Salesfusion wins “Best Seamless SugarCRM Integration”


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SugarCRM’s Winter ‘18 Release Has Arrived


At SugarCRM, we’ve held a strong belief that the high-quality and efficient experience that consumers enjoy on their phones, tablets and laptops needs to replace the legacy designs of enterprise applications.

SugarCRM announces major investment as it welcomes an experienced new partner


Today, I am proud to announce a huge milestone in the SugarCRM journey – a partnership that will take SugarCRM, and the CRM industry, to new heights. Following several years of significant growth, increased market recognition and high customer satisfaction, SugarCRM has secured a strategic and substantial investment from a top-tier investment firm, Accel-KKR. In addition, SugarCRM brings a unique and industry-leading ecosystem of business partners to our customers.

Coming Soon: Innovation from SugarCRM to Address Data Protection and GDPR Compliance


Openness and integrity have long been SugarCRM core values. It’s an opportunity for SugarCRM customers to build a relationship based on trust and transparency with their own customers. These new features will help companies that use SugarCRM products carry out their data privacy responsibilities as solid corporate citizens (and enable GDPR compliance along the way). Personal data is valuable, and it’s easier than ever to obtain.

SugarCRM Named Best CRM for the Fourth Year in a Row 


SugarCRM has once again come out on top as the leading CRM platform, for the fourth consecutive year. 98 companies in total were scored, of which only six made the mark with only one clear winner – SugarCRM, with outstanding scores in most categories. Sarrel at PCMag spoke of the results: “Every year since 2015, this category has been owned by SugarCRM—this is the fourth time it’s taken our Business Choice award.

SugarCRM’s Summer 18 release responds to the most important themes in CRM today


At SugarCRM, we have long known that if technology in the workplace looks, feels and intuits like the technology we use at home, it will be more engaging and easier to use, meaning the most benefit can be gained. The post SugarCRM’s Summer 18 release responds to the most important themes in CRM today appeared first on Get your daily dose of Sugar.

Time To Get Organized!

The Sales Leader

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Do I Need to Hire a Full Time Administrator for SugarCRM?


Once your CRM consultants and software salesperson have delivered their respective terms of engagement, the one person that you are left with to make inevitable and necessary adjustments to your CRM system is your SugarCRM administrator. A SugarCRM administrator will know how to use many advanced features that just aren’t commonly utilized by the average end user. A SugarCRM administrator does more than just regular updates.

Latency and the Case for Conversational B2B Software


For these reasons and more the SugarCRM engineering team is constantly thinking about and developing more ways to give back more to every Sugar user for every action they take in the system. Artificial Intelligence CRM Success Customer Experience SugarCon SugarCRM User Experience AI Alexa Amazon CRm adoption IoT SiriOne of the more popular buzzwords floating around the world of IT these days is “conversational [blank].”

$270m Accompany Buy for Cisco Proves Value of Relationship Intelligence


CRM Relationship Intelligence AI Big Data Cisco Hint SugarCRMYou may have seen that communications giant Cisco is picking up personal data and relationship insight aggregator Accompany for a cool $270m. As Accompany CEO Amy Chang puts it – the product acts like a digital assistant which helps executives and other professionals better prepare for meetings, prep emails, etc. Hmmm…sounds exactly like our first foray into relationship intelligence, our Hint offering.

Taking the Customer View – Using the Customer Journey Plugin to Better Know the Customer


It’s why we at SugarCRM offer the Customer Journey Plugin, a simple tool for visualizing and operationalizing every aspect of the customer journey, both large and small. Here’s how some SugarCRM customers use Customer Journey: Roxtec , a global supplier of flexible cable and pipe-sealing materials, wanted deeper insights into its customer base and a clearer look at the sales cycle. “We There’s a Chinese restaurant I like for takeout.

CRM Adoption: Five Tips for Staying On Course Post Deployment


CRM CRM Success SugarCRM CRm adoption CRM strategy gamificationWhether you are one month, one year, or several years into a CRM deployment, it is always important to perform “health checks” to insure the project is going smoothly. Just because the software is in place, does not always mean it is being used at optimal levels or driving the best return.

Drive CRM User Adoption by Creating Paybacks


CRM CRM Success SugarCRM agfa CRm adoption CRM Best Practices Hilco GrouoTalk for a few minutes with the executive or business owner responsible for the Customer Relationship Management System and inevitable, the conversation will turn to user adoption. While it seems like an “old hat” topic, user adoption remains one of the biggest causes of CRM implementation setbacks and failures because user adoption is at the core of CRM success.

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CRM Experts Talk SugarCon13 and More

Score More Sales

Did you attend SugarCon13 – the largest SugarCRM gathering to date? Paul Foucher of SugarCRM. I’ll have a post next week on this, but for now we discussed some features that SugarCRM has announced in their Sugar7 product which will offer better mobile use.

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Bringing Relationship Intelligence to “Accounts” in Sugar


We have expanded SugarCRM Hint, our flagship offering from SugarCRM’s Relationship Intelligence product line beyond leads and contacts. Big news! Now, you can gather relationship intelligence about businesses and organizations.

Putting “Work Like You Live” to the test in Sorrento, Italy


I just returned from what I can only describe as a truly remarkable SugarCRM Sales Kickoff in Sorrento, Italy. I have helped plan and present at no less than ten (yes, TEN) sales kick off events at SugarCRM, but this year’s event was different in a lot of ways. It is important to SugarCRM that we not only build solutions that align with the way individuals currently want to do their jobs, but we want all our employees to be early adopters to the “work like you live” concept.

3 Ways to Increase Revenues with CRM

Score More Sales

For bigger SMB’s and mid market companies, SugarCRM offers very robust features and simple ways to get started, including a free trial. There are SMB and mid-market sales organizations who have not embraced a cloud-based, customer relationship management system, better known as CRM or SCRM.

CRM 306

How Sugar Solves your IT Department’s Biggest CRM Challenges


The CRM must offer flexible deployment options – SugarCRM believes your CRM should adapt to your business, not the other way around. Unlike other CRM providers with proprietary platforms and rigid deployment models, SugarCRM provides the freedom to deploy Sugar in a manner that best suits your business: select from a variety of deployment models ranging from a fully managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) to on-premise installations.

3 Training Tips to Maximize Your Sugar Deployment


SugarU” is an entire team here at SugarCRM that is solely focused on user training for end-users, admins and developers. Did you know that numerous SugarCRM partners conduct extensive onsite training programs? It’s an enormous process to enter into an agreement with a new CRM software vendor. By the time you make that “final” decision it can feel as though you’ve been engaged with your new vendor for ages. But signing contracts and deploying a CRM is just the start of the journey.

A Few Thoughts on Facebook, Data Protection and CRM


It’s an opportunity for SugarCRM to help our customer base implement best practices for data privacy into how they do business. These new features will help companies that use SugarCRM products carry out their data privacy responsibilities as solid corporate citizens (and enable compliance along the way). Perhaps you’ve been in the camp of believing that the tech industry’s heightened focus on data privacy and GDPR is a little overblown? If so, I understand.

Spring ’18 and Sugar 8 Are Now Available


Here are some more expansive thoughts from SugarCRM’s co-founder Clint Oram on SugarCRM’s commitment to data privacy. We have some good news for your Monday morning.

Renowned Architectural Firm Hits It BIG with Sugar


Those traits are a perfect match with SugarCRM, we are committed to delivering the most intuitive and beautiful CRM application in the marketplace. Bjarke Ingels Group , known as BIG, is a trend-setting architectural firm with offices in the United States and Europe. As you might imagine, the firm’s employees consist of highly visual people. They are designers by nature, visual learners and communicators, and naturally drawn to the visually stunning.

How Sugar addresses your biggest sales challenges (Part 2)


Furthermore, organizations are using SugarCRM’s mobile SDK as a catalyst to change their mobile CRM strategy. We are drowning in manual data entry – Alleviate your pain with SugarCRM Hint. Each year, it feels like sales leaders face a new host of challenges as they must navigate people, processes, and technology to meet their goals. Modern CRM is designed to help businesses overcome some of these challenges.

How the World Trade Centers Association Streamlined Business Operations With CRM


Our team already had been somewhat accustomed to a mid-sized software— SugarCRM —which had been previously implemented. (Editor’s Note: the following is a guest post from Kinear Young , the Member Information Manager at World Trade Center Associations. Kinear wrote this post for Upshot, a place for Sugar Insiders to tell their stories). When I was drafting our CRM proposal, one path was a completely custom-built solution.

How Finding the Common Revenue Thread Simplifies Executive Decision Making

Smart Selling Tools

Best practices organizations have tech stacks that integrate all of the following with each other: Sales CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, etc.). Oh, year-end analysis. How I love thee and hate thee. Let me count the ways….

Good News for Sugar On-Premise Customers, a lot of Cool Stuff is Coming your Way


While Sugar On-Premise customers benefit from the certainty of an annual release in coordinating their upgrades, we understand that it can be a long wait for the new innovation coming out of SugarCRM. SugarCRM has strong belief that the high-quality and efficient experience that consumers enjoy on their phones, tablets and laptops needs to replace the legacy designs of enterprise applications.

Don’t Hit the Wrong Button…Why the User Interface Matters


To that end, SugarCRM has made continuous investments in the Sugar UX. As I’m sure you have heard by now, an emergency alert notification sent out over the weekend claiming a “ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii” was a false alarm. Pushing the “wrong button” was the explanation provided in an official timeline for that false warning. In truth, it’s a bit more complicated than simply pushing the wrong button.

Put your CRM at the heart of your GDPR compliance action plan


In the GDPR era, having a 360-degree view of your customer has never been more important, and with SugarCRM it is easier than ever. Beginning on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force.

CRM 51

Make GDPR Readiness Your New Year’s Resolution


What is the value of a tool like SugarCRM’s new GDPR Compliance Tracker? To make it easier to comply with GDPR requirements, SugarCRM provides a visual tracking tool that supports the implementation of a solid GDPR compliant program. 2018 is the year of GDPR. There is no getting around it. This means businesses around the world will be looking toward the new year with interest, anticipation, and even a healthy amount of fear. What will the year bring?

Success with CRM: Focus on the Features that Matter


At SugarCRM, we call these superfluous features bloatware. Welcome to the third post in our success with CRM series. In this post, we’ll examine the tendency to focus on too many advanced features, and why that can limit the effectiveness of your CRM deployment. At the start of an evaluation cycle, organizations are typically sure of what they need and want from their CRM. Said simply, a tool to help them build better business relationships.

CRM 36

2018 Will be the Year of Chatbots (Wait, What?)


Before focusing on today’s post, I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all SugarCRM blog readers. We thank you for your support and hope you’ll regularly check back in with us as we are excited to bring you fresh, innovative and thought-provoking content in 2018. If you’re like me, today is about shaking off the rust, getting caught up and getting back in the flow to make 2018 a great and productive year. For me, that means a lot of reading about what I missed over the holidays.

GDPR 101: The key terms you need to know


SugarCRM disclaims any responsibility to update the terms and definitions below and the list below is not intended to be a comprehensive list of key terms. The entire piece of GDPR legislation is more than 250 pages long and is probably most appropriate of your legal team. However, even shortened and “dumbed-down” GDPR guides contain many terms that you need to understand to implement a compliance strategy.

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Faites de la préparation au RGPD votre résolution pour la nouvelle année


Parlez-moi du nouveau GDPR Compliance Tracker de SugarCRM. Pour vous aider à vous conformer plus facilement aux exigences du RGPD, SugarCRM propose un outil visuel de suivi qui facilite la mise en œuvre d’un solide programme de conformité au RGPD. Les entreprises à travers l’Europe et le monde entier vont regarder la nouvelle année avec un intérêt particulier. Que va apporter 2018 ? Quelles nouvelles surprises verrons-nous dans les paysages politique et économique ?

La conformità al GDPR era uno dei tuoi buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo?


Ci parli del nuovo GDPR Compliance Tracker (strumento di monitoraggio della conformità GDPR) di SugarCRM. Per semplificare i processi di conformità ai requisiti GDPR, SugarCRM offre uno strumento di tracciamento visivo a supporto dell’implementazione di un efficace programma di adeguamento GDPR.

Is Your Organization Achieving Ideal Sales Velocity?


First, relationship intelligence tools like Hint for SugarCRM allow marketing and sales to better qualify and target prospects. I know what you’re probably thinking: What is Sales Velocity in the first place?

Getting to Know Your 500+ Close Friends on Facebook


Being in the CRM business, we also see this with our customers at SugarCRM. With the advent of social networks, our ability to maintain connections with people has grown by orders of magnitude. As one friend of mine put it, “I now have more friends from high school on Facebook than I had in high school.” According to a study of LinkedIn users by Statista, 28% of LinkedIn users have 1,000 or more connections. Fifty-five percent have 500 or more connections.

Five (More) CRM Myths—Busted


CRM vendors are no different: Over the past year, numerous CRM vendors (full disclosure: including SugarCRM) have introduced AI components into their product offerings. (Editor’s note: the following post originally appeared on ). Last year, we shook things up a bit in the CRM industry by busting five common CRM myths. It was a good manual to help organizations be aware (and more skeptical) of the rhetoric of bloated traditional CRM vendors.

CRM 37

How CRM can unlock the value in AI


At SugarCRM, we’re already seeing this become a reality. For too long, businesses have viewed CRM platforms as simply a functional repository for customer data. However, in the digital world we now live in, CRM offers so much more… especially for businesses that operate in the service economy where continuous customer engagement is so critical to delivering on revenue goals.

Hinter dem Horizont


Auch hier gibt es Customer Journey-Experten wie Phil Winters und SugarCRM, die Sie dabei tatkräftig unterstützen können. Können Sie die Unkenrufe noch hören? Seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit geistert milde Untergangsstimmung durch die deutschen Unternehmen, wenn die Sprache auf fünf Buchstaben kommt – die Rede ist natürlich von der DSGVO, der kommenden Datenschutzgrundverordnung. Drohende Strafen und die Mammutaufgabe der Datenbereinigung lässt viele Stimmen in allen Branchen aufstöhnen.

A Tale of Two Violinists – Why Net Neutrality is More Than an Economic Issue


We hope you’ll stand with SugarCRM and fight for Net equality. (Editor’s note: the following post originally appeared in the Huffington Post ). In 2010, a 23 year “hip-hop violinist” reached the quarter finals on America’s got Talent only to be told that: “You’re not untalented, but you’re not good enough…” – Piers Morgan. You need to be in a group. … What you’re doing is not enough to fill a theater in Vegas.” – Sharon Osbourne.

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