Sat.Apr 15, 2017

The Ways Adversity Can Hurt You

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Adversity hurts you if you accept it. It only beats you if you don’t push back against it, if you don’t push through it. If you accept that somehow, the tough hand you have been dealt isn’t a hand you can play, you have given adversity the power instead of taking the power from it.

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Customer Experience: Move Beyond the Competitive Deadlock

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Our guest today is a Vice President of Global Product Strategy who knows a thing or two about creating a customer experience advantage. This is a must-hear podcast for not just product leaders. CEO’s, marketing and sales leaders will gain.

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If It Doesn’t Suck You’re Not Doing It Right.

Dan Waldschmidt

Like so many other 10-year-old boys, Kieran Behan went into surgery for a small tumor discovered on his leg. It was a routine surgery, performed thousands of times across the United Kingdom. Cut out the growth. Stitch up the wound. Today, of course, was to be no different. Except it was. As the surgeon cut around the edge of the tumor with a sharp scalpel to remove it, his hand slipped — slicing through the nerves in his leg, causing catastrophic damage. He was left wheelchair bound.

10 Tips To Identifying Your Key Markets

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Account-Based Marketing: A Practical Guide

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