Growing Revenues for Businesses, Raising Funds for Nonprofits.

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Growing Revenues for Businesses, Raising Funds for Nonprofits. For me, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their revenues, and helping nonprofits grow funds IS my professional career and main cause. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. by Lori Richardson on July 29, 2010. Do you have a Mighty Cause you champion outside of your career? Perhaps your Mighty Cause is integrated into your work?

Regifting You Some Valuable Info

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Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Executive Compensation Nonprofit Compensation Total RewardsDoes this title sound vaguely familiar? If so, dear reader, you've got a great memory.

10 trends impacting incentive travel use

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Teaser: The Incentive Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds research and fosters education on all aspects of the incentive travel industry, has identified 10 trends that will help users understand what’s in store for the future. Issue Date: 2015-01-01. Author: Staff.

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Social Entrepreneurship: What It Is and Why Everyone's Talking About it

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Unlike nonprofits, social entrepreneurship still earns a profit, but focus is placed on the social or environmental change made while earning that profit. They also support nonprofit organizations fighting against pediatric cancer.

Never Blow Off A Media Invitation by Christina Hamlett

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The opportunity to be heard above the din of a noisy and competitive marketplace makes it incumbent upon today’s authors, artists, nonprofits and small business owners to respect, acknowledge and seize these invitations with gusto instead of shifting them to a “when-I-get-around-to-it” back burner.

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My Takeaways from Rainmaker Sales Development Event

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Kyle shared some of their successes and that they are donating services to nonprofit Techbridge who will be helping other non-profits to use these tools to grow their donor base. If you want to learn about the latest ideas in sales you need to be a student of learning.

The 15 Best Crowdfunding Sites to Launch Your Business or Product

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For nonprofits and cause-based organizations exclusively, their most successful campaigns raise an average of $7,000. You can be a nonprofit, for-profit, unincorporated group, or any other status -- they care about your ability to have social impact. Does this sound familiar?

10 Team Building Exercises for Stronger, Better Sales Teams

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Reach out to a local nonprofit or charity and offer your team’s services for a day. QUESTION. Adopt a Family. Take a Hike. Offer Employee-Led Classes. Bowl a Few Rounds. Try an Escape Room. Join a Softball League. Binge-Watch a Show. Take a Class. Volunteer. Host a Barbecue.

Are You Thinking Globally?

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Russ Hedge, chief executive of Hostelling International USA (HI USA) shares his perspective, “As a nonprofit with a purpose to create a more tolerant world, we know firsthand the transformative power of travel and its ability to break down cultural divides.”

3 Sales Email Templates to Use When Prospects Aren’t Ready to Buy

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For example, at HubSpot, our marketing attracts a ton of small nonprofit organizations that aren't staffed to do inbound marketing effectively. Small nonprofits with little to no resources for marketing. Regular readers of the HubSpot Sales Blog know they should "Always Be Helping."

DialSource CEO Receives ’40 Under 40? Award


An entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in these ‘40 Under 40,’ who have started everything from software companies and law firms to nonprofits that provide shoes for the homeless and a safe haven for victims of domestic violence,” Davis said. “ … But all of them are passionate about what they do and who they do it for.

How to Select the Right SaaS Provider for your Business


Multi-year contracts, online billing, tiered discounts, and nonprofit pricing could be hidden gems that provide your business with more cost-effective options. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions deliver web-based applications over the internet.

17 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Secrets All the Best Prospectors Know

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These include: Company type: Public, private, or nonprofit (Also available in LinkedIn Premium). Want to become a prospecting superstar? LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a fantastic resource.

Congratulations to Anne Cantey on Her Recent Achievement!


Anne joined OpenSymmetry in 2012 after spending time working at a nonprofit. Each year, Consulting Magazine awards the best young talent in the consulting profession.

40 Small Business Ideas for Anyone Who Wants to Run Their Own Business

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Nonprofit owner. If you dream of devoting your life to a cause you believe in, it might be time to start a nonprofit. If you dream of clocking out of your nine-to-five job for the last time and becoming your own boss, you’ve probably considered a variety of small business ideas.

The one cold email that actually gets everything right (and three that come close)


He clearly visited my LinkedIn profile—which unfortunately for him is not entirely up-to-date on my job, so he actually missed some key details, but that’s not his fault—and perhaps even more importantly, he’s done some digging into my company (a politically-minded nonprofit in DC). Lucky for him, I’m very interested in keeping my nonprofit’s representation of the world diverse and will click on anything that might help me accomplish that goal.

The Pain and Joy of Growth [A True Story]

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Our product, PatronManager (a mature and well-developed CRM solution for arts and nonprofit organizations) in many ways sold itself, but we were not positioning our unique strengths as salespeople to help leverage the inherently strong feature set of PatronManager.

The Facebook Event for Marketers You Need to Know About.

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Previous post: Growing Revenues for Businesses, Raising Funds for Nonprofits. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. The Facebook Event for Marketers You Need to Know About. by Lori Richardson on August 2, 2010. I’m happy to share information about an upcoming Facebook Marketing event that will be online with many fantastic speakers.

How to Get Your Startup Up and Running with a Business Incubator

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Nonprofit development corporations. Starting a company can be a lonely process for the first-time entrepreneur. There’s a lot of hard work, self-discipline , limited feedback on priorities, and process fraught with potholes -- some critical to the success of the enterprise itself.

Craig 4.0 – My Final Work Chapter

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I have done this same workshop for our local Air Force base as well as some local nonprofits that provide career placement services. It’s now 2018 and that means that it is time to reinvent myself … again. My first reinvention was in 2006 when I made the decision that I no longer wanted to work in management and that I wanted to work for myself. That was Craig 2.0. In 2006 I was associated with a company as a quasi independent contractor but, in 2010 (Craig 3.0)

The Biggest Issue With Communication ? Score More Sales

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Next post: Growing Revenues for Businesses, Raising Funds for Nonprofits. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. The Biggest Issue With Communication. by Lori Richardson on July 25, 2010.

How to Achieve Financial Freedom at Last

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When you join a new organization, you’ll have the option of joining their 401(k) or 403(b) (for nonprofits or public teaching organizations) plan.

Guest Post: BOST Benefits Wins with PipelineDeals

Jonathan Farrington

BOST Benefits works with individuals, families, small businesses, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies across the United States. “PipelineDeals has changed the way we manage our business and helped us pay attention to relevant data.

Four Strategies For Getting Back In The Game After Downsizing

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