6 Practical Tools You Should Use In Pipeliner CRM Reports


You can use standard reports, pivot reports or even [new] forecast reports. All of these report types have the simple Pipeliner CRM reporting tools in common, that you can use for creating, organizing or updating them.

CloudOn Delivers Microsoft Office Apps To Your iPad

Fill the Funnel

With your iPad and CloudOn you can review Word documents, manipulate pivot tables in Excel, and show off your latest work in PowerPoint. Use pivot tables and insert formulas in Excel workbooks. iPad Apps Web Tools CloudOn dropbox Excel ipad Microsoft Office on iPad powerpoint Word

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Insights from New Research Uncover Opportunities for Sales Success


Sales enablement tools can help sellers stay on top of their game. Sellers are homing in on ways to become more strategic in their prospecting efforts, while being less concerned with the “how” — which sales and marketing enablement tools to use — in identifying triggers for their accounts.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Brian Leach, CEO of @unboxedtech

Smart Selling Tools

In everything we create—from our learning management system and custom training content to our m obile sales apps and observation tool —the user experience is ridiculously simple and highly engaging. Plus, our tools are versatile.

[PART 2] What Buyers Want: The B2B Vendor Advantage

DiscoverOrg Sales

Early on, the website plays a pivotal role as buyers decide which vendors are qualified. Research Reports Sales Development Sales Strategies Account-Based Everything Account-Based Sales Development B2B Sales Insights Outbound Sales Sales Effectiveness Sales Enablement Tools Sales Leadership Skills sales strategies Sales Success Sales TipsDeals aren’t won or lost on product features alone.

How to Drive Sales in 2014 with Content Marketing

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When trained and armed with the battle-tested tools, an Internal Content Marketing team can produce high quality demand generation content consistently. By attending, you will get a copy of our Content Grader Tool + dozens more tools free.

Sales management: Step 1 – Stop annoying your sales team

Sales Training Connection

In Sales, where teams often are spread across geographies and meetings are via conference calls or online conferencing tools, sales managers are faced with the twin challenges of maintaining interest and engagement. Front-line sales managers are the pivotal job for driving sales success.

Just Because We Have The Ability To Do Something Doesn’t Mean It’s Best Practice

Partners in Excellence

We can slice, dice, pivot, and do all sorts of things with data. Bad Prospecting Busyness Change Communicating Creativity Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Future Of Buying Marketing Prospecting Results Sales and Marketing Tools Sales Effectiveness Sales Strategies Social Networking I’ve been writing about customer experience , bad prospecting , and other bad sales and marketing practices for some time.

Sales directors – competencies for the job hunt

Sales Training Connection

We have consistently labeled the front-line sales manager as the pivotal job for developing and sustaining a superior sales force. We just had a conversation with the folks from Software Advice a company that evaluates sales enablement tools. Sales Directors.

The Secret Path to Successful Sales Calls

Smart Selling Tools

Many reps will ask questions until they get a response that allows them to (prematurely) pivot the conversation toward their solution. Author, Nancy Nardin is the foremost expert in sales productivity tools. Follow Nancy on Twitter @sellingtools or subscribe to her Tool Talk blog.

Sales Managers: Don’t Be Shot by Both Sides


So, in essence, this pivotal and critical role within an organization is left to sink or swim, and the attrition rates, as a result, are quite staggering. This is why we developed Pipeliner CRM as a visual, easy to use tool for both sales and sales management.

IoT Culture Strategy as Digital Transformation Lynchpin

Babette Ten Haken

Business and human capital strategy models pivot from assembly-line mindset where workers are told what to do. Task complexity catalyzes IoT culture strategy and business model pivots. Computational power is a tool. Visit the Free Resources section of her website for more tools.

Why your Upselling Strategy does not make sense

Babette Ten Haken

Included is a valuable Buyer Skepticism Checklist you will find helpful in pivoting your upselling tactics into a relevant customer retention strategy. Visit the Free Resources section of her website for more tools.

Business Simplification–The Number 1 Job Of Sales Enablement

Partners in Excellence

They usually revolve around themes like: More and better training… More and better content… More and better tools… More and better information about customers, competition, products, solution… Ironically, sales people are drowning in “more!” But Sales Enablement occupies a pivotal point for the organization and in driving sales productivity and effectiveness.

The Biggest Mistake a Marketing Leader Can Make in 2013

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When trained and armed with the battle-tested tools, an Internal Content Marketing team can produce high quality demand generation content consistently. Using a content grader tool like this one below (Free to our readers) will focus your team on producing continuous great content.

Don't Let a Change in Strategy Disrupt Q1 Sales

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The adoption plan tool will crystalize the expectations and roadmap for the new strategy. Agile sales forces are able to pivot quickly as changes are presented. The CEO has made a recent change to the corporate strategy. It has major ramifications for your sales organization.

Do You Really Understand Your Numbers?

Partners in Excellence

Here’s where a lot of sales analytic tools can really help us see patterns in performance over time, or across different segments of the organization. As sales people and managers, we are often obsessed with the “numbers.”

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How To Win On The Front Line Using Strategy, Sun Tzu and Sales Readiness

Bernadette McClelland

How ‘individual ready’ are you in your ability to operate your tool of trade – whether it be a gun, a sword or in sales today your CRM, your apps, your BI tools, even your phone?

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 2]


It’s a new way of working, a pivot to higher revenue. It uses many of the traditional tools that marketers have used but with greater skill and precision.

Can the CIO role survive and become translational for the IoT enterprise?

Babette Ten Haken

Gartner Research indicates that today’s CIO understands that they need to make a pivot in mindset, especially when it comes to their leadership style. Visit the Free Resources section of her website for more tools.

Successful sales managers are effective delegators

Sales Training Connection

You set clear expectations about timing, budget, and deliverables; make sure employees have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs; provide opportunities for training and learning; and genuinely care about the growth of each individual. Lessons for Sales Managers.

Should a Marketing Leader Tell the CEO Everything?

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Be agile - Learn quickly from your mistakes and pivot when necessary. Start by downloading the CEO Persona tool. If you are a small company marketing leader, updating your CEO can be a challenge. There are two approaches I regularly see: Tell the CEO your game plan upfront.

Five Important Microsoft Dynamics Themes From Convergence 2014

Brian Vellmure

One of the apparent changes in Microsoft’s go to market strategy is a pivot from a bundled Microsoft experience, to developing on Microsoft technologies, first and best, to an evolving philosophy that is centered around the user’s desired outcomes and experiences.

Product launches – tales of preventable misfortunes

Sales Training Connection

In general, the front-line sales manager is the pivotal job for developing and sustaining a superior sales team and coaching is a primary tool. Covocative ) that have developed easy-to-use customizable software tools that can be of tremendous help for getting it right.

How to Heat Up Cold Emails with Personalization

DiscoverOrg Sales

My email subject line was: “Steph Curry was a free agent,” and the MBA analogy cinched the deal: Hey Diego, Is there any reason why you feel DiscoverOrg isn’t the best tool to have in place for you and your teams? I would say that 80% of the team are power users and proponents of [competitor] and while I know DiscoverOrg is a great tool as well there is not much I can do to sway the pendulum at this point. The debate within sales right now is whether cold-calling works.

Talent Trumps Everything!

Partners in Excellence

Billions are invested in the latest sales and marketing automation tools. We spend countless hours looking at the right processes, the right systems, the right tools, the right metrics. Billions are spent on training of all sorts.

Why the CSO Should Care About Content Marketing

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Is this just another buzzword du jour like Big Data, Pivoting, and Gamification? Get a copy of our content marketing audit tool to determine if you’re meeting the needs of your early stage customers. This blog post is for the small company CSO or VP of Sales.

Avoid Becoming an Obsolete Sales Leader

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These major interactions are the pivotal meetings over the life of a sales campaign. Why—Sales VPs realize their teams are taking new products to the market without the proper training and tools. There is nothing worse than becoming obsolete.

Dog Sales Of Summer

The Pipeline

Once you confirm that the objective(s) has remained in place, you can pivot to helping them unclutter things, refocus them on the impacts on their business they set out to achieve, and how that is only a gateway to further success. Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

52 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

Steven Rosen

The sales manager is the pivotal person in the sales-driven organization, and Steven’s book shows you how to excel!” New book helps sales managers unlock hidden sales potential (available in paperback). Now available in paperback.

6 steps to get sales and marketing working on the same team


TOF content: blog posts, infographics, quizzes, sales calculators/tools, videos. According to the 2017 Startup Sales Stack Report the top collateral management tools for helping organizations store, manage and optimize their marketing collateral and sales materials are: Conga Composer. Integrate your sales analytics & marketing automation tools. For more advanced tracking, look at integrating a marketing automation tool like, Mautic.

Realistically delivering Credible Customer Experience

Babette Ten Haken

What happens if a key client pivots to a manufacturing model which emphasizes their ability to generate an equal number of new and existing products? Visit the Free Resources section of her website for more tools. Realistically delivering credible customer experience is challenging.

What Business Are You In? Are you sure?

Brian Vellmure

The founders sold it off in favor of a new short hand communication tool called Twttr. These are age old challenges merged with unprecedented access to new tools and a marketplace on speed.

Social Deja Vu: We’ve Been Here Before

No More Cold Calling

Murrow, played by David Strathairn , you’ll be transported back to a pivotal era in TV broadcasting: the early 1950s. Marketing automation, CRM, social media, and other technological tools enable us to sell more efficiently and cost effectively.

Why MicroMarketing is the New Inside Sales

Strategic Sales Growth

Selling ONLY at key “pivot points” in the process – - the product demo, the quote, the contract discussion. It is a combination of sales skills, product advisor, social marketer, and content creator. The online tools to use for this go way beyond Salesforce.com, and I’ll cove these in my next post. Tweet I spoke to 500 inside sales managers at a recent American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) conference.

Proactive Customer Retention Strategy captures Voice of the Customer

Babette Ten Haken

Make a strategic and tactical pivot. Visit the Free Resources section of her website for more tools. Is your organization leveraging a proactive customer retention strategy or reacting to customer “surprises?”.

Selling in the new normal marketplace

Sales Training Connection

Change the pivotal job first. You need to identify the pivotal job and start there. When it comes to sales it is suggested that the pivotal job is the front-line sales manager. New Normal in Sales.

Keep Calm and Retain On

Software Business Blog

Retention plays a pivotal role in every SaaS and online services companies’ growth. Retaining your customers requires more complex operations, tools and interactions.

How A Career In Umpiring Helped Me Develop My Sales Strike Zone

Sales and Marketing

Let’s say there’s a big play at first base during a pivotal moment in the game and something screwy happens…maybe the first baseman drops the ball after the tag or the throw may have pulled him off the bag. Whether it’s pitch tracking technology on the baseball field, or the wide range of big data and machine learning tools increasingly used within an organization, sales professionals must abide by the technology in use and realize that on some level, it’s going to be about the numbers.

Cool Start-up Interview Series: Zingtree

Software Business Blog

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Dettering, founder and CEO of Zingtree , a SaaS solution for building interactive decision trees, and Applian , a video downloader and screen recorder tool.

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