Reveling In Complexity

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As a result, it’s human nature to address complexity by reveling in the complex. Sometimes, we lose site of how we revel in complexity. The post Reveling In Complexity first appeared on Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog -- Making A Difference.

Opening new doors for Salesmate users: Updates & new features revelation


The post Opening new doors for Salesmate users: Updates & new features revelation appeared first on Salesmate. As a part of Salesmate June Updates, we have made several developments in our existing features purely based on the feedback received from you.


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?? Revelation Project, Problems Women Face in Modern Society


Everybody has their own Revelation Project. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Monica Rodgers, president of Revelation Media and serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience.

Experiential Selling is What Leads to Buyer “Aha Revelations” – An SSTools Classic


I think of these as “Aha Revelations.” revelations. revelation as a result of an emotional engagement triggered by firsthand experience and investigation. revelations represent the inspirational flash when the customer “gets it.” revelations are not really associated with logic. revelations by asking key questions. revelations? revelations.

Revelation Project, Problems Women Face in Modern Society (video)


In this Expert Insight Interview, Monica Rodgers discusses the Revelation Project — a mission to disrupt the status quo and activate inner transformation, giving women the tools and guidance to reveal, remember, reclaim and reframe their rightful place as emerging and powerful leaders in the world.

Revelations On Main Stage Speaking

Factor 8

The post Revelations On Main Stage Speaking appeared first on Factor 8. Ever wondered what it’s like under the big spotlight of a mainstage? Most of my career I dreamed of being the “big shot” on stage speaking at a conference of […]. LB's Commentary

The Biggest Game Changer for Sellers: A Systematic Sales Process


It’s a revelation heard all around the web — embracing a sales enablement strategy can transform an organization.

Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity via Innovation

Sales Hacker

Today’s guest, Jeff Davis , Associate Director of Business & Brand Strategy at AbbVie , talks with us about the revelations from switching between sales and marketing, how those two departments can work together, and explains what the heck mental masturbation means.

I Was Neglecting My Customer Relationships

No More Cold Calling

” That’s what a client asked me a couple years ago, and I was baffled by his revelation. Your referral network is your net worth in sales. Don’t forget to nurture it. “How do I ask for a referral from customers I haven’t spoken with in two years?”

SalesTech Game Changers Magazine 4th Edition


a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way: “The revelation has been called a game changer in the world of data protection as regulators seek to raise awareness about how to secure information.”. SalesTech Game Changers 4th Digital Magazine: 5 Executives Tell us How Their Solution Changes the Game for Sales. game changer. Definition of game changer. :a

Why Are You Neglecting Your Customer Relationships?

No More Cold Calling

” That’s what a client recently asked me, and I was baffled by his revelation. Your referral network is your net worth in sales. “How do I ask for a referral from customers I haven’t spoken with in two years?”

Sales and Marketing Conferences 2020 Calendar


Visiting work events can be fun, bring kindred spirits together, and fill your business brain with beneficial innovations, revelations, and inspirations. As a part of your New Year’s resolutions, you’ve probably planned growing your revenue. Networking is one of the proven ways to do that.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Top Sales Experts!

No More Cold Calling

I love to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries (after all, we work so hard, and it feels great to revel in the good things in life). Our friends at Top Sales Experts are celebrating their 5th anniversary, and it’s my pleasure to toast the global sales community’s publication, Top Sales World. I’m a regular contributor to Top Sales World, and am on the cover of this month’s issue. That’s me in red–my favorite color. Thanks, Jonathan!).

The Labour Of Sales

The Pipeline

A simple but important point for those not in sales to understand, and those in sales to revel in. By Tibor Shanto - . Being that it is Labour Day both in the USA and Canada, the last long weekend of the summer, I thought I would keep things simple, and to one point.

Virtual Selling Is Not The Same Thing As Digital Buying

Partners in Excellence

” Some in marketing and sales revel at this shift in buying behaviors. We revel in the future of sales as Virtual, it cuts down on travel expense and sales people can make more calls every day.

“The Joy Of Selling…,” Have We Lost It?

Partners in Excellence

Sadly, I don’t see many “sellers” reveling in this fun or challenge, these days. The closest we come is talking about replacing F2F with virtual calls and revel in the reduction in travel–not whether we are engaging customer more impactfully.

What Happened Last Year? And What's the Goal for the New Year?

Jeffrey Gitomer

It's okay to celebrate achievement and revel in victory, but that's just a reflection of where you are at this moment. It's interesting to me that at the end of the year, people are always interested in your biggest success, or your biggest failure, in the year that's ending. They also want to know what you have resolved to do new and better next year. Everyone wants you to write down your goals, your plans, your dreams, or, in the short term, your New Year's resolutions.

“Did We Do The Right Thing?” Customer Engagement, It Can Be Really Simple!

Partners in Excellence

We revel in this, marketing is busy building content and methods to engage customers in their digital buying efforts. We revel in using technology to manage this engagement, it’s much more consistent, we can reduce our spending on sales people, because we need fewer. We struggle with customer/prospect engagement. We send endless emails trying to engage them. Our autodialers help us make 1000’s of calls, in the hopes that one person will pick up.

Meeting Complexity With Complexity

Partners in Excellence

Related Posts: Reveling In Complexity Complexity Is Just An Excuse Helping Our Customers Face Uncertainty Managing Complexity The Challenged Customer. We are surrounded by complexity–in our business, in our communities, in our lives. Complexity can be, by it’s nature, overwhelming.

Misunderstanding Comp

Partners in Excellence

In fact, we should revel when our people are into their overattainment accelerators–because it means they are blowing past their quotas and over achieving. I’ve seen some “interesting” discussions around comp plans in the last few days.

How To Know If You Are A Story Teller or A Story Seller

Bernadette McClelland

This is an area that salespeople revel in. My friend and storytelling expert, Yamini Naidu, relates a task she was asked to do by her teacher whilst at school. The task was to write a story that made sense using only ten words, and each word could only be made up of two letters. They struggled, then the teacher went to the board and wrote the following: The story read, ‘if it is to be it is up to me’.

Learning From Failure

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By ignoring our failures, reveling only on our success, we miss opportunity. None of us like to admit failure, we tend to want to celebrate our successes. We have a mindset that says, “Do more of what causes you to succeed!” ” I suppose it’s human nature to accentuate the positive, but I think it limits us, individually and organizationally. Success is not the strict opposite of failure.

Buying The Way I Want To Buy, Not How You Want Me To Buy

Partners in Excellence

I didn’t bother, looking at the 1000’s of books in that category, I probably could find something, but I’ll keep ordering the books I want, and if I get to collect the $1.40, that’s fine, if not, Amazon can revel in the fact that I’ve let them drop $1.40

Headline, Headline, Read All About It: Women on the Quarters

No More Cold Calling

She beat out a male opponent to win the Republican Party’s nomination, but lost the general election by fewer than 10,000 votes, largely due to the revelation that she was divorced rather than widowed. Get those quarters and celebrate women! I was over-the-top excited to learn that the U.S.

Making It Safe To Succeed

Partners in Excellence

We seem to have a culture that revels in failure–that is encouraging people to experiment, learn, innovate, and grow through “making it safe to fail.” Recently, I wrote, “ Making It Safe To Fail, Hogwash!

Do You Really Want To Be A Seller?

Partners in Excellence

They revel in their accomplishment. I was tempted to title this, “Selling–A Calling Or A Job?” ” When I speak with people who are sellers, I often wonder, “Why did they choose to do this?” ” For some, it’s the easiest job to get after college.

Do We Really Want Our Sales People To Be Value Creators?

Partners in Excellence

In some ways, sales leaders revel in this. We revel in the predictability of our order taking process, seldom questioning whether we can do better. In complex B2B buying, it’s popular to talk about being consultative and/or creating value with our customers.

Do You Have Voices in Your Head?

The Sales Hunter

” This revelation was coming from a veteran! Over lunch recently, the topic turned to the voices we have in our head and how sometimes the voices are telling us negative things. What made this discussion interesting was who I was having lunch with. I was having lunch with one of the most successful salespeople I have ever met. The person is a rock star in sales — not just for a year or two but over decades.

Relationships Always Rule [Q4 Referral Selling Roundup]

No More Cold Calling

That’s what a client asked me a couple years ago, and I was baffled by his revelation. Find out what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling in recent months.

How to quickly build a robust Email Channel to reach Decision Makers


But, one of the biggest revelations is that decision makers respond instantly on their business emails than personal emails. LinkedIn is one of the best places to find decision makers in your targeted companies. You can find them based on industry, geography, company size, function and so on.

Is The Future Of Selling PLG?

Partners in Excellence

I get why sales people revel in this. I read a lot of commentary from “experts” about PLG–Product Led Growth. Apparently, much of the “future of sales,” will be driven by PLG initiatives. It leaves all the heavy lifting of “buying” to the customer.

From snowball to iceberg


They show someone having a revelation and—like magic!—changing I used to wonder why my personal revelations didn’t translate into similar magic. Revelations influence my snowball. In You Are What You Love , James K. Lacy asks us to imagine a snowball sitting atop an iceberg. The snowball represents our conscious reasoning. When we learn something new, it goes into our snowball. The iceberg represents our intuitive, emotional processes.

You Can’t “Just Call It In” To Win In Cold Calling

The Pipeline

They see success, revel in it, and take their foot off the gas and their eyes off the ball. By Tibor Shanto - . Having trained hundreds of sales people in effective telephone prospecting, I have witnessed a number of recurring patterns which impact success, both negatively and positively. One key to success is being present and in the call, not “just calling it in”.

The Digital Buying Journey Is Very Human

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Marketers are reveling in this transformation, thinking, “More content, more automation tools, more spending…” Sales people are rejoicing, as well, thinking, “Now we only have to get involved in the end of the process.”

Is The Future Of Selling PLG?

Partners in Excellence

I get why sales people revel in this. I read a lot of commentary from “experts” about PLG–Product Led Growth. Apparently, much of the “future of sales,” will be driven by PLG initiatives. It leaves all the heavy lifting of “buying” to the customer.

Are We Underperforming Our Potential?

Partners in Excellence

We take a moment to celebrate, high 5 each other and revel in the success. It’s the end of the quarter, we’ve hit our numbers. And hopefully, we repeat the performance the following quarter, then hit our numbers for the year. We’ve met our goals!

A List of the Best Prospecting Strategies

Anthony Iannarino

You help them see something that they couldn’t previously, or you show it to them in a higher resolution, reveling something helpful to their future. You know how important it is that you acquire meetings with your prospective clients.

Sales Heroics Are Actually Sales Failures!

Partners in Excellence

All of us revel in stories of the deal where we took dramatic actions and ultimately won–hopefully not by discounting. We get an Adrenalin rush in talking about this things that we did to pull the opportunity from the ashes and into the victory column. When we get together with our colleagues, over beer, we seek to outdo each other in stories about our heroics. I’d be less than honest, if I didn’t admit to doing the same.

Reinventing Selling!

Partners in Excellence

We revel in the number of meetings we can have every day as being something that can dramatically drive performance (Every time I hear about this, I reflect on the work of SDRs over the past years, thinking, “Why do we think all this is new?

Are You “Connecting” With Your People?

Partners in Excellence

Betsy’s revelation was one of the most important pieces of feedback I’ve received in my career. I was coaching an outstanding sales manager. She’s committed to her team and improving the performance of each person on the team. She cares deeply for each of them and their success. She coaches each person, having a very disciplined approach in leveraging data and how they worked.