in sales campaigns. Today this means having the right content at the right time. Having the right content enables the sales rep to have the best chance to make a sale. How does this happen?

Memorable Marketing Makes Money

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When done well, memorable marketing makes money and that belief needs to be infused into your small business. As I have written countless times, the purpose of marketing is to attract attention and begin to build relationships.

4 Powerful Methods to Keep Opportunities from Stalling

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You hang up the phone from a sales call, pumped with turbo-infused Adrenalin, giving yourself a mental high-five, feeling like you ‘nailed-it.’ The ultimate, and most desirable goal of any sales conversation with a prospect is for it to result in unbridled enthusiasm for taking the next step.

The Real Problem with Leadership Programs

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The curriculums from executive leadership to management to even sales all infused leadership as a process within the written training and development materials.

How to Drive Sales in 2014 with Content Marketing

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Outsourced content simply is not infused with deep domain knowledge. The annual CMI/MarketingProfs B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks study validates the move toward Content Marketing. Marketing leaders understand that content marketing is King.

What Sustainable B2B Model Believes Salespeople Are Unnecessary?

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These “clueless” leaders will infuse technology and call centers to optimize the bottom line. Believe it or not, there are B2B models once again rearing their ugly heads that believe salespeople are unnecessary.

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How to Make Goal Setting for Sales More Effective

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Imagine what would happen in you infused emotions into the actual goal setting process? Many executive coaches and consultants routinely experience goal setting for sales when working with their clients.

Sustainable Sales Success - Tip 08 - The Want

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Additionally the Want for top sales performers is infused with positive core values. Talk to or listen to most top sales performers and you will here “The Want.” ” They realize sustainable sales success is directly tied to their want to increase sales.

Are Your Sales Presentations About You or About Your Customer?

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The seller uses his or her past experience, company experience and then infuses some of his or her fact finding into the new sales presentation.

Why the Strategic Planning Process Needs to Be Changed for Sustainable Business Growth – Part 1

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What is also required is infusing both people and processes into the profit model design to ensure sustainable business growth. Having engaged in strategic planning processes with many clients, there were always gaps. I chocked this up to the client not doing what he or she said.

Organizational Development Is The Old Way of StrategicThinking

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When strategic thinking infuses this new paradigm then it creates almost a natural alignment between planning, people and profits. Organizational development has been around for years and looks to improve the small business from the 30,000 foot level.

3 P’s Of Prospecting

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Today I’ll unpack three little, but interconnected things you can infuse your prospecting with, one at a time, to help you build a more robust pipeline. By Tibor Shanto. I find that focus, or maybe even micro-focus is an excellent mechanism for lasting change in how sales professionals execute. It’s all great to have “big audacious goals,” but for most, (80%?) is just a precursor to “big audacious” disappointment.

The Biggest Mistake a Marketing Leader Can Make in 2013

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Outsourced content simply is not infused with deep domain knowledge. SBI’s CEO Greg Alexander, was recently quoted in Hubspot’s “ 20 Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2013 & Beyond ”. Greg tells CMO’s that “The pressure is on”.

The CMO’s Guide to Driving Impact in Year 1

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Infuse the Sales Process with Buyer Insights. CMO’s report a honeymoon period of six to twelve months before they ‘own’ the result. Impacting a marketing team’s output in that short period of time requires a quick start. How long is your honeymoon?