Look Beyond the Keystrokes to Build Key Relationships

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Years ago we heard these words from a telecommunications provider “Reach out and touch someone.” Having those key relationships is essential in our personal to professional lives. Yet with technology, it appears we are being limited by how we communicate and interact with others.

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How To Be A Sales Ops Rockstar with Mary Ford, SecureWorks

Igniting Sales Transformation

She holds a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia and aanMA degree in Telecommunications from George Washington University. In this segment of the Women in Sales Leadership series, I talked with Mary Ford, Director, Sales Strategy and Operations at SecureWorks.

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Exploring the Customer Centricity of Mobile Data Plans

The 1to1 Media Blog

Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Strategy Emerging Trends Marketing Mobile Marketing mobilecustomerstrategy mobiletargeting telecommunicationsIn the next few weeks, both Verizon and AT&T are expected to introduce family data sharing plans where customers will pay for a fixed amount of data to be shared between family members or between device types (e.g. 5 gigabytes for two devices instead of 3 GB for one), according to USA Today.

First Year CX: Some Keys To Success from TSIC

The 1to1 Media Blog

TSIC is an international provider of telecommunication services with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and offices in 14 other countries.

Believe It or Not Everyone Is In Sales

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Years ago when facilitating some customer service training and development for a telecommunications firm, one of the participants (a customer service technician) flatly said he was not in sales.

Charging for Priority Customer Support

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EE, the British telecommunications company, recently began offering a new service called Priority Answer that allows customers of its pay monthly and SIM-only plans to pay 50 pence ($0.81 USD) to be moved to the top of the queue for customer service calls when call volumes are high. The new service has created a firestorm in social media and other forums among some customers who are upset about having to pay extra to receive faster support.

Hanging Up Not the Best for Future Sales Referrals

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This was due to existing poor customer service but more so inconsistent service and high prices given the very competitive nature of the telecommunications industry. Later in the morning, a sales referral that I had already made to this telecommunications salesperson directly communicated with me and said his experience was less than the best.

Is Your Online Brand Different than Your In-Person Brand?

No More Cold Calling

billion people are online, according to a 2015 report by the International Telecommunication Union. In B2B sales, it’s important to make a good first impression. You are your brand. Your company has a brand, but people buy from you, not your company.

Taking a Faster Approach to Addressing Customer Churn

The 1to1 Media Blog

Customer churn is a big problem for companies, especially in industries such as telecommunications where annual churn rates average between 10 percent to as much as 67 percent, according to the Database Marketing Institute.

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules but the Battle for an Open Internet Continues

The 1to1 Media Blog

The FCC''s decision includes reclassifying Internet service as a Title II telecommunications service or public utility, prohibiting broadband providers from charging for faster lanes on the Internet. Net neutrality advocates scored a major victory today when the Federal Communications Commission approved net neutrality regulations by a 3-2 vote.

Is Your Employer Knowingly Destroying Your Career?

Sales and Management Blog

No matter your product or service–autos, real estate, financial services, consulting, telecommunications solutions, or anything else, you are your boss, your employer. If you work as an outside, commissioned salesperson, think about what your employer does: Your employer pays for: virtually 100% of your training. virtually 100% of your marketing. your gas, your cell phone, your prospect and client lunches and coffee meetings.

Is Your Customer at the Center of Sales Onboarding?

Sales Benchmark Index

Contrast Oscar’s experience at his new job as a telecommunications sales rep. As an experienced sales leader, new hires are essential to Making the Number. Their success is your success. The goal is to minimize the time it takes them to reach full quota attainment.

Inc Magazine Gets it Wrong on Consultative Selling

Understanding the Sales Force

Telecommunications and Internet. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Inc. Magazine ran an article on its website that I just can''t ignore. It''s making my blood boil. Why Consultative Doesn''t Work is irresponsible writing.

QoS–Quality Of Service

Partners in Excellence

Those of you in the telecommunications segment–at least the old timers will immediately recognize the term, QoS–Quality of Service. In the old days of land lines, telecommunications providers were very concerned about QoS. QoS is important–not for telecommunications, not for Apps and Technology, but for how we engage each other, how we live our lives, how we build our organizations, and communities.

Transact Me? Transact You!

The Sales Blog

Within minutes, my telecommunications company had me up and running. Long story short, the telecommunications giant sent me to the manufacturer who sent me back to the telecommunications company. The telecommunication company said the needed to escalate me to level 3 support.

Sales Training Insight into Adult Trick or Treating

Customer Centric Selling

A telecommunications company I was working with came to the realization that these “bingo cards” were mostly a great drain of sellers’ time and asked me for help in upgrading the entry levels they might achieve at a show they had already committed to.

The Plastic Customer Service Phenomenon

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Walk into most financial institutions to departments stores to telecommunications businesses and you will have that now all too common “plastic customer service” experience. “Welcome to …” or. “Hello and how are you?” ” Are they really interested in how you are feeling right now? Do they really care you are coming into their place of employment?

The First Step to Being a Great Leader

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Years ago during some customer service, team building training for a telecommunications firm one of the participants said flat out in a very challenging and derisive voice “I am not a leader.

Inside Sales Power Tip 115 – Be Social

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There are three major reasons you need to have regular time blocked off in your calendar for being social online.

Head Shaving to Fight Cancer, Part 2

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I posted last week how I would be shaving my head to help fight cancer alongside one of my clients, Granite Telecommunications. The event happened yesterday – and the results are in.

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3 Things To Leave Out Of Your Prospecting Call

The Pipeline

The person in charge of telecommunication is the one who works on their telco problems, not the one making the decision about carriers. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

The Evolving Risks and Roles of CISOs in 2016

DiscoverOrg Sales

Last year, CISOs were confronted with an abundance of cyberthreats and data breaches, affecting banking, healthcare, government, media, telecommunications, and other industries.

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Will 2013 be the year that Inside Sales takes LinkedIn SERIOUSLY?

Productivity and Motivational Tips for Inside Sale

million); and telecommunications (1.59 Will this be the year that Inside Sales decides to take LinkedIn seriously? Some of you may already be ahead of the curve on this, but some late adopters are still not convinced. Here’s the scoop?

What will CRM look like over the next 5 years? Software Advice Interview Highlights

Brian Vellmure

But companies like Cisco and Avaya and other telecommunications are far ahead on some of those enterprise class technologies. Ashley Verrill – a expert with CRM reviewer SoftwareAdvice.com – interviewed me recently for the second edition of CRM’s Next 5 in 5. This report was an update from predictions five of my industry cohorts made about technologies that will change CRM in the next five years.

Why Automate Sales Compensation Management


ICM can encompass both internal sales force and external third party sales forces’ which are common in telecommunications and financial services. On November 19 th , 30 organisations gathered in London at the e-reward conference to discuss the benefits of compensation management software.

The Strategic Account Manager – How do you Compensate This Critical Role?


We completed a sales compensation plan audit for a telecommunications company last year. The role of a salesperson is very clear: sell the company’s products or services to new and existing customers. Each salesperson is assigned a territory, a quota, and they “go forth and sell”, right?

Study Reveals Why B2B Salespeople Lose Deals

HeavyHitter Sales

These interviews were conducted with salespeople across a wide variety of industries including high technology, telecommunications, financial services, consulting, industrial equipment, healthcare, and electronics to name a few.

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Is Leadership Really That Complicated?

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Then when working with a telecommunications company, one of the participants was very reluctant. In speaking with Dr. Laura Hills earlier this month, she told me that she discovered over 40 leadership models or theories when writing her dissertation. Really, over 40?

Get Over Your Fear of Marketing Automation Software


Today, the 5 industries with the highest marketing automation adoption rates are software & Internet, telecommunications, computer & electronics, health & pharma and business services. Are you still afraid of and intimidated by marketing automation?

Mobile Marketing Words To Know

Vertical Response

Carrier: A company that provides wireless telecommunications services. Once executed, the agreement requires the carrier to provide wireless telecommunication services to the customer. With U.S. consumers spending 2.8 hours per day on smartphones and the number of mobile-only internet users now exceeding desktop-only users, it’s worth considering how connecting with customers on mobile could benefit your business.

Mass Customization, Creating “Markets Of 1?

Partners in Excellence

We may create personas for CFOs in healthcare, CFOs in telecommunications. We may further create personas for CFO’s in large telecommunications operating companies, CFO’s in large telecom infrastructure companies, and so forth. In 1999, Joe Pine published a fascinating book, Mass Customization.

The Complexities of Selling Technology to Business

The Pipeline

This is no more true when selling technology to business – software, hardware, telecommunications, infrastructure, etc. Guest Post – Michael Ashford. Selling to business can be a great profession for talented sales people who want to work in ‘big time’ sales.

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Win the Business With This Elevator Pitch

HeavyHitter Sales

Luke Skywalker, a salesperson for XYZ Technologies, is attending a trade show and happens to be in the elevator with Norman Bates, chief information officer at Wonderful Telecommunications

Matching Your Needs to Your Sales Trainer

Dave Stein's Blog

As recently as seven years ago, one of the largest groups of companies consuming sales training were in the high technology industries such as telecommunications, software, hardware and related services.

Remember Your First Time?

Jonathan Farrington

And also that IT and Telecommunications suppliers were by far the worst in terms of accessibility: For example, I tried for almost an hour the other day to pay a cell phone bill and eventually gave up. Remember the sheer terror the first time Dad let go and you cycled off on your own?

The Most Innovative Tech Companies in Orange County

Brian Vellmure

Smith Micro , Telecommunications. Earlier this week, Tech America hosted the 19th annual Orange County High Tech Innovation Awards.

Three Ways to Jump-Start Your VoC Program

Tech Bytes

Will has helped clients in many industries, including high-tech, telecommunications, health care, hospitality, professional services, industrial products, education, and advertising and media

Five Ways to Mine for Gold in the Cloud

Tech Bytes

Every day, advertising bombards us to promote new cloud service offerings from big-name hardware manufacturers, software firms, telecommunication carriers, online retailers, traditional VARs, coloc and hosting providers, pure-play MSPs.

Would You Pay for Better Customer Service? - Think customers: The.

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The telecommunications provider wanted to deflect calls to its contact center, but still provide customers with the support and answers they need. 1to1 Magazine. Issues. Weekly Digest. Meet the Editors. 1to1 Awards. Customer Champions. Advertise. Content Channels. Customer Experience. Customer Loyalty. Customer Service. Customer Strategy. Data Analytics. Emerging Trends. Employee Engagement. Executive Profiles. Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Sales Effectiveness. Social Media.

Lean Sales And Marketing — Time Available For Selling

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Several years ago, we did a study of a one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. In the case of the telecommunications company I identified at the top of this post, in our first pass at identifying the time drains, we were able to help the sales force get from less than 20% time available to selling to more than 40%–we were able to more than double sales productivity without doing anything else (and there were a lot of other things that improved as well).