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Sales People Should Never Do A Demo Under These Circumstances

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You don’t owe anyone a demo. Just because a prospect or buyer asks for a demo, you don’t owe it to them, and therefore you don’t have to give them one. Demos are NOT webinars. “Demos should not be used to demonstrate your product, but rather to show how your product can affect your buyer’s business.” No discovery, no demo!

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What Most Sales People Do In The Demo That Loses The Deal

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In the world of SaaS and cloud solutions, the demo is everything. As the demo goes, so goes the sale. Give a shitty demo, and you’re not gonna get the sale. Give a good demo, and you’ve just increased the chances closing the deal. Give a killer demo and get ready to cash your fat commission check and prepare for Presidents Club. then this feature will.

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How (Not) to Demo

Mukesh Gupta

Last week I attended a conference, where during the keynote, a cool new product was introduced and someone asked to show a demo of the product. The presenter lost the audience in two minutes flat, not due to the product not being cool, but due to the way the demo was run. I learnt the following from the demo about the art of running demos. Infuse theatrics in the demo.

Three Sales Demo Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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Why The Perfect Sales Demo Never Includes the Word “If.”

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Do you want a telltale sign that your demos aren’t very good? That’s how bad it is if you’re using if more than once in your demos. I’m sure many of you are wondering, what does saying “if” have to do with delivering a good demo. It’s if-then statements like the one described that destroy a demo. Let me explain. Let me clarify.

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Pipeline Management: Developing Presentations, Trialware and Demos


Depending on your company, trialware offerings, sales presentations, and product demos are often the domain of separate departments. Depending on the product, a demo can be in the hands of Sales or Development. The post Pipeline Management: Developing Presentations, Trialware and Demos appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Trialware is often the responsibility of programmers.

87,000 choices at Starbucks…and 1 Demo? 3 Simple Ways to Tailor your Demo

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Yet surprisingly in this era of customized experiences, most product demos still vary little from customer to customer. But as the sheer number of demos that customers are exposed to grows, the bar continues to rise. A canned demo is evident to all who see it — and about as memorable as what you had for lunch two weeks ago Tuesday. Even though your solution may address a common set of challenges, when you tailor your demo you make your prospect feel like your solution was designed just for them. But this is only the very beginning step to tailor your demo.

Southwestern Advantage: The 3 Controllables, Part Two–Demos

Southwestern Advantage

Today, let’s consider the second controllable: Demos. Every week he would drill into me the importance of 30 demos. 30 demos every day; if you just get your thirty in, it’ll work; don’t worry about your sales, just focus on your demos! I had bought in so much to this idea of 30 demos, and that demos determine success, that I committed to try for 40 demos every day.

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To Salespeople, Demos and Presentations are Like Snack Food

Understanding the Sales Force

They aren't aware that continuing to present, demo, propose and quote are unhealthy approaches for the pipeline. Demos and presentations are the sales equivalent of sugar (we like them and they make us feel good.) Presentations and demos may point to differences in your offerings, but the act of presenting and doing demos makes you appear very much the same as everyone else.

It’s Show Time! 6 Sales Demo Tips from Stage Performers

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” Sales demos are like shows, with salespeople as the main cast. Dramatic pauses build suspense into your demo and interrupt the flow of conversation, making what you’re saying difficult to tune-out. A common rule of thumb for demos is to tell people what you’re going to show them, show them, and then reiterate what you showed them. Modulate your tone.

Why Salespeople Won't Abandon the Early Demo and Presentation

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Two weeks ago I wrote this article about how demos and presentations are like snack foods. One of the comments, by Jason Kanigan, said: Traditional selling revolves around the demo/presentation. Move the demo/presentation phase to the END of the process. The result is we end up giving many presentations to unqualified prospects.

How to Give a Great Online Presentation that Keeps Your Audience Engaged

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Audience engagement Web Presenting audience engagement online presentation remote demo web demo web presentationI once made a sandwich, responded to an email, and let the dog out – all while “watching” an online presentation. I’m not proud. And I’m not alone. For example: Doing other work (65%). Eating or making food (55%). On-line shopping (21%). Get Visible. Camera shy?

Is Demo Short for Demolition?

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As with every other tech company with which we’ve been engaged, I was asked about my opinion on demos. On the sell-side, the precise approach to demos will differ company-by-company, product-by-product. Demo early and demo often. A early, generic demo will further commoditize you in the eyes of your prospect. He still says, “The best demo is no demo.”

The Zen of an Awesome Demo Video

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Creating a great demo, or explanation, video. And the best demo videos don’t just explain or sell your product, they propel your business and become a valuable tool for email, social and other digital marketing channels: witness the phenomenal growth that online file storage startup Dropbox has attributed to a well-received demo video the company used to educate potential consumers.

Show ‘em What You’ve Got – Send These Demo Emails Today

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could give everyone a demo of your product or service? “Product use” emails or “product demo” emails are some of the most effective ways to teach people about the products and services you offer. This email encourages customers to schedule a 30-minute demo of the software. You can through email! All rights reserved.

[Video] How Sales People and Sales Leaders Do A Killer Demo

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Demos are increasingly becoming the path to making the sale, and if you mess up the demo, it sabotages the sale. Unfortunately, too many salespeople and therefore sales organizations do crappy demos. So, with that said, I wanted to get someone who knows how to do killer demos to school us all on how to a demo that works and helps the sale, not hurt it. ” .

The Lie, The Time Waster and the B t (A Lesson for SaaS Sales Teams)

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I reached out to the company for a demo and to learn more. From inquiry to demo took over a month. One discovery call and one demo. The argument to this approach, spend 15 minutes before the demo to learn my business and what’s driving my need to look at an ATS. This way they can customize the demo to my companies needs. Fast forward to the demo. The demo begins and after an hour, the scheduled duration of the demo, ask me if I’ve seen one report or one reporting feature? I didn’t hear from them for two weeks.

The Pipeline ? The Right Way to Use Demos in Technology Sales

The Pipeline

The Right Way to Use Demos in Technology Sales. Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , Communication Strategy , Demos , Listening , Planning , Presentation , Proactive , Sales Strategy , Sales Success , Sales Technique , audio , execution. Happy demoing, better selling! Use the demo to “Close” not to open. Demos. Home About The Pipeline. Contest.

3 Ways Sales Machine Mastered Social Selling

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Guest Posts Sales Leadership Social Selling/Social Media/Content Marketing Consensus demo hashtag Sales sales machine social selling TwitterLast week I spoke at Sales Machine with some other great folks, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, and more. I was on a panel with the brilliant Jill Rowley and the ever engaging Jamie Shanks. I thought that was a great idea. 2 THE HASHTAG.

Best product demo ever

Mukesh Gupta

I chanced upon this demo of Sony Xperia Acro smart phone today. This is the best demo of a product that I have seen in a long long time… In my opinion, the following aspects makes this the best demo ever: It is contextual & experiential (with all the aura of the legendary James Bond, complete with the Bond music). Do you know of any such product demos? It surprises! Not just the one’s who won the phone, but the entire audience. This is the stuff that the people in the audience will talk about for sometime to come.


You're Invited to Campaigner's A/B Testing Live Webinar!

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Conduct an A/B Testing demo. A/B Split Testing A/B Split Testing Demo A/B Split Testing Solution A/B Split Testing Webinar Campaigner Email Marketing Email Marketing Email Marketing Process Email Marketing Services Webinar Wouldn’t it be great if you knew in advance which subject line, from name and design in your next email campaign would pull the most responses? And much more!

Avangate Fall ’14 Release: Leverage Smarter Payments and Deepen Long-Term Customer Relationships

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Register for the Fall Release Demo Webinars. Avangate is excited to announce the Fall Release of its comprehensive commerce platform with the addition of over 200 new features. Smarter Payments – Boost Conversions, Grow Recurring Revenues. The latest conversion enhancements make it even easier to grow and sustain recurring revenues with the addition of new tools and capabilities.

What Happens When a Sales Expert Is the Victim of Bad Sales Practices


These emails always request an appointment or a demo — almost always […]. Get ready for a rant about bad sales practices. I am on a tear to protest the wasteful, ineffective, and unqualified pitch emails — apparently mass blasts — from salespeople who (I can only surmise) must be trying to avoid a phone call.

From Demo to Conversation Part One – Targeting and Lead Development

Sales Overdrive Blog

Done well, they can help you move your company away from the worn out pattern of pushing every prospect into a “demo” or a “pitch about features and benefits”; and moving them into a conversation around building value , developing a business relationship and ensuring technical alignment. Next time we’ll talk about two more keys to moving away from the often punishing demo-oriented selling approach into a productive business conversation that will accelerate sales. Buying behaviors, complexity and current dynamics of the industry, among other things, also should be considered.

A Crash Course in A/B Split Testing Using Campaigner Experiments

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A/B Split Testing A/B Split Testing Demo A/B Split Testing Solution A/B Split Testing Webinar Campaigner Email Marketing Email Campaigns Email Marketing Services We have two questions for you: Have you ever tried A/B split testing your email campaigns? If so, when was the last time you ran an A/B split test? Join our Associate Product Manager, Erika Couture, on Thursday, May 29th at 1 p.m.

Discovery, Demo, or Disconnect?

DiscoverOrg Sales

Sales people have been giving tech demos for a long time. Top of the funnel metrics require that SDRs book discovery calls and schedule demos, yet the value of those interactions can be difficult to quantify. This article suggests a framework for analyzing the Client Pain Profile (CPP) to guide discovery, focus demos, and further clarify the SDR and AE roles. Conclusion.

From Demo to Conversation

Sales Overdrive Blog

Done well, they can help you move your company away from the worn out pattern of pushing every prospect into a “demo” or a “pitch about features and benefits”; and moving them into a conversation around building value , developing a business relationship and ensuring technical alignment. This is the 4th of 5 installments in our Rapid Insights Series From Demo to Conversation.

The One Thing Most Salespeople Are Unable to Do

Understanding the Sales Force

You might also guess that it''s the sales equivalent of eating right - not doing demos and presentations so early in the sales process. It is partly a result of their inability to sell consultatively while continuing to demo, present, quote and propose too early. Can you guess what it is - the one thing most salespeople are unable to do? That''s not it either.

The Sales Epidemic That is Neutralizing Salespeople Everywhere

Understanding the Sales Force

The epidemic is the emphasis on demos and the affliction known as happy ears. Salespeople succeed at getting prospects to watch or participate or take a demo. Stop giving demos. Once you part with it - your demo - your leverage is gone. You''ll be giving far fewer demos but closing a much greater percentage. You think that only happens to you? Think again.

I Don’t Want Your Deck

No More Cold Calling

The same goes for demos, product descriptions, and any other information your customers didn’t ask for and probably don’t have time to read or watch. Software salespeople, in particular, love to give demos, thinking if someone agrees to a demo, the prospect is qualified and can go into the CRM as a lead. If a buyer requests a deck or demo, great! Wrong! Comment Here.

Introducing #ThursdayDemoDay

Smart Selling Tools

But now, we have a way for you to see actual demos – one demo a week – in just 30 minutes. From now on, Thursday is Demo Day! Every Thursday, we’ll host a different sales acceleration solution provider who will give a 30 min demo. 30 min online demo. Do you want to learn about sales tools but you’re too busy and there are too many of them to keep up? One new tool.

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PowerPoint Is Killing Your Sales Presentations

No More Cold Calling

I would add that the same goes for demos. In fact, the best demo is no demo. Don’t waste your prospects’ time with demos or put them to sleep with PowerPoint slides. Strip away the tech to increase sales effectiveness. I used to add long columns of numbers once, and I was always correct. I never had to add backwards or have someone else check my math.

Handling Objections When Requalifying

Inside Sales Training Blog

As I’ve suggested before, it’s always a good idea to requalify your prospect at the start of your demo or presentation. So let me make it clear: You’re not “asking for the deal” at the beginning, instead you’re using a trial close to access the next steps and to get a feel for the kind of pushback you might get at the end of your demo. is the most common objection I get. O.K.,

A Right Time to Sell and a Wrong Time to Sell

The Shameless Sales Blog

Sales Tips qualify sales deals sales demo take controlThere's a right time to sell. And there's a wrong time to sell. The right time to sell is when you have earned the right to sell. Sounds simple enough. But lots of people screw this up. You don't earn the right to sell just because the customer has asked you for information, for a pitch, or a demonstration. You earn the right to sell when you uncover the driving reason behind the sale. You need to know the reason WHY people want to buy what they want to buy. Knowing this is your leverage in every sale. Huge time saver.

From Demo to Conversation Part Four: The Elevator Pitch

Sales Overdrive Blog

Thanks for visiting us today for our 4th of 5 installments in our Rapid Insights Series From Demo to Conversation. Today we’ll be looking at the Elevator Pitch which is a tool every organization and every sales person and company executive should have. It’s one of those foundational tools that sounds easy but is often quite difficult to create. Sales Video: The Elevator Pitch.

Is This an Example of Succeeding or Failing at Inside Sales?

Understanding the Sales Force

It''s bad enough when companies move to the demo too quickly but it doesn''t get any faster or more transactional than when they ask you if you''ve seen their demo with their very first question. At least he asked a question instead of telling me he wanted me to see a demo. Not only was it a cold call, but it was one I could write about - the best kind! It''s a must read.

Inside Sales Tips: Sort Tire Kickers from Buying Signals

The Sales Insider

Kinds of Buying Signal leads: Free trials, demos, product overviews, contact us, product slicks, pricing requests, proposal requests, toll free phone numbers. Inside Sales Tips demos free trials product overview research papers white papersAbout three years ago we were analyzing the leads that come from our website trying to find out if some were better than others. Everything we do at is based on metrics. So we charted out our leads and we found that there were two obvious “clusters” of leads based on the types of offers we had made to generate them.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Garin Hess, CEO of @DemoChimp

Smart Selling Tools

Garin: DemoChimp is software intelligently automates product demos, so sales people can spend less time demoing, and more time closing sales. Garin: DemoChimp’s personalization engine that intelligently configures a demo to each prospect’s unique needs, just like an expert salesperson, so that when a prospect and sales person meet, they can get right to closing conversations.

Nurture Marketing Defined


Check out the video above to learn more or simply request a demo. Have you heard the term ‘nurture marketing’ lately and thought, ‘isn’t all marketing supposed to be about nurturing relationships?’ …Well, you aren’t wrong but, the term nurture marketing does refer to a specific piece of technology within marketing automation. (If nurture marketing

Opinion: Why Sales Win Rates Have Reached an All-Time Low

Understanding the Sales Force

Salespeople are in love with the demo - perhaps more than ever - and when you combine that with the following factors. Technology to demo online and on demand. But demos are like the 15 minutes of previews we see at movie theaters. However, the ease of getting people to watch a demo, while failing to follow a modern, best-practices sales process, is the biggest factor.