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In Marketing Time Is Relative

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Tubular Labs analyzed 24,000 YouTube and FacebookVideos with more than 10,000 engagements and shared the average Facebook video was just under 90 seconds at 81.22 However even with shorter attention spans, what is the best marketing times is still “relative.”. Time in marketing is relative. * * * * *. Share on Facebook. Credit

Cracking the B2B Code on Facebook

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Every Marketing Leader has asked the question: “Can Facebook be leveraged to drive leads?” The B2B CMO’s that I have asked are typically skeptical of a Facebook investment. A common answer is, “Facebook is for personal usage, not B2B. Facebook in contrast is primarily used to share personal updates with friends and family. Does this mean B2B shouldn’t leverage Facebook?

3 Things You Can’t Do on Facebook Anymore

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Facebook is always making updates to its site. Since no one has time to read Facebook’s blog every day or scour through updates and guidelines, we’ve put together a list of three Facebook changes that every small business owner should know. Facebook bans like-gating. Planning to run a contest to boost the number of likes on your Facebook page?

Sales Leadership – Talent of Relating to Others

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With today being the 11th Anniversary of September 11, 2001 , relating to others is not only a necessary sales leadership talent but a leadership talent that makes sense for all of us to demonstrate. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Relating to others can also be viewed as interpersonal intelligence. In sales and in life, those with a “good score in this relating to others are able to establish a good rapport with others, as well as a feeling of comfort between themselves and others.” Credit ” (Source Innermetrix).

How Your Biz Can Break Through Facebook Clutter

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Facebook has had a busy first half of 2013, releasing a long-anticipated graph search feature and undergoing a major facelift with posts on the right side of users’ timelines and music, photos and recent activity appearing on the left. Mathematically speaking, if we look at a Facebook user’s wall, there are only so many inches of space, kind of like in a newspaper.

Social Media: How Motorola Solutions uses Facebook to generate more engagement

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Tweet If you think Facebook is no place for B2B marketers, think again. Facebook was one of the first places we started engaging on social media,” Belinda Hudmon, Senior Director, Global Digital Strategy and Operations, Motorola Solutions, said. Firefighters, policeman and other public-safety personnel were engaging on Facebook. Promote the company’s Facebook presence.

The Ultimate Procrastinator’s Guide to Facebook Timeline for Brands

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Last month, Facebook announced that they would be rolling out the new Timeline design to all brand pages on the social network. While Timeline has been available for brands since the announcement last month, Facebook will be automatically converting all brand pages to the new design today, March 30th. More Facebook changes? A good place to start would be with Facebook itself.

How to Feature Your Customers on Social Media

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If you’re simply using social media to send out an occasional post or tweet, you could be missing out: social channels are a great way to interact with customers because they’re already using Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to interact with friends and family. Serra offers these creative ways to feature your customers on social media sites: Facebook cover art.

Social Selling Isn’t All About Selling

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If we are disappointed in the quality of service we receive, the fastest way to express our disappointment is to take to Twitter or Facebook. A fictitious example we can probably all relate to might be helpful. That evening I am posting my Facebook friends about the miserable service from my internet provider and that I really need to look around. Good-bye. You get the idea.

How To Implement the $20-a-Day Facebook Strategy


I Am Ready To Master the Power of Facebook to Attract My Ideal Customers, Clients, Or Patients. I want to take the first step in my 6-week journey with Kim Walsh-Phillips and GKIC’s “Optimum FB Sales System” to attract my perfect prospects and convert them into life-long customers through the power of social media and Facebook. Sign Me Up NOW for the All-New. 7,000 value).

So You Want to Become a Better Networker?

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Facebook wiped out MySpace and almost compelled us to create our presence over there, and LinkedIn suggested that we really should have a profile if we were to be taken seriously within the business space – and of course, they are right. The Loner believes in him/herself, but not necessarily in others (especially relative strangers). Don’t we all?

12 Tips to Running a Winning Social Media Contest

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Running a social media contest is a great way to drum up enthusiasm for your business, increase your list of email subscribers, get new Twitter followers and Facebook likes, and create a fun experience in the process. Know what you want Are you trying to get newsletter subscriptions, expose certain products, gain brand recognition, or drive up Facebook fans? link].

Excuse Me, What Is With All the Social Hype in Small Business and Sales?

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Relating to others. Share on Facebook. small business Be the Red Jacket empathy relating to others. Pick up any business book, read any blog posting or engage in any conversation and if you are in business, the word social usually ends up appearing. Give me a break! Small business has always been and will continue to be always social because people still buy from people.

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Conveying Role Value

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When this talent is used in the correct manner, it works with other sales skills such as active listening , relating to others or diplomacy. Share on Facebook. Sales Training active listening effective communicator relating to others. Their perception was it was time to go home. My perception was this was an opportunity to earn and reinforce our relationship with the customer.

The Greatest Challenge for Top Salespeople

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Both marketing and selling share some of the same talents such as: Relating to others. Share on Facebook. Sales Attribute Index relating to others. With the business world dramatically changing from local to global and from big to small, the greatest challenge for top salespeople hands down is marketing. Self starting ability. Understanding motivational needs.

Get Publicity: 5 PR Advantages Small Businesses Have

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By now, most people know why TOMS Shoes got started or how Mark Zuckerberg founded (The) Facebook – because it’s been talked about in the press so many times (hit movie notwithstanding). They are the regulars at your establishment; the ones who send you thank-you notes; the ones who comment on your Facebook posts; the ones who refer you to friends. Nationally, Inc., Well, guess what?

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12 Images You Should Share on Social Media

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IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union uses Facebook to highlight a different employee each month with a photo and short introduction to help customers get to know them better, which can build trust. The photos work as an invitation to the event, a way to raise awareness related to a cause and a means of letting customers know what’s important to you. Product shots.

4 Step System For Facebook Monetization


I Am Ready To Master the Power of Facebook to Easily Generate Massive Numbers of Leads and Revenues Literally AT WILL For My Business. I’ll experience Four (4) Training sessions conducted by Kim – where she’ll guide me through each key element of the Optimum FB Sales System , including: Designing a Facebook Page for MAXIMUM Success. Sign Me Up NOW for the All-New. 7,000 value).

Are You Ignoring the Power of LinkedIn?


I deliver a lot of presentations and workshops related to social media and social selling. Usually I begin by surveying the audience with a number of questions, such as a show of hands from those who have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as some of the younger platforms, like Instagram. Most of [.] The post Are You Ignoring the Power of LinkedIn? Social Selling

Who Are We Building Relationships With?

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And this fascinating piece on YouTube, Look Up : Related Posts: Are You Building Coalitions With Your Customers? No related posts. Building Relationships Communicating Facebook LinkedIn Professional Sales Responsibility Social Networking Trust As sales people, we know relationships are important. I hear comments all the time, “Sales is a relationship business.”

Stop Wasting Your Time On Social Selling!

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Recently, someone wrote me saying: “I have absolutely no idea how you have time to spend so long on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, plus write articles for every site imaginable – and respond to all the comments…” This individual thought I was possibly wasting my time. So the time investment is relatively small. I spend roughly an hour a day with social media.

Turn Customers into Advocates

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To get people to like you on Facebook, they have to actually like you, and I think that’s something that’s often overlooked by brands,” says Laura Roeder, founder of LKR Social Media , a series of online training courses that teach small business owners how to set up and leverage social media marketing. If it’s comments on your blog and your Facebook page, you are welcome to delete them.

5 Tips to Get Your Video Marketing Efforts off the Ground in 2014

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At VerticalResponse, we’ve done this with our Facebook Friday video series that shares the ins and outs of the world’s largest social network. It’s makes us more relatable and connects us with our audience because we’re not over-produced robots. We’ve been hearing about the benefits of integrating video into your marketing mix for a while now. But it’s easier than it appears.

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Hanging Out Where Our Customers Hang Out

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7% are on Facebook. I can just imagine all of us trying to socially surround these 140 people on LinkedIn, or the 35 poor souls on Facebook, or the 30 on Twitter or 5 on Google +. Talking to them about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, trying to get them to hang out there, because that’s where all the cool people are isn’t going to have much of an impact.

Social Networking Annoyances

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Related Posts: Dear Occupant, I Value Our Relationship… On LinkedIn And Recommendations The LinkedIn “Invitation” A LinkedIn Rant LinkedIn Networking Run Amuck! No related posts. Facebook Humor LinkedIn Social SellingEvery day, I get dozens of connection requests through all sorts of channels. If someone seemed nominally interesting, I was glad to connect.

Location Revisited: Marketing’s cornerstone takes on a new paradigm

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Companies like Facebook , Foursquare , and Yelp allow users to check in, sharing with their network where they are. This controversial 2010 Wall Street Journal article highlighting an interview with Google’s Eric Schmidt provides clues related to role location plays in the future of context, commerce, and marketing. Location, location, location. Relevance. Context.

Clickbait Can Hook Readers … But Is It Worth It?

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Facebook digs deeper Despite the negativity associated with clickbait in the marketing world, the tough reality is that it works. But this performance, according to Facebook’s research , is surface-level at best, as audiences would prefer to see a detailed and accurate description about the content they’re about to consume. Clickbait is exactly that – bait.

“The Modern Buyer Is Digitally Driven, Socially Connected….”

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Some would have you believe all we need to do is spend our time on the web, leveraging social sites and tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder (oops) and others. Percentage of LinkedIn users that do not have a Facebook account: 13% as of 7/10/2014. Related Posts: Hanging Out Where Our Customers Hang Out Dear Occupant, I Value Our Relationship… Hanging Out Where Our Customers Hang Out A LinkedIn Rant Powerful LinkedIn Networking! No related posts. Facebook LinkedIn Social NetworkingI don’t disagree, but I don’t agree.

Media Manners by Christina Hamlett

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There are times when the media relations business reminds me a lot of high school; specifically, prom season. Share on Facebook. Marketing Christina Hamlett media manners media relations business small business ownersIn the meantime, there’s probably no shortage of earnest lads that have been besotted with you since Day One. It’s a dream come true. About the Guest Blogger.

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How to Pick Keywords That’re Kind of a Big Deal

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Any keywords you use within your website should obviously be related to the content, products, etc. If you type in the term: “Facebook” on the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, you’ll get this result: Competition: Low. This means, there aren’t very many websites or companies using “Facebook” as a keyword, however, 3.7 found on your site. billion.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? So, Which Type of Networker Are You.

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It is obvious that with the arrival of social networking “venues” we have all – well, most of us – become fixed on reaching out to people who would have previously been inaccessible to us: Facebook wiped out MySpace and almost compelled us to create our presence over there, and LinkedIn suggested that we really should have a profile if we were to be taken seriously within the business space.

The Weaponization Of Social Media

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Related Posts: Social Media Versus The Traditionalists What’s All This About Social Selling? Blogging Communicating Customer Experience Facebook Future Of Buying LinkedIn Marketing Prospecting Social Networking Strategy Trust I just read Chris Brogan’s piece, The Bare Truth About Social Media , a phrase leaped out at me==how we are “weaponizing” social media.

36 Social Media, Leadership and Life Tips in 140 Characters or.

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Today’s blog post and social media podcast is a collection of 36 Tweets I have posted online over the past two weeks relating to social media, leadership and marketing. Remember it’s not a about blogging, Twitter, Facebook or the next great thing. How to Make a Facebook Like Box. How to Make a Facebook Like Box. Social Media Speaker Shane Gibson. Contact.

Finally, A Sales Person’s CRM

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I have to continually remind myself to not check TweetDeck or my Facebook page, or check email from the client app. Input a contacts name and email and Nimble serves up the persons LinkedIn, Facebook, GooglePlus, and Twitter profiles. Because Nimble so seemlessly connects to Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, getting customer and client information is unbelievable easy.

Black Friday Meets Facebook - Think customers: The 1to1 Blog

The 1to1 Media Blog

Topic: Black Friday Meets Facebook. Black Friday Meets Facebook. So its obvious that Facebook is now ground zero for Black Friday deals and retailer outreach this holiday season. Facebook users will find a plethora of Black Friday deals and price information through the social site in the form of retailer pages, customized ads, and deal sites. JCPenney, for example, today launched a Black Friday Deals and Tips area of its Facebook site. With its mobile Facebook app, users type in their zip-code to receive the map for the nearest store. Related Entries.

“Hiding” Behind Social Selling

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Related Posts: What’s All This About Social Selling? Blogging Change Communicating Customer Experience Facebook Overcoming Crises Professional Sales Responsibility Results Trust The post, “ What’s All This About Social Selling,” provoked a lot of reaction. As I started reading the discussions, I started thinking more. Do the “social tools,” make us less social? Selling has always been “social,” it’s always been about people connecting, engaging, creating value. ” Being social implies vulnerability.

Building Your Personal Brand

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Related Posts: Sales People Build Your Personal Brand And Thought… What’s All The Fuss About Social Selling? No related posts. Communicating Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Facebook Insight Selling LinkedIn Sales Effectiveness Social Networking Social Selling TrustThere’s a lot written about building Personal Brands. It may be by being helpful.

Shallowness And Networking!

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They’re using every channel possible–LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and more. ” Related Posts: Social Networking, Reciprocity, and Hypocrisy Is Social Media Really Anti-Social? Blogging Communicating Customer Experience Facebook LinkedIn Social Networking Trust It’s clear we’re in a frenzy of networking and connecting. solution provider).

What’s All This About Social Selling?

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When you peel it back, it’s a lot of talk about technology–choose your favorite; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, and so forth. “denoting or relating to human society or any of its subdivisions.” ” “of relating to, or characteristic of the experience, behaviour, and interactions of persons forming groups.” ” “relating to, or having the purpose of promoting companionship.” Related Posts: Is Social Media Really Anti-Social? Blogging Communicating Customer Experience Facebook Trust

Are You Making These 5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes?

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Identify what their biggest pain points are, what their concerns are in relation to your product/services and what they hope to accomplish. Content Marketing/Copywriting B2B marketing Blog content best practices content marketing content marketing mistakes Content Type Facebook Google Anaytics Jay Baer Marketing Mistakes Marketing Results social network Twitter Websites Wait, what?

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