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Four Steps to Successfully Bringing Products to Market

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The buzz around the water cooler is that marketing botched it from the get-go. As the marketing leader, you play a pivotal role in bringing the new offering to market. Unfortunately, most marketing leaders don’t know or under-estimate what’s involved. Are their new markets to enter? Early stage marketing collateral. And so the finger pointing begins.

How to Drive Sales in 2014 with Content Marketing

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The annual CMI/MarketingProfs B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks study validates the move toward Content Marketing. Marketing leaders understand that content marketing is King. We are seeing marketing budgets increasing the content development line item. However, most marketing leaders are still faced with challenges that are surprising. Editorial calendar.

Medical device sales – sales managers play a pivotal role for sales productivity

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The medical device market faces transformational market challenges – decision criteria shifting from clinical to economic, decision-making moving from local hospitals to IDNs, the rise of GPOs, and the dramatic impact of new governmental regulations. There is little doubt that the front-line sales manager is the pivotal job for building a superior sales team.

39% of Marketers Do Not Have a Defined Content Marketing Strategy

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In the Future of Content Marketing survey, 39% of nearly 60 respondents indicated they did not have a defined content marketing strategy. If you have read my past three articles on content marketing ( article 1 , article 2 , and article 3 ), then this percentage number is strikingly similar. Q: Do you and your organization currently have a defined content marketing strategy?

The Biggest Mistake a Marketing Leader Can Make in 2013

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SBI’s CEO Greg Alexander, was recently quoted in Hubspot’s “ 20 Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2013 & Beyond ”. CEO’s are paying more attention to marketing’s contribution and are holding them accountable for revenue generation.”. Marketing leaders need to drive a strong impact to show a return on investment. Content Marketing is hot for good reason. link].

Why don’t sales people pivot? Lessons from tech entrepreneurs

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Pivoting and Sales Pipelines. Taking this challenge seriously was reinforced when we recently read an article about successful technology entrepreneurs and a concept called – Pivoting. As the author noted: “ Technology entrepreneurs of past eras took years to build a product, hire a staff and figure out whether there was a real market.” 2012 Sales Horizons, LLC.

Building sales management excellence: 12 questions for getting it right

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Herminia Ibaraan, an INSEAD professor, published a provocative book arguing that in today’s market if you desire to get better at management you must venture outside your comfort zone. The message is: to achieve success, managers must learn to pivot – that is do something different rather than just getting better at doing what they are doing. Sales Management Excellence.

It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over


And secondly, how many instances do I see in Marketing and/or Sales, where bailing out occurs before it’s really the right time to make that decision? It made me start to think about the questions we need to ask as we go into both marketing and sales campaigns. Here are some questions that we as marketers and sellers should consider before we start to execute a program or campaign.

Medical sales training – something different vs. more of the same

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Clearly for the market-leaders this journey has already begun. In times of such transformational market change, a new set of winners and losers emerge among the sellers to the market. Lesson 4 – Spotlight the Pivotal Job. The front-line sales manager is the pivotal job for driving the success of any sales transformation effort. Medical sales training.

Sales middle managers – what motivates them the most?

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The importance of middle managers can be especially significant in industries and fields that value innovation, like computer games, software, consulting, biotech and marketing, according to Mollick. Although these responsibilities often are perceived as bureaucratic, routine and less than glamorous, they are pivotal for bring innovation to life. Sales Middle Managers.

Salespeople – lesson from entrepreneurs – An STC Classic

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Taking this challenge seriously was reinforced in an article about successful technology entrepreneurs and a concept called – Pivoting. As the author noted: “Technology entrepreneurs of past eras took years to build a product, hire a staff and figure out whether there was a real market.” There is nothing new about the fundamentals behind the idea of pivoting.

Can you sustain a competitive advantage by product alone?

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In today’s markets a competitor is likely come out with a product that is just as good or better than yours, in half the time you thought it is going to take – plus make it cheaper. In the end a common situation is – you’re in a market where the competition is equal, good enough or better than you if viewed strictly from a product and service perspective. 2013 Sales Horizons, LLC.

March Madness: 5 Tips to Make an Email Marketing Slam Dunk

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But, March Madness isn’t just a college fan favorite, there are also a few key takeaways and tactics that email marketers can leverage to gain a competitive advantage with their own campaigns. Similarly, every email campaign presents an opportunity for marketers to get noticed by prospective customers and generate leads, or to stay off the court and remain in the shadows.

Sales productivity – the era of the absence of change is over

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In most markets, customers are significantly changing how they do business. Instead there must be an ongoing effort to examine and analyze and then adjust and adapt every aspect of your sales effort – from the go-to-market strategy to the organization structure to what your sales team is doing and how they are doing it. It makes sense to identify and focus first on the pivotal jobs.

An Unexpected Trait of The Truly Successful

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She was in constant execution pivot mode. Learning is what allows us to pivot. We’re ignorant of the changes, the miscalculations, the shift in the market, the poor assumptions, to our original plans. I was talking to a young entrepreneur earlier today. We were talking about the progress she was making in her business. She’s killing it. It was impressive.

3 Customer Experience Predictions - Think customers: The 1to1 Blog

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Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Marketing by Permission! Marketing Blog. Sales & Marketing Effectiveness. 2011 was a pivotal year for the field of customer experience. In our latest report, Ron Rogowski and I outline what these market drivers mean for customer experience professionals in the year ahead -- and what theyll need to do to keep up. 2011 was a pivotal year for the field of customer experience. 1to1 Magazine. Issues. Weekly Digest. Meet the Editors. 1to1 Awards. Customer Champions. Books.

Guest Article: “TEAM SELLING–Lone Wolfs no longer reign supreme,” by Dr. Richard Ruff

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Transformational Market Change. First, several markets are undergoing a transformational change where the customer is demanding the salesperson brings a broader and deeper level of knowledge to the sales process. A good case in point is the medical market where the Affordable Care Act plus other social and economic trends are transforming the health care landscape. The frontline sales manager has always been the pivotal job for achieving sales excellence.According to the CEB authors, today’s sales managers are operating differently. Availability of Technology.

Sales Managers: Don’t Be Shot by Both Sides


So, in essence, this pivotal and critical role within an organization is left to sink or swim, and the attrition rates, as a result, are quite staggering. This also applies to many of the marketing professionals those managers collaborate with to support the sales team. The second point of inherent conflict exists between the sales manager and marketing. Find out more.

Why Inbound Marketing Is Costing You Money and What to Do About It – Part 2

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In this part of the funnel the goal is to convert Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) into a sales Opportunity. Click-to-Schedule is very good as an “ultimate opt-in” business tool – - especially when it’s key pivot-point in the sales process where you know the closing chances are pretty high – - like getting the prospect on the phone for a demo. Let’s take a closer look at ISC and the part of the funnel where Sales 2.0 organizations usually apply people resources. A GAME OF LOUSY ODDS. Gary Ambrosino's Sales 2.0 Sales Funnel. Not quite. Everest 33%. In a Sales 2.0

Is Sales Management Getting in the Way of Sales Success?

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Recently, I made the point that the role of sales management – dare I say “sales leadership” – is now pivotal in the success of every organization and yet, it is becoming clear that around 80% of managers are unqualified to fulfil the role that is being asked of them. Needs management skills and marketing knowledge. Good at developing sales and marketing strategies.

3 pitfalls when developing an account strategy

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A good account strategy, in contrast, focuses on a few pivotal goals and then delineates the challenges, resources, and actions necessary to achieve a favorable outcome – what needs to be done and how are you going to do it. A correlated trap is substituting blue-sky ideas for pivotal goals using buzzwords like customer-centric that are just vague statement about some desired end state.

Sales performance – average is over

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In markets where buyers are reinventing how they do business and the competition is keener than ever, this episodic approach to training is unlikely to carry the day – at best average will be maintained as opposed to being over. The position of front-line sales manager is clearly the pivotal job for creating and sustaining a superior sales team and coaching is their primary role.

Sales managers – expectations and accountability

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In today’s market the effectiveness your sales force is more than ever driven by the collective competencies of your frontline managers. Setting clear expectations is simply one of the many requirements that make frontline managers the pivotal job for achieving sales success. Sales managers – setting expectations and accountability. Why is it a priority? 2014 Sales Momentum ®.

Sales directors – competencies for the job hunt

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We have consistently labeled the front-line sales manager as the pivotal job for developing and sustaining a superior sales force. They had recently completed an interesting research study on the skills companies want Sales Directors to have in today’s market. Sales Directors. Over the years we have written numerous articles about the front-line sales management position.

IoT Culture Strategy as Digital Transformation Lynchpin

Babette Ten Haken

Business and human capital strategy models pivot from assembly-line mindset where workers are told what to do. Task complexity catalyzes IoT culture strategy and business model pivots. Why leave the sales process up to marketing automation? Develop an IoT culture strategy. At IoT Emerge , speakers presented digital transformation strategy business cases. The U.S

Year of the Sheep: 5 Astrological Elements to Incorporate Into Your Email Marketing

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So how can email marketers most effectively meet the needs and preferences of these individuals? This Chinese New Year, one of the luckiest numbers is three, which should also be a marketer’s magic number when crafting subject lines. By combining the Sheep’s lucky number and the power of A/B split testing , you’ll be sure to hit the stars with your email marketing success.

Sales managers – are you passing the leadership development test?

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Whether you call it pivoting, leading change, or some other names, the most effective sales managers provide the leadership to adapt to change. From those in your organization like Marketing, IT, Tech Support and the sales team to the extended buyer contacts that comprise your customer base. Developing Sales Leaders. The deadlines are immediate and the rewards are explicit. Rarely.

Why 3D Printing is Really A Business

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Stratesys was responding the the success of the Cube , another consumer oriented 3D printer marketing by 3D Systems (Nasdaq:DDD) and sold through Staples. market potential and also the emerging capability of 3D design software from companies like Dassault Systems (Nasdaq:ssys) and Autodesk (Nasdaq: ADSK) to support broader ranges of printers as well as optimization for designing soft goods.

Sales strategy coaching – maximize your investment

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When your customer base goes through a dramatic change in how they buy, it is a pivotal time to take your sales coaching effort to the next level. There is no such thing as a generic winning sales strategy when selling in a complex market. Sales strategy coaching. As the new year unfolds one of the challenges for suppliers is to better execute on their business strategy.

How To Win On The Front Line Using Strategy, Sun Tzu and Sales Readiness

Bernadette McClelland

They too, will go to market inwardly uncertain, or quail (think chicken!), If your sales team are unaccustomed to any forms of training, they are not individual ready, and they will go to the market holding back, putting up barriers, retreating, making concessions, smelling of fear, and losing. We also know there is a cost to preparedness as well as a cost to lack of preparedness.

Team selling – lone wolfs no longer reign supreme

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Transformational Market Change. First, several markets are undergoing a transformational change where the customer is demanding the salesperson brings a broader and deeper level of knowledge to sales process. A good case in point is the medical market where the Affordable Care Act plus other social and economic trends are transforming the health care landscape. Team Selling.

Sales managers and the story of the “super salesperson syndrome”

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They need to be able leverage support from other organizational groups like Marketing, Engineering and Technical Support. Without solid strategies for their accounts sales people are likely to do a good job coming in second in today’s competitive market. Sales managers are the pivotal job for developing a superior sales force. Sales Manager. Retain personal accounts.

Sales managers – a new pathway to leadership

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Herminia Ibaraan, an INSEAD professor, recently published a provocative book arguing that in today’s market if you desire to assume a leadership position you must get outside your comfort zone. Would-be leaders must learn to pivot – it is more about doing something different rather than just the same thing better. Sales Leaders. So let’s translate this message to sales management.

Five Important Microsoft Dynamics Themes From Convergence 2014

Brian Vellmure

This increased focus and elevation of the Microsoft Business Solutions group was further amplified by the on-stage presence of Microsoft North American President Judson Althoff, who demonstrated on an 80 inch touchscreen his use of Dynamics to manage all of Microsoft’s North American Sales and Marketing efforts. MICROSOFT DYNAMICS MARKETING. Major Themes. billion and 2.25

The Secret Path to Successful Sales Calls

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Think back to when you first introduced your product or service to the market. Many reps will ask questions until they get a response that allows them to (prematurely) pivot the conversation toward their solution. By recording the types of trigger statements prospects make, you can collaborate with your sales and marketing colleagues to devise ideal responses.

Just Because We Have The Ability To Do Something Doesn’t Mean It’s Best Practice

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I’ve been writing about customer experience , bad prospecting , and other bad sales and marketing practices for some time. We can dramatically reduce the costs and of our content development/delivery, marketing, demand gen, marketing programs. We can slice, dice, pivot, and do all sorts of things with data. Bad Prospecting Busyness Change Communicating Creativity Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Future Of Buying Marketing Prospecting Results Sales and Marketing Tools Sales Effectiveness Sales Strategies Social Networking

A sales leadership red flag – sales turnover matters

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From our own observation in markets such as high-end medical devices the customer, in this case the physician, may “go” with the sales rep if they leave for a competitor. Sales Team Turnover. Sales leaders spend a fair amount of time and effort reviewing issues related to the cost of sale. An issue that is receiving increased attention is the cost of turnover. Does it matter?

Sales Tips: Has Senior Management Given Up on Sales?

Customer Centric Selling

What they fail to recognize is that no matter how compelling your marketing messaging may be, the best that will likely get you is a seat at the table. In fact, I see so many sales organizations that have pivoted back to leading with a demo. Sales Tips: Has Senior Management Given Up on Sales? in the hopes that this will finally be “the one.”

Sales training for meeting buyers’ expectations in 2016

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Front-line sales managers are the pivotal job for driving sales success. In general it makes sense to customize sales training to specific markets and the sales challenges the company is facing at that moment in time, as opposed to, implementing generic programs. In many markets the day of the lone wolf sales person is coming to an end. Performance development challenge.

Can the CIO role survive and become translational for the IoT enterprise?

Babette Ten Haken

This trend is good news for both mid-market and enterprise level organizations. Gartner Research indicates that today’s CIO understands that they need to make a pivot in mindset, especially when it comes to their leadership style. The CIO role is morphing courtesy of the globally competitive Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. An IT paradigm shift is going on. Is your CIO a leader?