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The 4 Top Sales Leadership Articles to Boost Sales Today

Understanding the Sales Force

With that in mind, some of the best articles you haven't read were published this summer! I'm going to share four of them right here, tell you why the article will help today, and you can decide whether or not to read it. Dave Kurlan sales process sales management sales leadership top articles on sales and selling

Writing Is 20% of Content Article Marketing

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With so many small businesses with under 20 employees (97.7% of all U.S.businesses), content article marketing through blogs or distribution sites has become the a popular marketing tactic.  For example,write an article on LinkedIn Pulse and you will attract attention and maybe even get a new sales lead. The other 80% should be promoting that article. Credit

18 Essential Retailing Articles

Strategic Sales Growth

Here’s a great selection of 17 of my favorite articles that I think represent the latest trends in retailing and illustrate how some leading retailers are taking advantage of them to reinvigorate their businesses and brand: 1. IBM Institute for Business Value survey of 26,000 consumers, January 2013, January 15 2013, 2. 

Guest Article: “The Most Underutiled Strategic Advantage,” by Lee Salz

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The truth is that price and differentiation are directly related, but that is a topic for another article.) The Most Underutilized Strategic Advantage. By Lee B. You have been chasing this account for six months and feeling optimistic as the buying process is coming to a conclusion. The sale is between you and two other firms. The competition is fierce, but you feel you are ahead. At 11am, the Procurement Agent asks for three references to be provided to her by the end of the day. In a panic, you send a company-wide email in search of these referenceable clients. Mission accomplished!

Guest Article: “Funnel Vision,” by Cara Celli

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Funnel Vision. by Cara Celli. Sales Funnel: Definition–metaphoric sales process showing a large number of unqualified leads at the top of the funnel, being filtered in subsequent levels i.e. stages, and the actual clients that result exiting the bottom of the funnel. Also known as a pipeline. Getting that first appointment. Remember the first five minutes of the conversation is what will make or break you. Friendliness goes a long way in a conversation, and remember, this is not rocket science! You don’t have to be a fancy talker to be a great salesperson. Positive energy. Smile!

Guest Article: “The Dichotomy of Sales!,” by Lynn Hindy

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The Dichotomy of Sales! by Lynn Hidy. I was working with a relatively new inside salesperson recently and we uncovered he was facing the Dichotomy of Sales! not sure what dichotomy is? Merriam Webster says “something with seemingly contradictory qualities”. On one side: it is all about making commission. On the other side: it is all about making sure the customer solves their problem. The reason I picked the definition I did was the word “seemingly” – actually, these two things are not contradictory. It is really all about: balance, technique, skill, and bravery.

Finding Opportunities For Guest Articles and Blog Posts

Ian Brodie

Shortly after publishing the podcast I got a wonderful email from PR Coach Debbie Leven expanding on the interview with some very practical tips on finding relevant opportunities for guest articles, blog posts and other media appearances. liked Debbie’s email so much that with her permission I’ve turned it into an article with a couple of my own tips added in.

Guest Article: “TEAM SELLING–Lone Wolfs no longer reign supreme,” by Dr. Richard Ruff

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Team selling – lone wolfs no longer reign supreme by Richard Ruff. Team selling continues to be on the rise. We’ve heard this from clients and colleagues – and now from the research front. According to a recent Corporate Executive Board (CEB) study , the individual salesperson “no longer reigns supreme”. As the CEB authors noted: “On the most effective sales teams, particularly B2B, the individual no longer reigns supreme. They now rely on collective, even crowd-sourcing skills, in ways that weren’t possible just a few short years ago.”. There are a number of reasons – let’s explore three.

How to Build Your Sales Enablement Team to Drive Revenue Growth

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Guest Article: “Don’t Wait for a Bone,” by Tibor Shanto

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Don’t Wait For A Bone. by Tibor Shanto. Nothing bothers me more than when a rep uses any expression relating to selling that includes a variation of “throw me a bone”. You hear this a lot especially in industries that are highly competitive, the buyers have viable options, and the risk of commoditization looms large. But the reps are not alone to blame in perpetuating this sheepish way of selling. 

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Top 10 Kurlan Sales Articles of 2013

Understanding the Sales Force

wrote and posted exactly 100 new articles since my final article of 2012 when I announced your favorite all-time Kurlan article. I''ve chosen 10 from this year''s articles that were either very popular, contained many comments, or thought-provoking. Here they are in no particular order - My Top 10 Articles of 2013: SALES. The Key to Powerful Sales Conversations.

5 Articles to Inspire Customer Experience Success

The 1to1 Media Blog

Customer experience today means everything. With retailers announcing seemingly on a weekly basis of store closings, experience is more important than ever before. Many companies think of customer experience, however, as a flashy marketing campaign, a cool social media outreach effort, or putting associates through a one-time training program. To do customer experience right, everyone might be responsible for delivering on it and be held accountable for its success or failure. Experience must be woven through the culture and delivered consistently across channels.

Guest Article: “Hiring the Right Sales Pro for the Job,” by Nancy Martini

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Hiring the Right Sales Pro for the Job. by Nancy Martini. Did you know that it costs a company $370,000 to replace one employee with a base salary of $90,000 per year? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this “replacement cost” is even higher for top performers or more senior positions. With these numbers, it’s no wonder why hiring the right person for the right position is more important than ever. Below are three basic recruiting tips to consider when selecting a sales person that can ultimately have an impact on job performance: Analyze the Job. Assess Candidates. Determine Job Fit.

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Top 5 Sales Leadership Articles of 2013 - So Far

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I found it difficult to select the top 5 articles because top 5 means different things to me. couldn''t narrow it down to a single article so I decided to go with the topics above. MOST POPULAR SALES ARTICLE. The most popular article was an article from two years ago, What''s the Difference Between Sales Commitment and Motivation.

Guest Article: “Debtors Face Having Pensions Raided,” by Chrissy Hoey

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Although this article is written about and for those in the UK, I think it might be a good warning for all about the potential we all face in the current world economy where our security might be as fleeting as a change in the law.  . Debtors Face Having Pensions Raided. by Chrissy Hoey. As the UK continues to struggle with its finances and the economy sinks into a triple dip recession, the number of individuals facing Bankruptcy is higher than ever. The Court decided that the Trustee in Bankruptcy could insist on taking money from the individual’s pension nest egg.

Combo Article Friday - Finding New Business and Sales

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I wrote an article for the Sales Blog over at Hubspot on how Inbound Marketing has really been around, like, forever. The article was about who should be your first sales hire. wrote my own article on the topic 3 years ago called Startups and the Dilemma of the First Sales Hire. Chime in! You can download the issue here. SALES 2.0

Guest Article: Agile Field Sales Teams are the New Winners

Jonathan Farrington

Agile Field Sales is an emerging paradigm made possible by the rapid expansion of capabilities in cloud and mobile technologies.  Sales organizations, particularly those in Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) are beginning to develop sales processes that are focused on light-weight activities and transactions, highly streamlined data entry, and real-time visibility into field activities. 

Guest Article: “Dumbing it Down: 5 Secrets to Getting Smart People to Buy,” by Nancy Nardin

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Dumbing it Down: 5 Secrets to Getting Smart People to Buy by Nancy Nardin. B2B sellers of complex technologies, that address a broad spectrum of customer issues, are generally very smart people, especially within the framework of their specific scope of solutions. On a parallel scale, business buyers of these complex technologies are also very smart people. Smart people are perfectly capable of grasping and solving complex problems, though they may certainly differ in their approach or priorities. And when that happens, your buyer goes radio-silent! When it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t tell them.

Guest Article: “Selling Your Relevance, Not Your Product,” by Babette Ten Haken

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Selling Your Relevance, Not Your Product. by Babette Ten Haken. Have you ever listened to yourself speak with your prospects and customers? If you’ve gone through any type of sales training, the goal of your discussion usually is finding out what your prospective customer “needs”. Then it’s supposed to be a straight-line shot to showing them why your product or technology is the only solution. So what? That’s the spiel your current and prospective customers are expecting to hear. If you’re an engineer, the customer has you from “hello”. So what if you solved their problem in 10 seconds flat?

Guest Article, Sales Lead Brownouts Produce Sales Dips Wihin Three Months, Leading to Pipeleine Failure, by James Obermayer

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Sales Lead Brownouts Produce Sales Dips Within Three Months, Leading to Pipeline Failure. 1. by James Obermayer. Companies often decide to curtail lead generation spending because cash flow slows and sales stagnate.”. Please reread that last sentence.  Of course, I can understand caution when cash is short, but slowing down lead generation is not the way out of the morass.  This is how it works.

Guest Article: “Sales Management: 4 Steps on How to Not Get Fired!” by Ken Thoreson

Sales and Management Blog

4 Steps on How to Not Get Fired!” by Ken Thoreson. On my flight to Seattle I was pondering what this week’s blog might contain; it occurred to me that in reflecting on the past year and looking forward a quick summary of a few basic actions sales leadership must take to succeed would be of value. Step One: Build an active recruiting plan.  Most sales managers get fired for not hitting the desired sales goals, the issue is normally because they have a lack of salespeople selling their products/services!  Recruiting is sales leadership’s marketing campaign for sales leads.

Guest Article: “Developing New Business–6 Best Practives,” by Dr. Richard Ruff

Sales and Management Blog

Developing new business – 6 best practices by Richard Ruff. In today’s B2B market a sales person needs an array of skills to be a top performer – they need to know more and know it at a higher level of proficiency than ever before. But if you asked a whole lot of sales people from all over the world what is the one a competency they think they could most benefit from if they knew how to do it better? Survey of Sales Effectiveness: Global Research on what Drives Sales Success addressed that question.  The skill set that sales people felt was most challenging was: Developing New Business.

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Vote the Best Top Article on Sales and Sales Management

Understanding the Sales Force

We reviewed 1,000 articles which I've posted on this Blog since 2006 in an effort to present you with the Top 15 Sales Articles of the past six years, and later this week, the Top Sales Article of the last six years. But we did pick fifteen of the more serious articles. Some are articles backed by science and some are assessment comparisons. Five are on selling and two are articles where I debunked other published articles. Missing are the articles with analogies, humor and comparisons to children, but other than that, it's a nice cross-section.

Guest Article: “In Sales, What Differentiates the Top 5% Players?” by Jonathan Farrington

Sales and Management Blog

In Sales, What Differentiates The Top 5% Players? by Jonathan Farrington. As you can imagine, I am often asked by sales leaders, anxious to recruit the best salespeople they can afford, just what is it that makes a consistently top performer; what are their characteristics; where are their strengths and what differentiates them? Over the past twenty-five years I have trained and developed more than one hundred thousand sales professionals, from foundation right up to “master craftsman” level and this has given me the opportunity to formulate an accurate profile of a Top 5% Achiever.

Guest Article: Reputation Recovery, by Charles H. Green

Sales and Management Blog

Reputation Recovery. by Charles H. Green. When you are more virtuous than your reputation would suggest, you have a communications problem. When your reputation for virtue exceeds the facts on the ground, you have a ticking business problem. When Image and Reality Part Ways. When you have a communications problem, the communications team should hire a PR firm. Most firms do this. But in the second case – where the reputation is better than the truth – most firms do not do what they should. They don’t even thank their lucky stars for having a better reputation than they deserve. Let’s be clear.

Which Article Hits You The Hardest?

Dave Stein's Blog

During October and November I ran a four-part article of a wonderful interview I did with my Irish colleague, Angela Byrne, on doing business in Germany for SMEs. Cover story) (Mar/Apr 2012) This featured article provides a clean path on how to evaluate and select the right sales training partner for your business. The post Which Article Hits You The Hardest? Not enough.

Guest Article: “Beware of Who’s Preaching that Prospecting No Longer Works to Develop New Business,” by Mike Weinberg

Sales and Management Blog

Beware of Who’s Preaching that Prospecting No Longer Works to Develop New Business. by Mike Weinberg. There is a lot of noise and confusion about prospecting in the sales world. It’s always been hard to get salespeople to prospect for new business — even when proactively pursuing strategic target accounts was widely accepted as a valid method for acquiring new customers. Today, the false teachers, many from the Sales 2.0 movement, loudly proclaim that prospecting is dead and completely ineffective for developing new business. For the most part, they never had to prospect for new business.

Guest Article: “The 5 Biggest Sales Management Coaching Blunders,” by Steven Rosen

Sales and Management Blog

The 5 Biggest Sales Management Coaching Blunders. by Steven Rosen. Sales coaching is the management No. activity that drives sales performance. The only problem is that managers have not been taught how to effectively coach. Coaching is a skill that takes time to perfect and unless effectively coached or trained managers make all types of blunders. Do You Want To Increase Sales Performance? Transforming your sales managers from good to great coaches can have a dramatic impact on sales. In fact, sales coaching is the management No. activity that drives sales performance. Find his blog here.

What You Need to Know About Sales Enablement

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Will Adding More Sales Reps Help You Make Your Number?

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3 Critical Factors to Building a Sales Strategy for a Large Salesforce

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Double Article Friday - How New Salespeople Struggle

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Today you''ll receive multiple articles and a bonus video too! The Sold Lab portal posted this article of mine on Why Sales Training Doesn''t Work. Today''s article is a follow up of sorts to this article from yesterday. Then, Evan Carmichael did a terrific job interviewing me for this video on his YouTube channel.

Guest Article: “The Proven Best Way to Gain New Customers,” by Miles Austin

Sales and Management Blog

The Proven Best Way To Gain New Customers. by Miles Austin. Looking for the proven best way to gain new customers & grow your business? Testimonials and recommendations are the answer. Testimonials Testimonials and recommendations work. Many will argue that they are THE most successful way to attract new business. Entire business models like  Yelp  have emerged to leverage this truth. It is a recognized fact that our customers are active in the selection process before sales ever gets involved.  Much of the time, this activity will take them directly to customer reviews or testimonials.

Guest Article: “What Two Botched Sales Calls Taught Me,” by Kelley Robertson

Sales and Management Blog

What Two Botched Sales Calls Taught Me by Kelley Robertson. still remember the first two sales calls I made although they were almost two decades ago. One was a cold call and the other was a face-to-face meeting. think I made every mistake in the book but these two stand out the most. Sales Blunder #1. It was 1995 and I was in transition. I had left the restaurant business and thought I would pursue my dream of training and speaking. created a seminar called, “How to Make Incredible Tips” and it focused on helping servers and bartenders increase their income. It was a disaster! Woo hoo!”.

Guest Article: “5 Tips for Successful Video Sales Calls,” by Katie Reynolds

Sales and Management Blog

5 Tips for Successful Video Sales Calls. by Katie Reynolds. After the advent of voicemail, fax, and email, our sales teams lost quite a bit of opportunity. The in-person sales call started to become more and more rare, with executives and decision-makers being increasingly unwilling to take valuable time to listen to a pitch. Unfortunately, sales isn’t nearly as effective when done via email or telephone. Those media don’t allow for the full benefits of body language and, in the case of email, voice inflection and intonation. That means having all of the client information handy, for example.

Guest Article: “When Is a Good Deal Not Such a Good Deal?” by Chrissy Hoey

Sales and Management Blog

After several years of a poor economy many sellers are finding themselves with deminished credit and struggling to manage their credit.  I’m diverting from the norm and will post the occasional article designed to give some constructive information on how to deal with the situation. ————————————————————————————————————— When Is A Good Deal Not Such A Good Deal?

How to Grow Revenue Faster than Your Industry and Competitors

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7 Must Read Articles To Help You Build Value In Your Interactions

MTD Sales Training

Value… What is it and how do you build it? Earlier on in the week I wrote about how to gain an insight into your buyers mind so you can appreciate what value is. And in response to that blog post I. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Communication Skills building value when i sell how can i build value

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All-Time Top Kurlan Sales Article

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan As promised for today, I'm revealing the single article, from among my former 999 blog articles which my readers voted "best", to be my 1,000th post. Many people are not going to like this article. As I wrote in the other article , personality-based sales assessments don't really measure what you need to know. Finding. Desire.

Guest Article: “The Successful Secrets of Exhibition Management,” by James Barnett

Sales and Management Blog

Analyze influential articles on exhibition management techniques and learn from these resources.  The Successful Secrets of Exhibition Management. by James Barnett. According to research from the Oxford Economics Facetime publication the Exhibitions Industry contributes £5.6 billion to the UK economy.  Exhibitions if marketed correctly can provide more business for your company then all other sales initiatives combined. An important statistic from Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) states 88 per cent of exhibition visitors will not have been approached by a sales team in the last year.