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Data and Analytics for Sales

Anthony Cole Training

but uncovering the data and analytics for your sales team is an essential practice in building a high performing sales team. If you look beyond the surface and dissect the performance of your team, it is often an eye- opening experience.

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How Sales Content Analytics Helps Revenue Teams Close More Deals, Faster


In other words, you need sales content analytics. In fact, without sales content analytics, you’re likely sinking time and money into content that has little to no impact on sales performance. What is sales content analytics? But what is sales content analytics? How does sales content analytics help your B2B sales team?


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The Sales Learning Analytics That are Instrumental for Measuring Sales Performance


The Sales Learning Analytics That are Instrumental for Measuring Sales Performance. How Sales Learning Analytics Develop Your Sales Team. Sales analytics retrieved from CRM systems don’t tell the full story of what sales representative development needs are. Have skills improved from investments in training?

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Revolutionising insurance sales training with conversational AI


Among these advances, AI roleplay stands out as a powerful tool with the potential to revolutionize how insurance companies interact with customers, process claims, and train their employees. This innovative method not only enhances communication and sales techniques but also allows for personalized training experiences. The result?

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Going Beyond With Learning Analytics

Speaker: Amit Garg, CEO and Founder at Upside Learning Solutions & David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst at Brandon Hall Group

Those who do it well are able to prove training is essential to drive business results by rigorously leveraging Data and Analytics. You will come away from this webinar with: An understanding of the training evaluation basics. Strategies to get started with learning analytics now.

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What is Sales Analytics? A Complete Guide


Sales analytics ultimately outlines where your strengths and weaknesses are in terms of your sales process and each individual rep, and does so in three key areas: productivity, proficiency, and performance. In this blog post, we will delve into sales analytics and how it relates to sales enablement. What Is Sales Analytics?

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Top AI sales training platforms – Pharma Industry


In today’s competitive Pharma landscape, the significance of AI in transforming sales training cannot be overstated. AI-driven solutions empower sales teams with predictive analytics for informed decision-making and enhance customer engagement by analyzing behavior and preferences.