SAP Commissions User Interface


Whether you are new to SAP Commissions , or looking to see if SAP Commissions is right for your team, this is a good video to start with. sales SAP Sales Cloud Customer ExperienceIt covers an easy way to do searches, as well as basic and advanced searches, to help you find the data you’re looking for. It also covers the Related Results feature, so getting from one place to another is a simple click or two, and that makes researching calculation results easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About SAP Commissions


Canidium is a leading Sales Performance Management (SPM) consultancy, and our expert consultants have been helping new customers implement SAP Commissions (formerly CallidusCloud) for over 12 years.

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SAP Commissions vs. Excel


Sales Operations professionals are often the first to tell you their frustrations with Excel and its limitations in their line of work. There is no arguing, Excel is an amazing tool when used for what it is built for: calculations, graphing, pivot tables, etc.

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This article focuses on the similarities and key differences between SAP Commerce and SAP CPQ. 


This article will focus on the similarities and key differences between SAP Commerce and SAP CPQ. SPM SAP Sales CloudAs businesses strategize how to enhance the customer experience across multiple channels and platforms, often the options include customer relationship management (CRM), Configure Price and Quote (CPQ) as well as Commerce, Marketing, and Analytics.

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SAP Commissions Tips and Tricks for Documentation & Processing Units


This is also true of SAP Commissions. Fortunately, accessing and using SAP’s documentation feature will make a big difference for SAP Commissions users and the performance of their solution.

How Variables in SAP Commissions can Generate Flexibility


Variables in SAP Commissions may be the feature users need to make calculations more flexible, creating more ways to use the solution than ever before. There are many reasons why variables should be used and how they can be used to help users get the most out of an SAP Commissions Solution.

SAP CPQ and Various Forms of Manufacturing


CPQ can be an effective tool for configuration, pricing and quoting in discrete manufacturing. A quick, and high level, example is; what is the difference between discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing and engineer-to-order? Configure Price Quote (CPQ

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5 Handy Tips for Creating an Amazing Quote Proposal in SAP CPQ


In this article, I’ll provide some handy tips to create high-quality proposal documents in SAP CPQ for a delightful user-experience. Document templates for quotes can generate professional-grade documents as well as meet complex business requirements.

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SAP CPQ for the Insurance Industry


SAP CPQ is especially valuable for businesses with multiple stakeholders involved in the sales process, a complex approval and review processes, complex pricing decisions, or a lengthy and complex customer quote documentation. Configure, Price and Quote software (CPQ) is a versatile tool that can, and should, be used by a variety of industries. One industry that is not always considered is insurance.

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How SAP CPQ Integrates with Other Key Software Solutions


SAP CPQ is a powerful configure price quote solution with the ability to transform your sales processes by shortening sales cycles, cutting costs, reducing mistakes, and so much more.

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The Importance of SAP Commissions and Why Excel Just Doesn’t Cut It


So, is SAP Commissions just an overly complicated solution to a problem you don’t have, or are there genuine benefits to using this SPM solution in your business? If you are in a sales operations role, you probably know that Excel is one way to calculate commissions for your organization.

How SAP Concur Goes Beyond Customer Happiness


SAP Concur is a SaaS company that helps businesses manage travel and expense services. Ellie Wu, Senior Director, Customer Success, guides cross-functional teams across all stages of the customer journey to provide the best possible customer experience. We recently sat down with Ellie to talk about her approach to customer success (CS) and why customer happiness isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all. customer support

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How Companies can Benefit from Approvals Workflow in SAP CPQ


Approving a sales quote is a crucial and common requirement for most companies. It’s the check and balance mechanism that can help protect profit margins from over discounting and ensure the quality of complex products is being proposed. Configure Price Quote (CPQ

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5 Problems That Were Solved by SAP Commissions


This blog will highlight a few problem areas that companies have experienced, and why SAP Commissions was the best solution for them. If you work in the field of sales operations, you either have a growing team and need to set yourself up for future success, or, your team is at a standstill and you need to figure out why. No matter what track your sales team is currently on, you probably have areas within your operations that you’re wanting to improve.

SAP CPQ for Software: How CPQ Addresses Unique Software and Service Industry Challenges


In particular, service-based companies like software have improved their operations using SAP CPQ. CPQ software is beneficial for a variety of industries. Configure Price Quote (CPQ

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Why SAP Commissions Could be the Right Fit for Your Business


We would like to tell you Why SAP Commissions could be the right fit for your business! Choosing an SPM solution can be hard given that there are so many options for SPM software on the market. sales performance

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Coffee, Commissions, & CPQ: What SAP Commissions' Security Enhancements Mean for Users


In the fifth episode of our series, Canidium's SAP Commissions Practice Lead, West, Connor Barry, talks about the recent security enhancements for SAP Commissions. Coffee, Commissions, and CPQ is a podcast that will cover topics about all things sales, sales operations, sales enablement, and SPM! Tune into our podcast by clicking the link below, or read the transcripts on this blog! commissions

Zilliant Announces New Partnership with SAP and Major Expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Smart Selling Tools

Zilliant Announces New Partnership with SAP and Major Expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Zilliant , an industry leader in AI-driven pricing and sales growth solutions, today announced that it is joining the SAP® PartnerEdge® program and releasing Zilliant Price Manager integration with SAP Cloud Platform. Additionally, Zilliant has strategically expanded by opening its third European office co-located at SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

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The Mental Model of a Growth-Focused CEO

Sales Benchmark Index

SAP CEO Bill McDermott offers this advice to business leaders in a recent Harvard Business Review article: “Give the people a compelling vision and find a way to hit the accelerator harder.” Corporate Strategy Magazine Sales Strategy Bill McDermott ceo CEO sales leader growth CEO market expansion market exposure market share gain revenue growth driver sales strategy SAP CEO

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Is Your B2B Brand a “Me Too” Pretender?

Sales Benchmark Index

Article Marketing Strategy accenture b2b brand b2b marketing brand planning brand strategy fedex ibm joe derosa sap upsAre you building a “me too” brand? Your competitors are making the same claims and promises as you. They are even using the same words. Brands that are built on “who you are” and “what you do” do not result.

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SAP Predictive Analytics Benefits Estimator (powered by Alinean)

The ROI Guy

SAP needed to prove how prospects could use predictive insights to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks buried inside vast amounts of data. SAP worked with Alinean to create a Benefits Estimator to tally the benefits of making predictive insight available to everyone in the organization. Assessment tools Value Actualization Tools Value Marketing Executive Assessment Tools Diagnostic Assessment SAP Pisello Benefits Estimator Alinean ROI Analysis ROI Calculator

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Revegy’s Account and Opportunity Planning Platforms Now Live on SAP® App Center

Smart Selling Tools

Revegy’s Account and Opportunity Planning Platforms Now Live on SAP® App Center. Revegy today announced that its Account Planning and Opportunity Planning platforms are now available on the SAP® App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. Revegy’s solutions integrate with the SAP Cloud for Customer and allow customers to literally see what’s going on inside their largest accounts.

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Sales Reps Love Their CRM!

Smart Selling Tools

This week’s post is by guest author, Jennifer Kling, Head of Product Marketing for SAP Sales Cloud , which brings together SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, SAP Revenue Cloud, and CallidusCloud. Sales reps love their CRM. They love spending hours entering information about the email activity they’ve had with customers, meetings held, proposals delivered, and especially updating their forecast. In fact, who doesn’t love a good forecast session with their sales manager?

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Sales Compensation Plan Design - Methodology & Steps


SPM SAP Sales CloudThere are many things that go into your sales operations, and compensation planning can be one of the biggest challenges. With the right sales compensation methodology, you can get your operations right the first time. This can ultimately help you increase teams performance, retain top talent, and align strategy to corporate goals.

Why Does a Company Need CPQ?


Configure Price Quote (CPQ) SAP Sales CloudConfigure, Price, and Quote, better-known as CPQ , is a powerful software solution that helps companies automate their capability to configure complex products, simplify pricing models, and quickly generate a quote or proposal document. Typically a CPQ solution is used as an extension of a CRM system, though they can be leveraged without one. Learn more about CPQ here.

Sales Tech Simplified: How to Turn Relationships Into Revenues with @ModelN

Smart Selling Tools

In addition, Model N Revenue Cloud is specifically designed for companies with SAP Financials, Manufacturing and Order Management solutions. In this series, we ask tech executives to describe the why and how of their solution. We call it Sales Tech Simplified. This week I interview Russ Chadinha , Senior Director Product Marketing of Model N Revenue Cloud. Nancy: Why does the industry need your solution? Russ: Enterprises today are focused on profitable growth.

Getting to Know Canidium: Liz Narmour


Liz Narmour is a Senior Consultant in the SAP Commissions Practice. Canidium in the Fort Collins office since 2017 and her expertise in SAP Commissions has been an asset to Canidium since she started! Liz has worked at. staff

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Breaking Down CPQ Capabilities: Pt 1, Products, Rules, and Pricing


Key Capabilities of SAP Configure Price Quote (CPQ). SAP Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution is a fusion of robust functionality, performance, and intuitive user experience (UX). SAP CPQ also eliminates quote errors and empowers sales reps to sell using easy-to-use configuration flow and pricing. In this blog post, we will discuss a few key capabilities that are out-of-the-box features. They should be kept in mind when comparing with other CPQ solutions.

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Breaking Down CPQ Capabilities: Pt 2, Selling, Approvals, and Reporting


Key Capabilities of SAP Configure Price Quote (CPQ). SAP Configure Price Quote (CPQ) streamlines your quote, approval and proposal process for your configurable product offering, so your company can sell faster. In this blog post, we will discuss another set key capabilities that are out-of-the-box features. They should be kept in mind when comparing with other CPQ solutions. Configure Price Quote (CPQ

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Finding the Right Sales Performance Management Vendor


For the past decade, OpenSymmetry has published the Sales Performance Management (SPM) vendor guide to help organizations understand what options they have as it relates to implementing solutions to help improve the performance of their sales organization. We are excited to announce the release of our newest edition of the SPM Vendor Guide on the resource center of our company website.

Sales Scrum Podcast Episode #14 – Guest Andrew Steane

The Pipeline

Andrew Steane is a Senior Director of North American Sales Channels for business software leader, SAP. Sales Scrum Podcast Episode #14 – Guest Andrew Steane. Want to know who to hire the best candidates? You need to learn about Andrew Steane’s Give A Damn Metre. Andrew shares the core components of the Metre.

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Breaking Down CPQ Capabilities


Key Capabilities of SAP configure, price, quote (CPQ). SAP Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution not only empower sales teams but play a key role to enable end-to-end business process. It can work as a standalone solution, but is more often integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage your end-to-end business process.

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Coffee, Commissions, & CPQ: ICM & APR


In the seventh episode of our series, Umair Khakoo discusses ICM and APM, two SAP tools that provide built-in functionality for analytics that could be used to build reports and dashboards on pretty much any data.

Your Customers Are Talking About You – Are You Listening?

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Tim Minahan, CMO, SAP Cloud. Issue Date: 2014-10-06. Teaser: Social media is big and it’s only getting bigger. By recognizing and embracing its power, marketers can transform the very nature of business and engagement and deliver their customers to new worlds of excellence. Social media is big and it’s only getting bigger.

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Selling The Sandler Way: Winning and Growing Business with Public Sector Accounts [Podcast]

Sandler Training

Paul’s career includes successful sales and sales management positions at SAP, Success Factors, Concur Technologies, Open Text and Basware. . In this episode, Brian Sullivan, VP of Sandler Enterprise Selling, speaks with Paul Sanford, Managing Director of Sandler’s North Hampshire’s business operations in the U.K. Listen Time: 26 Minutes. Prospecting & Qualifying

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Why do you need a solution for Territory and Quota (T&Q) Management?


If Your Sales Team has Quotas to Hit, You need SAP’s Territory and Quota Management Tool. So far, 2020 has not gone the way many of us expected it to. When all is said and done, field sales reps will have been out of the field for at least a quarter of the year, pipelines have shrunk, and many of the 2020 strategic plans created in bullish 2019 have gone out the window.

The Importance of Branding in Today's B2B Customer Acquisition

Sales Benchmark Index

Later as a global CMO at SAP, he was the catalyst for SAP’s brand value rising $2.8B, or 46% during his tenure. You might remember ‘The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP’ series of campaigns that repositioned SAP from an exotic solution to significant adoption. Most importantly, SAP revenue and profit surged along with worldwide installations increasing by 255%. You can read more about the specific SAP branding efforts through a Columbia Business School case study.

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Right on the Money

Engage Selling

Answers might include Apple, SAP and Salesforce. Pop quiz: name me three companies who’ve mastered the art of sales acceleration today. You’d likely pick giant performers. Or maybe exciting newer companies like Shopify, FAEF, YOUi Labs Inc., and Kinnser Software.

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12 Steps To Powerful Persuasion In Sales – Part 2, with Rod Hairston, Episode #97


This podcast is brought to you by SAP Sales Cloud, the solution that enables your sales team to be more efficient, effective, and intelligent. Sell more with SAP Sales Cloud by visiting visit This podcast is brought to you by SAP Sales Cloud, the solution that enables your sales team to be more efficient, effective, and intelligent. Sell more with SAP Sales Cloud by visiting visit

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PowerViews with Michael Brenner: The Battle for Customer Attention


My guest today is Michael Brenner, Vice President of Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP and Managing Editor for the SAP Business Innovation site. At SAP, Michael’s challenge is to transform social business and content marketing to reduce cost-per-acquisition of new customers. Michael is also the author of , where he discusses content marketing, demand generation, mobile strategy, and sales alignment to name a few.

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