The Most Important Phase of the Entire Sales/Buying Cycle?

Jonathan Farrington

It is essential that all frontline sales professionals fully understand both the value and importance of rigorous objective qualification, not just at the front end but right the way through the sales cycle. At the very highest selling levels i.e. strategic “big-ticket” selling and marketing, clearly the sales cycle is much more protracted, complex, and typically moves through four stages i.e. Rigorous opportunity assessment.

The “Squishy” Buying Cycle

Partners in Excellence

Too often, we think of the customer’s buying process as something that, once we understand it, is fairly structured and defined. I think there is a different view of the buying cycle, one that is more “squishy.” Do the customers really know how to buy?

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Buyers Get Smarter Through The Buying Cycle

Partners in Excellence

Buyers Get Smarter Through The Buying Cycle. But the buying process is very dynamic. The gap continues to widen as we focus on where they were in their buying process, not where they are and where they are going. Buyers get smarter through their buying cycle.

5 New Rules for Selling to Prospects Late in the Buying Cycle

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It is not uncommon today for decision makers to avoid talking with a salesperson early in the sales cycle thinking, somewhat erroneously, that they are able to diagnose their own needs and to then seek and find the best solutions through their own investigation.

Sales Tips: Accelerating Sales and Buying Cycles

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Sales Tips: How to Accelerate Sales and Buying Cycles. Sellers push so hard buyers decide not to buy. sales tips selling tips sales technique sales tip selling technique sales cycles buying cycles

How Millennials Impact the Buying Cycle: What You Need to Know and How to Adapt


The buying environment is becoming increasingly complex. But have you considered how a generational shift in your prospects’ demographics might impact the buying environment as well? Want more information on how Millenials are impacting the buying cycle?

They Are Still Marching – But Not to Your Drum!

Jonathan Farrington

How often have you read that prospects and customers are coming into the traditional buying cycle, as much as 70% up the curve? More tomorrow … General Buying Cycles Sales Cycles Transactional Selling Yes, it is true, customers and prospects are still marching, but they are no longer marching to our drum – by “our” I mean us sellers. They have wrestled the drum away from us and they are now organizing their own marches.

Sales Training Article about the Foundation of Buying Cycles

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Sales Training Article: The Foundation of Buying Cycles. As a practical matter it means buying cycles do not begin until a buyer has shared a goal (or a problem) they are willing to spend money to achieve (or address). Does this mean a buying cycle has begun?

Sales Training Look into the Electronic Starts to Buying Cycles

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Sales Training Article: Electronic Starts to Buying Cycles By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company This article is a continuation from last week's article , as part of the IIWII ("It Is What It Is") series.

Sales Training Insight into Agreed Upon Buying Cycles

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Sales Training Article: Agreed Upon Buying Cycles By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company As mentioned in my last blog article , “no decision” is a common outcome of buying cycles that sellers participate in.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader CEO Duncan Lennox of @Qstream

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Duncan: The buying process has changed dramatically in the last decade and today as much as 70% of the buying cycle happens before a prospect ever reaches out to a vendor. Welcome to our biweekly blog feature.

Three Moments of Truth In Every Sales Cycle

Sales and Marketing

Teaser: There are three value conversation “moments of truth” in every buying cycle that you must excel at. But they are also integrated in a way that a salesperson must master in order to move seamlessly between them as the customer buying cycle dictates.

CMO: Can You Rely on Sales for the New Product Release?

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Sales enablement alignment to the customers buying cycle is required. Misalignment can result in missing the buying cycle completely. Timing and preparation for new product releases is everything. Your 2014 number requires net new revenue from new product launches.

Selling to the c-suite … timing is everything – A sales tip

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Senior executives are not equally engaged throughout the buying cycle. In general, they are involved early and late and delegate most decisions in middle part of the buying cycle to others. Selling to the C-Suite. Selling to the c-level ?

Long-Term Leads Demand Attention Now


They’ve indicated they have a short buying cycle and they’re eager to talk, but what these buyers may be doing is validating a decision already made. A longer-term lead may lack urgency, but it makes up for it by giving your team a very real chance to form relationships with decision makers, and in fact define and manage the buying process (including designing the RFP). Leads at every stage of the buying cycle are essential for a healthy pipeline.

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Selling at C-level and the too late-too little puzzle

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Senior executives are not equally engaged throughout the buying cycle. They are involved early and late and tend to delegate the middle of the buying process to others. Selling to C-Suite Puzzle. In major accounts sales success at the C-level is a “do or die” proposition.

Internal champions – remember you are Not there most of the time

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With the rise of more committees, there are more people involved in making buying decisions, sellers are engaged later in the buying cycle, and, increasingly a lot of the selling is going on when you not there. Internal Champion.

Why A Rising Win Rate Can Be a Bad Sign

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Instead, their buyer was engaging with sales later in their buying cycle. The frontline of the buying cycle is research and information gathering. Companies that live in the second half of the sales cycle will increasingly find themselves in a competitive battleground.

Proof that Account-based Marketing Works


Their time and money was applied to generating leads that paid off, and included extensive nurturing across multiple buying cycles. What really counts is meaningful, personalized engagement with the folks in a position to buy. Companies that spend less on their marketing programs and generate better and bigger deals using a super-targeted approach to marketing are using an approach that you might have heard about—account-based marketing. Here’s a specific example for you.

Sales Tips: New Salespeople In-Training?

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In my experience sellers historically have been most aggressive and annoying at the start of buying cycles in trying to get in the door and at then end of buying cycles with high-pressure closes. They much prefer to buy. Sales Tips: New Salespeople In-Training?

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PowerViews with Tony Zambito: Buyer Predictability


Interestingly, in recent years even vendors and suppliers have increased in importance in the buying cycle because of the way buyers are now networked. We’ve dug into the buying cycle but there is so much that can be learned from the pre-buy cycle.

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Changing the Sales Conversation [PowerViews LIVE Highlights]


They’ve already advanced far into the buying cycle by the time they engage with sales. They must be all the more knowledgeable and skilled to convince the buyer of the value they can add to the buying process.

PowerMinute: How to Establish a Meaningful Lead Definition


Truth is, many companies buy solutions that have never been budgeted. Watch today''s PowerMinute to learn how to establish a meaningful lead definition that matches today’s buy cycle. If you are using BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe) to define a sales-ready lead, it’s time to STOP! BANT is an outdated methodology responsible for more lost opportunities than your CEO and CFO care to hear. Because the value of the solution has not yet been realized by the buyer.

Internal champions – why one may not be enough

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Complex buying process. In major accounts the buying process is complex. There are a lot of players involved, the buying process is long, consensus is often lacking and there are a lot of tricky situations to be handled. Internal Champions.

Compressing The Sales Cycle

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It starts with the question, “Is reducing the time between customer meetings the only way to compress the sales cycle?” ” This focuses on what we call wall/calendar time (look at the clock or calendar on the wall, reduce time between meetings–shorten sales cycle).

Sales Tips: The Key to Establishing a Peer or Subordinate Relationship with Buyers

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Buyers enjoy many advantages in that they decide if they’ll talk with sellers, can stop buying cycles for any reason, decide whether to spend the money and pick which vendor they’ll do business with. During buying cycles sellers can be viewed more as peers than subordinates.

Sales Tips: Maintaining Contact with Decision Makers

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For example, if someone that can’t buy asks for a demonstration, sellers can ask: “You indicated that Janet would be involved in approving this initiative. Shorter buying cycles will often result. Sales Tips: Maintaining Contact with Decision Makers.

Navigating the byzantine world of the complex sale

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When comparing small transactional sales to large complex sales, the differences in the buying process are difficult to overstate. Easy to say, but not so easy to do when the buying process is difficult even to identify let alone manage. Complex Sales.

Sales Tips: Do Your Buyers Consider You Trustworthy?

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Buying cycles don’t start until buyers share a goal or a problem they’re willing to spend money to achieve or address. Shared goals mean the buying cycle has begun, but the process starts with how your buyer feels about you.

Sales Tips: "Always Be Closing"

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Making a decision when buying sales training or process is difficult. Some buyers will be “put off” and may decide not to buy. Those that are willing to buy will almost certainly expect incentives (concessions and/or discounts) for buying sooner than they expected.

This Popular Sales Stat Is Wasting Your Time

A Sales Guy

It’s the stat that says most buyers are 60% through the sales cycle before they reach out to a salesperson. When this happens, it doesn’t matter how far a prospect is in their buying cycle. There is a stat out there we see often.

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Sales Tips: Which Language Are You Using?

Customer Centric Selling

Here are two simple terms that I suggest should be searched and replaced: Use the term “ buying cycle” rather than “sell” cycle. In my mind, buying cycles and transactions work fine in branch offices but are much better terms to use when talking with prospects and customers.

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Sales Tips: Bad Assumption #2 - Buyers Are a Blank Canvas

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Problem: Despite the fact that vendors agree their sellers are getting involved in buying cycles later than ever before, most leave it up to each individual salesperson to determine how they are going to align with potential buyers that have already established their requirements.

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Sales Tips: How to Manage Committees

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When managing buying cycles with committees, sellers are often guilty of starting and staying with one person too long. During this part of the buying cycle, product evaluations, implementation issues, cost vs. benefit, vendor evaluations, etc.

Sales Tips for the End of the Pipeline ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

By understanding their urgency you will know more about their buying cycle. Typically you would offer moving forward earlier in their buying cycle – sometimes you are re-offering. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking.

How to Diagnose if Inbounditis is Killing Your Sales Pipeline


Instead, reach out proactively and engage the prospect early on in the buying cycle. Qualified leads can be generated any number of ways: phone calls email, webinars, direct mail and even marketing automation if done well. It's not, however, the quantity of leads that counts. It’s the quality of the leads. Lured by the promise of easy money — "sales-ready" leads pouring in — many well intentioned b2b marketers have jumped on the "inbound marketing" bandwagon with both feet.

Sales Tips: How to Get Past the First 20 Seconds

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People buying older homes are often surprised by higher than expected energy costs. The early stages of buying cycles will be more successful if sellers create curiosity and incremental interest from prospects. Sales Tips: How to Get Past the First 20 Seconds.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Leslie Stretch of @CallidusCloud

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On the flipside, marketing becomes more effective as they now have a means of capturing insight into the materials that can be used to achieve winning sales cycles. . Leslie: Are you making it easy for your sales people to sell, and your customers to buy?

Sales Tips: Do You Know the Difference Between Buyers and Researchers?

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Recent studies would have you believe as much as 80% of buying activities are complete before salespeople are involved. The sequence in which these 2 activities occur goes a long way toward determining how likely it is that buying cycles end in buying decisions.

Sales: understand past successes and you’ll double future ones

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In the sales reps’ defense it is well to remember that in complex B2B sales a lot is going on and it is going on over an extended buying cycle with many players and lots of twists and turns. Sales Strategy.

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