Experiential Selling is What Leads to Buyer “Aha Revelations” – An SSTools Classic

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I think of these as “Aha Revelations.” revelations. revelation as a result of an emotional engagement triggered by firsthand experience and investigation. revelations represent the inspirational flash when the customer “gets it.” revelations?

Beware The Rise Of The Instant Expert

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The recent Brian Williams revelations are an example that everyone is human, but historically they were considered a reliable and trustworthy source to deliver the facts in a fairly straight-forward manner without hype or puffery.

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My Clients Made Me Do It-Web Tools For Everyone

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I had a significant revelation occur about 2 months ago, triggered by one of my consulting clients when he asked me this question: “Why don’t you offer all of the your custom-built web tools and training you give to me as a part of our consulting agreement to the public?”

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The Difference Between Sales Pros and Amateurs – Is The Silence

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Watch effective sales people conduct a sales interview, and what you’ll see is that they not only talk less, but revel in the silence. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca . Everyone knows that the prospect should be doing most of the talking during a sales call.

4 Buyer Trends That Will Shake Marketing in 2013

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If you have not performed such an audit before, I can guarantee you it will be a revelation to you. If you believe buyer behavior would stand pat for a short while, you better let go of this belief. Technology interruption, good and bad, continues to alter buyer behavior and disrupt marketing.

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How To Know If You Are A Story Teller or A Story Seller

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This is an area that salespeople revel in. My friend and storytelling expert, Yamini Naidu, relates a task she was asked to do by her teacher whilst at school. The task was to write a story that made sense using only ten words, and each word could only be made up of two letters.

Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well

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One of the most surprising revelations to me was the quality of the video and audio from one of the participants from an Android smartphone. I have just published an updated 34-page Skype Jump-Start Guide for Business that is available as a free download.

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Cold Calling, Alive And Kicking!

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We revel in cold calling because it produces results. Cold calling is alive—at least when you look at the number of posts proclaiming its death. Also, judging by the number of “cold calls” I get every day.

Your Greatest Sales Tool (It’s Not What You Think…)


Ho hum, you might be thinking…this is not a big revelation. What do you need to accomplish in your sales efforts? What about in your home? Office? Whatever you want to “get done” will be easier if you have the right tools.

Chally on Challenger – “Defining sales role requirements is not as simple as comparing apples to oranges!”

Jonathan Farrington

Chally have just published an excellent new whitepaper, which opines about Challenger Selling : “It’s not wrong … it’s just not new, complete, or transformational.” ” Here is an opening extract: Salespeople with the “ Right Stuff ” Holds the Key to a Strong Competitive Position.

The 5 Immutable Laws of Selling

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The straightforward and bold-faced revelation in the heading of this article will stand as a commandment in its own right. Tweet Our world, along with the entire cosmos in which we reside, is governed by what we understand as the laws of physics.

Leveraging Your Information Advantage

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In the “good old days” of selling (if there ever were any), a lot of sales people reveled in their “information advantage.” ” Prospects and customers relied on sales people to educate them on products and solutions. Those days are long gone, customers are self educating on the web. They no longer have to rely on sales people for that information. Unfortunately, too many sales people are stuck in the past.

Of Course Sales Is About Relationships!

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Let’s stop reveling in the past as a way to sell what we have now. I am fuming at one of the most amazingly naive posts about “the Death Of Sales.” ” Ironically it’s written by a sales leader at one of the leading Marketing and Sales Automation company.

Top Sales Performers Is What Is New, Really Old?

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Some of the larger accounting to sales training coaching firms conduct extensive behavior research into what makes top sales performers.

Stop Heroic Sales Efforts!

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They’re something to behold and, for a few moments, to revel in. You and your colleagues, often, revel in stories about the “one that didn’t get away,” for some time. We’ve each seen Heroic Sales Efforts.

Why the Strategic Planning Process Needs to Be Changed for Sustainable Business Growth – Part 1

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This revelation hit me when I realized that the majority of my clients cannot answer these 3 questions: Do you know how the company makes money with 100% clarity and certainty? Having engaged in strategic planning processes with many clients, there were always gaps.

You Can’t “Just Call It In” To Win In Cold Calling

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They see success, revel in it, and take their foot off the gas and their eyes off the ball. By Tibor Shanto - tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

Salesperson As Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur gives one a great source of freedom, great accountability (which great entrepreneurs revel in), and responsibility. When you think about it, sales people have an awesome amount of freedom–but also a huge amount of personal responsibility.

Understanding Customer Needs

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” We all want those conversations, we revel in them. I was listening to a “discovery call.” ” It wasn’t much different than any other discovery call I’ve listened to. The sales person was asking the customer about their needs.

The Truth About Sales People #4 - They Don't Prospect Very Well

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I know this is not a great revelation, and you are probably wondering why I would even add this to the list of truths about sales people. Sales people have to prospect!

Doing More By Doing Less

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We revel in getting fractions of percentages of those people who actually have a need to buy, qualifying them and loading our pipelines. It’s awfully crowded in the digital marketing/social selling world. Getting “heard” is increasingly difficult.

Einstein Selling – The Most Popular Form Of B2B Selling Today

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I enjoyed the presentation, very credible, and in expected fashion, it started out with a big bold revelation to engage the audience. Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

Six Mobile Apps for Igniting Sales

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Managers will rejoice at the reduction in expense management paperwork and revel in the assurance that expenses are tracking with plan. Mobile reps have unique challenges. They can’t just head to the nearest file cabinet, or walk down the hall when they need to find something or someone.

2 Ways to Dominate 2014 on Your Current Budget

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Revelations and epiphanies that seem so promising to start. We’ve all had moments where we get great business ideas. You see visions of making your 2013 and 2014 sales number. These are ideas that will change the course of the organization. They’ll undoubtedly yield success. Then reality hits.

WebMD And The 57%

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Marketers revel in the opportunity to create ever so much more content, to engage influencers talking about our products and services, run webinars and other programs to help our customer self diagnose. As happens from time to time, I had been feeling a little off for a few weeks.

Sales People, We Have A PR Problem

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Then there’s that commission thing… Brian, and many like him are opposed to commission, but still revel in bonus programs. Sales people, we have a PR problem, … it’s Real,…… and we probably deserve it, … and we need to do something about it.

Email Etiquette and Emotional Intelligence Are Essential

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What prompted this revelation was politely asking to be removed from a private email list. Emailing etiquette is essential regardless if you are the sender or the receiver. This past week I had the opportunity to witness first hand how one in particular small business professional is all about: Himself. Confusing marketing or networking with selling. Being unprofessional. Somewhat clueless when it comes to emotional intelligence. Poor business ethics.

“Your Details Are Safe With Us” – If You Register With Facebook or HubSpot, Apparently Not!

Jonathan Farrington

” “Facebook” he repeated, rather impatiently “We are a social media site” Well that was a revelation, at last I discovered who Facebook are! At first glance, you might be anticipating a personal rant, but do read on, because this is a cautionary tale for anyone considering registering for any event online – no matter how prestigious or successful the hosting company might be.

How Authenticity in Sales Training Is Lost

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This revelation only reaffirmed what I learned from my own personal experiences. Are you a consultative salesperson? Maybe you are a SPIN or Sandler spelling person? Sales training today covers a plethora of sales styles or models.

Being Right Doesn’t Count, Engaging The Customer Does!

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Revel in that opportunity. Within 30 minutes this morning, two things happened. First, a good friend called ranting and raving about a prospecting call that went wrong. Then I saw Todd Schnick’s brilliant post on the same issue. Let me backtrack a little. My friend called, very upset about a prospecting call yesterday. It was an important prospect, he’d managed to get agreement from the VP of Sales for a conversation, so he called.

Is Your Company Arrogant?

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Sometimes a very subtle thing can hint to a bigger revelation if you just ask a couple extra questions. It dawned on me recently during a webinar when one of my co-panelists, the ever proper sales guru Jonathan Farrington spoke in his brilliant British accent, “Sellers are arrogant”.

Manager, If You’re Doing Deals, You’re Not Doing Your Job

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All sales professionals revel in doing deals. There’s an adrenaline rush working on a complex deal and making it happen. There’s the sense of attainment and accomplishment in winning a hard fought competition. There’s that momentary celebration, high-five’s, before we move on to the next. But as managers, as great as that feeling is, if we are spending the majority of our time doing deals, then we aren’t doing our jobs. (The

70% Of Buying Process Completed Without Sales Invovlement!

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Some terribly mistaken souls actually revel in this saying, “it really shortens my sales cycle!” I’m sorry if I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I’m getting tired of this statement!

Why Did I Lose the Sale? 6 Win-Loss Analysis Questions

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This proprietary information is only reveled when you have an internal spy. I’ve had the privilege of conducting “Win/Loss/No Decision Sales Cycle Analysis Studies” for leading companies including IBM, EMC, ATT, Acxiom, and PayPal.

Marketing Displaces Sales!

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Challenger has brought an interesting possibility, perhaps a revelation—maybe sales initiates the process. Customers are self educating, they don’t want to see sales people until they have completed the majority of their buying process!

Soccer and Messi, Basketball and LeBron, How One is Like Sales and The Other Isn’t

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One of the surprising revelations of this book was the weak link, strong link theory. There is a book called The Numbers Game; Why Everything You Know About Soccer is Wrong. It was written by Chris Anderson and David Sally. Think Moneyball for soccer. If you’re a soccer fan, you may have heard of it. If you’re Malcolm Gladwell fan and have been listening to his new podcast, it may ring a bell, because he references it in the My Hundred Million episode.

Do You Have Voices in Your Head?

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” This revelation was coming from a veteran! Over lunch recently, the topic turned to the voices we have in our head and how sometimes the voices are telling us negative things. What made this discussion interesting was who I was having lunch with.

Take the Sensory Price TEST - Harvard Business Review

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  Calculate Your Average Comfort Score -  While the   test results provide many different revelations about how people interpret   information, two high-level metrics underscore the impact sight, sound, and   touch can have when making a decision about price.

The Golden Nugget vs the Mother Lode: How to get your message to stick (Shine)

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Surely, if you describe the mother lode – some gem of pure revelation within the prospect’s scope of desired outcomes – will radiate that glorious spark of, ‘we must have this,’ in their eyes. Tweet The Golden Nugget vs the Mother Lode. iStockPhoto © Joe Belanger.

How building a Buyer Persona from our CRM data skyrocketed our sales


What emerged was a revelation. “Patching together actionable information about your customers with gut feelings, good intentions and some duct tape is not a recipe for conversion success… The problem with many personas is that they are either based on irrelevant data, poorly sourced data, or no data at all.”. Jennifer Havice, ConversionXL. What happens when you don’t know your customer?