The Fine Line Between Field Sales and Inside Sales

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How Many Days Should a Sales Manager Spend in the Field Sales Coaching?

Steven Rosen

Sales managers who spend more time in the field sales coaching outperform those that don’t! Sales coaching is the number one activity that drives sales rep performance and engagement. Therefore, as much time as you can spend in the field is the right answer.

Guest Article: Agile Field Sales Teams are the New Winners

Jonathan Farrington

Agile Field Sales is an emerging paradigm made possible by the rapid expansion of capabilities in cloud and mobile technologies. This approach to Agile Field Sales merges the benefits to reps and management. General Agile Sales Teams Mathew Brogie Salespod

Best Practices for Managing Field Sales Reps with Field Sales Software


By nature, great field sales reps are independent thinkers who are driven by an almost instinctive need to compete and win. These natural sales leaders make selling part of their life, and make much of their life about selling. Experienced field sales managers know that getting the rest of the team to focus with as much enthusiasm as the top performers is one of the most challenging parts of their jobs.

16 Team-Based KPIs For Winning Field Sales Teams


Here are 16 of the top ones to track: CPG Team Management Field SalesYou can’t manage what you can’t measure. This is not news to you. You’re tracking a few KPIs for your team, but how do you know they’re the right ones? Or, are they even enough? When your metrics have bigger holes than your dad’s socks, you’ve got some problems. If you’re missing chunks of data, that you don’t even know is missing, you can’t read the whole story behind the decisions you’re making.

6 Reasons You Should Rethink Inside Sales

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10 Reasons Why Inside Sales Will Displace Field Sales Teams by 2015


To read an excerpt from her latest book, Smart Sales Manager , click here. Today’s “new normal” sales landscape has sales leaders scratching their heads, wondering about the best way to structure their sales organizations. Should they keep their expensive sales duo: inside sales AND field sales? Or just go with inside sales? The following trends indicate that field sales teams are becoming extinct.

Why You Need a Field Advisory Board to Make Your Number

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Today we’re going to demonstrate how to drive revenue per sales head up, and time to productivity for new sales hires down. Success for Andy, in making his number quarter after quarter and year after year, is tied to his.

How Mobile Is Driving the Future of Field Sales

Sales and Marketing

Issue Date: 2016-01-01. Author: Oscar Macia. Teaser: The emergence of truly mobile CRM solutions makes reporting while on the road easier. The emergence of truly mobile CRM solutions makes reporting while on the road easier. read more

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Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Darren Chamberlin, CEO of @Perenso

Smart Selling Tools

This post is part of a series of Executive Interviews of top sales and marketing solutions company. What problem/s are you solving for sales and/or marketing organizations? We allow companies to give the reps all the information they need, when they need it to help them make the sale.

Nancy’s Sales App of the Week: @BadgerMaps

Smart Selling Tools

Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week. This week, Nancy profiles Badger Maps , a field sales efficiency tool that lets salespeople drive less and pack in more sales visits. . I’ll be talking about a mobile sales app called Badger Maps.

Knock Knock, Who’s There? Augmented Reality in Door-to-Door Sales

Base CRM

At Base, we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest trends and thinking about how they can be applied to sales. Oracle: At its Modern Customer Experience Conference, Oracle demonstrated how AR could be used in field service management to repair a slot machine. When applied to door-to-door sales specifically, AR has the potential to drive unprecedented productivity by allowing reps to interact in real-time with their territories.

Get Inspired: How to Pull Off These 5 Brewery Field Events


Every beer company wants to get the word out about its brews, and field events help to get the job done. Although field events come in many forms, all of them end with putting a new group of customers in direct contact with their next favorite craft beer. We compiled the top five up-and-coming field events you can use to grow your brewery faster. Field Marketing Field Sales

4 Territory Management Mistakes That Hold You Back From Growth


If sales are lagging or your reps are falling short of their duties, it can often be difficult to identify exactly what the source of the problem is. Territory Management Field SalesRunning a business is all about trial and error, which makes mistakes inevitable. Still, some mistakes can cost you more than others. When it comes to territory management, many managers do not realize what they are doing wrong and how to improve.

Milk Makeup's Secret Weapon for Merchandising at Sephora  


For brands who rely on sales in Sephora and Ulta, education and merchandising are key. Hang tight, we’ll walk you through how they went from sloppy to streamlined in less than a month: Merchandising CPG KPIs & Reporting Field SalesThat’s why earlier this year, Milk Makeup made a big decision to gain a competitive advantage in Sephoras nationwide. They equipped their education and merchandising team with Repsly.

The Perfect Playlist For Your Day in The Field [#MondayMotivation]


Picture this: There you are, at the start of the workday, walking out to your car to begin your shift in the field. Team Building Field Marketing Field SalesAs you mentally recite the list of the visits you’ll be making today, the warm sun on your face provokes an involuntary smile. You spritely hop into the driver’s seat and take a sip of your coffee -- just the right temperature!

We Asked 300 Brands How They Drive Upsells: Here Are 10 Takeaways


Merchandising Client Management Insights and Studies CPG Team Management Field Marketing Field SalesIf you’ve read our blog before, you know we work with thousands of brands who are vying to take over their category. Whether they’re just breaking into a new segment or gearing up to unseat a category leader, we hear one question over and over: “ How do I get our products more real estate in the store?”.

The Ultimate Playbook For Retail Sales: From C-Store to Big Box


Merchandising Client Management Field SalesDo you remember how you met your best friend? Chances are, you guys didn’t form the bond that you have now overnight. Taking time to get to know each other and create something meaningful between the two of you took a little nurturing.

Outstanding in the Field: ICM Self-Service Enablement for Field Reps


Likewise, it’s no surprise that more companies are adopting that same mantra with employee self-service in regards to their field sales force. Instead, they now embed key features such as workflow functionality, which allows compensation teams to enable more field driven self-service and further reduce risk by taking multiple manual steps out of their hands. This cuts down on the time field reps spend following up with management on the status of requests.

How 3 Local Breweries Are Standing Out in a Crowded Beer Market


Field Marketing Field SalesIt’s 2018, and as a brewer, you feel like you’re drowning in beer -- and not in a good way. At this point in the game, there are over 5,000 breweries in the U.S., and that number will only continue to grow. Out of that 5,000 only a few will achieve the success they set out to find. So how do you make sure that your brand can stay afloat among all of this competition? Our best advice: look to the experts.

7 Field Team Management Lessons from Game of Thrones


Because we spend all day thinking about how to help field teams succeed, we couldn’t help but pull some lessons from GoT and apply them to field work. Field Marketing Field SalesIt sounds like a stretch, but stick with me. The seventh season of Game of Thrones premiered on Sunday, July 16th, on HBO. In preparation, the Repsly team rewatched last season, shared theories, and drank Game of Thrones beer ( yes, it exists ).

3 Essential Tips For Scaling Breweries, From a Boston Beer Expert


Field SalesFor hundreds of homebrewers, going pro is a pipe dream. Those who have actually pulled it off, however, will tell you -- building a successful beer company is no cake walk. With a high cost of entry and ridiculous amount of competition, going from bathtub to brewhouse is a stressful, high-stakes gamble.

Win More Shelf Space Using a Retail Competitive Analysis [Free Toolkit]


For brands concerned about the impact competitors will have on sales, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of the competitive landscape. CPG Tools & Tech CPG KPIs & Reporting Field SalesCompetition is inevitable in any industry, and it’s only getting more fierce. Conducting a retail competitive analysis allows managers to get a lay of the land while anticipating future threats and areas for improvement.

Sales Reps are CRITICAL to Company Success

Score More Sales

Your sales reps – be they inside sellers, field sales, or otherwise are critically important to the success of your planned revenue growth for a very simple reason: A significant portion of the buying journey is done without sales involved and that won’t change. B2B Sales Productivity company success

6 Things to Look For In a Sales Routing Tool

Fill the Funnel

The secret is out – sales routing apps are becoming the best tools for road warriors to save time and sell more. We’ve researched the top features field sales reps need to give you a complete breakdown of what to […].

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CRM: 20 Years Later—Still Hated


The main reason that the results from CRM initiatives are suboptimal in most organizations with a field sales force is that the main stakeholder, the sales rep, doesn’t get the “WIIFM” (“What’s in it for me?”). Sales Process B2B Sales

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How to Enable a New Sales Channel

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Successful sales organizations have many routes to market. In other words, they sell via multiple sales channels. These sales channels can be internal. Inside, field sales, key accounts, etc. Point being, sales channels can take many shapes and sizes.

Inside Sales Growth Beyond CRM


According to a 2012 Bridge Group study [1] , from 2009-2011 the number of inside sales jobs grew 124% in the U.S. This evolution means an increasingly mature buying market that is driving new CRM-related needs for sales and marketing teams. CRM Sales Automation

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Motivating Yourself To Success


“I really struggle with the highs and lows of field sales. This is one of those rarely voiced issues that every sales person confronts sooner or later. Most days I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Any suggestions?”

Inside vs. Outside Sales: How to Structure a Sales Team for Success

Hubspot Sales

Inside vs. Outside Sales. Inside sales reps often sell remotely, from an office base, while outside sales reps travel, brokering face-to-face deals. 47% of all salespeople work in inside sales, with 53% representing outside sales. Outside or inside sales?

8 KPIs Every Sales Manager Should Measure in 2018

Hubspot Sales

KPIs for Sales Managers. Sales Volume by Location. Sales managers -- and particularly field sales managers -- can often feel like they are trapped in a fog. Instead, they rely heavily on their field representatives to be their eyes and ears. Sales Metrics

3 Keys to Navigating Change Management in Sales

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How many changes do you have lined up for your sales organization to start 2013? Are you changing the sales process ? As a Sales Operations leader part of your role is enabling field sales to adopt change. 3 Keys to Navigating Change Management in Sales.

Telling Your Customer’s Story

Sales and Marketing

Teaser: Today, enhancing and accelerating the sales process requires a new level of engagement and access to knowledge between the organization and its field sales representatives, and more importantly, between the sales representative and the customer.

The Impact of Chatbots and VR on Business Communication


In a world where the click of a button can instantly summon almost anything a buyer could want, customers aren’t prepared to sit around waiting for a sales or service rep to call back or answer an email. Businesses can only operate as effectively as they can communicate.


HeavyHitter Sales

  What Strategies are Sales Leaders Employing to Overcome their Top Sales Challenges? How Does Sales Cycle Complexity Impact the Structure of the Sales Organization? What is the Truth About the Migration from Field Salespeople to Inside Sales?

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PowerViews with Bob Perkins: Inside Sales is Here to Stay


My guest today is Bob Perkins, Founder of AA-ISP and Vice President of Inside Sales at Merrill Datasite. Bob shared his perspective on how inside sales strategies have grown in popularity as companies strive to improve customer service and boost sales as efficiently as possible.

Where Does Your Revenue Come From?

The Sales Leader

Recently, we’ve been involved in a very large sales reorganization. There are three sales teams, a channel sales team, a field sales team and an inside sales […]. I have a question for you. Do you really know where your revenue comes from?

The 13 Least Known Sales Technologies


Did you know that high-growth companies are more likely to be familiar with the different types of sales technologies on the market? Of the sales technologies listed, here are the 13 least known according to participants (in order, starting from the least known). 1) Sales Gamification.

Did It Get Done?

Your Sales Management Guru

That is a question most executives worry about and often have to ask their direct reports, this is especially true when thinking about Sales Management. I’ve listed a few examples from a typical checklist: Attended on-site sales calls with reps to observe sales behaviors and to coach?

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5 (doable) ways to drive revenue growth now


PointClear has proven methods for driving sales—and they’re discussed in detail in a white paper available for download now. Involving planning, collaboration and accountability processes, these sure-fire action items will help marketing leaders like you make real sales impact. A targeted vs. a scattershot prospect database based on a mutual (sales and marketing) understanding of the market is step number 1. It is possible to measure marketing’s contribution to sales.