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9 marketing trends that will dominate 2019


The Christmas and holiday commercials are over and predictions about the new year have commenced. But the integration of previously disparate channels has been a notable occurrence throughout last year, and it’s expected to pick up pace even more in 2019. Look for things like the ability to phone a sales rep right after receiving an email, or transition to in-person live chat while browsing a webpage. Join thousands of sales professionals. Sales tips

The Missing Part of Sales

Sales Training Advice

The sales model was designed to place solutions. Good sales folks offering good solutions spend their time seeking prospects that need their solutions, yet consistently fail and waste time. Why sales fails. The sales model was never designed to facilitate the behind-the-scenes personal issues that must be addressed before a Buying Decision Team is formed, or before the systemic elements of change are ready to face disruption. The sales model doesn’t help here.