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You Have to Act the Part to Become the Part

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We had a coach who would tell us that in order to become the player we wanted to be, we had to act the part to become the part—that is, we had to act like good football players in order to become good football players. Acting the part didn’t mean trash talking, acting like the school stud, or grandstanding.  He would never put up with someone putting on airs, demanding special treatment, or getting too big for their britches. . Acting the part meant imitating the play of a quality player—doing those things that the good players do that make them good. .

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When Buyer and Seller Act as Partners, They are Building a Bridge to Profitability

Jonathan Farrington

On-going research demonstrates that today’s average salesperson is just as effective as the high performer in explaining features and benefits effectively, relating a service or product to customer needs and closing a sale. Too often operating on old sales theories means training and rewarding people to do the wrong things. As I have said on numerous occasions, sales success today demands a radical shift from the “peddler” mentality of merely demonstrating products and expanding on their features. It requires treating the customer as a participant. The key word here is symbiotic.

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When the Buyer and Seller Act as Partners, They are Building a Bridge to Profitability

Jonathan Farrington

Ongoing research demonstrates that to-day’s ‘average’ salesperson is just as effective as the high performer in explaining features and benefits effectively, relating a service or product to customer needs and closing a sale. Too often operating on old sales theories means training and rewarding people to do the wrong things. It requires treating the customer as a participant.

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Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? In Business,Without Integrity We Have.

Jonathan Farrington

“Sincerity” is a much-used word in relation to selling. Integrity implies a consistent kind of honesty: acting outwardly the way you truly feel inwardly. But do this, we must be open and honest – this is and always will be the essence of good commercial relations. In Business,Without Integrity We Have Nothing. “Integrity” is a kindred word. Listen in.

Drive sales innovation by bottom up entrepreneurialism

Sales Training Connection

good case in point is the health care market where the Affordable Care Act plus other social and economic trends are transforming the health care landscape.  Here are five key findings that related well to Sales: Nine in 10 respondents say an entrepreneurial attitude can lead to new ideas that promote growth in a tough economy. Drive sales innovation. Think about it! 

Sales Tips: WHY Good Sales Teams Lose

Customer Centric Selling

By understanding your performance in relation to other firms, you’re more accurately understanding your relative areas of strength and weakness, leading to success or failure. It’s also important to act upon buyer feedback, particularly when it’s constructive in nature. Read more sales training articles. by Carolyn Galvin, Primary Intelligence. Sales losses are hard.

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What Does It Take to Sell to This Fortune 500 Executive?

Dave Stein's Blog

Executive Conversation’s consultant had done a terrific job in a relatively short period of time. And seeing credible financial rationale is the key requirement for business decision-makers to act in these uncertain times. Big Wins Economy Interview Sales Strategy Sales Training CompaniesMore about that below. There was no mistaking it. What range of ROI can I expect? 

Six Steps to Exceed Your Summer Quota

Your Sales Management Guru

Now is the time to act.  In this blog I wanted to give you some specific tactics to deploy immediately to assist you during the typical summer slow times, while I always  consider that an excuse, there  are proven sales leadership actions you can  take  now that will make a difference in your cash flow this summer. Sales Management Training Exceeding your Summer Quotas.

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Sales Leadership The Talent of Correcting Others

Increase Sales

This capacity is directly related to the person’s balance in their ability to evaluate others, and be empathetic.” Sales Training emotional intelligence Innermetrix sales leadership talent assessment top sales performers Some might not appreciate how this sales leadership talent of correcting others fits within their role of selling. Evaluate ? Empathetic ? Share on Facebook.

Sales Managers Only Have One Real Goal!

Partners in Excellence

Some of the laundry list items include:  Make sure the team makes the number, develop the strategy, manage the forecast/pipeline, manage performance, recruit, train, coach, and on and on. Others act primarily as administrators, trapped behind a desk, analyzing numbers, internally focused, never out with their people with customers. Related Posts: Do You Deserve To Be A Manager?

The How of Heart

Sharon Drew Morgan

We’re finally recognizing the efficacy of acting with humanitarian values! We know we should go to the gym more often, or eat healthy; we know we should allow our relatives to have disparate political viewpoints. This is the problem with conventional training and Self-Help books. Every day, in every way, we ACT who we ARE. I, for one, work out at the gym 9 hours a week.

When Do You Do Your Best Selling?

Partners in Excellence

Top performers, also, act differently after the deal is done.  Related Posts: All Revenue Is Not Created Equal! No related posts. Business Acumen Communicating Customer Experience Learning Professional Sales Results Sales Effectiveness Sales Process Sales Strategies Sales TrainingOften, our engagement models are reflections of this frenzy.

Social Media Training Vancouver | Social Media Podcast and Sales.

Social Media and Sales Strategy

Anthony Caridi and I host this social media training event here in Vancouver on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  January 25, 2011 · Filed Under Internet Marketing and SEO , Marketing and PR , social media , social media tips , social media training. Social Media Training Vancouver | Social Media Podcast and Sales … [.]. link] Hispanic-booking-acts. Lunch.

Sales Mgmt: Achieving Balance: Fear vs Respect

Your Sales Management Guru

Additionally, when your team fears you, they may make more missteps because they aren’t acting naturally and instinctively, but are trying too hard to please you. Be stern but relatable. Cara Aley is a freelance writer who writes about everything from matters relating to managing your business reputation to those of health and wellness.  . Ken: This week we have a guest blog.

Coaching My Team is Harder Than I Thought! A Coach the Coach Conversation

Keith Rosen

kind of get that but I was thinking more work-related. Not, “The act of instilling my expectations into the conversation and driving my own personal agenda.”. kind of get that but I was thinking more work-related. coaching for managers Executive Coaching leadership training Sales Coaching training for managers ” I was really excited to hear the answers.

3 Ways to Put Potential Clients at Ease

Tom Hopkins

To grow a successful business, it’s important to learn to put potential clients at ease. I’ve seen some salespeople in financial services so intent on controlling the sales process that they act like demanding choreographers training young dancers for a Broadway show. Related posts: Understanding Your Potential Client’s Fear When Selling Financial Services.

Tired of All Those Fake Sales Experts? Here’s a Real One.

Dave Stein's Blog

interviewed Richard Lane, partner at UK-based  durhamlane , a relatively new player in the sales effectiveness space. DS:   You’re running a relatively new sales performance improvement firm.  sales trainingHaving 15,000 Twitter followers and 10,000 LinkedIn contacts does not make someone a sales expert.). There is just too much noise. decided to do something about it.

Brain Tricks And Writing It Down

Partners in Excellence

There’s something about the act of “writing” and how our brains process what we are doing that has a profound impact on what we do.  It turns out there are certain cognitive processes involved in the act of writing and how the brain processes new ideas, thoughts, whatever it is we are doing.  No related posts. link].

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On Becoming 70

Sharon Drew Morgan

Professionally, I’ve written books; developed, scaled, and trained my original thinking in training, decision making, and change; coded how people hear each other (or don’t); and founded a non-profit. cannot imagine me as  my mental picture of what an old woman should look or act like. live happily ever after (Jury is still out.). Some of that came true. But not much. Peaceful.

What Makes A Decision Irrational?

Sharon Drew Morgan

After spending 30 years deconstructing the inner processes of how people decide, and training a decision facilitation model I developed for use in sales, coaching, and leadership, I’m always amused when I hear anyone deem a decision ‘irrational’. Possible future outcomes in relation to how they experience their current situation. doubt if the decision maker says to herself, “Gee!

Accelerate a Deal to Close

Empowered Sales

Most sales professionals suffer from challenges related to opportunities that never seem to close, or prospects that just don’t seem to take that final step. Granted this doesn’t affect most solutions but nothing is more motivating for a company than an impending event, such as a new regulatory requirement that forces the company to act by a specific date. Good news. Ah, the basics.

Tired of All Those Fake Sales Experts? Here’s a Real One.

Dave Stein's Blog

interviewed Richard Lane, partner at UK-based  durhamlane , a relatively new player in the sales effectiveness space. DS:   You’re running a relatively new sales performance improvement firm.  sales trainingHaving 15,000 Twitter followers and 10,000 LinkedIn contacts does not make someone a sales expert.). There is just too much noise. decided to do something about it.

9 Principles of Effortlessly Effective Networking

Keith Rosen

Networking is the act of meeting new people, in a social setting, with the intention of having a mutually rewarding conversation that would create a relationship which would ultimately lead to new selling opportunities. Inevitably, they will start asking you questions, especially as it relates to your career. What is that you say? Most people feel the same way. Bring a Wingman.

Lead identification – exploring where success beings

Sales Training Connection

When obtaining a reference from an existing customer contact there is a balancing act to keep in mind.  Because of a previous implementation, a sales person, technical support staffer, or sales manager from another division of your company may know a customer who has an interest in an area directly related to your product portfolio. Lead Identification in B2B Sales. Customer contacts.

The 30-second Elevator Presentation

Tom Hopkins

In more common terms, it’s often call “the elevator pitch,” but those of you who are already familiar with my training, know that “pitch” is one of the nasty words I teach [.] Related posts: Rapport Building – Step 8: Act Relaxed. The post The 30-second Elevator Presentation appeared first on America's #1 Sales Trainer.

The Secret to Overcoming Objections: Don’t

Keith Rosen

As such, you’re serving people the way they want to be served and always act with their best interests in mind. You can also leverage the following, more specific budget related questions: May I ask, is it that you have no budget now and there may be budget in the future? Here’s a little known secret that the top salespeople are aware of. They never have to “close” a sale. And so on….

Just Because I Downloaded Your eBook……

Partners in Excellence

Marketing and sales really need to get their acts together.  I’m almost hesitant to click on a download for an eBook or White Paper. Sales people apparently are either poorly trained, so inundated with leads, under pressure to process leads quickly, that they don’t take the time to do basic research:  Who is this person, What is the company, Do they represent a good prospect, Are they worthy of a call?  So they make the call, wasting their time, my time, and making me wonder about the company as a vendor… I actually don’t fault the sales people. 

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I'm Too Busy - Igniting Sales Transformation

Igniting Sales Transformation

In selling, the more informed you are about a variety of topics, the easier it is to relate to people at all levels. We’ll Always Have Paris Sales Productivity Tips from the Experts 10 Ways to Increase Sales Confidence Random Acts of Kindness Spur Small Business Growth Synergize Telephone & Email to Improve Cold Calling Results Sales Influencer. Igniting Sales Transformation.

Sales Leadership: 2013 Sales Theme

Your Sales Management Guru

While every plan should include goals and objectives for training, marketing and sales incentive programs; it is also the perfect time to consider how you will maintain your sales team’s emotional focus on exceeding your goals.  Think through your goals for the 2013, what approach and attitude do you want your sales team to consider or act on throughout the year. 

Hire High Performance Sales Teams # 2

Your Sales Management Guru

Failure to achieve revenue targets, manage customer relations and deliver service can be traced directly to hiring people unequipped to carry out their assigned roles. The following information is used in our online video training course for sales managers: Check out our online video sales management training courses:

Principles Of Sales, Part 1—Interactions Between People

Partners in Excellence

The quality of the connection we make is critical, but is related to the commitment we expect from each party involved in the interaction.  Likewise, what we hear and how we act on it may not be what the speaker was intending.  So understanding communication and behavioral style is important to improving the quality of our communications. Yet too often, I don’t see these explicitly defined in a recruiting profile. A lot of these things we can train and coach.  Yet very little of our “sales training” focus on these.  No related posts.

The End of Solution Sales

Your Sales Management Guru

This article makes one take a deep breath and a step back to reconsider how we as sales leaders not only address the market but also train our sales teams to become more professional.  A changing market environment, more access to information and smarter buyers means we must alter our sales approach.  The authors make the point that is similar to any sales training program that entering the account prior to the RFP and understanding the customer’s issues early on is a good way to counteract the “bidding process. Can the customer act quickly and decisively? Are their agile?

The Examples We Set, Our People Are Watching

Partners in Excellence

As managers and leaders, we create (consciously or unconsciously) dozens of “training” moments for our people, every day. What we do and how we act become more impactful than what we say. These actions, behaviors and attitudes become who we are, how we are perceived and how we act — they are our culture. No related posts.

LIMRA and the Hoopis Performance Network’s Trustworthy Selling

Dave Stein's Blog

Joey Davenport: Over the past decade, the insurance and financial services industry has been focused on integrating technology, compliance oversight and other areas of the business not related to sales training and development. Dave Stein:  What makes this program different from other sales training programs out there? Book Recommendation Interview sales training

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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in Sales

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

It quickly became apparent to me that emotional intelligence skill training was crucial in closing the ‘knowing and doing’ gap. What situations cause you to react or not act in a manner that serves you well personally and professionally? Here's one I see everyday related to the emotional intelligence skill of Assertiveness. sales manager has trained and coached their sales reps to ask prospects for their budget before putting together a proposal. Integrating emotional intelligence skill training and consultative sales training is a huge advantage over the competitor.

An Expert Talks About Fixing Sales Forecasting Problems

Dave Stein's Blog

DS: How might the sales consultancy and training community leverage new forecasting tools and technology to provide even more effective solutions to clients? They are looking to their sales training vendors to provide this technology as part of any intervention or learning program. The actual role of the sales training vendor is also going to change. In the U.S. D.E.I.

Does Your Sales Team Know How to Follow-Up on a Lead?


Today we will discuss why it’s vital for marketing to develop a training guide for sales so all are on the same page as far as understanding what constitutes a lead in your organization, and what’s the best way to follow up on one. First and foremost, the acceptance process allows marketing to confirm that sales or partners are acting on all delivered leads. Reduction of lead waste.

Sales Tips: Why Phone Interviews Are Effective in Collecting Customer Insights

Customer Centric Selling

lead Primary Intelligence’s new Research & Development division. I was tasked with developing new solutions that allow our clients to understand and act on the insights we gather through our Win Loss and Customer Experience programs. This is a balancing act as well. Phone interviews provide the balancing act between depth of insights and effort required. It’s true. Money.

Sales Training Insight into "IIWII"

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Training Article: "It Is What It Is" By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company The naïve enthusiasm of youth fades as we age. Other departments need to get their acts together. Because departments are interrelated, these random acts aren't part of an overall plan. Develop the best offerings. The meals were served.

A Rose By Any Other Name…….

Partners in Excellence

Actually, the full context of this phrase comes from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 2, Juliet says: “What’s in a name?  The other day I was speaking with a manager.  He was quite anxious to recruit sales people and had come up with a source of pre-trained, experienced sales people.  ” The manager replied, “Well we expect to train them in our products, but isn’t a sales person a sales person?  Related Posts: Best Person Or Best Available Person “I’ll Know It When I See It” 7 People In 10 Years!