Optimize Your Demand Generation Spend

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Revenue attribution models give executives a clear line of sight from the corporate strategy through customer. Modern marketing organizations operate as revenue centers, not cost centers.

The Culprit for Your Failed Demand Generation Project Is Likely Poor Execution, Not Poor Design

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Demand Generation Advice for the CEO

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This post is written for CEO’s who need to increase demand for their products. Demand generation is the science of stimulating latent demand. A definition of latent demand is a prospect is unaware of a problem. There is only so much active demand in a given market.

Stop Selling and Start Teaching to Improve Demand Generation

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Author: Ray Kemper, Chief Marketing Officer, Televerde Customer relationships. In fact, good customer relationships are usually the result of a good sales engagement. You’ve demonstrated your ability to provide a superior solution and value while showing you’re the right fit for the customer’s culture and needs. But that brings us back to the perennial question: how do we fuel demand generation and make that first positive selling experience happen?

Benchmark Your Demand Generation Content in 4 Quick Steps

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It offers a basic 4 step process to benchmark your demand generation content. Demand generation content refers to web pages, blogs, eBooks, white papers, webinars, newsletters, and many others. Its role is to generate leads. Customer Think- here.

What Top Performing CMOs Plan to Focus on in 2020

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Much has been written in recent months about the demise of the CMO position. While such a drastic assertion is great for grabbing business headlines, the reality is, as usual, decidedly more nuanced. As the marketing function has evolved over the.

How one company’s disciplined, targeted approach to demand generation delivered big results


The previous 18 months had seen investments in lead generation stop, all existing leads dry up and revenue drop by $200M. Through what we labeled the “Revenue Delivery System,” JD Edwards sales and marketing leadership invested in a strategic approach to drive demand generation and equip the sales team to effectively sell to targeted markets. Market Segmentation and Past Sales Success Laid a Framework for Demand Generation.

The Technology Marketer’s Guide to Customer Marketing

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Joining us for today’s show is Jennifer Arnold, a marketing executive who knows a thing or two about generating revenue. Today’s topic is customer marketing and how to grow revenues from existing customers. Marketing Strategy Podcast ABM Account Based Marketing b2b marketing buyer preference buyer process customer marketing Demand Generation revenue growth sales and marketing interlock software marketing technology marketing

The Startup’s 4-step Guide to Building Strong Sales Pipeline

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But I’m doing the job of demand generation, AND customer marketing, AND product marketing, AND the sales development team … with a bare minimum of tools to make that all happen!”. And quite frankly, I don’t have enough customers yet to even know who my best customers are.”.

How Science Can Save the Lost Art of Direct Response Copywriting

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Anyway, the other thing I remember about olden times was that demand generation and marketing campaign professionals used to be experts at direct response copywriting! Help your demand generation team improve their results with these copywriting tips.

Customer Success Storytelling leverages Customer Experiences

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Customer success storytelling leverages customer experiences. These stories portray the actual experiences an organization’s own customers have, when working with that organization. How can organizations capture their customer success stories ?

Old Fashioned Sales Tactics that Your Small Business Can Utilize

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Most businesses, whether they are small, large, brand new or established, are turning to more high tech sales tactics to gain and retain customers. It’s all about keeping the customer happy anyway, right? Print marketing companies such as Val-Pak still mail coupons to their customers.

First Post 2014 – Let’s Cut The S*#T – 1

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Sellers not only control their success, income and destiny, but have more loyal clients, willing to pay full value, and rely on the seller based on their contribution to the customers’ success. By Tibor Shanto - tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca. Buying Vs. Selling.

Can You Switch Hit For Sales Success?

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Each territory had two hunters, one for each product, two account development/management (AD) people, again one for each product, and an administrative person, all supported by a central customer care group, as to not overwork the front line folks.

Why Are You Ignoring The Biggest Part of Your Target Market? – Sales eXchange 191

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Attitude Business Acumen Buying Process Change Management Demand Generation execution Gap Selling Interactive Selling Leadership Sales 2.0 By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

Are You Maximizing the Yield of All Leads that Enter Your Funnel?


Whether your sales and marketing teams are crushing their numbers or they are struggling to generate sufficient pipeline, there is always a desire for more leads at the top of the proverbial funnel.

An Ingenious Way to be the First in the Door and Close the Business 63% of the Time

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In a recent article on Forbes, “You’re Doing It Wrong: Demand Generation,” Patrick Spenner, Managing Director at CEB’s Marketing & Communications Practice , makes a strong argument for why this approach is taking B2B marketers in the wrong direction.

The Secret To Getting Better Results From Your Events


Actively engaging prospects and customers before, during and after the show is critical to getting the most out of any event. 3 – You send a customer an email asking to schedule a meeting at an upcoming event to discuss their renewal. Blog Demand Generation Lead Generation

Demand Generation In the Face of Frugalnomics and Internet Fueled Decisions

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Formally defined, Demand Generation is the use of targeted marketing programs to address four key objectives for B2B marketers: Building awareness of a company’s products and services; Establishing relevance to a prospective buyer/end user; Supporting validation for the purchase; and Mitigating customer concerns. This shift in B2B buying cycles and requirements has significant impacts on marketing and demand-gen success.

Putting the Customer First

Igniting Sales Transformation

Here is what you’ll hear in my conversation with Sydney about why putting the customer first is a significant business advantage. One of SalesLoft’s core values is customer first. She brings passion, skill, and a customer-centric focus to drive tangible results.

Do you have the Right Marketing Team for Customer Acquisition?

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Few marketing teams of $100M+ companies are built for modern demand generation. B2B CMO’s are being asked to increase the impact of customer acquisition in 2013. Building World-class Lead Generation programs begins with assessing current state.

The Secret Unfair Advantage For Your Sales Team


But what if I told you those qualified leads – sales-ready leads that surround the future customers you’re already engaging – are at your fingertips, sitting in your inbox just waiting to be discovered? Last year, they sent more than 30 billion emails on behalf of customers.

How to Drive More Growth from Customer Expansion Conversations

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The post How to Drive More Growth from Customer Expansion Conversations by Anton Rius appeared first on Corporate Visions. If you’re like most companies, you focus the lion’s share of your growth budget on-demand generation and customer acquisition. Not customer expansion.

End Death by PowerPoint and a 1,000 White Paper Cuts

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Most organizations spend a significant portion of their marketing budget on creating content to fuel demand generation programs, and to arm sales reps to have better conversations and engagements.

How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

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Meeting with their leadership team, I asked “ Do you know your customer? ” Yes… we better know our customer”, was the response from the head of marketing. She mainly talked about their customer surveys. Are my customers spending? Why are my customers spending?

Make More Sales By Doing This

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First, understand that we live in an “on demand generation.” ” We can watch movies on demand. We can play any song on demand. If you want to make more sales, you have to think about this.

How ABM Can Help You Drive Revenue in 2020

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It’s coming up on the end of the third quarter and demand generation at the top of the funnel has been cooling off. As the leader of a marketing organization, you are getting pressure from the top to make changes.

How to Reduce Churn, Drive Customer Trust and Loyalty, and Maximize Revenue – Interview with @strikedeck

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Shreesha: Strikedeck is the most powerful and comprehensive Customer Success solution, enabling businesses to reduce churn, drive customer trust and loyalty, and maximize revenue through innovative automation and integration technologies.

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A Better Way to Go Mobile – Interactive White Paper (powered by Alinean)

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A mobile application platform provider had an urgent requirement to generate a wealth of qualified leads, particularly connecting and engaging with enterprise web and application managers seeking to take their apps mobile in a timelier, more cost effective manner.

6 Ways To Make Sure Your Customers Get The Message

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Yet, as you walk down the hall – you have this feeling of hoping that customers will get your message. The CMO world of multiple channels, social media, content marketing, demand generation, and lead development extends the importance of messaging to a much broader scale.

Is using an ROI / TCO Calculator too difficult to let buyers do this themselves from our web site?

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ROI / TCO Analysis Tools can be designed specifically for self-service use by prospects / customers from your web-site or marketing portal. TCO Calculator Demand Generation ROI TCO Pisello Alinean ROI Calculator

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How does Alinean decide which customer profile data points to use in order to personalize the Interactive White Paper?

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However, you do want to have enough profile information and pivot points to enable the content to be intelligently customized and relevant. Second, buyers expect that an interactive white paper will be customized to match their relevancy needs. interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Pisello Alinean

PowerViews with Michael Brenner: The Battle for Customer Attention


At SAP, Michael’s challenge is to transform social business and content marketing to reduce cost-per-acquisition of new customers. The Battle for Customer Attention. If you’re a marketer, join a salesperson on a customer call.

Sales and Marketing Alignment in 2013? Not so Fast!

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Sales leaders currently rank Sales Enablement as their number one requirement from Marketing, besting the need for more Demand Creation, Solution Marketing help and Channel Support in studies by SiriusDecisions.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Plus TCO Interactive White Paper (powered by Alinean)

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IBM wanted to generate more demand for it’s SmartCloud solution via thought leadership on their solutions significant TCO advantages. Click here to get your own customized white paper.

Optimize Content Marketing by Facilitating the Buyer’s Journey

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Later during the buyer’s journey, economic focused executives demand that every investment deliver a bottom-line impact, positive return on investment, and quick payback. These buyers are demanding marketers to create content that is more concise, relevant and personalized.

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The Pipeline ? Customer Hot Potato ? Sales eXchange ? 117

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Customer Hot Potato – Sales eXchange – 117. Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , Communication , Customer Care , Proactive , Sales eXchange , execution. With so many opportunities to ensure customer satisfaction, it is a wonder how some companies keep blowing it. Customer Care.

How to Spot Where Your Customer is on Their Buyer’s Journey

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Why do my customers buy? A Buyer Process Map will focus your marketing efforts for maximum demand generation. Once complete, you can produce content that resonates with your customers. To understand the Buyer’s Journey, you need to map your customer’s buying process.

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Be Provocative in 2012 As More Of Buyer’s Budgets Are Up for Grabs

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Being provocative is a sales and marketing requirement in order to get your fair share of deals in 2012, this according to the annual B2B Buyer’s survey of Demand Creation Specialists (DCS).

How long does it take a user to interact with the Interactive White Paper tool to generate and receive a customized white paper?

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Most Interactive White Papers are developed with only a handful of questions, usually limiting the profile the customer needs to complete to less than 5 questions. interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Pisello AlineanAs such, the user should be able to answer the profile questions, register (if not registered already) and download a completely personalized white paper in less than two minutes.