My Cold Calling Epiphany: A Better Way to Prospect

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In short order, I was drawing in more high quality leads than I?d d ever generated purely through cold calling. What were those techniques? When I started in sales with IBM in the late 1980s, cold calling wasn?t t what most salespeople today know

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? My Epiphany of Almost ?Damascus.

Jonathan Farrington

My Epiphany of Almost “Damascus Highway” Proportions. Whilst I cannot claim to have experienced an epiphany of “Damascus Highway” proportions, it did cause me to make fundamental changes to the way I conducted business.

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Reflection Is Not Just on 9/11

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For this generation of the early 21st century, this terrible day will “live in epiphany” as the bombing of Pearl Harbor did for those in the mid 20th century. Inspirational 9/11 impact memory liberty and freedom live in epiphany reflection

Your Sales Process Dovetail: Where Modern, Digital Prospecting Intersects With Core Sales Methodologies


I’ve had two epiphanies lately. The first happened when I was recently preparing for a webinar I conducted with Ray Makela, CEO of Sales Readiness Group.

How to Craft a Proposal that Won’t Get Rejected

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I had an epiphany pretty early in my sales career. "The end depends on the beginning (and everything in between).". Yes, we have heard this a thousand times, but no truer words have been said when it comes to developing proposals.

Using Pareto’s Principle to Highlight the Current Malaise Within the Sales Space

Jonathan Farrington

I have to confess that I was 25 years old before I discovered Vilfredo Pareto and whilst I cannot claim that I experienced an epiphany of “Damascus Highway” proportions, it did cause me to make fundamental changes to the way I organized myself.

B2B ABM: Seven Sales & Marketing Tips for 2017 - Tip #6: Nurturing Triples Marketing’s Return


In the epiphany stage they want education and unique perspectives; in the awareness stage they want product information and subject matter experts (SMEs); and in the interest stage they want benchmarks and best practices. Lead nurturing triples marketing's ROI, but only if done properly. I propose that nurturing is the most underutilized marketing activity at a marketer’s disposal.

Why are You telling only Half Your Professional Story?

Babette Ten Haken

When that professional epiphany happens, you move forward from what is holding you back. You know you are telling only half your professional story. Yet, the other half, the untold half of your story, dominates your head, doesn’t it?

Do Our Professional Labels create Positive Customer Experiences?

Babette Ten Haken

Arriving at that epiphany is professional innovation, in my Playbook. Are we a bit too devoted to and obsessed by our professional labels? The awards we collect. The Top List of This or That we are on. Those accomplishments, honors, certifications, academic degrees in which we revel.

CRM Hijacks Customer Experience Strategy

Tony Hughes

But here is the epiphany I had in working with these focus groups and capturing their issues and insights: Customer Relationship Management has been hijacked by software technology.

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Lead Nurturing: Triple Your Marketing Return


In the epiphany stage they want education and unique perspectives; in the awareness stage they want product information and subject matter experts (SMEs); and in the interest stage they want benchmarks and best practices. Nurture leads until they’re ready to turn over to sales is the sixth of 7 Truths about Sales and Marketing that CEOs need to know. This post is part of a series about the CEO’s role in eliminating wasted marketing spend and increasing sales results.

Sales Tips: Losing Slowly – 6 Signs That All Is NOT Well

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During a workshop I taught, a CEO had an epiphany he shared with his team: Most of his salespeople had an annoying habit of losing slowly. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®.

2 Ways to Dominate 2014 on Your Current Budget

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Revelations and epiphanies that seem so promising to start. We’ve all had moments where we get great business ideas. You see visions of making your 2013 and 2014 sales number. These are ideas that will change the course of the organization. They’ll undoubtedly yield success. Then reality hits.

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Get 3X B2B Marketing ROI by Nurturing Leads


In the epiphany stage they want education and unique perspectives; in the awareness stage they want product information and subject matter experts (SMEs); and in the interest stage they want benchmarks and best practices. Lead nurture can triple the return on most marketing campaigns. By nurturing leads until they’re ready to turn over to sales, an organization can eliminate wasted marketing spend and increase sales results.

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7 Ways Salespeople Can Avoid Burnout During Q4

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Epiphanies occur to an open mind. Do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. People ask, " Tony, how do you consistently 15+ hours every day? After three decades, how are you not beyond burnt out on selling, calling, and incessantly traveling across continents? ".

Trap Tales – Obstacles to Success


Epiphany breakthroughs get you to a new level of thinking. People struggle with why they aren’t where they think they should be in their career and their life. They don’t always have the capacity to figure that out what has been holding them back for themselves. If you find yourself stagnated or not achieving the goals that you have set for yourself it is because of these traps that you have fallen into. Anyone can change the trajectory of life and at any stage of their life.

Why A Promise Statement is more than a Value Proposition

Babette Ten Haken

And that epiphany becomes the key to innovating themselves out of their current, status quo resting state. A professional promise statement clearly defines what you promise to deliver, over time, to clients. At face value, this statement sounds like a value proposition, doesn’t it?

Sales Tip: Understand the Value of Your Offering to Your Prospect

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They had an epiphany! Sales Tip: Understand the Value of Your Offering to Your Prospect. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. Image courtesy of MisterMong at

The First Step to Being a Great Leader

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After his own personal epiphany, he came to the next and all future customer service training sessions hair washed and combed, uniform pressed and he walked straight with an almost bounce in his step.

Is Self Bias impeding how we acquire and retain our Customers?

Babette Ten Haken

First, when many of us experience this professional epiphany, it takes our breath away. Self bias is a powerful force in how we acquire, serve and retain our customers. Yet, as we chase quotas and attempt to fulfil KPIs, often the last professional attribute we think about is self bias.

Sales Tips: Making Sense Of Vague Advice

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Some scotch was involved and ultimately the epiphany came. Sales Tips: Making Sense of Vague Advice. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. Image courtesy of Stock Images at

Big Ego Sales Managers and Small Business Owners Are Still Too Many

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The small business owner will have an epiphany. Recently, I had lunch with a salesperson I had trained over 25 years ago.

Is the Fear of Being Naked Keeping You from Where You Want to Be?

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Then when things appear to be the bleakest, some of us have an epiphany and realize nakedness is part of the process to reach where we want to be. Fear is within all of us. We hold onto things we know that are not good for us because to let go may cause us to be naked, to be exposed, to be vulnerable. There is incredible emotional security in the past. So we continue to wear all those old, ill fittings clothes that represent our past failures, our past sins, our past emotional baggage.

Why Sales Stupidity is not a Competitive Professional Option

Babette Ten Haken

When that epiphany happens, sales stupidity is no longer a viable, competitive, professional option. Sales stupidity is not a competitive, professional option. In fact, sales stupidity never was a viable professional or organizational option.

Becoming a Master Networker – Series Intro

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Actually, more of an epiphany. When I first began to write, it was on NetWorks! Boise. Later, as my business began to morph, that site was repurposed to supporting our leads group and my writing focus was redirected to this site. Well, I’m mixing it up again! Since NetWorks! is the home for our professional networking group, and as we strongly believe in all forms of networking … I wanted to start a new educational series toward maximizing those goals.

A CEO Mind-shift for Scaling Growth: An Interview with Henry Schuck

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But as soon as the acquisition happened – the very next week – I had an epiphany: The world of B2B data is filled with poor providers. As a business grows, the role of the CEO changes.

50 Business Blog Post Ideas to Win the Internet


Share an epiphany you’ve had in your personal or professional life. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness. It can create a foundation for engagement with current customers and prospects. But coming up with good blog post ideas can be challenging.

5 Psychology Tips From An FBI Hostage Negotiator That Will Make You Sell Better

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Voss had an epiphany of sorts upon leaving the Bureau; he realized that several of the skills he’d learned and honed ‘in the wild’ during hostage negotiations were directly relevant – and essential – to the business arena. Chris Voss served as a hostage negotiator at the FBI for close to a quarter of a century. During a portion of the time, he was the Bureau’s lead international hostage negotiator.

Bring Out The Diamond Brilliance Within High Performing Sales Teams

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When sales management, small business owners to C Suite executives understand change must first come from within they will understand my client’s epiphany: Change is about where I am inside, about me.”. Picture for a moment high performing sales teams with diamond brilliance. Credit What does that team look like? What does each team member look like? What does each salesperson of the team do each day to cast that dazzling brilliance found within a high quality diamond?

Winning Big Deals - Everything You Need to Know

Tony Hughes

He'd read my book three months earlier but didn't seem to have any kind of epiphany. Back in 2005, Tiger Woods was the biggest winner in the world and he cracked more than $10 million in prize-money earnings alone for the first time in a single year.

Pro Tips on Scaling an Enterprise Sales Organization


When you’re on the phone with a new prospect, which discovery questions will open the customer to you and give them an epiphany about how your solution can help solve their problem? Scaling a sales organization is both exciting and a little terrifying.

Account Planning is V.I.T.A.L.

A Sales Guy

I must have learned something along the way, however, as I still remember the day my growth-challenge epiphany occurred. This post from Donal Daly of the TAS Group is fantastic. It was originally posted on the Selling Power Blog. You can read it here.

Managers, Experiencing Coaching Resistance? How To (Re) Introduce Coaching To Your Team That Creates Buy In and a Safe Environment for Employees – And For You. Part One

Keith Rosen

Given this insight, some comments and questions that follow in the wake of this epiphany are as follows. As a manager, you may believe in the importance of coaching. And in my line of work, I know lots of managers who see the value in coaching their direct reports. However, there’s another population of managers who not only see the value of coaching their team but also realize how important it is to deliver effective coaching, which means learning how to do it right.

True innovators identify the spaces in between


After this epiphany moment, I begin to more actively listen and found that there is so much chatter in the world around us from mainstream media, social media, and casual interactions with co-workers, friends and family. Driving change that truly has an impact requires an objective look.

I’m Not That Good of a Salesperson

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A prospecting epiphany. I started B2B selling in 1977. As a salesperson, I hated cold calling and I regularly chased elephants and pixie dust. Looking back, about the only selling skill that I really excelled at was product knowledge and I could give one hell of a good demo. Despite my shortcomings, in less that two years I was promoted to sales manager and until twelve years ago, all I did was manage sales reps. As a manager (and as a salesperson), I had my pluses and minuses.

A Leadership Manifesto: You Don’t DO Leadesrhip

Keith Rosen

Every time I share this thought with a new group of leaders, I can literally see epiphanies in action on their faces. Being a leader is distinct from doing what leaders do.

Have You Spotted the Golden Egg(s) Nestling in Your Basket?

Jonathan Farrington

From quite early on in our sales careers, we are encouraged to explore every sale opportunity that presents itself. In fact, in some companies, the sales teams are “brainwashed” into believing that “all business is good business.”

Live, Love, Laugh, Leave a Legacy

Jonathan Farrington

Whilst I cannot claim to have experienced an epiphany of “Damascus Highway” proportions, it did cause me to make fundamental changes to the way I conducted business.

Engaging Earlier and Higher with Financial Peer Comparisons

The ROI Guy

During the earliest phases of the buyer’s journey, the buyer has yet to have an "epiphany" and need help understanding their issues, prioritizing challenges and exploring possible solutions, and it is here that sales reps can be vital and make a significant difference in ultimate win rates.

Want to Get More from Your Best Accounts?

Jonathan Farrington

For a long time, the only objectives I used for major accounts were very specific business objectives: “ We will increase turnover by X%” or “We will introduce two new programs and increase our profitability by Y% ” Then, one day, I had what could only be described as a “minor epiphany” – I began to understand that these business objectives were simply not enough.