CRM Survey (by Software Advice): Key Findings To Help You Choose Wisely


Software review and matchmaker site, Software Advice, just completed a survey of over 300 CRM users. The post CRM Survey (by Software Advice): Key Findings To Help You Choose Wisely appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

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[SURVEY] The B2B Buyer Persona: 30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

DiscoverOrg Sales

This objective study pulls from statistics as well as human psychology, as represented by 230 B2B buyers in a 76-part survey. Study participants completed an extensive 76-part survey on a variety of subjects to understand their personality tendencies and were asked to provide opinions on real-world sales scenarios. The post [SURVEY] The B2B Buyer Persona: 30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer appeared first on DiscoverOrg.

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Using Customer Surveys To Shape Product Development

Software Business Blog

One of the best tools you can use to bring them together is the customer survey. Customer surveys should be seen as a tool that not only measures customer attitudes but also one that can be proactively used to shape your product and feature roadmap.

Small Business Survey Reveals Social Media Trends [Infographic]

Vertical Response

Topics covered in this survey range from which social networks small businesses are embracing, to how much money they’re spending on third party social media tools. The post Small Business Survey Reveals Social Media Trends [Infographic] appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

12 Steps to Create an Effective Customer Survey

Vertical Response

Whether you’re testing out a new product or want feedback about your customer service, there comes a time when every small business and non-profit can benefit from a customer survey. One of the best ways to conduct a survey is through email. Let’s talk about your survey.

The Global 2015 STAR Sales Manager Survey

The Pipeline

I want to start by inviting you to participate in a survey being conducted by my friends over at Star Solutions That Achieve Results Inc. STAR Results) , The Global 2015 STAR Sales Manager Survey. The targeted audience for completing this survey is: VP of Sales.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Survey

Vertical Response

You also know that surveys can be a great way to get information. You know how to create an effective survey. Creating an effective survey is pretty simple, just keep these things mind and you’ll be rich with customer insights in no time. How will I administer the survey?

ESR Launches Virtual Sales Training Survey

Dave Stein's Blog

So we recruited two sales training providers with leading virtual training solutions to assist us in getting the word out about this survey. The targeted audience for completing this survey is: Corporate Learning & Development and/or Training Staff and Management.

AffStat Survey 2016 is Now Open!

Software Business Blog

If you work in this business, now is the perfect time to make your voice heard: share your thoughts in the most comprehensive survey on the affiliate landscape: the AffStat Survey. More than 2,350 affiliates were surveyed on their methods, preferences, and strategies.

4 Great Reasons to Take the Sales Performance Optimization Survey Today


I just finished the survey questions for CSO Insights'' 2015 Sales Performance Optimization Study. The survey itself took about 12 minutes, and since the form allows you to save as you go, I could be interrupted and not have to start over. Now I know that PointClear will be counted as one among the many thousands of companies contributing to overall sales knowledge trends for 2015.

Time For Our Annual 5 Question Survey

Fill the Funnel

Every year for the past 7 years, I have sent a survey to my entire subscriber list, asking for their input on one primary question and then 4 follow-ups based on the answer to question #1. Why do I only send this important survey to my subscribers?

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Share your Views in the Transition to SaaS & Subscriptions Survey

Software Business Blog

Please take part in our survey and share your thoughts regarding transitioning software to SaaS & Subscriptions. Marketing & Sales avangate ecommerce avangate survey digital commerce ecommerce business grow your saas business SaaS sell more online software software industry software subscription subscriptionsThe software business is a constantly changing industry (right, like we didn’t know!)

Survey Highlights Sales Management Skills and Development Priorities

Steven Rosen

STAR Results) has launched its global 2016 STAR Sales Manager Survey. The Sales Manager Survey seeks opinions and perceptions from sales executives and leaders around the world on key skills and development priorities for sales managers.

Survey Monkey now has a Facebook App. Embed Surveys on your Page

Sales Addiction

If you haven’t used Survey Monkey, you should check it out. They’ve now created a Survey Monkey/Facebook app so you can embed a custom survey directly on your Facebook Page. I haven’t tried it yet but this link has the instructions on how to add the app and set up a survey. I’m thinking of doing a survey about surveys. Content Marketing Marketing Social Media facebook apps facebook business pages linkedin survey monkey survey

Toward Greater Decentralization: Results from the 2015 American Time Use Survey

The Productivity Pro

“—2015 American Time Use Survey, U.S. Interestingly, that’s also the trend most publicized by the authors of the 2015 American Time Use Survey in their June 2016 press release.

Social media ROI sucks! (Or, you can prove anything if you send out a survey)


According to Forrester’s “Q3 2013 North American and UK Digital Maturity Online” report (based on an August online survey of 395 marketers), onsite ratings and reviews are rated No. By Christopher Hosford, editor-in-chief, HosfordGroup LLC.

Global Survey on Sales Lead Generation Best Practices

The Pipeline

The folks over at 360 Leads are conduction a global survey on sales lead generation best practices. The survey takes about three minutes to complete, and will deliver insights into: Most effective channels at generating leads.

Voice Mail Survey

The Pipeline

This got me thinking, how many people actually leave voice mail, so I created the quick survey below , please take a minute to answer four easy voice mail related questions. By Tibor Shanto –

The 2016 American Time Use Survey: More and More, Home is Where the Work Is

The Productivity Pro

“In 2016, on days they worked, 22 percent of employed persons did some or all of their work at home… 43 percent of workers with an advanced degree performed some work at home on days worked, compared with 12 percent of those with a high school diploma.” – 2016 American Time Use Survey, U.S.

How To Use a Survey to Launch an Online Training Course

Ian Brodie

I’ve had a bunch of questions in about the details of the survey we used to help launch Kathy’s online training course recently. Here’s how we ran the survey, the questions we asked and the psychology behind them. Get Clients Online online course survey

Take the Sales Survey: Receive My Latest Book!

HeavyHitter Sales

If you are a B2B Salesperson or Sales Manager , I would be very interested in your thoughts and hope you will consider completing a brief five minute survey.   Attention B2B Sales Managers and Salespeople!

A Career in Inside Sales – Survey Says Yes

Score More Sales

The highlights first, then more detail: Inside sales represents more than half of sales departments surveyed, and as an industry inside sales is growing faster than outside sales. The post A Career in Inside Sales – Survey Says Yes appeared first on Score More Sales.

AffStat Survey 2015 Is Now Open!

Software Business Blog

The AffStat 2015 Survey is now open for you to take and more important, to contribute to the future landscape of this ever-changing industry. That’s why these surveys are crucial: for all sides to benefit and build even stronger partnerships.

How Do People Really Use Twitter? Please Take a Short Survey

Sales and Management Blog

A few weeks ago I, in conjunction with Richardson Sales, produced a general survey on how salespeople are using social media. . Over the next weeks I am going to be doing several short surveys that get a bit deeper into how various social media platforms are being use. The first short survey is about Twitter. You can access the survey here: . Take our Online Survey.

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How Salespeople Use Social Media Survey

Sales and Management Blog

All salespeople and sales leaders, whether you use social media are not, are encouraged to take the survey. The survey is designed to gather information on whether or not the seller uses social media as a selling and prospecting tool; if they do, which platforms do they use; about how much time they devote to their soical media usage; and what impact it has had on their sales. The survey is short and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. .

Survey Reveals The Best Tone of Voice to Take with Customers

Vertical Response

To help you craft emails with tone in mind, Software Advice , a company that helps small business owners find the right software, conducted a survey on this topic. The survey offers some great insight to help small business owners handle online customer service.

The Importance of a Sales Process in 2016: Pipeliner Sales Process Survey


Interestingly, this very point shows up right here in our survey results—as a majority of respondents believe that a sales process should be created by sales and marketing together. The post The Importance of a Sales Process in 2016: Pipeliner Sales Process Survey appeared first on SalesPOP! Expert opinion on the subject of sales processes has pendulum swung a great deal over the years. One day sales processes are all-important and sales organizations must stick to them like glue.

Consumer Survey Fatigue's Impact on Brand Perception

The 1to1 Media Blog

While traditional surveys came to be in an environment where such information was scarce, it''s no longer quite so difficult for marketers to determine what consumers think about their products. Marketers are currently moving into the new era of customer feedback.

Guest Post: Managing Salespeople: Compensation Survey!

Your Sales Management Guru

Ken: We have two posts today, first How to Manage Manipulative Sales Employees and a BONUS Sales Compensation Survey to help you plan. BONUS Sales Compensation Survey. Service Leadership’s 2012/13 Annual Solution Provider Compensation Survey is Now Open! .

A Cure for Customers' Survey Fatigue

The 1to1 Media Blog

You give into your compulsion to check your email on your smartphone, and there, waiting for you, is a survey from that very company asking about your experience. The survey isn't formatted for your phone, so you have to pinch to zoom in and out. You close your browser window, curse the company and every other company that has ever asked you to complete a survey, and you vow never to shop anywhere ever again. You just bought something at your favorite store.

Customer Survey Says…

The Pipeline

A recent favourite is surveys. After all, what better way to give the illusion of caring, than to send the client a survey directly to them, especially when they have just interacted with someone at your company. But then a ray of hope in the form of a survey. A Failure To ACT!

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How to Get More Clients Online – Survey for Free Training

Ian Brodie

More Clients Online Survey. And in order to make sure it’s hitting all the right buttons – I’m going to run a very short, simple survey to find out exactly what people want to know about how to get more clients online. To access the survey and shape the free training, please click here. How to Get More Clients Online – Survey for Free Training is a post from: Get More Clients in Less Time: Practical Strategies, Proven Results.

Surveys Are Here To Stay

The 1to1 Media Blog

The word "survey" has vanished from your vocabulary. Allow us to paint a vision of the future for you: After interactions with your favorite companies, no one asks you how you liked those interactions. Your email inbox contains no requests for a few minutes of your time.

How Customers Regard Salespeople – New Survey

Jonathan Farrington

One particular statistic in the following survey should give any salesperson suffering from “fear of calling”, renewed confidence. How Customers Regard Salespeople Survey : Salespeople who do not bother to make appointments.

Results of the 2011 Richardson/McCord Training Social Media in Marketing and Sales Survey

Sales and Management Blog

It has taken a bit of time and a lot of effort, but we finally have the 2011 Richardson/McCord Training Social Media in Marketing and Sales Survey results. Find out what else we discovered–it’s all in the survey. Download social media survey. Some will be surprised, some won’t like the findings, and others will find they confirm what they suspected. Two things stick out for me: 1.

Connect With Your Customers by Using Surveys

Inside Campaigner

The simplest way is to ask your customers what they think by conducting surveys! Short customer surveys can be beneficial to your business; they can help you gain a better idea of what content your customers would be interested in receiving via email and on your website.

Lessons from the 2010 American Time Use Survey

The Productivity Pro

Bureau of Labor Statistics released the results of its annual American Time Use Survey (ATUS) for 2010. Many of the people surveyed were unemployed or employed part-time, so of course they would drag the average number of work-hours down.

Going Beyond the Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey

The 1to1 Media Blog

In an ideal world, employee satisfaction surveys are intended to provide senior management with rich insights into the state of workforce morale and areas for improvement that are actionable. Still another shortcoming with annual employee satisfaction surveys is the annual part - even when employees do fill out these assessments, they''re only being captured once every twelve months.

Time and Again: the 2014 American Time Use Survey

The Productivity Pro

Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the results of the American Time Use Survey for the year before. In 2014, the BLS gathered survey data from interviews with 11,600 individuals all across the United States, in all walks of life. Every June, the U.S.