Sun.Jul 07, 2024

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Transforming Sales Teams with JP-Urruchua


What if the key to transforming your sales career lies in revisiting the entrepreneurial spirit of your youth? Meet Founder & Partner of SalesStar Juan Pablo Urruchua , or JP, whose journey from selling cookies and eggs to schoolmates to becoming the chief commercial officer for a division of a Fortune 500 company. With a unique perspective on sales as an exchange of value, JP shares invaluable lessons from his diverse background and how they shaped his approach to building and coaching effe

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Summertime Metaphor Reading

Anne Miller

Many of you know my book, “ The Tall Lady with the Iceberg ,” which specifically shows sales and business people how to use metaphors to sell, persuade, & explain anything to anyone. For the true “Metaphorians” out there, I have two summer book recommendations for you that complement my how-to book. One can be used as a reference to find an apt metaphor for a given situation and the other is an absolutely fascinating deep dive into why metaphors work and their (often unconscious) impact on

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