How to write a killer follow-up email sequence that draws replies


I’m not going to tell you that 48% of salespeople never follow up because that statistic is fake. What I’m going to tell you, however, is that I receive enough cold emails to know that most of them aren’t followed up on. What I can also tell you is that as a sales automation tool , my company helps hundreds of customers write their follow-up emails, because most of the time, they’re pretty bad. Is following up always worth it, though?

9 Key Steps to Breakthrough the Insane Amount of Noise in Event Follow-Up Emails

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If you send an event follow up email, but no one is around to read it, does it even make a sound? Tired, hopefully inspired and motivated, but always playing catch up from being gone. Event Follow Up Emails… Yeah, They’re Kind of a Big Deal.

23 Follow-Up Sales Email Templates to Send Instead of "Just Checking In"

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Send over a longer how-to guide and offer to follow up in person if they want. If you’d like to discuss these pointers or anything else around [topic], let’s set up a call. Would you like to follow up about this on a call?

Don’t Be a Trade Show Vulture! Here’s 10 Steps for Event Follow Up Success

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In this article I’m going to explain how to PROPERLY execute an effective trade show follow up campaign without being a blood sucking lead vulture. 10 Steps for Effectively Following Up with Leads After a Trade Show or Event.

Best of PowerViews: Are You Tenacious About Sales Follow Up?


There are a few topics that come up regularly. For this ‘best of’ edition we revisit the hot topics—social media, mobile marketing, sales lead follow up. Each interview is available on our blog and YouTube channel. LinkedIn is more buttoned up. Lori Richardson, Score More Sales, Are You Tenacious About Sales Follow Up? Click to start video at this point —Lori regularly encounters issues with sales follow up.

Part 3 to Establishing a Channel Sales Model: Closing Your Partner


Should there be a follow-up call with higher-ups? This should include setting dates and times for a follow-up call with a decision maker — if you're not already speaking to one! Want more information around channel partner sales? The Foundation of Successful Collaboration : Partner engagement is the foundation of channel sales success. Ask These 5 Questions : Channel partners require materials to educate, engage, and sell prospects.

The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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Whether you and your team need some bite-sized instruction, a full course correction or just a bit of motivation, there’s a wide variety of YouTube sales training channels that can help you. If his stamina alone isn't enough to inspire you, his YouTube channel -- "Success Channel" -- will.

Direct Mail: The Forgotten Outbound Channel That STILL Works In Sales Today

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When tailored correctly to your target audience and followed up with consistent communication, the results can be impressive. I won’t go as far as saying email is dead as a sales communication channel, it’s not.

Will “Demo Automation” Work for Your B2B Sales Organization?

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Demo Automation might be an effective solution for you if you’re struggling with similar challenges, including: Trying to keep up with the number of demos requested by prospects. Channel Partners who are surrogate salespeople.

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Nancy’s Sales App of the Week: @ChannelRocket

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This week, Nancy profiles Channel Rocket, a sales acceleration tool that lets all your sellers deliver pitches tailored to any audience, in any vertical, any time. ChannelRocket is a mobile sales enablement platform designed for both direct and indirect channels.

Here’s How to Hit Sales Numbers

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To help you stay on track with your 2018 goals and set your sales team up for success, here are four areas of improvement made possible through a few simple tips. If you begin the email with the impression you’re taking up too much of their time, or alluding that the context of your outreach is frivolous, you’ll lose their attention with the opening line. To set you and your team up for success when dialing, follow these tips of the trade: Have a script.

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Increasing Sales Tool Adoption – A Proven Customer Perspective

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This was followed up with a good launch program to boost awareness and drive adoption including: Public promotion to make everyone aware of the TCO tool including launch of the tool at annual user, sales and partner conferences and press releases.

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7 Quick Wins for Sales and Marketing Alignment

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You guys take forever to follow-up on our leads – and you wonder why they don’t convert? MARKETING: Maybe if you actually followed up the same day. Kill lead generation channels that don’t convert. Many companies have not caught up to this new reality.

How to Measure Sales Fitness

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Think of someone who disrupts an executive’s day by getting past the gatekeeper explaining he/she knows that person and is following up ‘our previous discussions’ – yeah right! Another negative sales persona is someone who turns up at the latest supplier review meeting, announcing proudly he is the new account manager, then asks for an explanation of the history between the two companies – arghhh! In these three channels is where sales performance can be enhanced.

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6 Reasons Why Duplicates in Your CRM/Marketing Automation Platform May Cost You a Fortune

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You might think that it couldn’t get better than this, but there is a catch – Jane signed up using her personal email. At the same time, we’ve seen that each one of these channels actually contributed to the final deal.

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How to Avoid Wasting 75% of Your Marketing Spend


Most companies admit to generating only a 10-25% follow-up of their sales inquiries. With so little follow-up, they’re reaching, on average, only 25% of available buyers. If your company is average, you are only following up 10-25% of the leads you give your salespeople which means you are wasting 75% of your lead generation budget!”. But what if we have a world where: Sales follows up 100% of the inquiries (all inquiries, not just leads).

Cold Calling – Insights from Chris Orlob at Gong

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If you enjoy this format, please let me know in the comments or by hitting me up on social. Phone as a channel isn’t going anywhere. Phone has become a novel channel. It’s not just about somebody’s opinion or whatever, but really is backed up with data.

Trends in Selling with Allen Mueller, Miller Heiman Group

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That was followed up by talking about the state of the sales and service industries today. Corporate Vice President and Channel Chief Gavriella Schuster, along with other female leaders in the company, are driving for change, trying to bring more women into the technology industry.

Fundamental Lead Nurturing Strategies


Personalized e-mails generate up to six times higher revenue than generic blasts, while incorporating personalization into sales calls allows prospects to let down their defenses. Consistently follow up. Any seasoned sales rep can tell you that sales is a process.

Meet The ‘A Listers’? Who Are Ruining Their Selling Careers

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No follow up. Don’t follow a proven sales process. Step up. Chances are the story will follow you! What channels of communication are you opening to make change happen? By getting up 2 hours earlier what have you increased your productivity by?

How to save the life of a tradeshow sales lead

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Those tasked with this job, have no interest or time for lead follow-up or ROI; they've already moved on to producing the next show. email and web meetings), tradeshows are one of the only channels to connect with customers and prospects face to face. The same is often true when you visit an exhibitor’s booth and although you might have a meaningful conversation with one of the company representatives, your actual request for follow-up never happens.

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13 Common Networking Mistakes You Can Avoid


No Clear-Cut Plan: Those who just show up at a networking event without a precise plan are likely to miss key prospects. Mystified USP: People typically believe that they can easily explain their business operations and business value to prospects; however, with unstructured unrehearsed speech they end up wasting their time and effort, without leaving a positive impression or conveying a clear message to the prospects. It may appear to be a minor slip-up, but it can cost a lot.

Five Tips for Being a Better B2B Sales Manager

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Leading a team of salespeople in a world of ever-changing purchasing trends, a proliferation of new engagement channels, and highly educated customers, is stressful. Follow up on better sales opportunities. However, playing catch-up in your rival’s wake is no fun so it’s important to always stay one step ahead of the pack. Author: Kevin McGirl Sales managers have a tough job.

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Storytelling Success: Why Some Reps Are Dynamite and Some Aren’t

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We have spent the last two blogs ( A New Framework to Level Up Your Meeting Opening and 4 Ways to Ask Better Probing Questions in Sales ) laying the foundation for providing insight into our product and services. Therefore it takes up the most time.

Building an Effective Lead Management Process for High-Growth Sales


Of course, keeping a balance was key to this approach, as to not overload either channel to the point of being ineffective. It provides the confidence for both demand gen teams and sales managers alike, that every lead is followed up with by our sales reps.

Your Email Strategy Needs an Update

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A brief and simple introductory message sent directly to the company’s CEO would often be enough to set up an introduction with the decision-maker. What this means is that you likely almost never respond to a salesperson who just sends you a cookie-cutter email and doesn’t follow up with a phone call. This does not mean I’m advocating for the elimination of email as a sales communication channel. Use a variety of channels.

B2B Sales Outsourcing Is Dicey. Here’s How to Do It Right

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What sales outsourcing should NOT be: Indirect sales channels like resellers, solution partners, etc. Opportunistic side bets by signing up some commission-only sales agents. Sell directly to customers or through various sales channels?

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Direct Mail & Email Workflow Templates For Ridiculously Effective Marketing Campaigns

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The following stats, facts, and tips support the wisdom of integrating direct mail into email marketing campaigns, as well as provide some best of breed guidelines for effective ways to accomplish this. Using the two channels results in an up to a 35% lift over a single channel—IWCO.

The ABM Cookbook for Sales Teams: 5 recipes to keep Sales 100% focused on target accounts

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How can you challenge enthusiasm, channel energy, and constantly focus your sales team on the accounts that really matter? Sprinkle of follow-up meetings. AEs must clearly understand how traditional sales and marketing wastes their time and focus : The traditional approach would have Sales following up with leads that aren’t likely to convert and meeting with companies that don’t fit the Ideal Customer Profile and aren’t good candidates for your product.

Revenue Summit 2018: Key Takeaways From 5 Groundbreaking Sessions

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P.S. If you’re only interested in diving into the session recordings, here’s a premium on-demand video bundle that’s now up for grabs! Additionally, after each conversation, make it a point to schedule time for a follow-up call.

6 Reports Your Sales Reps Need to Be Successful

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Salespeople often struggle to understand lead behavior across different channels. Yet the solution to this challenge -- and others such as scheduling, follow-up, delegation, goal tracking, and more -- are all in one place: Your CRM software. Important Sales Reports.

28 Creative Email Subject Lines That Restart Stalled Sales Conversations

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I messed up. 28 Creative Email Subject Lines to Follow Up With Prospects. Note: You should only use this subject line when you've already had previous contact with your prospect and are following up. I messed up”. Subject Lines for Reconnecting.

Top 3 Tips on How to Validate, Calibrate Marketing Automation


It should come as no surprise that I recommend against email as the exclusive channel to reach prospects: Automating the right process is smart. These include renewals, consumable purchases, webinar reminders and follow-up, and automated follow-up after a prospect downloads content. By picking up the telephone to talk to people, you will receive feedback on content they value and content they ignore.

The Best Way to Reach Out to a Prospect For the First Time, According to 20+ Sales Experts

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After all, first interactions with prospects are key -- you’re aiming to establish trust, provide value , gather key information, and perhaps even secure a follow-up meeting.

How to stop losing customers in your sales funnel to your competitors


What about your distribution channel? If you’ve generated leads and you are not making use of a CRM (Customer Relation Management) to follow up and nurture your them, you’re making a big mistake. Are you losing customers in your sales funnel?

Salespeople Who Email Sell More … Yup, Seriously


I wrote recently about the importance of having an effective follow-up system in place to dramatically (and more easily) increase your sales closing rate. Autoresponder emails are a key component to effective follow-up and no follow-up system should be without them. Setting up a series of automated emails not only saves you time, it puts your follow-up on autopilot while helping to ensure you stay top-of-mind with prospects.

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5 Ways to Get Greater ROI out of your Sales Kickoff

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While the opportunity to bond and soak up company culture is important for a healthy sales organization, ultimately, you’re investing time and money in a Sales Kickoff with the goal of impacting the bottom line. There’s a lot more to a mic than just getting hooked up! Channeling nerves.

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Are You the ExhaustedTasmanian Devil When It Comes Your Sales Activity?

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You find yourself attending numerous small business to business networking events; passing out business cards; grabbing the cards from others; stuffing the cards into your pockets; posting on various social media channels to scheduling meeting after meeting.

How to Personalize Your Outbound Approach According to Your Market and Persona

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Combining market research and your customer personas to personalize from the ground up is the blueprint for powerful prospect and customer outreach. Whatever you do, with market research you’ll end up with a great deal of insight on your ideal customers. 5) Don’t forget to follow up.

If You Follow the Lead Cow, You Will Step in the Mess That’s Left Behind


As we plan for the New Year, it’s time to stop following and start leading. Sales Management: Create a 100% sales lead follow-up policy for the salespeople. Initiate a locked-down, rock-solid, no-exceptions lead follow-up policy. Sales Management: If you can’t execute a 100% sales lead follow-up policy by your own sales channel, hire someone to do it. Be your own man or woman; stop following and start leading